​Broken Trust episode 5

Broken Trust 
              Episode 5
After few minutes, he called back. “Jude what is the meaning of that picture and the caption attached? ” I asked angrily. He calmly said to me; “My dear, I mean no harm. Someone sent it to me and I also forward it to you. ” ” And who did that? If you don’t tell me now, I will report to the bank management and you and the person who sent it will be in a great mess;” I replied, still angry. Seriously, I never got angry like that before so he got frightened. ” “Please, please, calm down ok. I mean no harm. Okay, am coming to your place right away so we can talk about it;” he said with a very soft voice remorsefully. That alone was enough for me to forgive him. All I need is a man that will bring his voice down and listen to his lady whenever his lady’s temper is high. “Okay, I will be waiting for you.”  I responded calmly this time around. Looking at the time, it was almost 7:00pm and Jude, coming here to my house at this time? I must break that yoke today and own him to myself; I said to myself and quickly rushed to the bathroom to take my bath. I intentionally wore my transparent blue night wear in order to attract him when he comes. I prepared a hot  Lipton, sat on  my animal skin chair.  and sipped it little by little, waiting for him. Within few minutes, I stood up, walked around my room, went to sit on my bed and later came back to sit on the animal skin chair.  Hmmm, I stood up again, tried to put things in place in my room, and thought of the steps to take when he’s around. “Ah! but what has come over met? I…. 🙉 I… shouldn’t just be so desperate in his presence, he may have a different view of me.”  As I sat deeply in my thoughts, planning on how to make sure Jude doesn’t escape my trap this time around, Lol and behold, there was a knock on my door. I joyfully stood up and with a broad smile, went to get the door. Ah! guess who?  It was my landlady. “M’ewuraba, good evening ooo; she greeted. “Good evening Aunty Adjoa; I responded. “I never knew you were back, how was work today? she asked. “Oooh, by God’s grace, work was good; I responded. “Oh okay, we thank God.” “Errrrm, was your boss at work today? she asked again. “Yees, he came; I answered. “Oh okay, he’s the son of a very good friend of mine oo.” His father is very generous and kind. He was by then the manager, but now on pension. My greetings to him when you get to work tomorrow okay; she rattled. “Okay oo  Aunty Adjoa, I will tell him; I responded in frustration. “Ah! Why should this lady mention this man’s name now ” I said to myself.  After a long talk, she turned to go and before I could close my door behind me; errrrm, sorry ooo m’ewuraba, “I actually came to remind you of your things eer, they are still  on the drying line; she turned back again to remind me. “Oh, oh, oh,  I almost forgot. Thank you very much Aunty Adjoa; I said to her. She kept engaging me in a conversation  when I received Jude’s call. He said he was almost at my place. I quickly informed Aunty Adjoa that Jude; my co service personnel was coming to my place so she should allow me put my room in order. After what seemed like an endless conversation, she finally left and I returned to my room feeling very bored. I quickly sprayed my room with my rose air refresher. Now, my much awaited knock sounded on the door. 

As I said, I need not to rush with anything so with a frowned face, I went to get the door. To be honest, you could see everything under my gown.  After letting him in, I used the Teddy bear he bought for me to cover my front view. The first question I asked was ” what is the meaning of the picture and who do you say sent it to you?  “Please, as I said, I meant no harm. I was there when someone sent it to me with that same caption. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just thought as much to forward it to you”; he responded. I asked him of the one who sent it to him but  he refused to tell me.  “Okay ,so tell me; what is going on between you and Ophelia? I asked again. “Nothing, absolutely nothing;” he answered. He then said she was just a nice person and that’s all. ” Then what called for you hugging her after work today and why didn’t you answer your call when we were in the car? I asked again. He said he was sorry but it was Ophelia that called for it. I could sense his innocence, so I asked If he cared for something. He said the food Mr Adjei bought for us was enough for him. “Oh come on, not even a drink? I have some drinks in the fridge,  let me get you one; I seductively offered. He said ok, so I put the Teddy bear down to go and get the drink for him and ooops, the contour lines were very visible beneath the gown. We both got our eyes crashed but he quickly removed his eyes and started looking into his phone. I went to get one canned malt and added some sliced cake to it and brought it to him. I came to sit on my bed and watch him as he sat  on a plastic chair next to my bed, enjoying his snack. Seriously speaking, I was highly aroused but tried my possible best to control myself. As I sat on the bed, I fell asleep. After a short nap, I woke up to see that Jude was still around. I looked at the time and it was almost 9:30pm. “Oh, am sorry dear, I almost slept off. Jude please, I think you should get going because it’s late and besides am not feeling very well;” I said to him. He never said a word. I realized he was done taking the drink, so I went to take the plate in which the cake was. As soon as I bend  to pick the plate from the coffee table, Jude suddenly grabbed me and held me by the waist . I refused looking into his face even though he wanted to look into my face.  “Please look into my face, I want to tell you something.” He pleaded but I refused. He added ” Ophelia is nothing to me, so please, don’t be thinking am hiding something from you”. “Please, I have been yearning to tell you this but just that am finding It difficult to do so”. What is it? I asked as he was still holding me tight to himself. ” I… I… I love you.” His words punched me like a blow. I raised my head and there a very deep kiss started. I was already in the mood so proceedings were fast trucked. The kiss became very intensive. This guy was just doing exactly what I was expecting. Aaahhhh… Oh Yeeaar! I started moaning. I started opening his button as he also started unlocking my bra. I was lost in the garden roses.  The feelings was just too good to describe. How I wish it never ends. Ekiki me 😘. Looking at the time, It was 11:15pm. My phone started ringing. The first two ended and I never bothered to even check who the caller was. The third one came and Jude asked me to receive it. Guess who, Mr Adjei. “Ah! this man again.” I said to myself and answered it. ” Hello my  princess, I went somewhere and I was just returning. I bought something for you and as we talk now, I’ve packed my car right in front of your house. Can you please come out and meet me?” he said without even letting me respond to his initial Hello. I just ended the call. Ah!  What is the meaning of this? ” What is it dear? is everything ok? And who was the caller? ” Jude asked me all those questions within three seconds. “eeerrmm Jude, I….. i..  do you know something? you need need to wait for me I will be back. ” I said very confused. “Sweetheart why? is everything alright. ” Jude asked looking worried. 
Oh my God! how will I manage this mess?  Ladies are smart don’t undermine their capabilities. What happened next? What a crash? 

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