​Broken Trust episode 6 & 7

Broken Trust
              Episode 6 and 7
Looking at the time, It was 11:15pm. My phone started ringing. The first two ended and I never bothered to even check who the caller was. The third one came and Jude asked me to receive it. Guess who, Mr Adjei. “Ah! this man again.” I said to myself and answered it. ” Hello my  princess, I went somewhere and I was just returning. I bought something for you and as we talk now, I’ve packed my car right in front of your house. Can you please come out and meet me?” he said without even letting me respond to his initial Hello. I felt confused and didn’t know what to say so I just ended the call. “Ah!  What is the meaning of this?” I asked myself. “What is it dear? is everything ok? And who was the caller? ” Jude asked me all those questions within three seconds. “eeerrmm Jude, I….. I..  do you know something? you need to……. ,to…. wait for me I will be back soon” I stammered in  confusion .”Sweetheart why? is everything alright.” Jude asked again looking very worried.  “Yes, everything is ok. My father has sent someone from home to bring me some items and the person has just arrived. He said he has packed his car in front of the house so I should come and meet him for the things. ” I *lied* again. “Then why do you look so disturbed like this? ” he asked. “Oh not that am disturbed about he coming but he spoiling my nice time with you.” I answered and added; dear, I don’t know if what he brought will be heavy which he may need to help me carry them  into my room, so I wish you hide in my washroom, should in case he comes in, he wouldn’t see me as a bad girl.” I said to convince him and also hide him. I landed a peg on his lips and quickly changed into a different dress and headed outside as Jude also obeyed my instructions and went into the washroom. I went out and indeed Mr Adjei was in his car waiting for me. “Waow, my beautiful princess, you look more beautiful this night. Sorry for disturbing your sleep. Use the other side and come into the car.” He said to me as he opened the front passengers door for me to join him inside his car. “Mr Adjei, why should you be here by this time of the night? I asked him as I went to sit inside the car. “Just as I’ve already told you, I went for a meeting and am  now returning. so I just wanted to see your face this night and also give you what I bought for you.” He explained. “Sir, this is not necessary, besides, you could have kept whatever it is and bring it to me tomorrow when we meet at work. Am not happy for you coming here at this time of the night to be honest .” I commented, looking a bit angry. “Dear, am sorry okay, but don’t worry mmm.” He apologized and I nodded in agreement. He went down, opened the back door of his car and brought out a box filled with a lot of provisions. It included a carton of milk, biscuits, tins of milo, a box of oat, brown bread, one Don Simon fruit juice  and what have you . “What! all this for me?” I asked in surprise. “Oh, that’s just something little.  Consider it as a gift.” He responded. Something was telling me not to accept them but what will Jude suspect if I don’t return with anything. I went into another mind puzzle. ” OK thank you. But please sir, I don’t expect you to spend on me. I have provisions so there is no need for all this. ” I said to him. “My dear,as I said, it’s just a gift. He offered to help me carry the box into my room but I gave him a big NO.  As I carried the box and was about  leaving, he dropped an envelop on it.” Sir, what is inside the envelope? ” I asked. He told me I will get to know if I open it. I never said a word and turned away. He also started his car and off he left. When I got  to the room, I called Jude out from his hiding yard. He came out very wet because the place was hot. There is no proper ventilation in there. I asked him to wash down since he had sweat all over and was wet, but he decided to leave because he said it was late. Actually, it was almost 1am. I tried to convince him to stay over with me and leave at dawn but he insisted to leave so I packed some of the provisions and gave to him to take away. I opened the envelope and heeeey! come and see money. It was  GHC20.00 notes. I didn’t even count and gave out Ghc60.00 to Jude to add to his provisions. He was very happy and said; “God bless you so much. I pray you get more of this and be giving me some.” I never responded to that future impossible prayer. “If you had known where this is coming from, you wouldn’t even like to take a penny from it;” I said in my mind. I went to see him off  to the entrance as he left to his place. I came back to count the money and plus what I gave to Jude, it was Ghc300.00 which was even more than my national service allowance. Oh Yea. That is one thing I hate about national service. The amount paid as allowance to service personnels can not even feed them for the month, talkless of paying for their rent and other expenses. Before the end of the month, the person goes into deficit. My plea to the authorities of National service is that, they should let the allowance match up with the current state of the economy. I packed the provisions into my fridge and put the  money under my pillow and went to bed. “Ah! this man has come to interrupt my night with Jude. When again will I get this opportunity to revamp my sexual nerves and vains?  I silently said to myself as I was having a flashback of the skillful kisses from Jude. This guy has a soft lips just like mine. Jude has also finally proposed and I believe it will be easy now ” I consoled myself.  I slept off as Jude occupied my mind. At work the following day, I could sense a new bank. The atmosphere seemed different for me. How can I be in-between two guys at the same work place? I asked myself. In a distance, I saw Ophelia pass by so I stood up to go and confront her about the picture. “Hey my friend, you are not even my friend. What was the meaning of that? ” I asked after I stopped her. “The meaning of what? if I may ask.” She questioned back. “Don’t pretend you no nothing about what you did. Why should you be spreading my picture on social media? look, am going to report you if you do not tell me the motive behind what you did.?” I angrily said to her. “Hey! madam, why should I even call you madam? I don’t fear threats so stop threatening me. What is your proove that I posted your picture on social media? and what is wrong with that if in anyway I did so? Excuse me,:roll::roll: I have important things to work on.” she replied, rolled her eyes and started walking out on me. ” You will soon see the consequences of what you did. But let me assure you of one thing, you won’t succeed in that your dirty game.” I said to her as she kept walking to “God knows where.” I went back into the banking hall to continue with my work. In few minutes, Jude came around and said why should I go to the extent of insulting Ophelia after he told me that there was  nothing between them . “Why are you  concern about her if there is nothing between you and her? and who said I insulted her?” I asked. “Xorlali I will not like you to create any scene here. He left soon after talking looking worried.  That day Mr Adjei didn’t come to work. I leant he had travelled for a meeting. That was when I came into the realization that it was on his way to the place that he passed through my place. I leant they were going for a conference which will take them three days. I got some relief after noticing that because My anxiety level has reduced drastically.  After work, I never saw Jude and his phone was equally off. I never set my eyes too on Ophelia. Hmm only God can tell what was going on.
                *Episode 7*
I went back home alone. At home, I was just chatting with some few friends on whatsApp when Mr Adjei called. He asked of my health and how work went in his absence. I told him everything was ok. He tried engaging me In conversation but  this time around, it was more friendly than it was earlier. He was telling me about how the conference was going and his role to play the following day. He never spoke about his proposal until I decided to thank him for the gift. “Dear you are welcome, but I don’t expect you to be thanking me for everything. What are friends for? I will do more than that If everything should go on  well. ” He said. “Everything like what Mr Adjei?”  I asked. He laughed and  said I shouldn’t mind. After the call with Mr Adjei, I decided to try Jude’s number again. It went through this time around. “Jude where were you and why did you switched off your phone? ” I said as soon as he picked the call. “Sweetheart sorry it was my phone that went off and not that I switched it off end of question one.  Now to where I was; Ophelia was sick and I have to take her home. So I went to her place. ” he replied. ” You did what? you went to Ophelia’s place without letting me know? ” I asked. Again he said “it’s not what you are thinking dear . I only decided to help a friend in need and that’s all. I didn’t even spend more than ten minutes with her in the house . Sorry I didn’t inform you before leaving and sorry my phone went off. ” he said sounding very  remorseful. “So where are you now?” I asked. He said he was home. He said he tried calling my line immediately he plugged his phone to the charger but my line was busy. I told him I was chatting with a colleague of mine. Meaning he called when I was on call with Mr Adjei. “I knew it that Ophelia was just trying her best possible to snatch Jude away from me completely but that will be after my dry bones. Is Jude telling me the truth that he didn’t stay at Ophelia’s place for long? Anyway *I trust him* on that. He is very good when it comes to self control and I don’t think Ophelia can seduce him more than I do. Even in his own room  he was able  controlled himself. I must stop Ophelia with immediate effect before things go out of hand.” I was thinking aloud. Weeks passed and the relationship between Jude and Ophelia was growing as that of myself and manager was getting more secretive. The gifts from Mr Adjei was just flowing and I also kept taking them. Things men do for love. They can even sell their families property just to make a lady happy. Look we ladies don’t care about that oo. If you bring it, we go chop. A friend of mine will say ~”chopment”~. 😜 Anytime it comes, I made sure Jude gets his share as he kept praying for more. Due to Mr Adjei’s position as the manager, he use to travel a lot for meetings. There was this meeting that was supposed to take place at Akosombo which was not far from Kpong where we were. Mr Adjei said he wanted me to go with him. It supposed to be on a Saturday but  I told him I will think of it. “Am sure this man want to take advantage of me. ” I said to myself.  I informed Jude about it and he seemed not to be worried about it. He was just ok with me going.  All he said was I should take care of myself. “Does it mean this guy does not know the intentions of Mr Adjei? ” still thinking aloud. I decided not to go so I called Mr Adjei and told him  that I don’t feel like going so he should go and come. He tried convincing me but I stood to my feet.  The fact remain that I haven’t accepted his proposal so he can’t force me into doing anything.  I didn’t inform Jude that I have declined the offer so to him, I won’t be around that Saturday. The Saturday came and I wanted to surprise Jude at his place. I just wanted us to spoil ourselves that day at his place. Around midday, I set off to Jude’s place. In fact  I tried to look very sexy. My walking to the place was more than a cut walk.  Not knowing, Jude has arranged with  Ophelia for her  to come to his place that day. Actually it was Ophelia who  masterminded the move.  So she was already at Jude’s place before I got there.  It’s a compound house with a main gate at the entrance. So when I got to the gate, I call his phone. “Hello dear how is Akosombo? I guess you are having a good time. ” he asked as soon as he picked the call. “Sorry Jude, I didn’t go again but guess what? Am standing right In front of your main gate. Come and open me. ” I said with a very nice and soft voice. “You are what? in front of my door? Eeeerrmm OK. I …. I … I will meet you soon. Am inside the washroom.” He said with a shaky voice. “Is everything OK?” I asked. He said yes. 
People who live in glass house don’t throw stones. Interesting days ahead.  How will he  manage this mess? Guys are equally smart. Don’t under estimate them.  What happened next? 
Episode 8 will come tomorrow. Stay blessed. 


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