​Broken Trust   Season ii Episode 9

Broken Trust 
        Season ii Episode 9
Before I went to bed that night, I wanted to hear Jude’s voice before I sleep so I called his line. Jude was with Ophelia in the same room that night because he had  moved to his new place and  had invited Ophelia over.  He fell asleep so Ophelia answered the call. “Why won’t you people stop disturbing my husband for me? By the way who are you and where are you calling from?” that was Ophelia speaking on Jude’s phone. She was very much aware that I was the one because Jude saved my contact using my name. “And who the hell are you to answer Jude’s call at this time? I replied. “Hey you husband Snatcher, stay away from my husband” Ophelia said. “What! You can’t be serious.” I replied. I hanged up and felt disturbed. “Ah! But where is Jude? Who was that lady using his phone at this time? Her voice too sounds familiar.” My thinking cup got activated again. Jude didn’t know that I called and Ophelia also didn’t tell him anything. The following morning, I called Jude’s mother on phone to report what happened the previous night to her. As a mother, she first calmed me down and said there should be something wrong somewhere because his son will never do such a thing. She said Jude was someone who feels very shy of ladies so she doesn’t believe he can leave and within that few days, get a new lady. She equally told me that she would investigate the issue and get back to me. She added assuredly that, I shouldn’t fear anything because so far as she is alive, Jude will never take any other lady behind me. I got  a bit relieved. That is the hallmark of a good mother. Be ready to defend your ward at all times and ensure his or her security. As a mother, you need not to rush in making conclusions when someone brings you a report about your ward. This brings to mind that the mother is the holy spirit of the family. She comforts, teaches, instructs, leads and gives attention to each and everyone in the family. After the call, his mother called him with immediate effect. “Jude who was the lady that slept with you yesterday? ” his mother asked without even waiting to hear any exchange of pleasantries. “Mum I don’t get you, what is the meaning of this question? ” Jude asked sounding surprised. “I won’t ask you for the second time. I am your mother, if you want to be hiding things from me then know that you are heading towards destruction. Now answer my question.” his mother instructed. “Mum, I slept in my room alone but if there is anything, let me come home and let’s talk about it.” he lied to his mother. “Who received the call last night when Xorlali called your line? ” his mother asked. “Mum you said what!?” He ended the call immediately and went to his received calls. “Oh my God! Xorlali called and who picked it? ” he asked himself. Quickly he called Ophelia who left not long ago. “Yes! I answered it. It’s a high time you let the cat out of the basket and be stable minded. I told her to stay away from you.” Ophelia said. “You did what!? Ophelia you’ve finished me.” He said and ended the call. He called the mother back and lied to her again. “Mum, sorry I left my phone on charge at a friends place yesterday so it was the person that answered Xorlali when she called.” His mother asked, that how come he left his phone there. He said there was an electrical fault at his place and that was why. Her mother was still not convinced so she asked him to come home. After the call, Jude called me back and told me the same lies she said to his mother. Because I never thought that Jude could do that to me, I got convinced. But I asked him why he failed to answer me when I asked him at first and explain why the lady spoke to me like that. I told him not to do things to betray the trust I have for him. He assured me that everything was in place and gave me a peg over the phone.  At work, I went to Mr Adjei and pleaded with him for mercy so that I am not demoted. I told him I have forgiven him and was sorry for my actions. Actually, my intention was to secure my work. He said he would see what he could do. By then his lady had gone back to abroad to continue her study. I wrote a letter for transfer so that I leave there and get closer to Jude. In the letter, I stated that I want to get close to my mother because of her health. Jude resumed work fully as the Financial Controller and life began to take a good shape for him and his family. Due to his hardworking nature, Ophelia’s father developed more love for him as his son in-law. Despite the fact that there was some level of communication between Jude and myself, we don’t talk for long as people in relationship normally does. He always had an excuse to give me. It’s either he is busy balancing accounts or at a meeting. He was just too busy for my liking. After two months of work, he went to visit his mother driving in the firm’s Jeep. More than a dream come true. His mother got very happy to see his son making it big. Jude bought a lot of provisions for his mother and gave her more money so that she uses for her petty trade. He made his father to come back home and life was just good for them. Ophelia realized that Jude was getting late to come and perform the marriage ceremony. One day she went to tell his father to talk to Jude so that she gets married. Prior to that Ophelia’s father met with Jude and told him how dear Ophelia was to him and how he was not expecting him to hurt her in anyway. He warned Jude that, he wouldn’t spare him when he finds out that he is cheating on his daughter. Jude nodded in response. Because Jude didn’t want to loose everything, he made up his mind to start making his own properties. Mr Adjei also not wanting to hurt me the more, signed my transfer letter which was to take effect after two months. I was to go to a branch at Asamakesi where Jude and Ophelia were but I didn’t inform him about it. My intention was to tell him a week to the day I would be living so that I could stay with him at his Bangalore. Now it looked as if Jude must now decide between me and Ophelia. The fact remains that he loves me but because of the job offer, he had his attention on Ophelia. Ophelia now point it clear to him that she can’t wait any longer for the marriage rite. Her father also reminded him about it. Jude for the fear of loosing his job finally made up his mind to marry Ophelia. One Sunday, he carried Ophelia  in the Jeep and went with her to his parents house to introduce her to his parents. When they got there, Ophelia was making everything which showed clear that she and Jude are into some form of intimate relationship. She will never let Jude be alone. She couldn’t even show any bit of respect to Jude’s parents. Because she lived in a mansion, she saw Jude’s house as a dirty place. She said she could not sleep in that house so Jude should arrange for a hotel for them to stay. Jude’s mother was getting surprise so she called them and asked Jude what exactly was happening. Jude now made it clear to his mother that all his wealth was as a result of Ophelia. He said the firm he was  working with belongs to Ophelia’s father and the condition attached was that he  marries Ophelia. He added that, that was what he wanted to tell her the very first day the appointment came. His mother could just not believe his ears. She called Jude’s father to also come and listen to what their son was saying. His father said he was not going to accept that marriage because Ophelia to him, does not respect. Jude made it clear that he was ready to marry her and nobody should stop him. Upon lengthy talks, they came into consensus that Jude can go ahead to marry her. They came to conclusion because of the fear of their son loosing his work. Date for the marriage was even set and they still kept me in the dark. Fortunately for me, the branch I was going to work at was relatively new and based on the position I was holding, I was to be the manager when I get there. This meant that life would become more worth living. I do call Jude but this time around he seemed not to be ready for my calls at all so I decided to tell him the good news. “Jude guess what? I’ve taking transfer to the branch at your place in three weeks from now. At the mean time, I will come and stay with you at your Bangalore before they give me my own room.” I said to him. “Oh really! Eeerrmn that’s fine but I will call you back.” he said and ended the call on me. “What is the meaning of all these? No, this lady can not spoil my shine for me. I must stop her.” Jude said to himself looking very worried. 
Money, they say Is the root of all evil.  What happened next? 
Let’s go  the next episode for the answers.
Season ii episode 10 loading….. 


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