​Life on Campus episode 2

Life on Campus 
Episode 2
All these while, Esinam was  just studying me to see how I behave without my knowledge. We continued to live happily as good friends. We do share some important resources and show reciprocity as well as encouraged each other in times of difficulties. One day at her hall she asked                                                by me if I was dating. Hmmm how do I respond to this question. I asked myself. Then I asked her back that why did she ask? She said she just want to know since we were friends we could know each other better. My problem was that even though I had Mercy back home by then I had no hope in that relationship so I answered her no. She quickly turned to look into my face. At the time, she was preparing some beans stew which we would be using to take some boiled yam. She then asked if I had ever dated? Things were becoming tough for me there because I was not comfortable with her questions. I answerd her Yes. But why are you two no longer she asked. I told her she called it off and not me. Why? were you not caring enough? She added. I told her she cheated on me with my own friend that was why. There she was sorry for me but asked again whether I still loved her. I said no because it have been long now since we broke up. With a minutes or two of silence, she asked if am interested in her. In fact I nearly lost consciousness because I was in a State of cacophony. Already I told you am one of the shy guys. I laughed as she asked the question then I as asked if the food was ready. She said almost and asked why the laughter? With a bit of seriousness I asked her why she asked. She asked me if that was what I was taught from my high school to answer question with another question. Hmmm I just didn’t know where to start. I said to her ” but like i do not like and love you do you think I will always be besides you? ” she didn’t respond and pretend not to hear that. I went on and by saying “you seems different from other ladies I know. You respect, you are not proud even you have, you are God fearing and above all you seems to be very caring in addition to your beauty. ” I added, “these are just few of the reasons behind me loving you ” I realized that her face suddenly changed and somewhat becoming emotional. She turned back and said with a very cold voice and said the food was ready. She couldn’t look direct into my face as saying it. I stood up from where I was seated and went close to her. I stood right in front of her and held her two hands. She bowed down her head simply because she was shy of me. There I said to her “Esinam, I love you do you also love me?” Eii this ladies face changed into a different person because I see her heart full of love and that inner feeling that boys find difficult controlling. She replied and said “Yes I do but promise you won’t hurt me because I was hurt twice already. ” I also agreed not to hurt her. We stood with our hands together for almost ten minutes then she said the food was getting cold so we should go and eat. I just couldn’t help by asking for a peg. That peg led to a kiss but not what you are thinking. We went to eat and conversed whilst we ate. After the food she saw me off to pick a shuttle buss back to my hall valco. I became one of the happiest people on campus that day . When I got to the hall I called her to inform her that I reached safely. At the time I was at her place her roomates were not around. In the nigh we chatted on Facebook because watsup was not as popular as it is now in Ghana. She sent me some beautiful pictures and also told me a bit about herself. During the process of the chat my girl at home called. She said their church had arranged for a trip to cape coast castle so on their arrival she would stop by and go with me and that would be Thursday. Oh but it is this Thursdays that we do have our African studies lecture where Esinam would also be around. I told her ok but I would check my schedules to see if I could make some time for her. I was  beginning to become confused. 
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