​Life Is How You Make It Episode 4

Life Is How You Make It. 
Episode 4
The drug got finished from his system. I asked ” Mawutor my husband, what is it ?” He said was not feeling well. I became angry because why should he start my engine and leave it on like that? I decided to tell him what I saw. I said “Mawutor, are you impotent or what? ” He nearly slapped me for asking such a question. I was disappointed. Yes I was highly disappointed because why should he react to my question like that. He raised his hands to slap me but I guess his consciousness was restored so the hand remained up and never landed. I looked at him with surprise. I asked him,” What were you about to do? ” he remained silent. I told him what I saw in the washroom. He said he was sorry for raising his hands at me. He added that it was the work of the devil(always the devil is at fault). He then admitted that he took the drug so that he could satisfy me. He explained that he was suffering premature ejaculation and due to that, all three ladies he dated before left him. He added that, he was not ready to let

me go that was why he never touch me when were dating.

My husband was

actually in tears when he was talking. I wished those words never came out of his mouth. “But how could you? ” I asked him.” But you were the same person who said you wanted five children, you should have treated yourself first before we finally got married. Now what do you expect me to tell my mother? To tell her that my husband is not a “man” or what? I asked him all sort of questions that morning. He said he was sorry but with the help of that drug we could still enjoy sex. I raised my head and said God, I put my trust in you. Let my husband regain his pride and never let my enemies laugh at me. I prayed. I hugged him with my eyes filled with tears. I told him I will always stand by him in all difficulties for I knew it will be OK someday. I asked him to join me have faith in God. He said he was very happy to have me as his wife and because of the kind of love I had for him, he will build a two bedroom house for me and my mother. This is what marriage must be about. Understanding each other and ready to stand by each other in times of difficulties. When the two agree to become husband and wife, automatically, their hearts becomes one hence the feeling for each other. Men should also learn to have patience with their wives whenever they are putting a concern before them. There are no two ways that you are the head of the house. A good leader is that who listens before acting. So my husband assured me and I also gave him my trust. He said we should keep his problem as a secret as we find ways of curing it. He called his mother that morning and informed her that he was happy to inform them that I was a virgin and he was the man to break it. As usual, they were also happy to hear that. They came to reward me later in the day. My mother was also happy for me. That also meant that she was a good mother. After two weeks into our marriage, because I was not ready for my husband to use drugs on me, all we did was the foreplay and that “under one minute ” thing. I advised my husband to go see the doctor at the hospital my mother was taken when she had the problem. He took my advice and in the third week, he called me one morning and said we should both go to the hospital so that we all get first hand information as to how to manage the problem. We went together. After the doctor took the past history and current complaints of my husband, he finally diagnosed and confirmed that my husband was suffering from premature ejaculation. According to the doctor, premature ejaculation can be caused by several factors ranging from inheritance to acquired. With the acquired, he said it could be due to excessive masturbation, excessive use Of aphrodisiac, excessive use of psychotic drugs, working in excessive heat, stress, and intake of spicy foods. My husband explained to the doctor that he was a fan of masturbation and the use of aphrodisiac when He was young and also mentioned ‘viagra’ as one drug that he used to take most frequently. This was when the doctor educated us on the use of those drugs. But according to him, viagra is made to rather treat impotence and premature ejaculation. But when not taken with advice from your doctor, will lead to serious problems. He said some people do take overdose because they wanted to go extra miles. The doctor explained a lot to us indicating that my husband’s problem is one of the problems affecting most men of late and leading to breakups. He added that the problem can be cured but because most men find it difficult saying their problem to experts to help them, they rather depend on those drugs which cause them further problems. The doctor promised to help my husband come out of the problem. He prescribed this same drug with others but with instructions on how to take them. He also gave some behaviour therapy to him and asked me to help him.He later referred us to a counsellor. The good news he said was that, premature ejaculation was not the same as low sperm count so I could become pregnant. That gave me some hope of bearing children. A whole year passed with no sign of pregnancy. But the problem was becoming better for my husband. My mother was disturbed I was not getting pregnant. This was a great joy for Mr mensah. Personally I almost lost hope. What could the problem be? I asked myself. My mother in-law was also not happy about my inability to become pregnant. I was always praying to God to never let my enemies use me as a laughing stock. Two years had gone and still no sign of pregnancy despite my husband’s problem fixed. We roamed from hospital this to hospital that and all they always say was that my system was OK and my husband despite the fact that his sperms were not that strong, that shouldn’t prevent pregnancy. My mother in-law started given me pressure. She calls me all sort of names anytime she visits. On one of her visits, she threatened of getting another woman for my husband. She gave me a three months grace period. Wonders they say shall never end. I never knew my womb was removed in spirit by Mr mensah.

The wicked one will never stop lurking in wait for you. Follow me to the next episode. Wonders shall never end. God indeed knows his own!
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