​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 6

Broken Trust 
        Season ii Episode 6
Soon, Jude’s mother came to inform me that my bed was ready. She wished me sweat dreams and said I should enjoy my stay in the house.  Jude came to join me at the hall soon after he was done taking his bath. We had a chat about a whole lot of  issues  and zoomed into  some kisses. After some nice romantic kisses,  I told him I was feeling sleepy and left for the guest room to sleep. I  immediately fell asleep because I never thought Jude would come into my room. Jude couldn’t sleep that night, so he waited for his mother to go to bed and soon after she was asleep, he tip toed into my room and came to sleep by me.  Hahaha, that night  was something extremely different. The door was not locked up with a key so he found no trouble entering at all.  In my sleep, I started having a sweet feeling  within me as Jude slowly passed his hands over my hairy body. Unconsciously, I was mentioning Mr Adjei’s name. Jude then woke me up and asked what the meaning of me mentioning Mr Adjei’s name was. “Jude it’s you, what are you doing here? but you are suppose to be in your room.” I asked him when I woke up from my sleep. “I want to share the night with you here. Seriously speaking, am unable to sleep in my room alone for as long as you are here with me in this house. But why were you mentioning Mr Adjei’s name? ” he asked. “Really? hmm I was dreaming oo. I saw Mr Adjei in my dream having a chat with me about how to get you back to the bank and it was like, I was pleading with him to do all he can to get you employed.” I lied to him. “Oh dear, thank you very much for always having me in mind.  You’ve thought of me for all these even went into your dream with it. Please don’t be worried about me okay? ” he got convinced with my lies and asked me not to worry about him. He  called for a hug and everything started afresh. The kiss was gradually becoming deep. His hands started going into my holy places and oh! it was a blast.💥 My body started to vibrate. I was completely lost in the mood. Jude rode and stroked me so hard as if I was a stubborn horse. To be honest, I can never forget that night. We went almost 5 times before day break. Instead of him waking up early to go into his room before his mother wakes up, we both became tired and slept so deep this time around. Later in the morning, I could hear the sound of a knock on a door. For the third time, I realized it was on my door. I woke up, checked the time and it was past 8:00am. I turned and saw Jude still sleeping. I quickly rushed to the door and it was nobody else but Jude’s mother. “Oh ma, it was you. Sorry I was fast asleep. Good morning.” I greeted feeling a bit weak. “Good morning. I hope your night was good.?” She asked. “Yes please. Thank you for accepting me with such a great love since yesterday. God bless you.” I thanked her. She then asked, “do you know the whereabouts of Jude? I went to his room this morning but he was not there.”  Interestingly, before I could say a word, Jude woke up and realize I was not on the bed so he mentioned my name.  “Ah! is that not his voice am hearing? Did he sleep with you?” Jude’s mom asked in surprise. “Yeeer…. yeer…yes mom. He came to sleep here.” I said shamefully. “Call him for me.” she instructed. I went into the room and called him. “Mom, you sent  for me. ” Jude said to his mom when he came out in his shorts and singlet. ” Why didn’t you sleep in your room? I warned you and you refused my orders , is that not it?” His mother asked. “Mom but you said she shouldn’t come to my room, hence I rather came to her room. It won’t happen again.” he said jokingly. His mother looked into his face and said; “you are not serious.” She left to her shop as we went back into the room. As if that was not enough, Jude started acting in a way that showed he wanted more but I told him I had to start preparing to leave. We had a short period of  romans and I later went to take my bath. By the time I finished dressing up, Jude’s mother had prepared some local meal which we all eat. Before I left, I gave Ghc200.00 to his mother for her upkeep and gave Ghc300 to Jude himself. I thanked his mother ones again for her warm reception and around 12pm that day, I left to my mother’s place. She was actually in a good health when I got there. I stayed over and helped her by washing all her dirty clothes and curtains. I also did some general cleaning and made sure the house was in order. Mr Adjei called again and asked me of where I was and I told him I was with my mother. He asked of my mom’s  health and I told him  she was very fine. He said he had wanted to tell me to spend additional one month with her so that he would feel very well before I return. I told him there was no need for that. His fiancee was to come the following week which was the time my leave days too ends. Personally, looking at the warm welcome Jude’s mother gave to me, I was just thinking of how to quit my relationship with him  because I didn’t love him. Jude was the person in my heart and with Jude shall I die. I told him not to worry for my mom was fine and I was going to return soon. He said he was missing me and I rudely said I know and hanged up. Mr Adjei was very hot. He wished he could  make his fiancee remain without coming but that would be very difficult. After that call, I called Jude’s number and it was call waiting. He was on the phone with Ophelia planning on how they could become husband and wife. On his return call, he said he was speaking with his friend that got him the job. I told him I was just missing the adventure that went on the last time at his house. Soon, my time was due for me to leave and my mother said she wanted to talk to me before I leave. I went to her in her room and this was her message. ” my daughter, my first joy is that you are back home to me. My second joy too is that you are gainfully employed but my concern is that you need to start making properties for yourself. Don’t say because you are a woman, you would wait for a man to marry you and make his properties before you will  be in expectation of him to put your name in his will. No, start making your own properties and with that, no man can raise his shoulders on you. Also, as a woman, you need to respect yourself and don’t be too desperate for men. Some men are only there to feel what is under you and go. With the respect you give to yourself, a well to do and responsible man will also come after you. My last thing to tell you is that, don’t say because you are rich or educated, you need a man that is equally rich and educated. Note that there is a high demand for those rich and educated  men, so don’t think about them. Give the chance to the average man who is  ready to love and care for you. In fact, because he knows you are a high class lady, he will respect you at all times and won’t do things to hurt you. If by chance the very rich one comes, fair enough, but that shouldn’t be your main target. Look out for love, care and respect instead of money or fame. I wished I got someone to talk to me when I was like you. Please,  also try to trust your partner. If I were to trust your father and your stepfather, I wouldn’t have been here as a widow. My blessing is always with you. ” Tears rolled down my chicks as she was talking to me. I went to bow in front of her and thanked her for those words and her blessings. I promised her that I would  always be there for her. I hugged her still in tears. Afterwards, I went to pack my things, went to the ATM machine and  withdraw some money for her and for myself. I bought enough provisions for her in addition to the money and left. Now, I became confused. “Mr Adjei is rich and he promised to marry me. Jude is at the moment not gainfully employed and also promised to marry me. Now which of these men will be a good husband?” I started thinking aloud while I went straight to my house. Actually, I had wanted to surprise Mr Adjei that I was back so when he called to find out if I was back, I told him I was not back. His fiancee was also around so he was actually calling to prevent me from coming into his house. It was a Friday so I knew he would come home early. Around 5:00pm, I bought some fruits on my way to give to him. When I got there, his fiancee was cleaning the kitchen so when I knocked it was Mr Adjei himself that came to open the door. “Ah Xorlali, but you told me you were still with your mother so how come you are here? ” he asked using an undertone voice. “Why? aren’t you happy am back? ” I asked in response. “Oh not really.” he said. I asked him to let me into the room and he said he has a visitor in there. “A visitor? from where and when did the person come?” I asked. “Do you remember my sister that I told you about? ” he asked. “Sister…..which sister are you referring to because I can’t remember we spoke about any sister of yours.” I replied. “Oh you forgot so soon. The picture hanging on my wall and beside my television set. She has return from abroad and wanted to check on me. ” he said to me. “Really that’s fine. I brought your some fruits let me put them into the fridge for you. I walked passed him and went into the kitchen. He tried stopping me but I ignored him. The lady was just in a very short and tightened short and a very seductive top. “Oh sorry I didn’t know there is someone here. I should’ve knocked. ” I said sounding respectful. “Oh don’t worry. Please do you need something?” The lady asked. Jude was hiding behind the door waiting to see how proceedings will unfold. “Not really. Am xorlali, a friend to Mr Adjei. I traveled and on my return I bought some fruits for him so I wanted to put them into the fridge.” I said to her. Before the lady could say something, Mr Adjei quickly entered the room and interrupted. “Dear this is xorlali, she has been a good friend and also works as the Insurance Policy Manager at the same  bank am working with . ” he said. “Oh that’s fine. It’s nice meeting you. “The lady said and came to take the fruits from me. Mr Adjei called me to come and see something for him outside. I excused the lady and followed him. “Xorlali you see she will be going to our village tomorrow so I  would like you to come back tomorrow when she lives. I don’t want her to suspect anything between us. ” he said. “but what is wrong if your sister knows you are going out with a lady? Why? did you tell them that you are going to become a Catholic priest or something? ” I asked angrily. He said he will explain things to me later because I won’t understand. I walked out very angry forgetting to even inform the lady of my going. When he got back into the room his lady asked, “what is the meaning of what just happened? Why should she enter into the kitchen as if  she was in her own house? tell me is something going on that am not aware of? “Oh sweetheart, why should you be talking like this? Stop thinking far. She normally do help me prepare food in your absence. She is very much aware of you as my wife living abroad so you need not worry about anything. ” he responded to his lady. “Is she  married? ” the lady asked. “Not really but she is dating of which am aware of . It got to a time that she tried to play tricks on me but because I always want to be a faithful husband, I never fell to her tricks.” “what trick are you referring to? And why should she live her boyfriend behind  and bring you fruits instead of her boyfriend? ” the lady asked suspecting something fishy going on. 
Lol. Danger ahead!🚷 What happened between myself and Mr Adjei’s lady? What will be my faith? hmm 
Let’s go  the next episode for the answers.
Season ii episode 7 loading….. 


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