​Broken Trust  Season ii Episode 7

Broken Trust  
        Season ii Episode 7
When he got back into the room, his lady asked; “what is the meaning of what just happened? Why should she enter into the kitchen as if  she was in her own house? Tell me is something going on that am not aware of? “Oh sweetheart, why should you be talking like this? Stop thinking far. She normally do help me prepare food in your absence. She is very much aware of you as my wife living abroad so you need not to worry about anything. ” he responded to his lady. “Is she  married? ” the lady asked. “Not really but she is dating of which am aware of. It got to a time that she tried to play tricks on me but because I always want to be a faithful husband, I never fell for  her tricks.” “what trick are you referring to? And why should she live her boyfriend behind  and bring you fruits instead of him? ” the lady asked suspecting something fishy going on. “what are you insinuating? So you think I was cheating on you in your absence or what? if that is what you were doing there, then I beg to differ. I have no idea of what you are thinking. Excuse me. ” Mr Adjei angrily said to his lady and walked out on him. The lady just stood there and watched him rattle like the tale of a cattle. The woman equally felt bad for making his soon  to-be husband angry so after some time, she followed up on him to apologize. Ladies will continue to be ladies. We have such a soft heart that can easily be influenced.

I got home very angry and confused that day. “Ah!  why would this man ask me to stay away from him till that lady he claims to be his sister leaves before I visit him. Even though this would be an opportunity for me to get rid of him and cling to my Jude as long as I don’t love him, it doesn’t mean he should take me for a  fool. I must get to the root of this issue and know who exactly that lady is to him.” But to be honest, I felt very jealoused because the lady was equally beautiful and highly educated. I was holding an HND certificate and had that position through protocol.  I kept thinking aloud when I remembered what my mom told me. Quickly, I took my phone and called her to inform her that I had arrived safely. She thanked me for all that I did for her and cautioned me to take very good care of myself. I spoke with her for a while and after her call I got ready to go and take my bath. Right before that, my phone rang again and it was Jude calling me. “Hello my sweet angel, I believe you have arrived safely?” he said to me as soon as I answered his call. “oh yes, yes, not too long ago”. I responded. ” Alright, so  when are you resuming work?”  asked again. “well, hopefully, come this Monday.” I said to him. He told me that he missed me and I also said I missed him too. He reminded me of the last encounter. As if the game was still in session.  We continued to have a nice chat when Jude suddenly said to me; “sorry dear, my friend is calling me, the one who is working on the job offer for me. Let me answer him and get back to you okay? In no time, I will be gainfully employed and we will get married.  I love you, bye.” he hanged up immediately. “haaa! That was a relief from my anger.  I became so happy as the words of Jude played back in my mind. Actually, it was Ophelia who was calling him. She called for them to continue with their discussions with regards to their marriage plans. She assured Jude that her father was ever ready to take responsibility of their marriage ceremony even if Jude doesn’t have the means. She also said that her father had prepared a place for his stay throughout his working days and a car for all his rounds. They kept on enjoying their chat ranging from the plans of their invitations to their marriage and even spoke about the number of children  they would want to make when Jude’s mother overheard him. She went close to him and said;  “my son, is that Xorlali, my daughter in law you’re speaking with? “Yea… yes  please. She sent her regards. ” he lied. “My regards to her too. ” she said to him. “Okay mom.” he replied. So funny, Ophelia hanged up immediately she heard Jude’s mother’s voice over the phone. His mother continued with her talk when she realized that he was done with his call. “My dear, I am very happy for you and I thank God for your life. More especially, for the woman He has given you. Listen, you are very lucky to have such a woman like her. A woman who is beautiful, respectful and so submissive, hardworking and always ready to stand by her man in all situations. My friend, do as much as you can to love her and remain faithful to her at all times. When you do that, mark my words, she will also care for you, respect you and love you even more than you do love her. Be very mindful, and don’t be deceived. Some women are very pompous when they have money more than their men, but I can see that this lady is very exceptional. Your father will be very happy to know about this.  Anyway, am sorry for the interruption. Actually, I overheard you discussing on your marriage plans. Please don’t delay it at all. I can’t wait to be a grandmother. Am off to my room, have a wonderful night.” his mother adviced and with happiness written all over her face, left to her room.  Jude was  left more  confused than ever. He was actually in the highest stage of cacophony.  He didn’t know which way to go and which choice was right. Ophelia on the other hand sat down on her bed and for once, thought of herself. “Eeeee, why have I not thought of this long ago?  Oh!, hmmm, Jude has never never introduced me to his family.  What if he has already sent Xorlali home to go and meet them? What will be my faith then if what am thinking is so? That girl as it is, loves Jude so much and the worst of all is that, she is loved by everybody around her. If only this lady has already met Jude’s family, then there’s no way they will accept me because she’s more respectful and beautiful than me. His family will accept her with all gladness and reject me like expired goods. But no way, this won’t happen to me, never. Maybe I will rot in jail.  I am the daughter of a rich man, my success in everything is the pride of my dad, I would have to tell him about this  because I must have Jude at all costs. My father has many properties, marrying Jude means taking possession of my father’s properties after his death. And the death of my father any moment soon  will mean that Jude is the murderer and he will be left in jail or will be kicked out of the house and I will have everything to myself. I will become one of the multi millionaires of our era and I will be feared and respected by all just like my father. For the mean time, let me go and meet dad.” Hmmmm, indeed “etir3 nntsi s3 brofr3.” Men, beware, some ladies  are indeed very wicked. They will not only drain you but make you a laughing stock before leaving you. Be careful about the person you select as your wife.  After the thought of such evil deeds, she went to meet to her father in the hall. Her father asked her of what her problem was and she said there’s this lady trying to snatch her boyfriend away from her. She continued in tears to tell her father a whole lot of lies. When she was done speaking, her father assured her that he would do all that he can to get her whatever she wants if only that would make her happy. After their chat, she left back to her room like a successful student, full of joy. I had finished taking my bath and was in my sofa, enjoying my chilled soft drink and my favourite tele novela when my dad called me. I received his call with all gladness as I quickly remembered the happy moments I had with him at his place. He called to check up on me and advice me on men and how to make the right choice. He seemed to speak of almost all that my mother told me and asked me to take very good care of myself and remain a good Christian and of course a good daughter of his. I thanked him for his advice and bid him goodbye. After a while of a deep thought with regards to the advice from my dad, I came to the realization that I must quit my relationship with Mr Adjei. I thought of ways to get my decision becoming a reality and the moment of his so called sister, appeared to me as the right opportunity to get my plans executed. I thought of going back to his house the next day. Mr Adjei’s fiancee still sat down thinking of the explanations he gave her concerning my coming to the kitchen. She thought on the kind of trick he was talking about  and still had no reasonable explanation to that, so she decided to make out her own investigation and get to the root of issue. For the next two days I didn’t go to Mr Adjei’s house because he told me over the phone that the lady had gone to their village. I wanted to go when the lady is around. I resumed work and at work, I realize Mr Adjei was not himself. One afternoon, Mr Adjei was to attend some board meeting so I decided to go to the house in his absence. Luckily for me, the lady was around when I got to the house. Intelligently as she was, she gave me a warm welcome. “Thank you for the warm welcome. Your brother said you were not around so I wanted to come and prepare some food for him.” I intentionally said to the lady. “My brother. Please which brother of mine are you talking of? ” the lady asked looking confused. “Ah is Mr Adjei not your brother? ” I asked. ” haha really. So that was what my husband told you. Please am his wife and not his sister okay?” She said pointing to the promise ring on his finger. “Oh really! So Mr Adjei was just using me as a toy.” I said with tears flooding my face. Before we could hear, Mr Adjei came to the house and blew the horn of his car alerting  his wife of his presence. “I won’t spare this man today.” I rushed out to meet him while the lady also followed. 
You can’t eat your cake and have it back. What happened that day? How will Mr Adjei’s lady take the issue? What of myself and Jude?
Let’s go  the next episode for the answers.
Season ii episode 8 loading….. 


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