​Broken Trust episode 2

Broken Trust 💔
              Episode 2
What I hate most is to be in my menses. I hate it because of the pain I do undergo anytime it comes . I thought that as an opportunity to get Jude trapped, so when the pain started, I asked for permission to go home. Luckily for me the permission was granted and as usual Jude  was there to take me home. When we got to my place, I decided to seduce him to see how he will behave. I went to take my bath as he was in the room waiting for me to be ok before he leaves. “I must surely know the real him today;” I said to myself as I imagined all my well planned moves while in the bathroom. You know how we do it. I returned with my towel covering my chest and half way my hairy thighs. Seriously speaking, I don’t even know which type of human being I am, because my hairy body was just to the extreme. Jude could just not afford looking into my face. He bowed down his head as if he was doing something on his phone. Haha guys with their tricks.  I seductively walked pass  in front of him from where he was seated and not that I couldn’t use the other side. I could notice the changes on his face. The fact  was that, my apartment was just a single room self contain so I do everything inside. After having enough time fidgeting with  his phone,  Jude said he wanted to do something at his place before getting back to work and so asked for permission to take his leave. With a soft and seductive voice, I said to him; “come on, I will soon be done so we can go together. “Why don’t I then wait for you outside? Jude asked me. I became confused and surprised at the same time. In my mind, I was asking if this guy was really a man because I was not sure any very active guy will let go that opportunity. I rolled my bulging eyes like that of Jackie Appiah and told him not to  worry about that. Gently, I sat down on my well laid bed and slowly smeared  my pomade in a way just to move him but Jude was just looking into his phone and doing only “God knows what”. “Do you mind if I excuse you to get dressed up? ” I heard Jude asked again. I ignored him and out of anger, took my clothes and my medicine and left for the bathroom to get dressed up. I banged the door so angrily behind me after I realized that all my efforts has been proved fatal. “Heeeeey!!! this guy really has a great level of self control. How can a roasted chicken be exposed to a hungry dog and the dog refuses to take advantage? Ah! I need to investigate this issue” I said to myself.  Looking into the mirror to make sure that I looked sweet, I took my medicine and came out to meet him as he looked at me in surprise. Before I could ask him for us to go; “Xorlali”, Jude called me by name. “How may I help you?” with a slightly raised tone, I answered. “Woaw!  you look so splendid in your new dressing”. In  a funny way , I told him I already know that and thanked him for his unwanted compliment. We both laughed over it while we moved back from my house to work. “But Jude, are you no longer going to your place?” I asked. He said because I spent more time in my house, he wouldn’t want to add to it. My plan was to let him make advances at me,  and then rebuke him for that to cause him to shy away from me, but he escaped it. We got back to work and everything went on as expected till we closed. After work, Jude asked how I was feeling and I told him I was fine. He then asked me that, when was I also going to pay him a visit at his place? “You know am  always the one who  comes to your place” he added immediately before I could say a word, noticing the surprise look on my face. Quickly, I thought that as another opportunity to get my plans executed, so I told him not to worry. In the evening through the night to the following morning, Jude called almost every thirty minutes to check on me. I never saw a caring guy like this before. Normally,  my menses do last for four days then the bleeding stops. The fourth day also happened to be a Saturday, a weekend, and that meant no work for us. Jude said he wanted me to come over to spend the Saturday at his place since I was not feeling well. I tried to show off a little so  initially didn’t want to agree but he was able to convince me that it was just a normal visit. I decided to test him for the last time to see if he could withstand any lady when he is seduced because, Francis, my second guy said he was seduced to cheat on me. My plans had failed again and had  rather made him  to feel for me the more just that he couldn’t show it. Upon my arrival to his house, I went to his kitchen to cook for him and in the process lied that something had entered  my eyes and screamed for help . He rushed to my aid and when he was done helping me, I held him passionately to myself and thanked him for caring for me. My lips was ever ready for a kiss but Jude just couldn’t do it. He was feeling shy of me. The food was ready and together we ate and chat over one issue to the other. He used his laptop to show some movies which kept us busy until it was evening.  Later in the night, he accompanied me back to my place and before he would leave, he asked for a hug. I won’t lie to you, I had serious feelings for this gentleman because, it was difficult to find a guy who could control himself even in his own closet. I told myself that I won’t give those ladies at the bank the chance to take this opportunity away from me. At work on Monday, I made sure he was close to me. The intimacy that day was so glaring that even customers were suspecting that something was between us. The branch manager; Mr Adjei  called us after work and said he had a report that something was going on between the two of us. He said; “as a principle in banking, two lovers cannot work at the same branch”.  Jude told the manager that there was absolutely nothing going on between us and that we were just casual friends. The manager asked me if what Jude said was true. I affirmed that it was true. Mr Adjei  then said he wouldn’t forgive us if he should personally find out that we were telling lies. We both nodded our heads in agreement and left his office. I was very sure it was one of those ladies interested In Jude that reported us. Jude was kind of disturbed when we came out of the managers office. I was also disturbed but I didn’t want to show it. Not knowing, the manager himself was interested in me. hmm I will tell you about that later. We didn’t speak to each other after work until we got home and bid each other goodbye. 

But seriously, Jude couldn’t look into my eyes  when we were returning to the house.  I could sense his confusion, so I asked if everything was alright with him. He  said he was fine. We eventually  went our separate ways when we got to the junction. That night, I couldn’t sleep. I was just imagining how Jude escaped all my traps and now the manager who was also adding to my troubles. Deep in the night around 1:00am, my phone rang and behold it was Jude. Why should he be calling me at this time? I asked myself. I picked up the call and the first thing he will say was that  he was Sorry for what happened the previous day at work. He added that he needed to say what he said  just to protect our image at the bank. I asked if  I complained about it and besides, what he said was true so why would he be worried ?  He said he couldn’t sleep because of the incident and just wanted to hear from me. ” Ah! Jude, do you know you are not serious? Why can’t you sleep? You know what? Just tell me exactly what you want to say, am listening” I said to him. He kept silent and that made me to ask him again if everything was okay and he said yes.  “Ok then, now that you’ve heard from me, I think you can sleep or?.” I questioned. “Yes, thank you” he responded. “Alright, goodbye then”, I said to him.  Because he was the one who called, I didn’t want to be the one to end the call,  meanwhile he was thinking I ended it. So in the background, I overhead him say ” oh my God! So how will I be able to  tell this lady my feelings? Just imagine these great opportunities that I couldn’t utilize.  First, she made me see her hairy thighs and soothing chest.  Another was in my own house and even the manager’s question today gave me the chance to say Yes at his office but I backfired. Oh my God, what is happening to me?” Hmm but this lady is very beautiful too. I just can’t wait to feel those hairy thighs of hers. What a skin “. I now realized why he called even though my guess was right. I ended the call. Quickly after ending the call he realized his phone light came on, he noticed I heard all that he was saying. He called back to confirm if I heard what he was saying in the background. He called again and as soon as I picked up the phone, I said “Jude, I won’t tolerate this from you again, why should you be disturbing my sleep? Were you not the one who called some few minutes ago and said everything was okay? ” I did that just to make him feel that I didn’t hear anything. He said; “sorry girl, I tried calling someone else before I mistakenly called you. ” “who were you trying to call at this time of the night?” I fired at him. All he did was to end the call on me. “why couldn’t he go ahead?” I asked myself. In few minutes I slept off. He couldn’t come to wait for me for us to go to work the following day so we only met at work. Over there, he only came to say Hello and that was all. The usual jokes were no more. He couldn’t even ask me about my condition. Anyway, I felt he was  feeling shy to get closer to me. Partly I was happy because that was what I intended achieving. For three days, the distance persisted. Interestingly, one of the ladies I was suspecting around Jude came to say hi to me. It was strange to me though. Meaning, for all those times, I took no new pictures. Weekends came and Jude was still silent. A whole week passed and it was as if we were strangers to each other. The other ladies started going closer to him which was not my wish. One faithful morning, I was checking a clients account details when Mr Adjei; the manager, sent for me. I finished up with what I was doing and went  to meet him. At his office, Mr Adjei offered me a seat and asked if I cared for something. I said I was ok. This man started asking me questions I can’t even get meaning to. Questions like, why was I beautiful? and a whole lot. He got up from his seat and came to sit on the table in front of me. He said ” Dear I have been waiting for this day to tell you this.” “Mr Adjei please, I hope you are not trying to do what am thinking and besides, I am not ready for that”. I fired at him. Before he could talk, there was a knock on the door. Under normal circumstances, no office is supposed to be locked during working hours but Mr Adjei locked his without my notice. 
Who was knocking? 
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