​Life Is How You Make It Episode 5

Life Is How You Make It. 
Episode 5
She gave me a three months grace period to to get pregnant if not she would find a replacement for my husband. This became another head aching issue for me. Due to the pressure from my mother in-law, my husband also started behaving strange towards me. His concern was that, the doctor asserted that premature ejaculation was not the same as low sperm count hence there should be pregnancy. He began to blame me for not being productive(meanwhile tests showed I was). He was a contractor who works with with a building construction firm. Their work was such that, they work when they got a contract. So when there is no contract, they remain in the house. His father happened to be a major shareholder in the firm and hence their worth. My husband’s behaviour towards me changed drastically. He leaves the house and comes back at the time he wished. Hardly does he eat my food. His mother told him that my family curse was the root cause of my supposed infertility. His love for me began to melt down like an iceberg in water. My mother was also disturbed. She always do remember me in her prayers. Wonders they say shall never end. All this while I never knew my womb was removed spiritually by Mr Mensah. The day he left the engagement in shame, he went straight to his shrine to remove my womb in spirit. I will tell you how I got to know about that but prior to that revelation, my husband’s building firm had some contract at Kumasi which was to take two years to complete which will also mean that, he was going to be away for that long. He left and people thought he had also left me just as my father left my mother. After two months into he leaving, he called me on phone and said he was missing me so wanted me to come and spend some weeks at where he was. He spoke in a manner that made me feel he was indeed missing me. Sometimes, change of environment could also help solve some minute but important problems in our lives. I agreed to his request and left that town to Kumasi leaving my blind mother behind. The good thing was that my mother could help herself with the help of the stick. Just that she must always buy to eat. I left her with enough money. My husband was actually leaving in a Bungalow at Kumasi. Two families share the same compound. When I got there, my husband was happy to have received me. The arrangement was that I will stay for two weeks and then go back to Nipahiamoa. The people we shared the compound with were also good Christian who do attend the Church Of Pentecost, Kumasi district. This family just made me remember those good old days where we cared for each other. They were actually friendly so they do keep me company whenever my husband was not around. One evening they invited me to attend their evening service which was on a Thursday. I informed my husband and went for the service. I really enjoyed the service especially their specialized dancing . Before they closed that evening, it was announced that the following evening would be an all-night service so we should come with all our problems and present them to God(my time has come, I said to myself). I was also welcomed since that was my first day at their church. Mama Grace who invited me to the church happend to be the women’s fellowship leader. Mama Grace was actually a nice person and also beautiful. So after the church, we walked together to the house. On our way, she asked me to also invite my husband to the all-night service the following evening besides he won’t go to work on Saturday so that wouldn’t be a problem. At dawn, I woke my husband up and informed him about the program. Because he didn’t believe in church, he gave excuses that he can’t make it. I used my communication skills as a woman to make him agree. I told him what the announcement was about. Dawn is always the best time where husbands and wives can easily come to consensus on an issue. Because at that time, all tempers would be calm and besides a nice time for gaming(for married couples only). You can try it and see if it wouldn’t work. When you have a special request for your husband, just wait till dawn. In the morning, Mama Grace also invited him personally. My husband return from site early that day so we got ourselves ready for the church. That happens to be my husband’s second time of going to church after the engagement. About 30mins to our departure time, he said he doesn’t feel like going again. When I asked why? He said he heard a voice telling him not to go if not something would happen to him. I went to report that to Mama Grace and she advised that, that voice was the voice of the devil so he shouldn’t listen to it. The devil is always smart. So eventually, we went to the church. In the course of delivering the sermon, the head pastor said we should put all our trust in God and put all our worries before Him but with faith for with faith, mountains can be moved! He concluded that, nothing is impossible for God to do. He assured us that, if we put our trust in God He will never put us to shame. I was actually touched by the sermon. Prayer session began somewhere around 11:15pm that Friday. Various prayer topics were raised as we prayed. It got to a point where the pastor said all those looking for children should come forward. I stood up with faith and also went. As the prayer was ongoing, the pastor asked the congregation to keep mute for he could hear some baby crying but couldn’t tell the angle the sound was coming from. So as we were quiet, the pastor moved down the stage and was walking amongst those standing in front. As soon as he got to where I was standing, he stopped. He said, he has found the place the baby was crying from but it was not going to be easy saving that baby. According to him, the cry was the cry of my baby but the baby has been locked in a cage somewhere. He continued and revealed almost everything about my life. He also asked me some questions which I did answer but I was in tears. He asked me if I believe I could get my baby back. I shouted YES!! All the pastor said was that my faith will deliver me and my baby. The prayer started with all seriousness. All the elders of the church were made to gather around me to pray for me. My husband was very anxious to see what was about to happen. So instead of him to pray, he was only observing(hmmm, this man). After almost an hour of intense prayer , the pastor revealed that my mother has been made blind by the same person who has removed my womb and locked my baby. He also revealed that that same person has made my father to forget about our family. He added that, my mother can gain back her sight only through prayer. But he said he doesn’t know the name of the person behind the scene but in due time, I would know. They continued to pray for me and after some time, the pastor said, I should be expecting a miracle in some few weeks. Everybody was expecting some miracle over there but nothing happened. He asked if my husband was around and I said yes. He called him to come forward. We actually have a God who can changes destinies if only we trust in him. My husband was also prayed for and was made to accept Christ as his Lord and Saviour. My husband received instant

healing the night. It

was after that church service that the real battle began. Unless you have the eyes to see what is happening in the spiritual realms, you would never and ever stop praying.

What happened after the church that day, words can’t explain. Follow me to the next episode and see what God can do. 
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