​Broken Trust episode 4

Broken Trust
              Episode 4
Mr Adjei called us to come. ” But Xorlali  why is he calling us? ” Jude asked in surprise. “Why?! am  I his spokesperson? ” I questioned back. I just didn’t want to create any scene, so I quietly followed Jude as he walked towards Mr Adjei’s car. “Hello my princess and her friend, why don’t you join me so I could give you a lift?  I am just going your way”. Mr Adjei offered”. 

As a matter of fact, I was not happy with the two of  them so, I didn’t utter a word. Before I could realize, Jude had already hopped into the car  like a bird and interestingly fixed his seat belt as if the car was for his father. I just stood there and  watched them do their own thing. “Hey! come on, come and sit down. Manager says he is going our way, Or do you prefer walking?”  Jude asked. He was Just talking without taking notice of my mood.  He called me to join him at the back seat while Mr Adjei also called me to join him in front. He said; ” No, let her sit in front, ladies normally like sitting beside their husbands in front”. I wish you saw how those words of him pierced through my ears.  I pretended not to have heard him and  joined Jude at the back and off we went. On our way, he was talking to us on issues with regards to banking and advised us on how to become good bankers. I never joined the conversation but Jude gave him all the responses he needed. Whiles they kept talking , Jude’s phone rang. He looked at the caller and didn’t pick. The person called again and what he did was to put the phone on silence and placed it on his ear as if he was receiving the call. Unfortunately for him, the person called for the third time whiles he claimed to be talking. How funny he looked before me. I guessed that was Ophelia calling. “I know this lady will do all it takes to snatch Jude away  from me, but I won’t sit and fold my arms for her to have her way.” I said in my mind.  Instead of Mr Adjei driving us straight to our houses, he took us to a nearby restaurant and bought food for us to eat. He said since we came to the bank, things were  improving so he just wanted to show some love. He also said he wanted us  to get close to him  as friends.  Along the line, Jude started getting suspicious when Mr Adjei tried to make him excuse us for him to have a word with me. “Jude, can you please use the other table? I want to discuss something with Xorlali”. “Oh sir, why do you want my best friend to sit on a different table? ok let me join him there”. I quickly interrupted. I was very smart to neutralize any confusion that was about to come up. The power of being a lady and not just any lady but a beautiful dark hairy lady. Don’t joke with us , we  will sell you alive as you have no idea. I told Mr Adjei that myself and Jude are like twins and can’t be separated. I insisted and so it happened that, we needed to package the food and carry away home.  He actually offered to drive us home. As it is said, men won’t do anything for free. If they do not reap today, they will in the near future.  His main motive was to know exactly where I stay and hence his offer. He was eager to know my place so he came to alight me right in front of my house before taking Jude to his place. Alone in my room that evening, I became  more than confused, perplexed and wondered about how I was going to handle that tough moment. But first of all, what is wrong with Jude? why should he allow Ophelia to hug him? and why didn’t he receive the call in the car? This guy should be up to something. I need to confront him on this.  I couldn’t even eat the food I took home. But why is Mr Adjei on me? Hmm, to be a lady is not easy.  “It is my  wish to get employment as soon as I finish my service but not through an exchange with my pride. “My father divorced my mother when I was just nine years of age with reasons best known to them. I didn’t receive any good parental care afterwards. My mother will leave home very early in order to fight for our daily bread and returned very late in the evening.  What people  call motherly love was a story to me.  My father only sends money over for my education as I was staying with my mother. Thankfully to God, I was academically sound.  Later in my teenage, my mother got married to Mr Anane who lost his ex wife and children in a car crash. Due to this, Mr Anane  happened to like me so much. He said I was respectful and submissive, smart and beautiful, so he took me just as his own daughter. After my senior high school, you know how we ladies look more beautiful. My stepfather drew me more closer to himself and showed me much care and love. That was where I felt a bit of fatherly love. I equally lost my virginity in my high school days, but I will tell you about that later.  The unfortunate thing  was that, my mother started suspecting me of having something to do with her husband, unknowingly to me. Mr Anane used to take me for outings during vacations to have fan at various places. He was a teacher as well.  Some  misunderstanding broke up between my mother and my stepfather some time ago and due to this high level of closeness to Mr Anane, my mother started feeling jealous of me being around her husband. I don’t know if it was what Sigmund fraud referred to as “penis envy ” So one day, I went to town and when I returned, I wanted to visit the washroom but I didn’t know my stepfather was taking his bath. I unknowingly went to open the door of the bathroom and oops, there was my stepfather taking his bath. I quickly closed the door and before I could turn away , my mother was standing behind me. All she said was “ayekoo!! Your cup is now full. This was what I was suspecting and today I have seen it for myself.” I just remained silent because I couldn’t get where exactly  she was driving at. “Xorlali, so you have been sleeping with my husband, isn’t it?” My mother questioned me angrily. “Jesus Christ mum! how can you say such a thing? It was just by accident that I opened the door and besides, I didn’t know there was someone in the bathroom”. How can you say this against me? ” I replied in tears. With shame, she went back to her room. That incident became a great issue in that house to the extent that my mother no longer considered me as her only daughter. From that day, she started treating me like a rival. It went on to the extent that I couldn’t take it anymore. Due to this, I was forced to leave the house  and rent on my own. Things were very tough though but with determination, support from my dad and God Almighty, I was able to stay on my own. As I speak now, my mother wish she would have  the opportunity to apologize to me but am still thinking of what to do”.  After a long flash back of one of my childhood experiences, I thought of Mr Adjei’s offer. Meaning, if the  promises from this man  becomes possible,  I could change my life completely and surprise my mother. But come to think of It, despite the fact that I saw no ring on his hand, I can’t be sure if he is not married. Mr Adjei  was in his early thirties and I was also in my mid twenties. According to him, he  had his position through his father who was on pension. “This also means that, it is possible for him to deliver all his promises. But Jude is the guy on my heart. This guy loves me just that he is unable to say it. Should I follow money and let my love Go? “God, please come to my aid, I prayed silently. How do I explain this to Jude? ” I was thinking aloud when I received a whatsApp message from Jude. Guess what? He sent a picture of me sitting in the office of Mr Adjei. “But how come he got this picture?  Below the picture was the caption; “Mrs manager” ” ah!  What is the meaning of this? I called his phone  and it was call waiting. After few minutes, he called back. “Jude what is the meaning of that picture and the caption attached? ” I asked angrily. He calmly said to me; “My dear, I mean no harm. Someone sent it to me and I also forward to you. ” ” And who did that? If you don’t tell me now , I will report to the bank management you  and the person who sent it will be in a great mess .”  I replied, still angry. Seriously  I never got angry like that before so he got frightened. ” Please, please, calm down ok? It is not what you yjin. OK wait  am coming to your place right away so that we can talk about this;” he said with a very soft and caring  voice. That alone was enough for me to forgive him. All I need is a  man that can  bring his voice down and listen to his lady  whenever his lady’s temper is high? “Okay, I will be waiting for you” I responded. Looking at the time, it was almost 7:00pm and Jude, coming here to my house at this time? I must break that yoke today and own him to myself today .” I said and quickly rushed to the bathroom to take my bath. I wore my sexiest dress ever, waiting for him. 
What adventure is about happening? Don’t miss the next episode. “Y33b3 biegya”🙉 

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