​Life on Campus episode 7

Life on Campus 
Episode 7
In about three hours after I sent the text message, I saw her call coming in. I wished you saw how my heart quickly ran to its normal position. I was so happy just to see her call coming in. I decided to call her back so I  cut the call and returned it. As soon as she answered the call, I addressed her as my queen. She quickly shut me down with a very hash voice. She said ” don’t even start it. Who is your queen? That is your very last time of hearing my voice. Go and be with that your so-called friend and insult anyone the way you like ” the most hurting part of her comments was that I shouldn’t even try calling her again and I should also pretend not knowing her from anywhere. As a matter of fact, my mouth was locked up. Because I lost all my words instantly. Have you heard of Tabula rasa before? That was what happened to me.  After bombarding me with those battalions of words, I remained silent for almost five minutes. Then I came in as the most innocent person on earth. I responded to her in a very cool and caring voice.  ” Esinan, I won’t straggle  with you but I know within me that  what am telling you is the truth and nothing but the truth. My heart is pure about what am telling you but you seem not to believe me. But I want you to understand that I love you and will still remain faithful within my heart until you finally get married to whoever will marry you ” after telling her these things, I realized she was crying over the phone. There I said in my mind that I got her. I told you ladies will always be ladies. God has given them a very soft heart. If they should get on fire like what, All that you need to do is to talk to them with a very cool and innocent voice. Esinam became convinced and told me that she also loved me. She then asked me to promise her that nothing would come in-between us because she loved me so much that  she became shocked when   she saw that message. I thanked her for understanding me. One important thing about relationship is understanding each other. Now my relationship with Mercy came to a halt because since that day, she never steped her foot in  my place. The days passed by till the vacation came to an end and we returned to campus. We both planned reporting early so that we could  have some quality time together before academic work starts. We actually enjoyed ourselves. We went on a tour to Kakum national park and Elimina castle. Some of our games were without protection.  After the second month of the semester, Esinam sent me a text message that her menstruation did not come as expected. I quickly  remembered that day when  the balloon got bust in the middle of Moses’ red sea. “how can that happen and what does that mean?” I asked myself 
Is Esinam pregnant? And what happened to me?  Follow me to the next Episode. 
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