​Life on Campus episode 8

Life on Campus 
Episode 8
It was one early morning around 5am that Esinam sent me a text message which reads  that she was expecting her menses that week but it didn’t come. 😳 I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I opened it more wider to read the message again. “How?, and what does that mean? ” I asked myself. ” Could it be that Esinam is pregnant or what? ” I then rationalized and said to myself that Maybe it was due to the more intake of those contraceptives that led that. Yah it happens at times. More intake of these oral contraceptives can lead to a change in a ladies menstrual periods. It either makes the menses  comes earlier or later than than the usual cycle which can also lead to unexpected pregnancy because you may miscalculate your free period and if  you  should  commit yourself, pregnancy won’t be far from you. So this thought came into my mind so I quickly called Esinam around 6:30 that morning and told her not to be afraid of anything because it does happen. She accepted what I said by faith and became quite calm. In fact I was just praying that the following week should come quick with a good news of menstruation. Two days later, I went to town and on my return I bought her some pads in anticipation of her menses . I think it was “Always” I bought because she once told me that, that  is what she uses. The following week came and almost two days past and no sign of blood. Ei!!  We were both seated on a time bomb which was about to explode. Friday of that week came and nothing. In the third week, I realized that Esinam was not herself. She always feels very tired after doing something small. I asked her what was the problem and she told me that she thinks she was  pregnant. I asked her whether  has she been experiencing that early morning fever but she said no. Her front defenses were also gathering more momentum and her complexion too was somewhat changing. She doesn’t feel for food too.  I then recommended that she go see the doctor at the university hospital for further assessment. Hold and behold, the report revealed that Esinam was a month old  pregnant. I wish I had that spirit where one could vanish and never appear again after she showed the report to me at her hall. We were both muted for almost 30 minutes, then I asked her that what were we going to do about it. She quickly raised up her head and asked me to repeat myself. “I am not going to anything to myself or the pregnancy so don’t even think of anything or plan anything. Maybe start planning of how to become a father ” Esinam reported. I just sensed it that the rapture the Bible promised was about to happen. ” what am I going to do? How do I tell my parents? How do I take care of a pregnant lady in my first year? ” those were some rhetorical questions flashing through my mind. I boldly told her that she can’t keep that pregnancy but must abort it. I said that with some courage. She said I was joking and no one not even  her parents would ask her to abort the pregnancy  and she would listen. so I should forget it . She also said she was of age and can take care of herself so that  won’t be a problem. In fact I planned to secretly terminate the pregnancy in my own way. I then designed some plans to execute my plans. 
Will I be successful? What would be the consequences of my plans? Get answers to these questions in the next Episode. 
Episode 9 loading…. 
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