​Why i cant love episode 9

Episode 9
“What? where has my husband gone to? ” I asked myself in panic. I tried calling some of his friends to check whether he was with them but my efforts proved futile. I just couldn’t imagine what was going on. I became very worried. About 55 minutes later, we heard the the horn of his car from outside the room. I jumped from where I was sitting and straight to the direction of the car. He was actually the one in the car. I even used my leg against the tip of the door stairs. ” honey where have you been? I have tried all I could to reach you but to no avail. I even went to the extent of calling your father. ” I said to him. ” Sorry dear, I only went out to see town. You know this is my third time in this community so I just went out to get used to the environment before we leave. ” he replied. ” But why do you put off all your phones? ” I asked again. ” never mind dear, the important thing now is that am back to you. ” he said . “But promise me you will not put me in such a worrying condition again. ” I said to him. ” OK. I promised. ” he concluded. When we entered into the room, my mother came out and told him how we were all feeling bad about his sudden disappearance. He apologized to my Mon and then we moved to our room where we are supposed to sleep. I helped him to open his buttons but he never allowed me to remove the dress completely. He said he will do that by himself. I tried my best to seduce him that night but it didn’t work. “What kind of person are you? You can’t even make me feel like a woman. After all, the world knows am your wife so why are you denying me of my rights as a wife? Why! are you a saint or what?😬 “Angrily, I asked him these questions as he still refused to touch me that night. He never uttered a word to respond to my questions. I became so embarrassed and angrily, I slept off. We got ourselves ready to leave the following day. Before we left, he gave some huge sums of money to my parents and siblings. That was more than a dream come true to my parents. My mother was so happy and asked him to be sending more of that when we get there. Little did I know that he was just buying me from my parents..aaww! Soon i saw myself at the Kotoka International Airport ready to leave. Should I say that was a dream come true? Because I was very happy to see myself there. My parents as well as my friends were all there to say goodbye to us. To him, he knew that was my last time seeing my family and friends. We took pictures and it was all fun. Soon we were ready to go. Come and see my gorgeous movement. Haha! I used my dark shades😎 to hide my eye defect. I couldn’t see the colours as best as it should be but once I could make meaning into what was going on, I was okay. We sat at the same place in the plane. I heard everybody should wear his/her seat belt because the plane was about to take off and they added that we should have a safe trip. Soon we were at the Atlanta airport. Atlanta is a city in Georgia of the United States. To be honest, the city is very beautiful. Come and see layouts. From a distance, we could see the Buckhea Theatre. The cars Francis used while in Ghana remained there. So we needed to use a public transport home. Just at the airport, there was this three Decker bus which we joined. In the bus, we bypassed the Georgia State centennial Olympic park. Francis showed me all these places when we got there. I felt very bad I was not having my eyes complete. Atlanta happens to be the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States which housed about 5,522,942 people. Francis found himself in this city. In fact I felt very big when he told me about the place. He lives in a very big mansion located just opposite the Phoenix State. He has workers that takes care of his house. Woow, I became very convinced that our wedding was going to a very big one. Because looking at things, he should be among the top men in Atlanta. As usual, no sex so I just have to enjoy the environment like that. In the night around 12:30am, he woke up and said he was supposed to go and clock at his workplace to indicate that he was back because he was supposed to be at work the previous day. I asked him why he won’t wait for the following day and explain himself to his boss when he get to work the following day. He said they operate on a computerized system so there is nothing like excuses over there. I had no option than to allow him go. He actually went to his occult group to report his presence and also tell them more about me. At their meeting, he described me to them that I was not totally blind. Even though that was not the exact type of a disabled person they needed him to marry, they decided to give him a chance. They read out the rules to him again. Before he sleeps with me, he was to submit a bottle full of my urine, my pubic hair and also my actual hair. They must use those things to start the process for his promotion before he could have sex with me. He was to sacrifice my first born after I give birth to complete his rituals. Francis returned at dawn and started being extremely nice to me. He doesn’t want me to do anything in the house. He just made me a house wife without sex. He will leave the house every night and come back at dawn. There was a washroom where I could easily pass urine but Francis wouldn’t allow me. He came back from town one day with a container. He said his doctors advised him to give that container to me. He said I was supposed to urinate into it and when it get full up, he will take it back for the doctor to conduct his tests to see if I was fit for their environment. Well, I knew those people are just good at technology so I never struggled with him. Francis became overly nice to me to the extent that I thought I had finally met my true Prince charming. We do bath together at times, he would help me dress my hair and even at times request to shave my private part for me. Upon all these, there was no sex. Francis ‘nicodemously’ gathered all that he needed to complete his rituals. One night, I asked him when our wedding ceremony would come off. He only said very soon. He added that he was putting things in place for that effect. One week into my stay in the US, I never went out to any place than to stay in the house. He presented the items to his people and the embargo on sex was removed. He came back to the house one day very happy. I never knew the source of that happiness so I asked him what the secret was. He opened his hands for a hug. For the first time Francis held me romantically. That hug led to a kiss. I became very surprise at his actions. He carried me to the bedroom and the kiss was becoming very intense. My libidinal energy nearly exploded. Soon the clothes were off and the heat was on. I just remembered my days with Richmond. Francis was more than a striker. “Sweetheart why have you decided to have sex this time around? ” I asked. “I could no longer wait anymore. Anytime I give a date to my pastor for the wedding, he will only postpone it. So I have decided to do it. It has not been easy for me but I just need to. ” he answered. ” OK. But to be frank I really enjoyed you this night. Am looking forward to more of such” I said. Three months into my stay, the wedding never came off. Eventually, I became pregnant. With the presence of the pregnancy, Francis became very happy because his dreams were gradually becoming a reality. In the house, there was this particular room that he never allows anyone to enter. I have been thinking what exactly was in that room that made him very strict on that room. I decided to open that room to see 
what was in there.

That room housed the skeletal remains of human beings that they used for rituals. My challenges began after I got to know about that secret.
Follow me to the next episode to find out the adventure I went through. Not all that glitters is gold.
Episode 10 will come tomorrow.


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