​Broken Trust  Season ii Episode 4

Broken Trust  
        Season ii Episode 4
Ophelia was still on the move . She now told Jude to visit her at her place because her father wanted to see him to  give him the appointment.  He had finally agreed to make Jude the Finance Controller of his construction firm. This will automatically turn Jude into a big man. He could not imagine his ears hearing that. Deep inside his soul, he was very happy. He run out of his room to inform his mother about it before something made him stop immediately. “Ei! but how do I say this to Xorlali?” He asked himself midway to where his mother was.  Jude was now on the fence. “Hmmm, let me see what mom will say about this.” he said to himself and went ahead to meet his mother. “My son, you look so happy this morning, I can see you have a good news for me.” his mother said to him with a smile on her face. “Yes mom, actually, I have a very good news for you but am equally getting confused about it.” he said to his mom. “Look my son, there is nothing God cannot do. Whatever be your confusion, just tell God and allow him to deal with it so that you can carry on with your life. Now, put away the confusion and tell me what the good news is all about.” she encouraged her son but was not ready to listen to the bad side of the issue. Probably, that was faith. Jude now went on to tell his mother about Ophelia’s offer. His mother jubilated to the extent of laying prostrate on the floor, thanking God. She sang and danced with joy all around the hall and said that at long last, God had answered her prayers. The fact was that Jude didn’t tell her the conditions attached to the job offer. She congratulated Jude for the opportunity. “Heeeeey! I can’t wait to be the mother of a Finance Controller. God thank you oooo” she said with joy. Another thing that got Jude confused the more was that, his parents were already aware of me.  He had  informed them about me after I sent him the money for his father’s treatment. This was the main reason why he couldn’t just go ahead to tell his mother about the condition of marriage attached to the job opportunity. I started my tour to see my parents. My plan was to visit Jude after I returned from seeing my parents, so my first stop was to my mom’s place. “What is this that am seeing on the wall of my mother?” I asked myself when I got there and saw a poster on the wall. I went closer to the poster and to my biggest shock, it was a poster that read; “OBITUARY”. That was the poster of my stepfather. He had died and was even buried already without my knowledge. “Oh my God! What a great shock. No…..no……. noo. Dady, why did you do this to me? You loved me so much. At least you should have lived a  while just to witness my achievement. Dad, you shall forever be in my mind, I love you so much.” I said all this to myself as I wept so bitterly. With tears, I went into the house and it was another thing altogether. My mom was also very sick and was sleeping inside her room. I just couldn’t understand what was going on. Upon seeing me, she gathered some amount of energy at ones that you could even feel her relief. She stood up and with tears on her face, came to hug me. The very first comment she made was;  “my daughter, am very sorry, please forgive me. Am so sorry.”  Tears continued to run down my cheeks so uncontrollably. I couldn’t just control myself. I replied her with a crying voice and said; “mom, I’ve forgiven you a long time ago. After a while of exchanging pleasantries, I realized she really needed the doctor’s attention because, she was looking very weak and her temperature was also very high.  Quickly, I arranged for a taxi and took her to the hospital. I returned to the house to prepare her some food when one of our neighbours saw me. “Heeeeey Xorlali, woaw, you look so pretty, you welcome.” She exclaimed. “Thank you, thank you very much.” I responded with a smile.  “Errrrrmm, hmmmm  Xorlali, but why should you leave your mother for this long? If you were to be around, all these things wouldn’t have happened.” she asked me with great concern. “But what are you talking about? I don’t understand.” I replied. “Hmmm, after you had left, your mother kept on blaming your stepfather for being the reason why you left. She accused him that he intentionally made you leave the house for a different place so that he could continue having an affair with you behind her. Your mother became very suspicious of him and started putting up a kind of weird behavior towards him that made him worry so much all the time. Due to this bad attitude of your mom towards your dad, it was reported that he was teaching his students in the  classroom when he suddenly fell down and collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital but before they even got there, he had already passed out. Everybody blamed your mother for his death. She also started feeling guilty of herself due to this incident. She always felt that people  were  judging her and accusing her wrongly. Anxiety disorders started to set in which later led to depression, and failure of her strength.” she narrated. “Oh okay, thank you. I actually came to put things in place. Thank you so much for your concern.” I said to her and walked home to prepare my mom’s food. I really felt bad upon hearing this sad news. At times, it is just not good to  take decisions without thinking of It’s future consequences. I got back to the hospital and asked my mother to forget about everything that has happened in the past and told her I was now back to her. I equally promised to take very good care of her and provide her with everything she needs. Indeed, blood is duly thinker than wter. My presence alone brought some relief to my mother. Four days later, she was discharged and we left for the house. I told her about my new job and she was equally happy for me. One thing in life is that, you can forgive someone the wrong he or she did to you but you can never forget it. I have forgiven my mother but anytime I remember my stepfather, what my mom did to me comes back to memory. I spent two weeks at her place and asked her to take my leave in order to look for my father too. She gave me her regards to my father and asked me to tell him to just pay her a visit because she missed him so much. “Eeeeee! Love birds” I teased her while we both laughed over it. She prayed with me and asked for God’s protection and strength for me. I called my daddy’s number and asked for direction to his place. My mother later accompanied me to the road side where I took a car to my father’s house. When I got there, his wife and children were all around just that none of them knew me and I equally didn’t know them. When the woman saw me, her first perception was that I was coming to beg for money from her husband so she wanted to hide him from me. I explained to the woman that I was not there for any of what she was thinking but just to see my father and know where he stays.  Luckily for me, my father was preparing to go out so he came out of the room and saw me in a distance. In fact, I didn’t wait to hear anything from his wife again. I run to hug him and he was so surprised to see me turned into a full grown beautiful looking lady.  While we embraced each other with joy, you could see it clearly and nobody would have to tell you that I inherited my hairy skin from him. He was also dark and hairy. He suspended where he intended going and called for a celebration after he had introduced me to his new family. We spoke for the rest of the day to the extent that he forgot his wife was waiting for him in bed. During our chat, I told him about what went on in the life of my mother as well as my own life. He was happy to see me again but as the same time, brought back old memories of himself and my mother. It was the same paranoid behaviour of my mother that led to their divorce. I gave my mom’s message to him before he went to bed. Back at Kpong, Mr Adjei was missing me and was calling almost every minute. I kept updating him on what was going on. It was a one month leave so I had sometime to myself. Unfortunately for him, his fiancee had called to inform him that she would be coming down for holidays before she goes back to complete her studies. According to the lady, she missed Mr Adjei very much but because I was there for him, he never for ones missed his lady. Now, Mr Adjei needed to get ways and means to let me stay on my trip or hide me from his fiancee when she comes. Jude had also made up his mind to go and see Ophelia’s father for the business deal. When he got there, in fact, he was received like a prince. He was made to really feel that he was a  special guest. The welcome dinner alone would inform you that the family was rich. Jude at the sight of these things got carried away and started having his decision being influenced.  ” Woaw, I can’t believe this is me. Heeey, having myself introduced just as a mere boyfriend, look at the kind of special treatment am receiving. Come to think of it, how then will  it be if I should officially become an in-law and the Finance Controller?” He asked himself. Hmmm, what money can turn people into. Because I wanted to give Jude a surprise visit, I skillfully asked him during one of our chats for the direction to his house but never mentioned to him that I was planning to come. I spent three days at my father’s place and continued my journey to his place. 
Hmm to God be the glory. What happened at Jude’s place? Mysterious days ahead. 
Let’s go  the next episode. 
Season ii episode 5 loading….. 


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