​Life on Campus episode 6

Life on Campus 
Episode 6
I regretted  leaving the room that day. Before I returned to the room, Mercy left the room without even locking the door. I went straight to my Facebook page to check what went on. “Oh! My o my, come and see trouble give me. Mercy impersonated me and wrote to Esinam that I was  with my lady so she should Stop disturbing my relationship and also she should cut her coat to her size. She added that I don’t love her and all I needed was to take advantage of her which I succeed doing.  I realized Esinam didn’t reply the message but went offline in the next two minutes after she read that message. “Oh my God  what has this lady done to me?” I said to myself. In fact I wished I could in the next second of seeing that mess  get to wherever  Esinam was  just to make her understand that those words were not mine. If Mercy were to be anywhere near me, I didn’t know what would have happened. It’s either I would have been in police custody or something else. I was more than a schizophrenic who seems to be in a different world. I called Esinam for about five times but no response. I called Mercy to release my anger on her but her phone was off. I logged back to the Facebook page but she was still offline.  Now my problem too was that I didn’t know how to confront Mercy for her malicious behavior. I was actually disturbed more than being in the State of cacophony. I then decided to send Esinam a text message  instead, because I couldn’t  just afford to end that relationship like that. I then sent her this message. ” Hello my queen, I know you won’t find any meaning in these words but they are the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I was not the one who sent you those insulting words. It was a friend who came to my room at the time I went to take my bath. She is not my girlfriend and she was not in Anyway my girlfriend. She impersonated me and sent that message to you . She actually wanted my attention which I denied her and out of jealousy, she interrupted with my chat. So my plea to you is that you should not act based on that message. Just disregard it. I love you and I won’t make anything to hurt you. Please disregard that message and respond to my call. I love you. ” that was the message I sent to her. In about three hours later she called. Hmmm she actually gave me the greatest shock of my life.  
I never thought I could be among the living as at today after that shocking call. But the fact remains that ladies will continue to be ladies. See what happened in the next Episode. 
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