​​Broken Trust​ episode 8

​Broken Trust​
              Episode 8 
Soon, Saturday came  and I wanted to surprise Jude. I just wanted us to spoil ourselves that day at his place. Around midday, I set off to Jude’s place. In fact  I tried to look very sexy. My walking to his place was more than a cat walk.  Jude was living in a compound house with a main gate at the entrance. I gave him a call as soon as I got to his gate. “Hello dear, how is Akosombo? I guess you are having a good time?” he asked as soon as he picked the call. “Sorry Jude, I didn’t go again, but guess what? “Am standing right behind your main gate, so please come and let me in okay.” I responded with a very nice and soft voice. “You are what? At my gate? Eeerrrrmm, okay, I am…… I will……. I……….. I…… I will meet you soon, am inside the washroom”. He stammered in a very shaky voice. ” J, is everything alright? I asked in confusion. “Oh yeah, yeah, there’s no… nothing wrong.” he answered. Five minutes gone and Jude was still inside. Fortunately for him, the gate was such that, no one could open it from behind so I needed to wait for him to come and open it for me. Sooner than later, ten minutes was gone and I was still standing there. Not knowing, Jude and Ophelia had made an arrangement  to meet in his house that same day. It was actually Ophelia who  masterminded the move and she was already at Jude’s place when I got there. Immediately after he had answered my call, they had to plan something very fast.  He made Ophelia to understand that he didn’t want me to come and see her there so she was suppose to hide but the exact place to hide was the problem. Unfortunately for her, I called again and this time around, she had no other option than to hide in Jude’s toilet. Jude had his toilet separated from the bath, unlike mine which was together in one room  and had just a curtain separating  them. The odor diffusing from the WC was not the very best but she had no option but to endure. She used the toilet because the bath was next to the kitchen and should any noise come from the bath, I would definitely hear. After about 13 to 15 minutes of waiting, Jude came out looking as if he was hiding from someone. “Jude, what is it? I don’t like the look on your face. Are you not happy seeing me here? ” I asked. “Oh sweetheart, no  not that. You see, I didn’t pay all my rent to my landlord when I came in. Am left with three months to pay and this man is on me like something. I have been pleading with him to hold on for me to pay him after the month when I receive my allowance, but he wouldn’t just consider my plea.” he ​lied​. “How much is the balance you are to pay? ” I asked. “Ghc240.00,  because a month is Ghc80.00 and as you know, we are left with few  months to complete the service.” He added.  After listening to him, I felt very sorry for him but asked him what he intended to do about the situation . He told me he was just thinking of coming to my place after I return from Akosombo to see if I could help him.  I promised to give him the money later in the evening when I return to my place. “Woaw, really? are you sure? Thank you, thanks so much my dear, God will bless you, thank you, I love you.” He responded so happily.  All I needed was his happiness so I decided to give him the money Mr Adjei gave to me. “I just want to spend the day with you today.” I said to him as I held his hands and gave him a deep look into his eyes with a broad smile and a killer eye rolled. All this while, we were just standing on his porch. Before I could enter into his room; “Sweetheart, do you know something? I don’t want the situation where the landlord will come disturbing us when we’re having a good time, so let me change into something different so we could go to your place instead.” He said that to me, trying to hide Ophelia away from me. Interestingly, Ophelia was also in the toilet inhaling the gas. It serves her right.  I said okay, but asked him to let me in to at least  have a feel of his room. Even though he wasn’t happy about it, he said ok. I went into the room and sat on his bed. I scanned the room but everything was in order.  I helped him choose what to wear and In the process, we heard a sound from the WC as if there was someone there. “What is that? “I asked. “Oh it’s nothing, I told you I was in the washroom when you first called and because I was in hurry to meet you, I didn’t put things in order before coming out, that’s why.” He ​lied​ again but still sounded convincing once again. In no time, he was done and asked for us to get going. I called for a kiss and as usual, he was on point it . After some few minutes of kissing, he moved me towards the door and I saw myself outside. He went back into the room and quickly planned with Ophelia. He gave her one of his  keys and then came to lock the door and off we left to my place. Seriously speaking, I don’t know if guys are more smarter when it comes to telling lies because what Jude did could win him a trophy. It was the same way that Joshua, the SU president back in my high school days, broke my virginity and lied to me. Before I went to the boarding house, I was very religious because of the kind of background I was  coming from. When I got to school, I was very active with regards to issues of church on campus. God has equally blessed me with a  good and an anointed voice to sing so anytime I stood in front of the congregation to sing, people got touched. On top of my beauty,  both students and masters wanted to put me to bed but I was determined not to give out my pride. I was always around Joshua because I knew him to be a committed Christian with a high level of God fearing spirit in him. “He wouldn’t even think or do any of such things.” I thought. My friend, I will advise that you don’t put all your trust in a human being. In fact, always reserve some percentage to God and to yourself. Joshua had been talking to me on how to preserve my body as a living sacrifice unto the Lord and how to live a chaste life.  It got to a time that Joshua became more closer and caring to the extent that, people thought we were siblings. One day, he met me after school and said the Lord had revealed to him that I was his soul mate. I told him that, if that was the case, then we needed to pray over it and see what the Lord would do. He replied that, he had also  thought about it and was praying as well. There was a mid term break but the executives were to wait behind to have an equally important and urgent meeting. It was after that meeting that  Joshua invited me to his cubicle and devour me like a hungry dog. That day, I lost my pride as a woman  to Joshua. But one thing is that, you won’t eat your cake and have it back. His ministry began going down.  Anytime I also stood in front of the congregation to sing, I do feel very guilty and ashamed of myself.  I was made  the music director during our era. Seriously speaking, the vigour with which we started as executives of the union was no more but no one could understand why. This means that  We equally need to be praying for our church  leaders because, they are the devil’s main target. Once the leader is down, there is easy access to the members. But the leaders must also know that they are stewards to oversee God’s people so need not give the devil the chance.  After school,  I never heard from Joshua till today. What if I had gotten  pregnant for him? I would’ve become a single parent, just imagine. After him, came Francis. But for him, the less talk about him the better. This was one of the many reasons why I never wanted to enter into any relationship, but Jude came into my life again. Mr Adjei will also not let me be. As we left to my place, Ophelia came out, bathed in Jude’s bathroom and left the compound to her place. We equally had the fun I was expecting that day at my place.That day I gave out all My styles to Jude but to be Jude was experienced. Hmm let me just stop here because that day was a blast. 💥 Before he left, I gave him the money he asked for. To be honest, ladies give genuinely but a guy will give with the motive of getting it back through a different means.  Life went on till we were left with two months to complete our service. Mr Adjei made it clear that he would retain me after our official service. One thing I liked about him was that, he never requested for sex prior to the completion of my  service. He called me to his office one day  and asked me of what I still  thought about his proposal. “Xorlali, I have been waiting for a response from you for long till today that your time is almost due for you to leave.” he said. He later showed me a document which stated the people to fill the various vacant  positions and my  name was part. I was to work as the Insurance Manager where I would be in charge of the Insurance Policies for the bank and the start off salary was Ghc1,200.00 a month, before other incentives. I read through the document and Oh my God! ” I can’t watch this opportunity go.” I said to myself. “But sir, can you please do me a favour?” I asked. “Go ahead my dear, say anything, am ready to do it for you.” He said with a smile. “Please, I want you to retain my friend Jude also, that is all I want from you.”  I answered him politely. He raised his head, looked at me in surprise and said; “Xorla but why? Even If that would be under only one condition.”
What condition Is that? And can I withstand it? Follow me to the next episode. 
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