Money over love Season 1 episode 6

          *Money over love*

                 Season 2  

                  *Episode 6*

               Despite I was not very fit, I was able to impress Vero a bit and she was okay with it. The money she got from Mr Mike was given to me to start up a business. Vero is actually the love of my life. I’m not sure I will ever get any other lady that can be very supportive and submissive to her husband like that. The money was used to start up a boutique business manned by me as she did her job. Her colleagues were surprised when they realized Vero was recommended for promotion. She was recommended to be the branch manager as her boss was to be relocated to their national office to work till he becomes a pensioner, which will be four years later. Actually, there were other staff more qualified than her for that promotion but because of personal interests, Mr Mike gave her that opportunity. Soon, she became the branch manager. There were whole lots of oppressions by some authorities to disqualify her but all proved futile. Vero was naturally beautiful, smart and intelligent so she even would’ve been selected before other staff. “Our financial life has actually been catapulted from nowhere to somewhere. Thanks to Mr Mike. Yes I need to thank him because he was the reason for this breakthrough. They may plan evil against you but God will rather turn everything to your benefit. Mr Mike had wanted to infest us with HIV but God turned it into our financial breakthrough”, said Vero
After their expensive wedding, Precious went back to campus and instead of quitting the relationship with the lecturer who impregnated her, she continued. She had a simple reason to that because this lecturer happened to be their exams officer for her department. When individual lecturers submit their end of semester results, he will conspire with them to award high marks to Precious because she was his girlfriend. He also favours the girlfriends of his colleagues lecturers so that was a common and normal practice among them. Precious didn’t make time to study. It’s either a program to attend, going home to see her husband, or hanging out with her lecturers in their bungalows to warm their beds but when exam results are released, this lady scores higher grades in all courses taught by male lecturers and perform poorly in that of her female lecturers. This is one of the rots in our various tertiary institutions that must be looked at. No wonder the certificates are no longer recognized. A graduate will come out with good grades but cannot perform on the job. They need additional ‘on the job’ training before they could do something. The standards of our educational system has really fallen.
Precious was enjoying herself on campus whiles her husband was also boasting of a beautiful and rich wife in the University. Even the worst part of her relationship on campus was she being a mental patient without the lecturer knowing. Precious stopped taking her medications for sometime so symptoms of her Mania started popping up. She could go to the general office of her department and ruin insults to the staffs if they did something against her interest. One day she met the head of the department and her actions of misconduct started. The head wanted to threaten her of dismissal if she didn’t discipline herself. Precious insulted this man very well which must have called for her dismissal. The exams officer came to her defense and advised that she must first be cross-examined by the counselling department. When that was done, they got to know that she was a mental patient. That was her luck. But the University deferred her course for a year which means she had to repeat that year when she returns. At the time she was serving her suspension periods, she does travel with her husband to places. At times they were captured on TV on news segments and that alone makes her father feel self actualized. After a full year of marriage, she wasn’t able to conceive. She told her husband that she wanted to graduate before getting pregnant so she was controlling herself.
Madam Faustina gave birth to a girl and we were invited to their naming ceremony. They were happy seeing us around. I told Mr Charles that I needed to give all the thanks to him because had it not to be him, I couldn’t have married Vero.
Precious’ husband was not happy about her wife’s inability to get pregnant and this brought a quarrel between them. During one of their medical consultations, the assessment proved that she could give birth so probably, she needed some few time. When her husband’s sperm was tested at the lab, the result indicated that his sperm was not strong enough to impregnate the lady. It was good the man also tested himself for possible problems. Mostly when this happens, the men always blame the ladies for not being fertile. Pressure normally comes from the man’s family on the woman to give birth. Some even suggest to the man to send the lady away whiles maybe the problem is from the man.

Junior Makafui was also developing well. Because we both do not have enough time to stay at home, we sent him to a boarding school. Despite the fact that my performance in bed was not as it was before the accident, Vero managed me that way. She learnt a lesson from what she nearly got herself into with Mr Mike so she made her mind to accept me just the way I am. The only problem in bed was, I do get tired especially at the time she needed it the most. I went to the same forest to get the herb I made for Mr Charles. Much improvement was felt but it still couldn’t be like it used to be. One day at the boutique where I was attending to one customer, I noticed a lady entering the boutique. She looked familiar so I decided to go and verify if I knew her. Lo and behold, she was the lady I proposed to by the river side back in my village. She was the one I asked to meet at a drinking spot where she insulted me and made her friends to also laugh at me. “Lady can you recollect seeing me somewhere”, I asked. She looked at me from head to toe for a while and said not really. “Are you not from Torve in the Volta region”?, I asked again. “Yes how come you know me? This is my first time of coming into this shop and you already know me.” She said surprisingly. “I’m Agbanavor the guy who asked you one morning by the river side and asked you to meet me at the drinking spot. Can you now remember?” “Yes yes yes, ei, you. So this is where you’ve been hiding. You have really changed, wow”, she said with joy. I asked her what she needed and got them for her. I asked her to keep the money. She fell in love for me instantly. I equally felt some lust for her. I told her to be paying me visits whenever she is free. As time goes on, she does come to help me sell. I informed Vero about this but she was not happy about that. One day she came to the shop during her break periods to see her sitting beside me. Looking at what my friend was wearing, Vero suspected something going on but I told her that there was nothing going on between us but Vero wouldn’t believe me. 
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