​Life Is How You Make It  Episode 3

Life Is How You Make It 
Episode 3
Mr Mensah was actually wicked. He planned destroying my engagement. Because his son Datsomor also refused listening to him, he became more furious than ever. As smart as he is, he asked his son the venue for the program which his son ignorantly told him. The wicked one is always smart that is why it’s said that “when a bird learns to fly without perching, the hunter also learns to shoot without missing”. But because we serve a living God, we shall surely overcome. What Mr Mensah did was that he also decided to attend the engagement. He prepared his African gun powder (Tukpe). Tukpe is an African traditional medicine which is made purposely to kill. It is spiritual so can’t see it but can only feel it. He prepared this charm and came with it to my engagement. His son never knew he will follow him after he had left. I became very surprised seeing him. “Who invited this man? ” I asked my yet to-be husband. He said maybe he came with his son. My uncle who nearly raped me was the one I made to receive the bride price on behalf of my father. He was also a medicine man. Actually most of my father’s family members were into African traditional religion. My mother was also present but could not see what was going on. She could only hear us speak. Our pastor was also around. But because it was a traditional engagement, he didn’t appear much on the program lineup. It got to the point were my husband was to put the engagement ring on my fingers. As soon as I stood up, I felt a very sharp pain around my waist. I fell to the ground immediately because my waist got locked. My face began to swollen up. Eeei! What is the problem? Everybody started asking. Quickly I was carried into the room. My uncle came to perform his usual incantations and said someone has shot me (Tukpe) the gun powder. Then he said he needed to go to his shrine to consult his gods for direction for treatment. He could not help me. My pastor came in and asked all believers to come around so that they pray for me. They prayed and miraculously I regained consciousness. We serve a miracle working God. After l had gained consciousness, my uncle returned and said his gods have travelled so he can only treat me on their return(would have been dead by then, I said to myself. But he was told my pastor prayed and I’m okay. The wicked one wouldn’t go unscathed. Mr Mensah was surprised and left the place as soon as he saw that I was saved. The program continued. My mother was only hearing all that was going on but couldn’t see. It got to a point where I saw tears flow down her eyes. I went closer to her and when I moved, I also started shedding tears because i wish she saw my beauty that day. We did only engagement because my husband didn’t believe in wedding. His defense was that it was waste of money and other economic resources. He claimed he believes in marriage and not wedding. When asked what that meant, he said marriage is when the two including their families accept to be together through the paying of the bride price which was at the engagement. He added that the money to be spent in hiring cars, buying of gown, wedding rings, providing for best men and maid of honour, feeding people and other expenses could be channelled into investing in some productive business after the marriage. Wedding will also mean signing for better for worse. I didn’t force him despite the fact that I wished I was wedded. I understood his concerns and took it like that. Once the love was there I was okay. The best thing in a successful relationship is love, trust and understanding which I knew my husband had. What we did the following day after the engagement was to go to church together and asked for the blessings of God and prayer from the church and to also thank them for helping us come out of that shame which nearly mud the engagement. That was done at Musama Disco Christo Church, Nipahiamoa. The engagement was successful that day just that I wasn’t very happy because mummy could not see all that which went on. I moved to my husband’s house after the church which also happened to be our honeymoon. My husband agreed my for my mother to stay with us so we all moved to my husband’s house after the church service. She was allocated her personal room. My husband had his own three bedroom apartment which was in the same village but a bit far from where my father’s house was. As usual the church and the entire community was expecting the news about my virginity the following day after I moved to my husband’s house. Hmmm the shocking news was that my husband could not perform. The Akans of Ghana will say ‘odor branda ” but at a minimum rate. My husband was still avoiding me on my honeymoon night. I was eagerly ready to break my virginity that night and to also taste the “fruit of the holy spirit” . When everything started, he was very good at the foreplay. He actually massaged my body to the extent that I got to the peak of my marginal utility curve. It was a blast 💥. I became ready for the seed of life to be planted in me. He eventually planted it in and seriously I got shocked as if it was an electric shock(ekiki me). I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. To be honest it was just too BIG. But unfortunately, my husband became very weak within one and a half minutes and was breathing profusely like someone who had just crossed the finishing line of a Marathon race. He said he wanted to use the washroom. I asked him if all was well. He said he will be fine. I was disturbed but realized there was some blood on the white bedsheet(ade3 no ate). That was very much an evidence to tell people that I was a virgin. Not knowing he went to the washroom to take an aphrodisiac(men of today…..smh). I guess it was viagra. He return and said he went to urinate. I told him how high I was when he left. The foreplay started again and this time around he actually striked the hell out of me. For almost an hour he never “came “. I became tired and bled too. That was my first time and imagine the pains that came with it. I became scared. I asked myself if that was what ladies lineup in traffic at night waiting for. I pushed him to stand up because I was tired. My marginal utility curve was in the negatives. He was happy he broke my virginity. I changed the bedsheet and he slept back. I realized he slept off so I went to take my bath that night. Before the bath, I decided to also use the wc. Lo and behold, he tried flashing the aphrodisiac peal but it didn’t go. I think he didn’t wait to see it go before leaving. I used the brush to pick it up and I realized my husband used medicine on me. “Ah! what is the meaning of this? ” I asked myself. I opened the dustbin to put it into it and I saw the box in which it was taken from. I became very angry but pretended I didn’t see anything. I just didn’t want to believe my husband can perform. He was still asleep when I


I came to lie down and began to think. At dawn he tried touching me again. Something was pushing me to ask him but I didn’t know how to start because I knew it would bring problems and besides, I don’t want to break that joy of me being a virgin. After all he used it on me and not on another person.

I said to myself to keep me calm. He started kissing me and I also gave in. I always liked his foreplay(on point). The fact was that the drug was no more active in his body so when he entered into the holy of holiest, less than one minute he was struggling for breathe. Now the drug he used to take got finished. “Mawutor my husband what is it? ” I asked. He said he was not feeling well. I became angry because why should he start my engine and leave it just like that? You’ve got to move the car!x I then decided to tell him what I saw. I said Mawutor “are you impotent or what? ” He nearly slapped me for asking that question.I was disappointed!

Follow me to the next episode and see wonders. Your comments are welcomed.
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