​​Broken Trust​ episode 10

​Broken Trust​ 
              Episode 10
You see?  anger is a kind of an emotional feeling that when not controlled well, can destroy a whole lot of things on an individual. You may say things you would regret saying. Let’s learn to control ourselves when angry. I responded to Jude on the phone and said; “Look, I love you and all am doing is for your own good but listen carefully, when you know your value, you don’t have to beg people to be in your life, to be a friend to you, to spend time with you or to even  love you. Be confident in yourself and remember that not everyone can handle luxury. This is what I can tell you. Food for thought.” I angrily said to him and hanged up. In few minutes, he sent the pictures Ophelia sent to him to my whatsApp. I saw the pictures but ignored it  and didn’t even bother to call. He also didn’t call back. “Ophelia thinks she has done something good. I will teach her a bitter lesson of her life. Maybe I will be jailed for the rest of my life or something else. Just wait for me at work tomorrow.” I said to myself very angrily, took my bath and went to bed. At dawn, I woke up and thought of  what exactly to do to  stop Ophelia from interfering with my life. Several ideas rushed through my mind but if care is not taking, I may end up spoiling everything. “Ok, let me hire town boys to beat her up and possibly put some heavy punches on her face. I think that will work. At least, no one will know I was behind that.” I concluded on this after a long thought. I woke up, washed down and got some hot tea that morning. In fact, I was very ready for a revenge. My brothers and sisters, I will plead with you that you always leave revenge for the Lord. Just pray and tell God to take control of the situation, if not things will go round and come back to affect you yourself . I left the house very early in order to go and get some town guys to execute my plans for me. I overheard some people talked about some part of the town where there were boys that could do these things very well with no strings attached. They are only there to either steel or do anything bad. I took a motorcycle and the guy riding it was telling me to be careful because boys at that part of the town are very dangerous. Because I knew what I had planned, I never gave him a listening ear. We didn’t even get to the exact place and the motor rider said he won’t continue again because he fears the guys there. I payed him and he left. I got to the area looking a bit tensed because the place just looked like a getto. I realized people were moving very fast and minding their own business. No one was ready to stop and listen to whatever I wanted to say. Out of the blue, my handbag was nowhere to be found. My luck was that, my phone and purse which I had removed from my bag after paying the motor rider was safe in my hand. Hmmm, with a heavy force, someone had snatched my bag from me and I couldn’t even see where the person passed, talk less of where he went. This actually got me frightened so I quickly stopped a taxi and off, I needed to run for my life. I told the taxi driver to take me to the police station to report them and all he said to me was that, it was a normal practice over there so I should forget about it once my money and phone is not in it. He added that, I was even lucky to have had myself free from someone rapping me.  I agreed with him so he brought me to the bank. Because I left home very early, the bank had not yet started operating before I got there so I only found myself a place to sit, feeling very devastated. My phone rang and it was Mr Adjei. He was calling to ask if I was ready for work so that he passes by to pick me up for work but I told him I was already at work. In no time, Jude arrived and I went to him. “Jude, I want to see you.” I called him with a straight face. “Ok” he replied and followed me. We went out and sat on a garden seat around where the ATM machine was mounted. “Jude, I never liked the way you spoke to me yesterday over the phone. If you should hear anything, why don’t you rather ask my part of it before rattling like that? Did you hear yourself yesterday saying you moved with a lot of ladies? You told me you were a novice when It comes to relationship but exposed yourself yesterday. Even that is on a lighter note. How could you say I was going out with the  manager?  That friend of yours is just aiming at something and looking for every means to put enmity between us. I wish you know what am working towards for the good of our future. I don’t have much to say but by the time you realize that you are being fooled will be too late. Have a nice day.” I said and stood up to leave as he remained silent listening to me. “Xorlali, It’s not what you think. How would you have felt if you were in my shoes yesterday. I said that because I was angry. Sorry for hurting you.” He apologized. I said I’ve heard him and walked away. Before I could enter into the banking hall, Mr Adjei also arrived and so interestingly, Ophelia was seated in front of his car. “What!  What is the meaning of this one too?” I asked myself as I stood to watch them in surprise. She came out of the car and quickly walked  pass in front of me. Mr Adjei called me and I went to him as he was standing by his car. He said to me; “young lady, please stop thinking too far. I  only met Ophelia on her way to work and decided to give her a lift and nothing more than that.” He said. “Ok, I’ve heard you .” I responded and left him to the bank hall. Around lunch time, I went out to get something to eat when I met Ophelia also going to buy so  moved very fast to meet her. “Hey! Look, I planned not to spare you today but thank God He  made me  change my mind. Let me warn you for the last time, If you dare try me again eerr, I will let you appreciate who an Ewe lady is. Listen and listen good, I am, and can do more of what you think you are doing oo, but just that I’ve decided to play safe. Stay away from my Jude you prostitute.” Before I  realized, this lady had slapped me and said; “How dare you call me a prostitute?” That was when I also got angry and gave her a more heavy slap. A quarrel broke up between the two of us and people came around to separated us. In fact, my temper was very high so I didn’t even respond to any question from the people who came around to separate us. I didn’t even go to buy the food again and only went back to the banking  hall looking more frustrated. Jude noticed my change of mood and  came around to ask what the problem was with me.  I lied to him that it was Ophelia who came after me to beat me up just because of him. He felt sorry for me and said he wasn’t going to forgive her. Because of the incident, Ophelia never returned to the bank till work closed. Jude was just ready to warn her but her luck was just that she didn’t return. After work, Mr Adjei offered to take me home but I told him I had something doing with Jude on our way back home so I wouldn’t want to join him but walk with Jude instead. On our way, Jude asked what It was that I was doing with Mr Adjei. I told him I was working towards him retaining us after our service. “Ei! Are you sure? Then that’s so thoughtful of you.” He said with a smile on his face. “Have you paid the remaining of your  rent?” I asked. “What rent?…..aaah oooh yes yes yes, I gave him the rest that day. Thank you very much. You are just the best.” he said. “But how can you forget about your rent so soon and asking me what rent; you must be very unserious.” I said jokenly. He brought me to my house and stayed there for few minutes before leaving. After he had left, he went to call Ophelia to ask her why she did that to me. Ophelia made him to understand that I started the whole thing and not her. But Jude equally warned her not to fight nor do anything to me again. “I’ve lost my bag on this useless girl and also hurt myself again.” Thinking aloud in my room. Things began to change after that incident but the relationship with myself and Mr Adjei was becoming clear for people to see. Jude had also planned to do his own further investigation to know what exactly in there. We were left with about three weeks to go and I still had not heard anything from Mr Adjei as to whether he was going to retain Jude or not. I went to his office one afternoon and asked him what he was doing about Jude. “Yeah, am still working on it. As I told you, there is no vacant position in this branch so am working on another branch for him. Don’t forget I told you that I would do anything to make you happy. I wish you know how much I want you in my life.” he said looking very serious. He then asked me to call Jude to see  him in his office after I have left. I went to inform Jude accordingly. Jude went to see him and he said; “Yeah Jude, I believe your name was not curved from the name Judas? haha that’s just by the way.” He said that jokingly as they both laughed over it. He continued; “I don’t know if your friend has informed you about the efforts she is making to get you retained. The fact is that am working on it, so you don’t have to worry. When it goes through, I will let you know so keep praying.” He assured Jude and let him out of his office . Jude was very happy and came to where I was standing, singing praises. I was equally happy for him. Mr Adjei called him back which he went. He said he want to send him to the banks headquarters again for him to submit some documents. Mr Adjei’s intention was to get me all to himself when Jude is away and you know Jude was ready to go because he needed to do things to please the manager so that he could also work towards retaining him. Jude was to return the following day. Jude came to inform me about it and left to get himself ready. Actually the document contains details of those who would be occupying the various positions but Jude’s name was not part. He left before work closed that day. After work Mr Adjei said he wanted me to prepare some food for him at just house so he took me to the market where we bought the items for the food. By the time we will get to his house, it was almost 6pm. He actually has a well equipped kitchen which was equally my dream kitchen. In the process of cooking Mr Adjei came around and started touching my sensitive parts. I told him I don’t like that but that was his back case. He persisted until I started getting aroused. One thing about Me is that when I get aroused I find it difficult controlling myself. He went on by foundling with my breast until I fell for him. I turned to face him where we kissed each other passionately. “Oh my God the stew is burning!” I pushed him him away and came to check the stew. Luckily it just started burning so I  switched off the stove and asked him if I should set the table for him. He said I should wait. He moved towards me and the kisses resumed to play. I was in a high mood. He carried me to his bedroom and brought the hell out of me. I became so weak as he left to take his shower. I took my phone and oh 10 good missed calls and it was  all from Jude. He was calling at the time we were busy doing our own thing. I checked the time and it was past 9pm. I quickly got myself dressed up. To be honest even though I haven’t eaten that evening I was not hungry. Mr Adjei came out from the bath and saw me dressed up. “Oh my dear It’s late why not  sleep here today? I will  take you home early morning tomorrow. ” I insisted that I will leave so he  also dressed up and took me home. I called Jude back and told him I took some medicine which made me sleep very deep that was why I couldn’t respond to his call early. I told him I was even now going to take my bath. He said he missed me and wanted to say Hello. I told him I missed him too. I just remembered that I was not in my safe periods and Mr Adjei also didn’t use any contraceptives. “God please don’t let me get pregnant. I beg. ” I prayed. “Oh yes! The postinol 2 Jude bought  for me  is there let me take it. ” I said to myself and went to take the contraceptive.
    ​The End of Season  One​
Will that contraceptive save her from pregnancy?  What will be the faith of Jude? How was Mr Adjei’s reactions afterwards? Follow me  to season two as we unleash the irony of life.

​Season two episode 1 comes next week Monday. Stay tuned and remain blessed………​


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