​Life on campus episode 1

Life on campus 
Episode 1
People call me kruskal walis just because I was one of the sharks in my class during my undergraduate level. My real name is Edem and am here today just because of the kind of life I led on campus in those days. I have graduated from UCC two years ago. I read B.A Social Science. I was among the very first students to report to campus when school was reopened for the level 100s. That was when I had admission to come to the school some six years ago. On my arrival, I reported to the hall written in  my admission letter. That was Valco hall. Valco is known for producing industrialist but my case was different. Two weeks into my stay on campus, lectures started and I had an African studies lecture. Religion in Africa.  After the lecture I met Esinam. Esinam was seated besides me during the lecture. To be honest, she was very beautiful. I befriended her just after that first lecture. Esinam seems to be the shy type just like       myself so it helped. We exchanged contacts as I saw her off to pick a shuttle back to her hall. She was in the Marin city. ATL hall. In the evening, I called her to check on her and she replied in a nice way. The following day, she called me and asked if I could accompany her complete her endorsement  of her registration form. I happily agreed to that and met her in front of the main library. We went round to make her endorse her form at the various departments. After that,  we went to eat at the students market which I paid for everything. In fact I made her feel very comfortable being with me.  Myself and Esinam became very good friends. My initial thought of proposing to her was gradually down sizing because the friendship was becoming a Platonic one. I do visit her in her hall and she also do come to my place .I could remember that day that she slept in my hall but nothing happened. My roomies thought i was not a real man. They were like how could i let such an opportunity go . All these while, Esinam was just studying my steps without me knowing. 
Watchout for episode 2 which would come tomorrow.


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