​Life Is How You Make It  Episode 2

Life Is How You Make It 
Episode 2
I said Mr mensah was behind these problems because the charm he buried at the back of our house was intended to wipe away the entire family. Upon that he had cursed my mother that she would suffer in life which my mother believed and the community was aware of that curse so due to that, only few people came around to help bury my later sister. Majority of the people we expected didn’t turn up. They claimed our family was cursed and maybe they might be affected with our misfortunes. I wonder if curse was contagious(you may wonder too,huh?). Their absence didn’t discourage us in anyway but rather gave us the opportunity to put our trust in God. Our believe was that God did not give us rock when we ask for bread neither will he give us snake when we ask for meat. Life continued after the burial. As I said I dropped out of school in order to help my mother at home. We worked on my father’s farm to get some food for the house. That year by the grace of God we had a bumper harvest which also happened to be our very first harvest after my father left. We had almost six bags of maize. Mr Mensah noticed that his cruel plans had almost failed. This was partly because he never expected any good thing for us and partly too because it seems the charm he buried at the back of our house was no longer working. His self concept was actually challenged because we were seriously making it. Thought that wasn’t enough. He became jealous of our success and this time around he went to bury a different charm in our farm just to deepenn our woes. One thing about the wicked one is that they would never give up on you unless they get what they wanted so you must also be prayerful always. Due to my beauty and hardwork, I was bombarded with proposals from men from all walks of life. I was no more a school girl so that also gave them the courage to try me the more. A day wouldn’t pass without at least two proposals(Princess Fiona ). I ignored them all because I knew the situation in which we were. But finally I realized I needed to get someone who could accept my situation and care for me. I gave the opportunity to Mawutor. I accepted him because I felt he was God fearing, hardworking and handsome. Ah well, only God knows the heart of man. Our names also rhymed. Mawufemor and Mawutor:mrgreen:. He had actually demonstrated what I needed from a guy. He showed me love and care. He wouldn’t act before listening. He had time for me and that was exactly what I was expecting. One interesting thing too was that he never requested for sex from me despite the fact that we do hangout together. He does come to our house to help me fetch water and do other things. He was actually a darling. What we did with respect to our farm was mixed cropping, so after harvesting the maize, we still had hot pepper and cassava to take care of on the farm. My mother used to send some of the produce to the market to sell on market days. Life I would say almost revived a year after my sister’s death until that day! A day I termed as Black Wednesday….. my mother had gone to the farm to harvest some pepper. She unfortunately walked on the charm Mr Mensah had buried in the the farm. Mawutor was with me when mummy said goodbye to leave for the farm. We waited for quite some time but there were no signs of her return so we decided to follow up. You may be surprised, my Id was in full swing which made me to seduce Mawutor in the house that day but he was able to withstand it all . As a tradition in the community, a lady who got her virginity broken by her legal husband would be rewarded by the man’s family which would intend bring some sort of fame to the man as well. So Mawutor said he wanted me to receive that reward so he was not ready to touch me until we were legally married. In view of that I kept myself pure. We followed up on my mother only to see her lying in cold blood by the side of the road leading to the farm. My heart almost ceased working when I saw her. Thankfully, she was alive. But had blood coming out of her nose. She could not see anything. She said in a very faint voice that her eyes were paining her. Mawutor helped in carrying her to the house where I managed to clean the blood and changed her clothes and then we rushed her to the hospital. The doctor ran all the necessary tests on her but said he couldn’t find the actual cause of her problem. He managed to prevent the blood but said my mother has lost her sight. “How doctor? ” I asked in tears. He and Mawutor tried consoling me but I couldn’t hold back my tears. I felt my world has come to an end. Because, how could I as a young lady take care of a blind mother?hmmm, My father too was no where to be found. My mother had to spend a week at the hospital but the fact remained clear that she was blind. What a wicked world! I never thought that it was Mr Mensah who was behind this one. Because he doesn’t share farm boundary with us so how could he go there in the first place. No family member to support us. Why is this world full of sociopaths and wicked people? I asked God in my prayer. My mother was in total blackout with refractive error. How come? I pondered over this for some time. My boyfriend was also always around me to give me comfort. Two years passed and mummy remained blind. She learned how to use the stick to find her way. She do spend almost all her days in the chapel praying for God to come to her aid. We were made not to go to that farm again by the Chief of our community. Finally Mawutor proposed marriage to me(much awaited). Without wasting time I accepted and I informed my mother about it. Preparations began. I went to one of my uncle’s who lived in the next town to take the family marriage list. To my surprise, this man wanted to rape me that day. Thanks to God that her wife came in early. He shamefully gave me a list which was just illogical and irrational. How on earth could Mawutor get all those things? Off course they were rich but it was just too much. I asked him and pleaded with him to help reduce it. He said he would only do that if I should give him the opportunity to touch me. I again threatened to report him to his wife if he tries that on me. Eventually he gave me the standard list. My mother was happy I was getting married but on the other side was worried that I would be leaving her. I promised her that I would take her along with me to wherever I would go. Mawutor and his family got ready for the engagement. We did only engagement because my husband said he believed in marriage and not wedding. How I wish most of our ladies would learn to accept the fact that marriage is just not about wedding. Prior to the engagement, we sent invitations to almost everybody but not to Mr Mensah. The mistake my husband made was that he invited Datsomor(Mr Mensah’s son) who happened to be his friend. Datsomor also informed his father that he would be attending my engagement. His father persuaded him not to attend but he never gave audience to his father. Mr Mensah again became jealous that I was getting married. His concern was that why should I get married to someone that was from a rich family. That to him would mean that I would

become rich and take

good care of my mother who to him deserved to die a shameful death. I became his next target. My friend I want to assure you that with Christ in you, there would always be greater hope of glory. Mr Mensah was actually wicked. He planed of destroying the engagement.

What did this man do to my engagement? Was the engagement successful? Get your answers from the next episode.
Follow me to the next episode.
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