Money over love ( season 1 episode 3)

          *Money over love*
           Season I 

           *Episode 3*
This lady looks rich and very beautiful. I decided to alight at wherever she will alight. Soon, she told the conductor she will alight at the next bus stop. I asked the conductor how much it will cost me if I alight at the next bus stop. He mentioned it and the lady bedside me asked if I was going there too. I said yes. She said I shouldn’t worry with the fare and that she will take care of it. “Madam just like that?” I asked. “It’s okay don’t worry” she said and smiled. We got down together and she asked where exactly I was going. “Hmm madam I don’t really know. Am just looking for a place to settle. I left my town simply to find myself some work to do.” I said to her sounding very sober. “OK I understand. Then you are welcome to Kpone (a town along Sege-Accra road). So do you have any specific place to stay?” She asked. “not really madam. Am now going into the town to search for a place to even pass my night.” I replied. “Oh OK, by the way what’s your name?” She asked. “Makafui” I answered. “I mean your full name.” She added. Actually I don’t know if I should use my biological family name but since they don’t care about me, I decided to mention something different. “Sorry madam, my name is Makafui Agbanavor.” “You have a very nice name.” She said. Thank you. We were actually moving towards her direction as we had our chat.

Madam: But Makafui have you completed school? 
Me: No please. I’ve actually not stepped my foot into a classroom before.
Madam: Oh really! And you traveled to this place to search for job. OK that’s a good decision you’ve made though. So what kind of work are you coming to search for?
Me: madam, I’m ready to do anything that comes my way so far as it’s not illegal.
Madam: alright. Will you like to work as a house keeper? I mean by washing cars, opening gate, weeding the environment etc.
Me: oh madam why not? So far as I will get my daily bread and save something for my future.
Madam: OK. But I don’t like it the way you are calling me madam. You can call me Vero. 
Me: OK. But I prefer calling you sis Vero. 
Vero: no problem. My father is a business man. He is into network marketing and needed someone to be taking care of his house. My younger sister is currently in school and am also not staying with them here permanently. I do go and come. Our only brother and my mother are the people who you can easily see in the house because our father himself doesn’t stay home due to his work.
Me: Wao! This is like a dream come true. Please am ready to do the work.
Vero: OK. Let’s get to the house so that I introduce you to the family and go into agreement with my father.
I followed her happily to the house and behold, they live in a very big house. From the top floor, her mother saw us coming and asked who her daughter was bringing to the house. I smiled and Vero also smiled. When we climbed up to where her mother was, her mother didn’t even wait for her daughter to introduce me before she started talking.

“My daughter, I believe you are not coming to tell me that this is the guy you are following, like I will be very disappointed in you.” Her mother said. “Oh ma, but why won’t you allow me introduce the person first before you start getting disappointed in me? Well, I’ve brought you a new house help. His name is Makafui and I believe he can help with the house cleaning and opening the main gate when a car is coming in.” Vero told her mother about me. “Oh ok. Gentleman you are welcome. Are you sure you can do the work?” She asked. “Yes please I can.” I responded. “How much are you expecting at the end of the month?” She asked again. “Mommy any amount is enough for me. Provided I will get a place to lay my head.” “Alright, when daddy returns from work we will talk about it more. Vero stood up and went into her room as I continued to have my chat with her mother. After some few minutes, Vero’s father arrived. A very smart and fresh looking gentleman who was around his middle 40s. The first thing he did when he entered was to land a peg on the chicks of his wife. That looks so romantic of them. “Who is this gentleman?” He asked. “Your daughter came with her this morning and said she has found us a new house help.” Vero’s mother reported. “Oh really? Where is she herself?” Her father asked. “She should be in her room.” Says her mother. 
Father: Gentleman you are welcome.
Me: Thank you boss. Anyway, I will say one thing I learnt from joining those town guys was how to speak broken English.
Father: So how much are we starting with?
Me: Anything you offer me is enough so far as you will accept me.
Father: Oh really. Alright then. Your salary will be based on your output in the house. If at the close of the month I realize your work is good, I will pay you to match your efforts. But why do you prefer to do this work instead of getting something better doing?
Me: Boss every work is better for me. I said speaking ewe. 

This was what prompted him to ask of my educational status. 
Father: Which school did you complete?
Me: still in ewe “I didn’t attend school” 

He looked at me with surprise and said I should be of better behaviour. He said with a good behaviour, I will enjoy my stay in the house. 

Vero came out to welcome her father and engaged in some chats about me. Per my observation, they are a very lively family. Soon her father asked her to show me my room. I was thinking she will take me inside, she rather made me to follow her outside. She brought me to the security post just at the entrance. Initially I felt a bit embarrassed but as we entered, for the first time I was coming to sleep under a fan. There were two rooms inside the security office, one was inside where I will be sleeping and it contains a bed with a wardrobe. She gave the key to me and said I should enjoy my stay. I was very happy to be in that room. From nowhere to somewhere. That is how God works. He always have a way of rescuing his own. At times He will send His angels in the form of humans to save you from perishing. Some few minutes later, I was invited to join them take lunch. Wao! I couldn’t imagine myself eating on the same table with this great family. At the table, my madam who is Vero’s mother asked if I was having a wife. Obviously the answer was no. She asked other questions just to know a bit more about me. I told them almost everything about myself. From the death of my parents to how come I had my surname. They sympathised with me as we took the well prepared Rice. I started getting uncomfortable with how Vero was looking directly into my eyes. I was the only one who noticed her looks. I ignored them and continued with my food. After the food, I helped packed the dishes to the kitchen to wash. Vero came around to help and in the process, asked why till my age I was not dating any lady. I told her I didn’t see myself capable of taking care of a lady that’s why I was not dating. She agreed with me and said she wished me well. Well, I understood her for wishing me well for my stay in the house. Two days later, she went back to her base but before she left, she gave me some money to keep on me so that in case I needed something, I should use it to buy it. I took it and thanked her. I won’t lie to you. This lady was dammed beautiful. She was in her early twenties as I was nineteen. I admired her beauty but how can I express my feelings to her? I asked myself. Not knowing, she was also having another agenda for me. She left and I was asking myself why she looked worried in the bus the other time.
Some people try to robe Peter to pay Paul. I wish you well. Let’s go to the next episode and I’ll tell you the adventure between Vero and I. Don’t forget to like and share your comments with us.

Episode 4 comes soon… 
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