Money over love Season 2 episode 3

          *Money over love*
           Season 2 

           *Episode 3*

             I carried madam and was sending her into the car so that we rush her to the hospital. Come and see trouble for me. I was so nervous I was holding the car keys in my hand but was still searching for it in the room. “Vero please haven’t you seen where I left the car keys?” I asked. “Sweetheart is that not the key in your hands?” Vero responded. I gave myself a knock on my head and dashed off the room. Vero helped clean the blood from Charles my boss but he said he was okay. He tied it with a bandage and decided to go with me to the hospital. He quickly went to his room and wore some clothes and without delay, we sped to the hospital. The nurses  came out and with a sense of eagerness and responsibility, took madam to the emergency unit and fixed oxygen on her. The doctor came around and prompted the need to put her on life support machine. Actually, the strength at which Precious smashed the bottle on her was very severe. My boss was also losing more blood. The bandage was soaked with blood and this drew the attention of the nurses. He was also admitted and due to the blood loss, they needed to infuse him with pints of blood. He was given more than six packs of blood because he was also gradually becoming unconscious. The doctor came few minutes after. They dressed his wounds and sent him to the male ward where he was admitted. After the atmosphere looked a bit calm, the doctor called me to his office. 
Doctor: so what exactly happened in the house?
Me: Doc. I can’t vividly tell how everything started. I’m their driver as well as the caretaker of their house. I was in my room when suddenly I heard a knock on my door this night. I came out only to see my boss bleeding so I thought probably there were some robbers around. I asked what the problem was but he refused to tell me. He only directed me to go help his wife in one of the rooms. I went and saw madam motionless on the floor. So quickly I rushed the two of them here.
Doctor: alright. I think this will need the concern of the police because something might be wrong somewhere.
Me: Oh I don’t think there is the need now. Please attend to them to get well first before we find the cause. I want them alive because apart from God, they are my life. 
Doctor: alright don’t worry they will be fine.

I knew that when I should allow him to involve the police, Precious would definitely be made to face the full rigours of the law. Around 2pm that day, Mr Charles gained consciousnesses fully. He was discharged but madam was still in a critical condition. He was allowed to go and see her in the emergency room. I went with him and this was where he became furious with Precious. “I can’t believe this is my wife, I am going to skin Precious alive.” He said.  The doctor asked him what happened. “Doctor  there is a devil in my house. She caused all this.” He said but I pretended I had no idea about what went on. He was able to narrate what went on but didn’t add what he went doing in Precious’ room at the time. The doctor made him sign a claim form which was sent to the police. Back home, Vero cooked breakfast in the morning for us but we were not coming. She went to check on Precious only to see her lying on the floor. She called out her name to see if she was okay. Precious woke up and started chasing her sister with a broken bottle. Luckily for my wife, together with the police, we arrived at the house and saw what was happening. The police managed to get hold of her and handcuffed her. My boss told the police Precious was responsible for the troubles in the house. They took her away and detained her behind bars for further investigations. My boss’s father came to hear about what was going on and ordered the police to arrest all of us. He described what happened as a conspiracy against his son. He claimed we wanted to kill his son and take over his properties. The worse was my innocent wife who had no idea and my small boy. The Police came for all of us and locked us in a cell. My boss’s father was a public figure ans very influential in the area so the police acted on his orders. The officer In charge of criminal investigation ordered his men to torture me so that I tell the truth. I was beaten and hurt with the flames of a candle. They minimized the torture on my wife because she was still breastfeeding the baby. After thorough investigations, my wife and son was allowed to go home but preparations was made for Precious and I to face the court of law. Precious started behaving strangely in the cell. She talked to herself and clapped to something no one could see nor hear. The police suggested they refer her to the Psychiatric hospital for assessment. When she was taken there, it was proven that she was experiencing Mania (A mental illness marked by periods of excitement, delusions and over activity). 

After few weeks that Charles, my boss realized I had no idea about what went on, he told his father to let the police release me. His father was of the view that, he shouldn’t entertain us in his house again. He then told his father what exactly went on and that he was the primary cause of everything because if he were not to snick out his wife, nothing as such could have happened. But he agreed not to allow Precious into the house. I equally blamed myself for the cause of the trouble because I should’ve obeyed the voice I heard in the forest by asking Precious out of the house before I gave the medicine to my boss. Eventually, they came to release us from the cell. I bet you, I wouldn’t recommend the cell to any innocent soul. Life in there was mini hell. I wouldn’t want to describe what I saw there because it was an eyesore. Vero felt sorry for me and hated her sister for life. I advised her not to because it wasn’t her making. It was her mental condition that made her do all that she did. As indicated, the condition poses the individual to be very excited at times and do things he/she wouldn’t have done when in her normal state hence Precious seducing men when it comes. They also do have delusions and becomes over active at times hence Precious chasing her own sister with the bottle. 

I thanked my boss for ordering our release. I thanked his father too but he made it known he was not ready for a caretaker anymore so he insisted I pack and leave the house within two months. He said once Precious was able to do such a thing, he feared the condition is in their generic makeup so he is obvious the situation might repeat itself. Madam was already responding to treatment. What my boss did was he gave me money to rent another place where I could stay with my wife and son. Luckily too, we got a place which was not far from where vero works. Precious was also receiving treatment but we were fined to pay a huge sum of money before the case could be dismissed. The police explained that they would’ve imprisoned Precious for what she did but because she was diagnosed as a Psychiatric patient, she was charged to pay Ghc5000.00. It wasn’t fair to me though. If my boss were not to go into the room, that wouldn’t have happened.

When Vero’s father heard of what went on, she said it served us right. He also blamed me for Precious’ condition and due to this, he refused to pay the money. We were also given two weeks to pay the money and if not I will be held responsible since Precious was seen to be mentally ill. The medical bills my boss also needed to pay was very high. He needed to pay this money in order to save her life. I explained to my boss to help me pay for the court fines but unfortunately for me this time around, he said he was hard up. His building project must even be put on hibernation for sometime. I then asked Vero to help me pay for that money since she was also working. Out of love for me and her sister, she took all she had in her account and I added all I had but yet still, it wasn’t up to the amount. I needed to borrow from some friends to add up. I fortunately got the money  and paid for the case to be dismissed. I’ve now come to class one again. We moved out of the house to our newly rented apartment. Thankfully, madam was discharged but could not remember anything that happened. It even took her days to recognize her husband. Now that I lost my source of income, my father in-law had a good standing to take Vero away from me despite the fact that I married her. Anytime Vero visited them, his main focus was that she should divorce me. Precious was also doing well on medication. Vero always stood firm that she loved me and nothing will make her leave me. She explained to her father that, love was not all about money. “Daddy am not complaining in my matrimonial home. Besides, my husband doesn’t come begging for food from you before we eat. He loves me and I love him too. It is your daughter, Precious who is to be blamed for his financial handicap. I have the peace I want so Daddy with due respect, I am not leaving my husband alone. For better for worse, in riches or poverty, we will love each other. Just look at my son, is he not growing well? Daddy please reconsider your decisions” Precious said to her father. “Alright, well Said. I wish you the best.” Her father said. Vero thanked him and left. After two years of treatment, Precious’ condition became stabilized.  Most people feel mental illnesses cannot be cued. That is not really true. With continues medication and good enabling environment, the situation can stabilize and the person will be good to go but it also depends on the severity of the condition. Precious came back into her normal state and luckily for her, gained admission into the university to study Political science. I also got employed by one pure water factory to be the driver for one of their vans so I may say life was manageable for us until I was involved in an accident. Hmm to be a man is not just a matter of being a male but being able to face challenges. The accident affected my reproductive organ so what happened to my boss was gradually eating into myself and vero.
Will Vero change towards the man she loved? Let’s check from the next episode. Don’t forget to like and share your comments with us.

Season 2 episode 4 will come *tomorrow*…. Stay blessed.
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