​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 10 FINAL 

Broken Trust 
        Season *ii* Episode 10 FINAL 
Date for the marriage was even set and they still kept me in the dark. Fortunately for me, the branch I was going to work at was relatively new and based on the position I was holding, I was to be the manager when I get there. This meant that life would become more worth living. I used to call Jude but this time around he seemed not to be ready for my calls at all so I decided to tell him the good news. “Jude guess what? I’ve taken a transfer to the branch at your place and  in three weeks from now, I will be there . At the mean time, I will come and stay with you at your Bangalore before I go to my own house later when I have found one.” I said to him. “Oh really! Eeerrmn that’s fine but I will call you back.” he said and ended the call on me. “What is the meaning of all these? No, this lady can not spoil my shine for me. This is a great opportunity that can save me from this mockery and harassment from my parents and friends. I must stop her.” Jude said to himself looking very worried. On Sunday of that same week, I went back to the church to put my  transfer leave into God’s hands. At  church, the pastor was walking through the lanes  while he was preaching.  When he got to where I was seated, he stopped and asked me to stand up. I kept standing while he continued to preach. Actually, I just didn’t understand why he asked me to stand up so I felt he thought I was sleeping. He moved to the other two lanes and asked brother Maxwell, the man who claimed he had a revelation about me to also stand. He stood and the pastor said he saw in a vision that the two of us were exchanging vows at a wedding.  Brother Maxwell is said to be a business man who was equally rich. With immediate effect, I raised my hands and told the pastor that I was engaged to another man who equally loves me and in no time, we would be getting married so I was not sure if I was the very person he saw in his vision. The whole congregation had their eyes on me. Some were like how could I get such  opportunity and let it go. Others also had their own views about the scene that was created at the church that day. The pastor said fair enough and just led the church in a prayer for God’s own will to be done. I felt as if the man planned with the pastor so right after church, I called Jude to tell him that with immediate effect he should arrange for our marriage because people want to take advantage of me being single to make false prophecies. He said he will get back to me on that issue and hanged up with the explanation that he was driving on a busy road. This was another blow to him again. I was becoming a strong force against him. Because of the high level of love Ophelia’s father had for Jude, the other workers started seeing Jude as a threat to them because their main boss no longer gave them the necessary attention. They feared that Jude could rise up to a higher position and start giving them orders. Due to this, some few workers came together to sabotage the activities of Jude. They started inflating figures of amounts that they needed for the firm’s  project. They connived with some fraud guys to act like one of their leading suppliers and dupe the firm huge sums of money. Because Jude had no bad intention for anybody, he normally llef his office opened for his secretary to work in his absence. My advise to you is that, if you own an office alone, despite the level of trust don’t allow other people to work in your office when you are not around. Lock the place. This is why if you visit most organizations and the person you are looking for is not around, you would be made to wait until the person returns. In the absence of Jude, one of those sabotagers broke into his office and issued the payment of a very huge sums of money into the account of their partners in crime. Jude had no idea about this. For three days I was  waiting for his call to tell me about the marriage plans but he never called. Anytime I called, his phone was off. I called his mother and all his mother could say was that she equally didn’t hear from his son for some days. I was worried because I feared something happened to him. Jude’s building project also started taking form. He used his salary and other allowances to start his building. Never wait to have all the money in this world  before you start thinking of  making properties. Jude called one early morning and said he was not in support of my coming to that place and besides he won’t have the time for me if I should come soon. He said he would be traveling abroad so on his return, we shall  plan for the wedding. I told him not to worry because I could stay in the house and be working as he travels for his business summit. He just didn’t know what excuse to give again. Ophelia’s father came down to see Jude’s parents and equally told them that he won’t spare them should Jude hurt his beloved daughter. Jude’s parents could readily see the Lindsey behind  Ophelia’s disrespectfulness. Like father like daughter. Jude’s mother was very disappointed in Jude for going for such a lady without manners all in the name of money. In two days time before I left for  Asamakesi, Jude informed Ophelia about my coming and asked her not to come to his house at the time that am around  but still  continue with the marriage planning secretly. She had no option than to agree but warned Jude not to have any sexual intimacy with me. I moved down to Jude’s place and there was no two ways that he was blindfolded with money. The house was very nice. Jude received me nicely into the house but just as he said, he had no time to spend with me. When he returns from work in the evening, he wouldn’t even recognize my presence. Behind me, they finally arranged for the engagement and wedding together. I also started work as the new branch manager there and Ophelia never came to the house either. We made love only twice but that was not anything special. There was no vim in it. Because Ophelia’s father wanted to surprise his daughter on her wedding day, he decided to buy her a car. Jude also knowing that having the wedding in Ghana would bring problems because of me,  told Ophelia to convince her father to make them have the wedding outside Ghana so that I may not come and interrupt. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, Ophelia’s father did not sanction that deal. He said they could do everything here in Ghana and travel outside for their honeymoon. Jude had finally changed behaviour towards me. He was finding ways and means to tell me that it was over between us but he wasn’t getting the chance. I was always on my knees praying for God to bring my guy back to me because I realized he had changed completely. He came back home very late in the night, hardly eat my food and didn’t touch me again. Anytime I tried asking why he was doing that, all he would say was that I should ask myself. He said I should go deep into myself and see where I went wrong. I pleaded with him to forgive me for whatever wrong I did but he never mind me. He was not even ready to hear my voice. I called his mother and she said “my daughter, I know how you are feeling. Jude has been showing the same behaviour towards us too. He hardly comes home. Just take heart, but I want to assure you that God will fight for you.”  She  gave me her comfort as she always does and I thanked her for her words. She later called Jude and told him that he should be very careful with the decisions he was making. She added that I was having a good heart for him,  unlike the person he was about to marry. His mother advised that if it will be possible, he should quite that job and have peace for the rest of his life or marry Ophelia and put himself into hot waters. Jude accused his mother for cursing him. He got angry with his mother and ended the call. Thankfully to God, I was equally given a Bangalore and a car to use as the manager of the bank and because I didn’t know how to drive, I employed a driver. Jude’s behaviour towards me was becoming unbearable so I moved to my new place in the same town. Jude never stopped me from leaving his house. He never even for once spoke about plans for our marriage. My leaving the house was a great joy to him because he would have the opportunity to do all that he wanted. Jude’s parents were finally lured by money so they moved down to Ophelia’s father’s house where the engagement was to take place. Something mysterious happened a week to their engagement and wedding ceremony when Ophelia’s father went to check  the balance in the account of his construction firm and to his surprise, saw that the money in there could not even sustain the firm for the next one year. By then, Jude’s parents were enjoying themselves at Ophelia’s house. This man could not understand what was going on so he decided to investigate the issue. He called Jude to meet him at the firms conference room and also called the other senior staff members to come and respond to why the firm was almost bankrupt. Among the people were those who connived to dupe the firm. Everybody said they had no idea. They checked the details on the income and expenditure account and it showed that they payed three times more than what they were supposed to pay to their leading suppliers of the building materials. Ophelia’s father called the suppliers to inform them about the abnormality but the people said they received no order to supply them with any material so they had no idea. This man was more than confused. He asked of the one who issued the payment and of course that was the responsibility of Jude so he need not to ask any other person. They scrutinized the transaction and everything indicated that Jude was behind that but it was sent into a wrong account. Quickly, one of those who planned the plot said he suspect Jude used the money for his personal gain so they called for an immediate investigation of Jude. It was just as if the world was coming to an end for him. “Please, I have no idea about what is going on. ” Jude said to them looking very shocked. Ophelia’s father came to hold Jude’s neck and with his eyes widely opened and so charged like a hungry lion, said to him; ” you and your family will rot in jail should the investigation prove you guilty. ” He got home and called the engagement off. He said he had postponed it to another date and added that he would inform them about the new date when he is  ready. Everybody including Jude’s parents could sense some danger ahead. The whole program came to a halt and people from far and near started leaving to wherever they came from. Ophelia’s father called the police to start investigating the matter. Ophelia herself was confused. In the process of the investigation, the police alleged that Jude was using the money for his building and also planning to leave the country after the marriage. That was the report that got to Ophelia’s father. He quickly called for Jude’s arrest and also the arrest of Jude’s parents because he felt they were very much aware of it. Jude’s mother then called me on phone to come to their rescue. “What! So all these things were going on behind me and am not aware of it?  Jesus Christ. In-law so you gave Jude to another lady to marry and you never told me? No wonder you were not able to say anything specific when I reported your son’s behaviour to you.” I said to her feeling very bad and surprised . “My daughter it is not what you think. ” Jude’s mother replied. “In-law tell me, what should I think? ” I asked. Very unfortunately, I was at work at the time she called. I was getting emotional so I told her I would call her back when I close. To be honest, Jude had no idea about the whereabouts of that money but I will blame him to some extent. Why should he leave his office unlocked when he Is not around? After work, I went to Jude’s place and no one was in the house so I called his line and he said he was at the Asamankesi police station. I asked my driver to take me there and I wish you could see his innocent face as he stood behind the bars of the cell. I went closer to him and asked him why he was there. “Xorlali, please forgive me. I’ve done a lot of bad things against you behind your blind side. All this was the work of Ophelia, the lady with whom we did the service. Jude went ahead to tell me about how everything happened before  the cause for his arrest “We were to have our  wedding just next week but here I am. My parents are also under house arrest until the court has proven otherwise. ” he said with drops of tears in his face. “Jude so you are happy telling me all  this. Jude why? You were going to get married to Ophelia. Why didn’t you tell me for us to quite so that you could have your freedom to do what you want? Jude, so you were keeping me in the dark. Oh my God!  Jude!  is this what you are telling me today after all I have done for you? Have you forgotten the good old days? The nice moments we shared and cherished? Where do I go now that you’ve broken my heart? Jude, where do I go now when you want me no more? Oh!, even the promises you made to me are still loud and clear in my mind. Have you forgotten so soon? I should’ve  known that they were all fantasies :'(:'(.  I’ve  fooled myself again. Anyway my parents know why they named me *Xorlali.* My saviour is still alive. ” I spoke with tears flooding my face. In no time, Ophelia and her father came around. As soon as she saw me, she started hiding her face from me. His father came to sign that they take Jude to court. I pleaded on his behalf but they  won’t listen. I told Jude not to worry and that I would get him a lawyer. Jude’s parents were still under house arrest so I went to their place. “In-law am very disappointed in you. Now I believe you are satisfied with your actions. You traded your son for money. The best I can do is to get you people a lawyer because the money in question is too huge. ” I said to Jude’s mother when I got there. “My daughter thank you. But We are sorry for all this. Find a place to forgive us. “She said. Jude’s father also asked for forgiveness. I got them the lawyer but unfortunately, Jude lost the case so he was sentenced ten(10) years in prison with hard labour for defrauding the firm. There was nothing too in his accounts because that Was what He used for the building project. I felt hurt and at the same time sorry for him. The fact remains that I can’t wait  for him to return from prison before I get married so I went back to the pastor and told him that  his vision Was true. I got married to bro Maxwell finally. We never dated but straight into marriage. Ophelia also got married to another man. Six (6) years later, one of the people who planned against Jude opened up and revealed the secret. But by  then, I already gave birth to Paulina  already. All those involved were arrested and jailed for conspiracy and defrauding the firm. They were all given thirty years each with hard labour. Jude was released from prison but  he needed to start life  all over from the scratch again.
It is being said that the evil men do live to follow them. You cannot eat your cake and have it back and money they say is the root Of all evil. Let’s learn to appreciate the little that we  have. Let’s also try to be faithful to our partners. 

Thank You for making time to read and comment. God bless you. Shall he continue to lead you In every aspect Of your life. Till we meet again, I say Shalom. 
          The End
Story written by;

Jones Kwesi Tagbor
Technical Producer 

Richard Damien Cypher Ayitey 
Special thanks to;

Joana Adjoa Adjei Horlali.
Richard Avedzi (Cypher)
Thelma Togo
Emmanuel Kwesi  Mensah (Moshosho)
And to you who made time out Of your busy schedules to read.
God bless you 


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