​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 8

Broken Trust 
        Season ii Episode 8
“Oh really! So Mr Adjei was just using me as a  toy.” I said with tears flooding my face. Before we could say something, Mr Adjei came to the house and blew the horn of his car alerting  his wife of his presence. “I won’t spare this man today.” I said and rushed out to meet him while the lady also followed. “Xorlali, you should be at work by now, what are you doing here? ” Mr Adjei asked. “Mr Adjei what was the meaning of this? you were married but told me you were not. How dare you take me for a fool?” I asked him looking very angry and even ready to fight. ” hey! Xorlali am still your manager if you mind to know. You cannot come to my house and do whatever you want. If there is anything you want to discuss with me, go to my work place and wait for me I will be there soon.” He said with authority. “Look, Mr man,  am not here for any of those wagadry  things. Were you not the one who told me the lady here is your sister?” the lady was just standing with her arms folded, looking at us in surprise.  Mr Adjei was very hot yet, tried to play his cards as a man. “Honey, please don’t listen to this lady okay? I’ve already told you this lady have been doing all it takes for me to propose to her and because I didn’t, she is feeling jealous knowing that I already have a lady and not just any lady but a lady of substance.  “Mr Adjei said to her lady in my presence. “What!  What did you just say? Me, forcing you to propose to me? After you’ve taking me to the hospital for them to inject me those pregnancy prevention drugs and turning me into your sex toy, you now have the guts to  tell your lady that am forcing you to propose to me. God forbid, may thunder fire your mouth ” I replied him very angrily. “Adjei, so this was what you were doing in my absence right? I highly disappointed in you. So it is true that all men are the same. It will take devin intervention for me to trust you.  ” the lady said to  him looking very disappointed. Mr just said “honey it’s not what you think. I can explain. ” “Explain what? Young lady, my name is Etornam and Mr Adjei is my husband to-be. I can feel the pain you are going through but don’t worry, all is not lost. Since we are not legally married, I can leave for you to continue with him.” she said to me with a very stable but angry voice. “No Madam Etornam, am not here for that. Divorce is something I hate.  Am sure you are equally feeling hurt just as I am but don’t leave. I will rather leave but God himself will deal with this man.” I said with tears all over my face. Mr Adjei quickly walked passed us and entered into the room shamefully. I felt hurt, deceived and cheated. I couldn’t control my tears. Madam Etornam tried to console me by telling me that God would never let me down. I carried my bag and left the house to my place . Mr Adjei’s lady went to meet him in the room. “Ayekoooo! you think you can always hide. Today is the very last day you are seeing me in this house. We are not even fully married and you are doing this, what will happen if we are? ” the lady said sounding equally cheated. “Sweetheart, please am sorry. It is the work of the devil.  This shouldn’t lead to you leaving me at this moment. Am on my knees, please forgive me and don’t leave. Am ready for any punishment from you.” Mr Adjei went down on his knees, begging his lady. “Oh! So the devil asked you to cheat on me. Then you need deliverance.  But what exactly went through your brain before you went cheating on me? I will need some time alone to think about it.” The lady said and walked out on him. Back in my house, despite the fact that I wanted to end the relationship, I least expected that it would turn this way. I felt very bad. That evening, I called my mother just to chat with her to gain some relief. That was when my mother told me that she had a very bad dream about me but she was looking for a way to tell me. She said in her dream, she saw me struggling with someone over a treasure. But the problem was that, my hands were not very clean to take the treasure so the struggle was very tough for me. She asked me if in anyway I was having an issue with someone. I told her about Mr Adjei and what happened. She then asked me if I had been attending church since I left her house. I told her no. She advised that I should start going to church and whatever I want would be provided by God. Even though it was very late after the call, something was telling me to call Jude but I was thinking he might be asleep. I called and interestingly, he was on the phone with another person. Guess who? Ophelia. They were making love on phone so he didn’t pick my call. I was wondering who the caller was but I took it normal. “After all, he is a gentleman and every other lady will be eying him.” I said to myself. After 30 minutes, he was still on the call and this time around, I was getting uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep that night. He called back after two hours and said he was sorry, he said he  was on a call with an old friend. I made it clear to him that I didn’t like what he was doing. We had a little chat and I couldn’t even tell the time I slept. At work the following day, Mr Adjei could not even look into my face. I equally didn’t mind him when I saw him passing. One morning, I was at my office when he sent a memo to me stating that the bank had come up with a new policy that all staffs should provide their certificates of education attached to their positions at the bank. They want to do some reshuffling. This will mean that if they get to know that my certificate and the position I was holding does not tally, I will be demoted to a Tailor position. All this was masterminded by Mr Adjei. He had gotten what he want from me already so he now want to throw me into the bin. His lady was ready to go back to complete her studies and she invited me to come. “But how can this lady invite me to that house again? And what do she want from me? ” I asked myself. I went after work to meet her and what this lady did was to give me a serious warning for me to stay away from his man. Before that, they were able to settle issues among themselves. But the lady made it clear to the man that she cannot Trust him again. Mr Adjei’s complaint was that his lady didn’t call him for a whole year and some months after she left, so he was thinking she got someone there and that was why he did that. This meant that Mr Adjei did not equally Trust his lady. My plea to people in relationship is this; communication and trust  is  important key in every relationship. Regardless of how busy you are, try to still make time to say Hello to your partner especially those in long distance relationship. Trust that he or she still belongs to you.  After her warning, I told her that I was not the bad lady she was taking  me for . I asked her to talk to Mr Adjei on my behalf so that I am not demoted from my position. She said she will. Jude had finally agreed to Ophelia’s offer. He went to sign the agreement where his conditions of service were be very lucrative. He was be entitled to a Bangalore , a pull car and traveling allowances. On phone, he mentioned all these things to me and I congratulated him. I equally told him about the challenge I was facing at my end. He sympathized with me and also promised to pray for me.  On Sunday, I told myself that I must revisit the house of God so I went to a nearby church and rededicated my life  to God. As if it was intentional, the person who led the prayer that day mentioned something close to the dream my mother told me about so I prayed like never before. I also prayed and asked God to secure my work for me and also help Jude to realize his dreams. When I got home, I called my mother and told her that I had started attending church. She was happy to hear that.  I was in my room that evening thinking about myself when I heard someone knock on my door. I went out to see who it was and to my surprise, it was the  man who gave me a lift after church that day. I asked him in and all he came to ask was whether I was married or not. I told him I was not married but in a relationship. He said he had a revelation from God  about me when he carried me in his car. He said he saw that the man I think is my future husband belongs to another person so if I don’t mind, I should give him the chance so that we become friends. He said he was the right man for me.  I wish you saw me that day. I got very furious at him and asked him to leave my house with his fake revelation. “If you saw that, why should it be you that I must marry? Because of you kraaa, I won’t come to that church again.” He felt sorry, apologized and left. Before I went to bed that night, I wanted to hear Jude’s voice before I sleep so I called his line. Jude was with Ophelia in the same room that night. Jude moved to his new place and invited Ophelia over.  He fell asleep so Ophelia answered the call. “Why won’t you people stop disturbing my husband for me? By the way who are you and where are you calling from?” that was Ophelia speaking on Jude’s phone. She was very much aware that I was the one because Jude saved my contact using my name. “And who the hell are you to answer Jude’s call at this time? I replied. “Hey you husband Snatcher stay away from my husband ” Ophelia said. “What! You can’t be serious. ” I replied. 
Hmm from frying pan to fire. What happened next? What will happen to me? 
Let’s go  the next episode for the answers.
Season ii episode 9 loading….. 


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