​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 2

Broken Trust 
        Season ii Episode 2
During our last week of service, a notice was published on the notice board which showcased all  names of those who had been retained with the various promotions. Jude, Ophelia and some other service personnels failed to make the list. It was only the four including me as said by Mr Adjei, were retained. We were to serve on probation for six month before the full appointment would be matured. Before we got to work that morning, the notice was already on the board. I went with Jude to work that very day and we both saw its content. “Xorla, you have your name among  the people to be retained but mine is not part.” he made a  complain, looking very surprised . “Eerm Jude, I think there should be some mistake somewhere. Don’t get disturbed, let’s wait for manager. When he comes, we will go and see him. ” I said to him sounding very assuring. I just didn’t know how to explain the whole thing to him. Due to this, I couldn’t even celebrate the good news. Mr Adjei actually reported late for work that day but as soon as he came in, I signalled Jude to follow me to his office. “Good day sir” Jude greeted. “Yeah good day, I hope you are doing well? ” Mr Adjei asked. “Sir, all is not well. You promised myself and Jude that you will retain us after our service. How come Jude was not part of the list published on the notice board?” I replied him. “Oh really? Sorry about that but, eeeerrm ,let me first congratulate you for making it.  Hmmm, you see, eeerrm, It’s just very unfortunate. I actually submitted the names of all the service persons so that they are retained. And as you are all aware, the bank is opening a new branch at Nuaso, a town close to Kpong but on the Somanya- Kpong road which to my knowledge, they may need staffs to occupy there. So in lieu of that, I submitted the names of you all but the unfortunate thing was that some other branches  had also submitted some of their people to be retained as well. As a result, they needed to cut down my number in order to  accommodate those people too. And very unfortunate for Jude, his name was among the people who were removed. Am very sorry about that but since I know how hardworking you are, I will keep your details and add you to the next batch. Am very sorry.” he explained himself very remorsefully. Jude shared tears upon hearing this. He never said a word and walked out of the  office to his table. I equally felt bad and disappointed. I followed up on Jude and assured him that all will be well. I told him that once I have been retained, I would do my level best to get him employed. The uncovered was  that, he had lied to me that  he was from a rich home. He told me his  father was the ECG boss in their area which was actually not true. His mother was a petty trader and his father, a staff of ECG but not the boss. His parents were actually praying their son get employed soon after service in order to rescue the family. All hopes were on him.  While disappointed service persons got themselves preparing to leave, other people at the bank got surprised at the position I was given because, there were people having more experience and higher qualification than I did. I was holding an HND while others were having degrees and even masters. Probably, it was the work of grace. When grace locates you, protocols are broken and favour comes your way. “But come to think of it, I can’t even remember my last time at church so how can I talk about grace?” I asked myself. Anyway, God gives unconditionally, hence the grace of God is sufficient to everybody who believes in Him. I confronted Mr Adjei to do something to get Jude back to the bank but he said that would be beyond his control. Our appointment letters were given to us but there was no accommodation arrangements nor vehicle attached. I again went back to ask Mr Adjei about it and he said there were some reviews so probably after serving on my probation, they may provide me with accommodation and a car. He said at the moment, he would get me a new apartment which will no longer be a single room. It was time and Jude had no other option than to leave the town to join his parents. It wasn’t an easy day for me seeing him leave. One reason why Jude could not let go of Ophelia was that , she was coming from a rich home where her father had many connections. He actually owns a construction firm.  She had equally asked Jude not to worry with the assurance that, she was going to help him in getting employed. They both left the town to their various ways but had a good communication. Before Jude left, he asked me to take very good care of myself and promised to put things in place so that we get married. I also promised to keep supporting him in everything and assured him not to be worried because I was all his.  It was just so hard to say goodbye. Finally, he had left and I was  thinking that Mr Adjei would have asked me over to come  and stay with him at his place but said “no”. He explained that,  he didn’t want people to suspect he gave me the position because he wanted to marry me. At least, that was enough to convince anyone. His main intention was to get me a different place so that when his fiancee returns, there would be no confusion. All his family was aware of their relationship and plans for marriage had been well outlined. All he was waiting for, was the return of the lady so that they get married. Mr Adjei was just using me as a sex maniac. He got me a new place which was a bit in the outskirts of the town and a little far from where he stays. He furnished my room for me and in fact, life had started sparkling. I do go to visit him but mostly, he preferred coming to my place. He was just doing that so I don’t get used to staying at his place. He said he didn’t want me to get pregnant before he weds me so he always reminded me of my contraceptives. He went with me to the hospital where I was injected so that I became resistant to pregnancy. I used to communicate with Jude but never mentioned to him all that was going on between Mr Adjei and myself. Work had by then started so money was not a problem at all. Imagine, I was receiving my salary but Mr Adjei still sponsored almost everything of mine. My accounts was just growing tougher and tougher. Six months had passed after the probation service but the final appointment letters never came. Anyway, that was not a big worry to me because I had all that I wanted. Jude could also not find himself any reasonable employment. Even though Ophelia was trying so hard for him, things were not working as expected. Life began to take a different shape for  Jude. His family started getting fed up of him. He had possibly applied to several places but none of those places had called him. He called to explain things to me on phone and I told him not to worry. I went to withdraw Ghc5,000.00 and sent to him to start something with it. I told him not to hesitate to ask me of anything. Luckily for him, just two weeks after I sent him the money, Ophelia also called him to tell him that her father was ready to employ him as an accountant in his organization. Jude never mentioned this to me. The condition attached to Ophelia’s offer was that, Jude marries her. Ophelia added that she would  push further the deal with his father only if he agrees to marry her. She told Jude that she would inform her daddy that Jude was the man on her heart and as a single daughter to her parents, her father will always do anything to make her happy.  Hmmm. Jude was very confused. “Ophelia, you and I know that Xorlali is my lady and we promised each other of marriage, leaving her behind to  marry you will be a very difficult thing for me to do. Xorlali trusts me a lot and I can’t afford to break her trust.” he said to Ophelia. “Mr lover boy, so you knew all that before you came riding on me like a horse?  Ungrateful human being. Look, that is what I’ve told you. My daddy is rich. He will do everything to make you happy should you accept this offer. A word to the wise is enough. I wish you know how  that Xorlali of yours is doing out there before you are there building castles in the yet to be discovered planet.  Indeed, love is blind.” she rudely replied back over the phone. “Ophelia, don’t talk about Xorlali like that.   Ok, please give me some time to think of it.” Jude said to her with a very unhappy voice. After the call, Jude went deep into his thoughts “God, what should I do now? I have done a lot of things behind this lady but she continues to trust me. Won’t I do her the worse thing ever in life if I should tell her that we can’t get married? God please say something, you are too quiet. I love Xorlali, I trust her as well, she loves me too. How can I choose Ophelia over her? What am I going to do now? I need the job too.” He thought so hard that he actually went into his subconscious mind and so, upon the heavy knock on his door from his mother, he couldn’t hear. The knock came harder this time around and that made him to come into consciousness. “My son, what is it? I’ve been knocking for a while now, I hope all is well? His mother asked as he opened the door. Jude said he was fine. His mother actually came to tell him that food was ready. Interestingly, Ophelia had went ahead to her father to inform her about her relationship with Jude.  She said a lot of good things about Jude to her father and finally asked her father to employ him. She added that, Jude loves her so much and she equally loves him. Because Ophelia was the only daughter of her parents, her father was always  ready to do anything to make her happy. Her father assured her that, he would try and get him a good position but she should give him some time. The father also requested that she brought Jude home to pay them a visit, so that they know exactly whom she was  referring to. This was very difficult for Jude to explain to me. 
Hmmm, not all that glitters is Gold. Interesting days ahead. 
Let’s go  the next episode. 
Season ii episode 3 loading….. 


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