​Life on Campus episode 4

Life on Campus 
Episode 4
Yah what went on  that evening was just a blast💥  mouth cannot explain all. The akans would tell you “es3 woeni na 3ns3 Wukatsr3”. After the food Esinam said she wanted to take her bath so that we could go out because we planned going out that evening.  Now the issue too was that it was a single and a  small room which contains two people with their belongings so you could imagine  how small the room space would be. I told Esinam that I wanted to go out so that she could undress herself and change so that she could go take her  bath. She said there was no need for me going out. And besides i will one day see whatever she would be hiding that day and besides that too she would use her cloth to cover herself. I agreed in silence  and sat on her bed. In the process of undressing herself with the help of her cloth, her phone rang. The phone was besides me on the bed. So with her body halfway covered with the cloth she came closer to pick her call. I couldn’t just withstand looking at her in the cloth. I never thought of that but at that time hmmm I guess you would also feel the same way.  Esinam was a fair and hairy lady with a round body. She is not too short but not tall too. As she turn towards me to pick the phone I could just read every manuscript and geographical drawing under the cloth. The front defense mechanical agents were just a wao.  My key of being a man could not sit quietly without nodding its head and enlongating its necks to appreciate the good workes of the lord . Esinam noticed the storm and tsunami going on inside me. I guess she should be an experienced lady. Because I t tried hiding my feelings but she could detect it.  She stood right in front of me turning herself as she was  receiving the call. After the call which was from her mother, she sat down besides me and asked  what was wrong with me because she could realize I was not comfortable within myself. I told her I was ok. Then she placed her hands on my head and moving it all over my head making it possible for me to clearly read what was about happening. I asked her to go and lock the door which she did. When she came back she moved to pick her handbag and took some pill. I guess it was a contraceptive. She then dropped the cloth to the ground. Oooooh my gooodness!! All my imaginations were right. All in all it happened. We went on a three round boxing game. That day hmm I can’t forget it. She then went to take her bath and return. I was there when she did all her face painting and dressed up. I helped her close the zip at the back of her top dress. She gave me her expensive perfume to use on my body. After we went out to Goil where we enjoyed some live band music and took some soft drinks. At Goil, I switched off my phone because I knew Mercy would call to disturb my day. We return to campus around 11pm that night. I sent her to her hall and return to mine. We went back to Facebook to continue our chat. She thanked me for the good work I helped her do and I also thanked her for the opportunity. We lived happily for the rest of that semester. On vacation, we continued with our chat both voice calls and Facebook. Mercy was now suspecting some secret game going on around her so she designed some ways to get me. Eii ladies of these days. They are capable of doing anything to get what they want. 
The next Episode would tell some of the plans Mercy planned against me. Don’t forget to leave your comments. 
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