Broken Trust episode 1

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Presents to you another educative, entertaining and inspiring story with Title: 
Broken Trust 💔
              Episode 1
Developing as a child, I was made to understand a lot of things. Things that could make an individual who he/she is. Trust was among these development tips I leant from my childhood days. 

Many of us have difficulty trusting others. There are many different reasons that make trusting others difficult. One reason, for example, is that some of us were trained not to trust. Another reason is that some have suffered greatly during their childhood days as a result of trusting a person or a group of people. Due to this, they have decided that they would no longer trust anyone. Regardless of the reasons, all of us have experienced relationships in which trust was broken at a certain point in time. So, why should one bother trusting anyone at all? This is the question I keep  asking myself. 

Looking deep into my walk with issues of relationship, I can confidently say that Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Just call me Xorlali which simply means my Saviour is alive. I didn’t get the opportunity to stay with my parents for long. I decided to stay on my own due to the cruel nature of mankind. Anyway, I always encourage myself with the saying that good things come to those who wait on the Lord.

To say I love you in a relationship is not enough to make a relationship grow or live longer. To love is simply to have an affection for the other partner in the relationship, think about his or her welfare and have more fun. To say I trust you is the foundation on which the relationship can grow and shape its journey regardless of the turmoils that may come up. Nothing can disturb this relationship since the foundation is well laid. The affection will automatically come, seeking the welfare of each other won’t be a thing to battle with and to have fun will be  a  common thing to do. There will be no suspicion if there is trust and there will be  no hide and seek game if there is trust. What happens to a beautiful five star building if it’s foundation is weak? You are right. It cannot last. So is a relationship without trust. It has no future. A relationship with broken trust is just like a corn husk fire; it flames very high but dies off within seconds. Everything in the relationship will look sparkling like pieces of diamond and gold from the beginning but won’t last if there is a broken trust. You may claim to love the person but note that, that is just the outer part of the relationship. How does the foundation look like? Indeed trust is the beauty of every relationship and a key to each others heart.
Oh my God!  Jude!  is this what you are telling me today after all I have done for you ? Have you forgotten the good old days? The nice moments we shared and cherished? Where do I go now that you’ve broken my heart? Jude, where do I go now when you want me no more? Oh!, even the promises you made to me are still loud and clear now. I should’ve  known that they were all fantasies :'(:'(.  I’ve  fooled myself again. Anyway my parents know why they named me *Xorlali.* 
Let me tell you how it all started; Anytime I talk about my beauty, people who had never seen me before think I was  boasting of it. But the fact remains the same. Every guy will definitely stop and have a second look at me before they continue their journey.:mrgreen: Am not talking about cosmetic beauty but natural beauty. My beauty get  strong men of God confused anytime they see me from the pulpit. My hairy skin alone says it all. Am planning to stop putting on small shirts because anytime I bend to pick something my hairy back gets men mesmerized.:mrgreen: Despite all these wonderful endowment God has blessed  me with , men won’t make me have a lasting peace of mind. The one who just made me to have a clear view of this world is Jude. 🤔Hmn, we met when I was doing my National Service with GCB Bank Ltd. at Kpong; a town along the Tema -Akosombo road in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Jude is equally a well looking guy who no lady will want to miss. God has specially molded him to be extra handsome. He  was also doing his National Service at  the same bank just that he completed Koforidua Poly and I was coming from Ho poly. This guy was very secretive even more than the cat. He dey flex too. 

Jude  claimed to be a novice when it comes to relationships so I knew there was no cause for alarm being around him. My friend,  beware of guys because  some of them  have sweet mouth. They can even promise you free ticket to heaven.  Jude claimed  his father was the boss of ECG in their area. He should have said that today like he will see the number of stones following him:mrgreen::mrgreen:. Anytime we close from work he will accompany me to where I stay. Anyway, where I stay and his place was not that far. I think I will be rated number one when it comes to taking pictures. The selfies and the take me’s, hahaha. Jude was always there to take me new pictures when am working. By  the close of the day, Instagram and Facebook gets flooded with my pictures. Some with the caption “doing my own thing”, “busy at work”, “thank God for my beauty” and the comininis. :mrgreen::mrgreen: I never knew that Jude was taking advantage of my pictures and was telling his friends that I was his girl without my knowledge. He used my picture for his profiles and a whole lot. All I knew was that we were friends that’s all.  Jude was becoming  extremely nice to me. On weekends, we do attend programs in the town together and do almost everything together. But the fact remained that I had no feelings for him. All I knew was that we were service personnels and nothing more than that. The reason was that I decided not to enter into any new relationship soon due to the nasty experiences I had with guys. Even Joshua, the SU president during my high school days, whom I thought was God fearing to the highest level and so was going to be exceptional was not different from the club guys. More than a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. On the outside, he was the best gentleman for every lady but within him was the worse man for any lady. Anyway, I don’t want to remember those experiences now.  I think I’ve had a lot of experience with guys and I can share some with you. In fact my experiences with issues of  relationships were nothing good to write home about so I was very cautious and that was why I couldn’t generate any feelings for Jude at the beginning. But as time went on I realized he was somewhat different. He became more caring, he was always concerned with my welfare and makes me happy anytime I was  down. But upon all these, I just couldn’t have those feelings for him. He did all he could just to win me. The interesting thing was that he didn’t openly propose to me so things were a bit tough for him. I never heard him talk about any lady before and that alone was enough for me to confirm what he said about him being a  novice when it comes to relationship. But come to think of it, this guy attended a mixed high school at koforidua and completed koforidua Poly  with all those beautiful ladies. How come he couldn’t date any of those ladies? Was it that he was afraid to propose to them or just that he was not into women? Or is he lying to me? I began thinking about these things. Jude was also hard working so everyone at the bank liked him. The young ladies at the bank started behaving strangely towards me because they thought I was blocking their chances of getting Jude to themselves . I was suspecting this so I decided to distance myself from him  for a while and see if they will be comfortable. But seriously, I couldn’t be myself for even a day of not speaking to him. He was asked to submit a report at the bank’s headquarters which he was to return the following day. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about him the whole day.  “Why should Jude fill my mind like this? But he is not my boyfriend so why should I miss him so much?” I asked myself. Does it mean I was falling for him? No! it’s because he is just a good friend. There is nothing bad missing a friend. Is it?  This was what I used to console myself. Can you imagine what happened when he  returned from the Bank’s headquarters? He bought me a Teddy bear  with the inscription ‘I love you’ on it. I actually love Teddy bears  so I couldn’t help by rejecting it. I took it and thanked him for the gift. I still wanted to distance myself from him so I put up a trap with which I could get angry at him to aid me distance myself from him the more. What I hate most is to be in my menses. I hate it because of the pain I do undergo anytime it comes . I thought that as an opportunity to get Jude trapped, so when the pain started, I asked for permission to go home. Luckily for me the permission   was granted and as usual Jude  was there to take me home. When we got to my place, I decided to seduce him to see how he will behave. I went to take my bath as he was in the room waiting for me to be ok before he leaves. You know how we do it. I returned with my towel covering my chest and half was my hairy thighs.  Ei! but this guy is something oo.    
Hmmm what happened that day? 

The story is about to begin. Just relax and enjoy the rest of the episodes. 
Episode 2 loading……
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