​Life Is How You Make It Episode 6

Life Is How You Make It 
Episode 6.
My husband received instant healing that night. It was after the church service that the real battle began. Unless you have the eyes to see what is happening in the spiritual realm, you would never stop praying. After the church service, we came to sleep around 4:00am. Around 5:30am, when my husband and myself were asleep, I heard a sound in the kitchen as if a bottle having fallen from the shelf . The sound was very loud but my husband couldn’t hear it. He was fast asleep so he didn’t hear the sound. Maybe it was selective attention. What happens is that, we pay attention to things that are very important to us. And because my husband was not much into kitchen work, he couldn’t hear the sound. I woke up and went into the kitchen. I searched almost everywhere but didn’t see anything. I decided to open the fridge to take some water before going back to join my husband in bed. As soon as I closed the fridge and turned, here appears this thick tall man from nowhere, covered with dander and was holding a baby full of blood in his hand. I couldn’t open my mouth to say anything due to the fear. He was also standing by the door so there was no way I could ran. I felt like urinating on myself. ” who are you? And what do you want from me? ” I gathered courage and asked(in a trembling voice). ” why should you send people to break the cage in which we were keeping our prey? My master sent me to tell you that since you have decided to disturb our kingdom, we are going to kill the prey which happens to be your baby.” He replied. He added ” if you want your baby back, then make yourself naked right now. ” he said in a deep echoed voice. with a loud voice I said ” you can’t kill my child and you and your people cannot do anything in the name of Jesus!!” Just by the mention of Jesus, the baby he was carrying vanished. He started walking towards me. I mentioned JESUS again! He stood for some time I then shouted “Jesus!!!! ” my husband heard my voice so he quickly rushed to the kitchen. As soon as he entered, the man also vanished making my husband not to see anything . “Mawufemor what is it? ” my husband asked. I told him all that which went on. He was surprised as to what I was saying but comforted me and we went back to the room. That was around 6:10am. As we were on the bed, my phone rang and it was a friend close to my husband’s house at Nipahiamoa, she called and said she has good news for ME. I was more than eager to hear what it was. Mercy my friend said,over the night, they heard my mother shouting in pain so they went to see what the problem was. According To mercy, when they got to the house, My mother was lying On the floor saying her eyes were paining her. So it got to a point where she requested for some water. When she was given the water, she used it to wash her face and lo and behold, my mother regained her sight. “Jesus!!! Mercy are you sure of what you are saying? ” I asked(i had already busted into tears). She repeated herself. Waow! What a miracle working God. I told my husband the good news and we jubilated over it. I called my mother and she confirmed it. This is the type of God we serve! Hallelujah🙏🏽. He does His things in his own time. All we need is patience and an unwavering faith. I informed Mama Grace about the miracle and also what happened at the kitchen. She then called the Pastor and informed him about it. The pastor said he would be with us in no time and truly, he arrived in almost 30mins. He said we needed to pray. So together with the pastor we thanked God for the miracle and about what I saw. Just after the prayer which lasted for almost an hour, I started bleeding as if it was a miscarriage. The pastor said my womb have been restored(praise God!). I went to the washroom to wash down. In fact there is joy to be in the house of the Lord. I was too eager to go back to see my mother but the pastor said none of us should travel that day. I was not happy about that but since he has become my spiritual father, I had no option than to obey. On Sunday we went to church to give our testimony. My husband was more than happy and promised of changing all the spoilt fans in the church. It is God who gives so we always need to remember to also give back. It is true that you can’t give exact to God but do the little you can to show your appreciation to God, but note that it must be done cheerfully. My husband became born again. After we finished with our testimony, a man was pushed forward. He was actually in a wheel chair. No one will tell you that the man was sick and would soon die. He asked the person who pushed him to the church to bring him forward so that he could also give his testimony. As soon as he mentioned his name, my heart started beating very fast! “That is my father! ” I said in a loud voice. Everybody was surprised to hear that. Hmmm. I cried after knowing he was the one. “How can a strong and energetic father of mine become physically challenged? ” I asked myself. All he said was he wanted to tell his daughter something before he dies. The whole congregation went into a state of tranquillity.

Christ in you The hope Of glory. Follow me to the next episode. It’s payback time.
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