​​Broken Trust​ episode 9

​Broken Trust​ 
              Episode 9
Mr Adjei made it clear that he would retain me after our official service. One thing I liked about him was that, he never requested for sex prior to the completion of my  service. He called me to his office one day  and asked me of what I still  thought about his proposal. “Xorlali, I have been waiting for a response from you for long till today that your time is almost due for you to end your service.” he said.  Later, he showed me a document which stated the people to fill the various vacant  positions and my  name was part. I was to work as the Insurance Manager where I would be in charge of the Insurance Policies for the bank and the start off salary was Ghc1,200.00 a month, before other incentives. I read through the document and Oh my God! ” I can’t watch this opportunity go.” I said to myself. “But sir, can you please do me a favour?” I asked. “Go ahead my dear, say anything, am ready to do it for you.” He said with a smile. “Please, I want you to retain my friend Jude also, that is all I want from you.”  I answered him politely. He raised his head, looked at me in surprise and said; “Xorla but why? Even that would be under only one condition.” “Sir please what condition are you talking about? ” I asked, feeling a bit suspicious. He looked deeply in to my eye balls, gave me a broad smile and said; “When there is another vacant position that needs internal recruitment.” Ah! this man has really scared the hell out of me. He added that, “they only need two staffs which include a driver and a messenger at the moment.” “Even with those positions, people have already applied but you can inform him to see if he may probably be interested. “Huh! what is this man trying to insinuate?” I asked myself in surprise. “Ok sir, I’ve heard you   ….. errrm but sir, can you please re…..replace my name with…..with his?” I worriedly asked. Mr Adjei stood up from his seat and came to sit on the table right before me. He placed his right hand on my shoulder and ignoring my question; “What is your response to my proposal? say it now or never”. A “No” for an answer will mean you don’t want the position, and a “Yes” will mean I should sign the document and submit for processing.” he replied me with a commanding voice. “Sir, am sorry, can you please permit me out? I think am not interested.” I stood up, removed the security card he gave to me from my bag and headed towards the door to leave. “Oh come on girl, am just kidding.” He walked towards me and held my hand; “Sorry if I’ve hurt you. I don’t mean to raise my voice at you. Please don’t leave, I will see what I can do to help your friend but please tell me something now I beg. ” he pleaded with his face  looking as if he wanted to cry. I equally felt bad looking at a whole bank manager begging me for an offer. “Ok sir, I’ve heard you.” l responded. “Oh yeah, thank you so so much. You’ve made me the happiest man on earth today.” he responded, looking very excited. He  hugged me and I also thanked him for the job offer. He then asked me to wait for him after work. I nodded in response and left his office looking very confused. “Jude had proposed and we even had a good time together. Now, I have also accepted Mr Adjei’s proposal. What the hell am I going to face?  hmm, God, I want your devin intervention. This battle is for you. ” I prayed silently while I went into a deep thoughts as I came to sit by my computer.” I think I should start going to church. Maybe God will listen to me more. ” A customer was even waiting for my service but seriously speaking, I was off  minded until the customer called me. She nearly got angry but I apologized and she rather felt sorry for me. My biggest problem was how to tell Jude about this issue . After work that day, I told Jude that Mr Adjei had given me an  assignment to do for him so he should take the lead to the house. He offered to help me with whatever assignment it was but I was able to convince him to go. Within few minutes after he had left, Mr Adjei came around and asked me to join him in his car. Not knowing, Ophelia was also around. She was just monitoring my movements so she hid herself and took another picture of me entering Mr Adjei’s car. Because she later wanted me to see that she was around, she went to stand by the security check point so that I could see her. I was seated in front so she saw me and I also saw her. Quickly, she gave information to Jude that I was going out with Mr Adjei and sent the pictures as evidence. I never thought she would do that. Mr Adjei took me to a restaurant and bought food and drinks which we both took together. Along the line, Jude called and asked if I was back to the house, but I answered no and told him I would soon be there. He asked again if I was still at the bank and I also ignorantly said Yes. Before he could ask another question, I told him I would call him back and cut the line. Mr Adjei engaged me in a very long conversation ranging from my responsibility as an Insurance Policy Manager, to how he was ready to completely transform my life. From the restaurant, he took me to his house and said he wanted me to know where he stays. Woaw! this man was really living in a big house. I asked If he lived in the house alone and he said yes. I made sure I scanned every bit of item in his hall. While I kept busying myself doing the work of a camera, I saw a picture of a very beautiful lady hanged on his wall and the same picture was beside his television set. “Who is this beautiful lady in this picture? I asked. He lied to me and said that was her sister. The picture hanging there was actually his fiancee who had traveled abroad for further studies. The lady left just after we started our service and she was to stay there for four years. Because he was finding it difficult to abstain, he decided to use me as his game pad. He was able to convince me that the picture was his sister. It was almost 6pm and I was still with him so I asked him to take my leave. All this while, Ophelia was with Jude. She succeeded polluting his mind about me so Jude didn’t call back. Mr Adjei held me from the confidential and kissed me passionately. I realized I was falling for him so I pushed him away from me and picked my bag to go. He went for his car keys and came to alight me at my place. When I got home, I called Jude for five good times but he didn’t answer. Actually, Ophelia had by then left his place but just that he was very angry at me. I called for the sixth time before he answered. “Why are you calling me? please, I don’t want you to come and give me any problem ok? ” he said angrily. “Jude, what has come over you? Why? What is the problem? Have you heard anything about me? ” I asked sounding very innocent. “Why didn’t you tell me  you were going out with Mr Adjei before you accepted to go out with me too? Look, I have had enough of you ladies. You are not the first lady am walking with so I know what you ladies are capable of.” he rattled so loudly and angrily forgetting that he had exposed himself to me. “Thank you for the insults Jude, look, it is not what you are thinking but do you know you have just exposed yourself? ” I said to him equally getting emotional. You see?  anger is something that when it is not controlled well, can destroy a whole lot of things on an individual. You may say things you would regret saying. Let’s learn to control ourselves when angry. I responded to Jude on the phone and said; “Look, I love you and all am doing is for your own good but listen carefully, when you know your value, you don’t have to beg people to be in your life, to be a friend to you, to spend time with you or to even  love you. Be confident in yourself and remember that not everyone can handle luxury. This is what I can tell you. Food for thought.” I angrily said to him and hanged up. In few minutes, he sent the pictures Ophelia sent to him to my whatsApp. I saw the pictures but ignored and didn’t even bother to call. He also didn’t call back. “Ophelia thinks she has done something good. I will teach her a bitter lesson of her life. Maybe I will be jailed for the rest of my life or something else. Just wait for me at work tomorrow.” I said to myself very angrily.  
What exactly is Xorlali thinking of? will she be successful?  Follow me to the next episode. 
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