​Broken Trust  Season ii Episode 3

Broken Trust  
        Season ii Episode 3
Because Ophelia was the only daughter of her parents, her father was always  ready to do anything to make her happy. Her father assured her that, he would try and get Jude a good position but she should give him some time. The father also requested that she invite  Jude home so that they know exactly whom they were  referring to. This was very difficult for Jude to explain to me. Things became so tough for him to the extent that he was getting fed up of his own self and on life. More especially, seeing his colleagues making it big in life and  seeing himself still living hand to mouth was to him, the worse part of his life. His father even started showing behaviours that were forcing him to leave the house. Anytime we spoke on phone, I kept assuring him of my commitment to get married to him. He equally did asked me to be a good girl. I told him not to worry because I was all his. This assurance alone got him more confused. Back at the bank, everything was moving on well. Mr Adjei now had me to himself so we were nearly like couples living in different houses. I was really enjoying my favorite program on the television when a scene suddenly remembered me of something very important. ” Why is it that from the very day Mr Adjei and I started dating, he had never discussed with me his family, talk less of even telling me where he was coming from. I only knew few of his friends.” I asked myself in surprise.  Anytime I tried bringing that subject up, he will just put in another issue. My friends, please let me advise you that when you are into a relationship where your partner is not ready to speak about his or her family to you, there’s all cause for you to be worried. Let him make you aware to his family and vice versa, at least that can make you a bit secured. Some people will even not let you know where they stay, all you do is to meet at a joint. Please be watchful of such partners. Mr Adjei knew he would be exposed should he take me to his parents or get me connected to them. Anytime a family member of his paid him a visit, he made sure I was not with him. Little did I know that I was just serving as a sex toy to him. Seriously speaking, time waits for no man. A full year was gone and I didn’t receive my final appointment letter. Actually, the letters had been sent long ago but Mr Adjei was keeping mine to himself. You know what? because he was  sponsoring everything of mine, I didn’t really pay attention to that and normally didn’t check my account details as well. All I did receive was my SMS alert indicating that my salary have been paid.  One day, I just took the pain to log  into my account to see how much money was  left in there for me. I checked and huh 😳 I was so shocked. The account was very fat. I never expected that amount in there so I again took the pain to read the details. In addition to my basic salary, they were paying me accommodation and traveling allowances for the past six months. How could this be?  I went to Mr Adjei in his office to ask him of how  those allowances got into my account. He then showed me the final appointment letter and said he was finding it difficult to explain to me. He said things didn’t go as expected so instead of getting me accommodation and a car, they decided to pay it in cash. But because he  promised me that I was going to receive them  physically, he couldn’t get me the letter. He was able to convince me. “Anyway, that is  not a big deal. I have all I want so why should that be a problem?” I said to him. Till that time, Jude had still not settled with his decisions to marry Ophelia. He got employed and was working with one savings and loans company but the salary could not even take care of his daily bread for the month, not to talk of his expenses. I went to bed oneday and I started thinking about myself. I just had a sharp pain in my chest when I remembered my mother. “Is everything ok with mum?  Why has she just dawned into my mind like this?” I asked myself. My mother has been looking forward to an opportunity to just say she is sorry to me but I never gave her the chance. Now that things have gone well with me, why don’t I go and forgive her?  Besides, that can even make her understand that in life, we don’t act on compulsion. Nobody knows tomorrow from today so if we are doing something, we need to think about its future consequences. Just imagine how my mother was craving to see me. I equally thought of my father too. Despite the fact that he left me with my mother after their divorce, he still helped me in some way. I finally decided to go and look for him to thank him and reactivate that father -daughter relationship, as well as my mom too.  After all, life is so short and we can’t keep these things at heart forever. They are still my parents. I kept thinking about all these things and later fell asleep. At dawn, Jude called me and was crying to me. He said his father was very sick and had been admitted at the hospital. He had by then used all his money on him but the condition was rather getting worse. He said the doctor said they needed more money to be able to transfer his father to a bigger hospital so he needs my help. I asked him why he didn’t tell me when the whole thing started, because I would’ve sent money to him for all that but he remained silent. I asked him of the amount he needed and he said Ghc1,000.00. I then asked him to give me some time to get to work and send him the money. I also consoled him and told him not to worry for God was in control. First thing at work, I transferred Ghc 1,500.00 into his account. He called and thanked me. I went to Mr Adjei in his office later in the day to tell him that I wanted to go on leave. He begged to know what informed my decision and I told him I wanted to go and see my mother because of what occurred to me the previous evening. He wasn’t all that happy about my request but refusing would be beyond his control. He signed the leave letter for me but back at home, he asked me to make sure I returned early because he would miss me. I made up my mind to go and visit my mother and make pace with her. Ophelia was still on the move . She now told Jude to visit her at her place because her father wanted to see him to  give him the appointment.  Her father had finally agreed to make him the finance controller of his construction firm. This will automatically turn him into a big man. Jude could not imagine his ears hearing that. Deep inside his soul, he was very happy. He ran out of his room to inform his mother about it before something made him stop immediately. “Ei! but how do I say this to Xorlali?” He asked himself midway to where his mother was.  Jude was now on the fence. 
Hmm what mysterious event occurred when I got to my mother’s place? Was Jude able to stand firm to his believe?  Interesting times  ahead. 
Let’s go  the next episode. 
Season ii episode 4 loading….. 


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