​Broken Trust episode 3

Broken Trust 
              Episode 3
“What has come over this man? ” I asked myself as I sat quietly in the chair he offered me . “What could be the Lindsey behind this man’s call by this hour of the day? “Could it be that he’s had another report about Jude and myself? Or, could it be that he’s called me here to……… no, no, hmmm,  I hope he’s not up to anything bad”……….; as I went busy with my thoughts, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned, and to my surprise, Mr Adjei was seated on the table right in front of me, staring deeply in to my face with a broad smile. He said, “Dear, I have been waiting for this opportunity  to tell you all this that has been on my heart since the day I set my eyes on you”. “I don’t even know where to start from”. His words got me alert, causing me to sit up right and look into his face with great concern. Suddenly , Mr Adjei stretched out his hand to touch my breast and squeezed it. “Mr Adjei! I quickly got up from my seat and with a highly raised tone, fired at him. “Sir! with all due respect! I won’t take this lightly with you again the next time you make such attempt on me again”. “Is this why you sent for me? He was sitting right before me with his shoes at the side of the chair I was sitting on when unexpectedly, the next thing we heard was a gentle knock on his  door. “Oh my God”. I became frightened and prayed silently that the person behind the door doesn’t  hear all that I said.  “As I sat by myself with much fear, he tapped me on the shoulder and said; “Don’t worry, I will sort everything out. The bank uses security cards to open it doors and it was strictly for permanent staffs to have them. This means that, the person knocking was not a permanent staff hence  the question; “who was that?” I only nodded in response as he went to get the door and let the person who knocked in. Ah! guess who frightened me like that; Ophelia, the lady who came to say hi to me after realizing the distance between Jude and I.  She came to deliver a document and after handing them over, she brought out her phone and did something with it, which nobody saw before leaving. I wish you saw the kind of eye she used on me before leaving. “Hmmm, what did this lady do with her phone before leaving? “what at all will she be telling her friends about what she just saw? “And what if Jude get to hear of it?  I went busy with my thoughts again when Mr Adjei suddenly interrupted. He drew closer to me again, held my hands and started preaching me with malicious words. I couldn’t help myself again so I just allowed him to do whatever pleases him.   Seriously speaking, you should have seen his face when he was lamenting out those words I call ‘sugar coated’. “My Angel, all I need is for you to  accept to be my girlfriend. I will make sure you are retained immediately after your service and also make sure you are put at a very good position which will come with a lot of incentives”. My wish was to be retained at the end of my service though, but I never thought of getting that through an exchange with my body. After he was done talking, I had nothing to do than to look into his face with surprise. His offer nearly carried me away because that is exactly the kind of life I want to live. “No I can’t do this.” I said to myself. He broke the silence and added; “I will take care of your accommodation and in fact, I will do anything you ask for. Please, I love you, so just accept to be my girlfriend, am very serious. this is all I am asking you for.” His speech equally appeared funny to me  because, if you should have seen the kind of vhim he was using to say what he was saying, hehehe. “Sir, am sorry, but if I may ask? have you forgotten so soon what you told Jude and I the other day? And besides, you can’t tell me you are not married so why do you just want to torment my life? I have a guy already. Please, I think I will disappoint you because am not interested”. “Sir, l… I  respect you so much and I don’t want to loose that respect for you in anyway, so kindly let me out of your office. I was busy with a client’s document before you called me in, if you care to know.” I rant at him with a slightly raised tone. “Xorlali, you need to calm down and think through what I have just told you. Am not married, and I have been praying to God for someone just like you. A lady who is respectful, hardworking and beautiful just like you for a wife. Listen, after few weeks of you coming into this bank, my heart always beats whenever I set my eyes on you. Yes, I haven’t forgotten what I told you and your friend Jude, but please, should you accept my proposal, I will work for you to be transferred to a different branch of this same bank”. Mr Adjei calmly said to me. He added, “Let me tell you this; anytime you are confronted with an issue in life, the first thing to do is to think through the issue before coming up with a response. Just as going to a meeting late and without knowing how far the discussion has gone, you start talking simply because you have an idea. No,  you may be repeating what have already been discussed. Wait and listen to precedings before you come in. You need not to make conclusions within seconds of hearing what someone tells you because, in one way or the other, there may be sense in what the person is telling you. Also, you might be making mistakes which you may regret at the long run if you should respond on compulsion. My dear,  I will allow you to go and think about it and I pray I get a positive response from you. I will call on you another time to take your response.” He said to me and opened the document Ophelia came to deliver. I asked him to open the door for me to take my leave. He pulled out his drawer and gave out one of the security cards to me and said; “keep it, you can come to my office anytime that pleases you”. I told him that was not appropriate because I was not a permanent staff and therefore, I was not suppose to have that card. “Don’t worry. To every law, there is an exception”.He replied and threw the card at me. Looking at the time, I realized it was just some few minutes for us to close. I used the card to open the door, left his office and headed to my place of work. To my surprise, Jude was seated at my table waiting for me. I became a bit nervous and scared at the same time, not knowing what to tell him. He was only looking into my computer as if he was not aware of my presence. I tapped him at the shoulder and asked him of what he was doing. He said he noticed that I was not around so he  only tried to help me finish up with my work. “Unfortunately, you left your phone behind and  there was no way I could call you.” he added. I thanked him and told him that it was the manager who sent for me. “Huh! is everything ok?” he questioned me with a great concern. “Oh yeah, there’s no problem”,I answered. It was almost 4pm so the bank was  only attending to customers inside the banking hall. I asked  Jude to  get up for me to complete what I was doing before the manager sent for me. He then asked why the manager sent for me but I *lied*. I told him he was just taking me through some banking procedures especially how to use some software to prepare an account,  and that took me away for that long. “Really!” Jude exclaimed. “What are you thinking? I asked him. “Oh nothing, am not thinking of anything, but just that I don’t understand why he didn’t call all the service persons here to teach us the procedures but you alone”, he answered. “Please, what are you trying to insinuate?  go and ask him that not me, I won’t this from you again”. I said to him as he stood up for me to sit down. He never offered a word and left. I resumed work but realized he did all that I was supposed to do on the computer in my absence so, I just checked them and shut down  the computer. I went to check on Jude at his desk for us to leave but her was not there. “Have this guy left me behind?” I went into my thoughts for a while and decided to check from  outside. Probably he might be waiting for me there. To my surprise, Jude was standing outside  with Ophelia and were chatting. The distance between them was also very close . I became very jealous. I went back to pick my bag and they were still there as I returned . I walked passed them and headed towards the security man to sign out. Mr. Adjei was in his car about to leave so he  saw all that was going on. Jude hugged  Ophelia and  bid her bye. What should be the meaning of that? After Ophelia left, he walked to join me to  sign out. I just don’t want to mind him but when we came out, Mr Adjei called us to come. ” But Xorlali  why is he calling us? ” Jude asked. “Why?! am  I his spokesperson? ” I asked. I just don’t want to create any scene there so I  followed Jude as he walked towards Mr Adjei’s car  “Hello my princess and his friend, come….. come sit and let me give you lift. ”
What are these people up to? Interesting days ahead. Let’s go to the next episode. 
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