​Life on Campus episode 5

Life on Campus 
Episode 5
Mercy started behaving in some unusual  way towards me. She does not visit me as usual, and respond to my questions sharply. One day, I arranged for a meeting between us because I also do not want to  let go the  relationship like  that. If anything kraa,  she should leave the relationship but not me. We met at some chop bar in a town next to ours. I asked her why the sudden change in behavior. Surprisingly, she asked me why I couldn’t make time for her at the time she came to the campus. I told her I don’t understand what she was insinuating. She said I have changed since I went to school because I no more have time for her. We hardly chat on phone for long again and anytime she would call, I will tell her I was busy. These were some of the allegations she raised against me. I smiled at her and told her that nothing was  happening at her back. I made her to understand that I still loved her and nothing would separate us. She became convinced with my magic words and smiled back at me. We took fufu with fresh palm wine at the chop bar. When we return to my house, we entertained ourselves very well. One day, in something she called a  surprise visit, I was chatting on Facebook with Esinam In my room using my laptop. I least expected her that early morning so when I heard the knock on my door I thought It was one of my siblings. I opened the door leaving the laptop on the bed. As soon as I opened the door, she opened requested for a hug. I had no other option than give inn and also kissed her. Anyway, ” greet your neighbor with a Holly kiss “. I tried preventing her from seeing the laptop screen because I was just telling Esinam how loving she was and also  how gregarious she was when at work in my under factory. Unfortunately for me, Mercy came with some  kumawood movie CD titled “Odor Carpenter party 1&2″ and besides it was my laptop we do use in watching movies anytime she was with me. So what I did Was to quickly minimize the Facebook page but she saw me doing that. She then asked if I have finished chatting so that we could watch the movie. I said Yes. Then she took the laptop and insected the disc. I didn’t want her to feel anything fishy so I never mind. Unfortunately, she connected the laptop to the big speaker in the room. As the movie was playing, Esinam was sending messages so the notification sound was interruption the movie. Because she was controlling the laptop, she paused the movie and maximized the Facebook page.” Oh my God what was  this lady upto?” I said to myself. Esinam was referring to me as “honey” in her message. As soon as she saw that, she asked, ” who was that ” I told her just a friend back at SHS. Mercy at the time was in a vocational school reading food and nutrition. She then scrolled up to see our previous chats. I was actually seated on a time bomb at the  time. I quickly excused her to go take my bath. She never spoke a word. I went out of the room because I knew what she was capable of doing. I guess that was a wrong move I took because she replied Esinam back in my absence. I was actually mad at myself. 
Read what she sent to Esinam in my absence and how I maneged the situation in the next Episode. 
Episode 6 loading….


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