​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 1

Broken Trust
        Season ii Episode 1
I was in a high mood. He carried me to his bedroom and brought the hell out of me. He left to take his shower as I laid so weak on his bed.  I took my phone and Oh! my God, 10 good missed calls all from Jude. He was calling at the time we were busy doing our own thing. I checked the time and it was past 9pm.  Dressing up quickly, I took my hand bag and was in a hurry to leave. To be honest, even though I had not eaten that evening, I was not hungry. Mr Adjei came out from the bath house and saw me already  dressed up. “Oh my dear, It’s late, why not  sleep here today? I will  take you home early morning tomorrow.” He tried convincing me to stay with him over the night but  I insisted to leave so he  dressed up and took me home. I called Jude back when I got home and told him a lie that I took some medicine which made me sleep very deep, and that was why I couldn’t respond to his calls earlier. I added that I was even now going to take my bath. He said he missed me and wanted to say hello. I told him I missed him too.  While I kept enjoying the “fruit splash” game on my phone, I  remembered I was not in my safe period and Mr Adjei also didn’t use any contraceptive. “God! please don’t let me get pregnant. I beg.” I prayed silently. “Oh yes! the postinor 2 Jude bought  for me  the last time is there, let me take it.” I said to myself and went to take the contraceptive. Seriously speaking, I became very nervous and thought of what my life would be if I should get pregnant. “Ok, my menses is suppose to come next two weeks. God please let it come.” I prayed fervently. After a while, I switched off my phone and slept. It was a bright morning and everybody seemed to be happy at work but I just couldn’t be myself. I sat confusedly behind my computer as  several questions run through my mind. “Ah! Why couldn’t I control myself? “What happens if I become pregnant? “And will Mr Adjei be ready to accept responsibility of the pregnancy at all?” I kept puzzling seriously with my mind. Honestly, I was feeling shy to go close to Mr Adjei even though he brought me to work that day. On our way to work, all we said to each other was; “good morning, am fine and you? am also fine thank you.” That was all till we got to work. Mr Adjei had finally gotten what he wants.   During lunch time, Mr Adjei called me and asked me to join him out for some snacks. I was extremely frustrated that I didn’t even respond to his call. I actually didn’t follow him but only went out to get some pie and took. Mr Adjei noticed that I was angry with him so he sent a message that read; “sweetheart, am sorry if what happened yesterday made you upset at me. Am sorry. Next time I will make sure you are equally ready for it before we do it. But to be honest, you are the best. Even the flashback alone can satisfy me for a year.  I love you double double. ” “What? ” My frustration increased after reading that message. Which next time was he referring to? The fact remained that I never loved him and what happened was totally an accident, so I was not expecting him to be thinking that for me. I replied his message and asked him why he didn’t use condoms. Just imagine what he replied again. “Sorry my beautiful hairy soft skin baby,  my condoms got finished.”  “What! meaning, It’s a normal practice for you, I see. You are telling me your condoms got finished? I’ve heard you.” I called him this time and said to him. He told me it was not what I was thinking. After work, he took me back home. After a cold shower, I sat on my animal skin chair to relax when it suddenly occurred to me that Ophelia was not at work that day. “But why didn’t this lady come to work today? or did he follow Jude to Accra? No! that can never happen. I trust Jude and he won’t do that.” I consoled myself. The following day, Jude returned with the signed letters just that the bigger envelope was sealed, so he didn’t know the content of the envelope. All the names submitted were sanctioned just that his name was not part. He submitted the envelope to Mr Adjei and later in the day, Mr Adjei called me to his office and showed me my appointment letter. I was more than happy that day. I thanked him so much. He said he told me he was ready to do anything for me. He came to hug me and I equally gave him a cheerful kiss. I asked him to let me  see that of Jude’s, but he said  not all names were sanctioned, and that the rest will soon come. So at the moment, they signed only four which I happened to be among the lucky four. His words sounded convincing so I  agreed with him. He was trying to arrange another section for me to go to his house but I was smart to decline. I was just waiting for the date of my menses before I could know how to handle my life. He asked me not to mention my appointment to Jude, if not he would be disturbed. He told me to wait until his letter was also in before I tell him about mine. I agreed with what he said and left his office. After work, I asked Jude how his trip to Accra was. He said it was awesome. Per the way he sounded, he had a nice time during the trip.  Not knowing, the fact remained that he went with Ophelia and that was why I didn’t see her the previous day. He asked me if everything went on well with me in his absence. I told him everything was fine just that I missed him so much. He said he equally missed me. Usually, Jude will buy me something whenever he travels but this time around, he didn’t come with anything. He said the money he took to the place was not enough. He spent all his money on Ophelia. Jude equally wanted to have a quality night with me but I didn’t give him the chance. I was careful not to aggravate situations. The week I was expecting finally came. The first three days passed and there was no sign of menstruation. “Eeeeeee! 🙆 ay3 ka.” Fourth day and into the fifth day and still, no sign of my menses. In fact, it looked as if the world had come to an end for me. Very high level of anxiety and frustration but I can equally not feel nor see any sign of pregnancy.  I decided to go and buy pregnancy test kit to check if I was actually pregnant because there was no physical sign of pregnancy too showing on my me apart from the menses. When I got to the pharmacy shop to buy the kit, there was this middle aged  midwife who owned the shop, so I tried to explain myself to her. She took me to a room, gave me the kit and thought me how to use it. I personally run the test at her shop. She read it and guess what? It was negative. “Haaaaaaaaaa” I gave a big sign of relief. “Nurse, do you say am not pregnant?” I asked with surprise and a smile.  She said yes and explained that; my menstrual cycle changed due to the previous intake of the contraceptives. She also said those contraceptives are effective for 72 hours, So if you are able to take them within that period, 50% of people escape pregnancy narrowly.  She told me that was one of the side effects of some oral contraceptives. According to her, I should avoid excess use of these oral contraceptives because, apart from them having likely  effects on one’s menstrual cycle, it could also lead to problems of infertility and giving birth to children with different types of disabilities, so she advised me to be mindful of how I use them. She advised that I read carefully the leaflets of any contraceptive or any medicine before taking. If not, it should be prescribed by a physician. She gave me some tablets to also take to restore my system.  I thanked her so much for her lecture and advise. I took her complimentary card and left very happy. Within two days after seeing the nurse, the menstrual pain started. Despite the pain, I was happy because  I was not pregnant. During our last week of service, a notice was published on the notice board. On it was  the names of those who had been retained with the various promotions. Jude, Ophelia and some other service personnels failed to make the list. It was only the four including me as said by Mr Adjei, were retained. We were to serve on probation for six month. This was very shocking to Jude and myself. 
How did Jude take this shock? What will be my reaction and what did Mr Adjei do? 
Let’s findout from the next episode. 


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