​Life on Campus episode 3

Life on Campus 
Episode 3
I called Mercy back and told her that Thursday  would be one of my busy days so I may not be able to make it. She agreed to what I said but said she would passby to see where I was  and then would continue to the castle. Because I had no other excuse I agreed to that. The next day which happened to be a Wednesday, I informed Esinam that that my kid sister would be visiting me the next day. I told her that my parents sent her to bring me some food stuffs. Esinam said she wanted to see my sister when she comes. I said in my head,” ah! wenney wahala be this one too ” I simply responded ok. We had a busy day attending one lecture to the other. I always eat at her place every evening. So same thing went on that day. Thursday came and I was thinking of how to manage the situation. At the time I was still thinking, Esinam called to check on me and then also reminded me of the African studies lecture that would come off in the evening. We both planned the day together. About two hours to the time for my African studies, Mercy called and said she was around Saltpond coming. Which would mean that she would get to campus in almost an hour time. I dressed up waiting for her. Esinam also called and said she was coming so that we move to the lecture together. “Trouble don come finish ” I said to myself. Quickly I called her back and told her that my sister was in town so I was going to meet her and pick the items and return quickly. She asked why I wanted to meet her in town and I told her she was finding it difficult getting car to campus. Ok. She replied but added that I should bring her to campus just for her to see her face and I agreed. I did all these so that Esinam would not think of coming to my place. Thankfully it worked. Mercy came and I met her at the main gate. I walked with her to my hall and showed her where I was. I then told her that I had a class in the next ten minutes so she should start going so that I could go for the class. She said   was that class more important than her presence? I turned a deaf ear to that and insisted she leaves. She had no other option than to go. When I was about sending her to get a car to the castle, Esinam called. I only put the phone on silence and pretend to be receiving the call. Unfortunately for me She called again and the phone rang even as I was pretending to be receiving the call. But Mercy could not detect that. She got a car and off she left. Awww as if a heavy load had been taken off  my head. I called Esinam and told her I left my phone in the hall and went to meet my sister. Ei I don’t even know how to lie. She then asked me how come? so how was I able to meet with my sister? She asked.  I told her lies upon lies. Finally I went to the lecture and only to see someone seated  beside my queen charming. I needed to get a different place for myself. After the lecture I told Esinam my sister was not ready to come to the campus. So it ended there. In fact I thanked God within my inner self. I went to her place for our usual supper. At the time we got there, her roommate was also not around. Hmmm something happened. 
Watchout for what went on that evening in the next episode. 

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