​Life Is How You Make It Episode 7

Life Is How You Make It 
Episode 7
“How can a strong and energetic father of mine become physically challenged? ” I asked myself. All he said was he wanted to tell his daughter something before he dies. The whole congregation went into a state of tranquility. The moderator gave him the go-ahead. In a very weak and sober voice, he said he knew he had wronged me, my late sister and my mother. He continued and said he never knew what pushed him to leave the house that morning and besides he never knew where he was going. He said the voice just called him and asked him to follow him. He said the voice was very commanding to the extent that he couldn’t disobey. He went on by saying the voice asked him to leave the town so he ended up at Kumasi. So at Kumasi, because the money he carried on himself got finished, he needed to search for something to do. He said he do sleep under parked vehicles at Suame in Kumasi. He eventually became a mate to the driver of one of the car he do sleep under. After gathering some money he got himself a house to rent. After three months into the mate business, he came across a very beautiful lady who came to board their vehicle on one market day. The lady according to him was more than beautiful so he couldn’t help it than to take the ladies contact when she was about alighting at her junction. He called The number and eventually they became friends. ” I never knew I had just befriended a spirit ” he added. The whole place was quiet as he was telling his story. He added that, he fell in love with the lady and even they do sleep together. Anytime he asked the lady where she was coming from, she would just chip in another issue. He went on, ” after meeting with her, I always sleep whenever am at work. My master became angry with me and fired me. Because I was no longer bringing money to the house, the lady promised of helping me. She said she would introduce me to her family so that they help me. I agreed. So one day, she left the house very early in the morning and returned late in the evening. When I asked her Where she was coming from, she said that was none of my business. She asked me to get myself ready so that we go meet her family. It was around 10pm so I asked her why we couldn’t wait for the following morning besides it was late. She said her parents won’t be available in the morning so that was the only time we could meet them . All of a sudden, she ran towards me gave me a pat on my shoulders. Suddenly I saw myself in a different world. Very cold but beautiful place. All the people in the town were ladies. Before I could ask the lady where she had brought me, I was quickly surrounded by a lot of ladies. They came to tie me up and said they were going to teach me how to get money. They gave me something to drink. After some time, I became sexually aroused so they all came and forced me to sleep with them. My lady happens to be their leader. They raped me till I went into coma. Even with that they didn’t let me go. Eventually they revived me and asked me to go home. Before I realized, I was at the point where I was standing before the my lady ran to me covered with money . I couldn’t stand up because my spinal cord had been broken due to the rape. I shouted for help by the time people came around the money was no where to be found.The people came to help me and took me to the hospital. “””” I was just hearing what he was saying as if I was watching a kumawood movie. He said, he slept at the hospital for one full year so they decided to let him come home to continue treatment’. So after the Friday prayer, one of his friends went to tell him that he could receive healing when he comes to the church on that Sunday. The most painful aspect of it was that his last words he said was “my daughter, I never planned to abandon you so please forgive me and tell your mother and sister to also forgive me. ” I was just in tears so I couldn’t respond to his request when I heard the person standing beside him shout. “He is dead!!! ” oohh! I couldn’t forgive him before he died. I felt very bad about that but I still said God knows best. He was then taken to the nearby hospital where he was confirmed dead. In the evening of that Sunday, I phoned my mother about what happened at the church. She also felt bad that my father had died. She then reported to me that she saw Mr Mensah running halfway naked in the town(the wicked will never go unscathed). She said people ran after him and now he has been taken to the hospital where we took her to when she had the problem with her eyes. She also added that strange things were just happening in the town with respect to Mr Mensah and his family(oyiwa).

We shall all receive our reward on this earth before dying. So let’s be extra cautious about what we do today…hmmm, so what happens in the next episode? Follow me as we find out.
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