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FORGIVE final episode 

Jones Kwesi Tagbor 

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              SEASON 2

             EPISODE 10

We also moved into to a different house so we were no longer staying with my in- laws. 
I was for afternoon shift at the work one day so I left quite earlier because I needed to pass through the saloon before getting to work. I forgot to take junior, my baby boy’s pampers so after dressing my hair, I came back home to pick the pampers only to see Afya coming out of our matrimonial bathroom with only a towel covering her.  She was surprised and stood speechless looking at me like a hungry confused tilapia. I was equally shocked seeing her. The next to come out was Gilbert who also came out of the bath in his boxers. hmmmm
Honestly I got mad. I felt like strangling them to death but I pulled myself together because of my child strapped at my back. I looked around and dropped Junior in the sofa. Mr heart was racing a marathon. I carried the flower glass on the table and broke it and picked a broken pieces. 
Gilbert sensing danger ahead ran out of the house pulling Afya along.
All manner of thoughts came to my mind. I wanted to poison our drinking water with rat medicine and leave the house or ran after them and stab them but deep down me, I was scared of the consequences. 
I heard a voice telling me “all die be die” so I should ran after them with any available weapon.
 I went into the kitchen, searched and got the table knife. On my out, I saw a blunt machete which I used the previous day to do some clean up. I even forgot Junior was in the sofa. I chased them with my weapons and that was when I run into my pastor.
As usual, he is used to visiting new converts and since I was a new convert, he felt like following up on me as was the custom of the church.
“Jesus Christ! Sister Forgive please I beg you in the name of God. Whoever or whatever is the issue, please drop those weapons.” pastor pleaded. 
“Please just stop it. I’m not ready to listen to any good news according to you or who or whatever. Look pastor, I respect you a lot and I don’t want to lose that respect for you. Don’t make me think you are also involved in this devilish behaviour of that so-called husband of mine. I regret ever knowing both of you. Just leave me to deal with him squarely. He thinks he can fool with anyone at all….. hmm not me. This guy has just stepped on the toes of a hungry scorpion” I roared. 


Pastor: Forgive I just wish you calm down and listen to me this moment. Anger only destroys and makes you the bad person at the end of the day. I perfectly understand what you are going through now, but beware that the devil is always around to infuriate you to do things that will make you regret at the end. Just stop crying and be strong. I strongly believe God will fight for you. No one can take what rightfully belongs to you, if you put your trust in God. Can you drop all those weapons now and look up to God? 
Me: Pastor, if I don’t do anything to this guy my heart won’t be free. 
Pastor: Do you really understand your own name? Your parents thought it wise to give you this special name; Forgive. You must learn how to forgive. 
Me: That is the word I least expected to hear. Forgive. That is my name but I’m not ready to forgive Gilbert this time around. His grace periods are over. Pastor just tell me why I should forgive such an ingrate and a psychopath like him? 
Pastor: Yes my dear, you’ve heard and done it a thousand times but it’s the notion behind it that is most important.just imagine how ur aunty a and her husband was able to make up without any third party.that is true love and forgiveness.please try and emulate them for Christ sake.
*Present day*


“Hmm my daughter, your issue is a very pathetic one. Sorry for this tragedy but I can assure you that all hope is not lost.” pastor said. I think I need to hear from your husband so that we see the way forward. Just keep your calm. Where is little Junior? ” Pastor asked. 
I then came into my senses. I left junior home alone. I went into the house with him to take junior. 
Pastor:  Before I hear from him,  I’ll advice you as my daughter so please listen to me and decide for yourself.
Me: Pastor I’m all ears please speak to me.
Pastor: Thank you my dear for giving me the go ahead. First of all I think you made some mistakes. Marriage should be based on love from both partners. Gilbert showed you all the signs which proved he never loved you but you went ahead to trap him with the pregnancy which was not the best. As you can see he really loves your sister and there’s nothing you can do about it but I can’t advice you to divorce him neither. All I can do is schedule a meeting for you both so we know the way forward.
I went deep into myself for a while 

I thanked my pastor because he made me realized my own mistakes. 
I’ve already decided to quit the marriage and concentrate on my profession and take care of my baby.
Only God knows where they ran to. I never set my eyes on Gilbert for whole 3 days until I met him in my pastor’s house. 
He accused me of destroying his life by forcing him into this marriage that he never knew happiness.
Hmmmm we both knew pointblank that divorce was our only option. I packed my things and left to my aunty’s place. I narrated my woes to her and by grace, she gladly accommodated me. we became a happy family as we were before. The interesting thing was that we were both breastfeeding our baby. 


*Fast forward* 

Six months after I left my marriage,  My father in-law took responsibility of my child. I was enjoying my profession devoting my time caring for my patients. 
Surprisingly,  I was at the out patient department one day when I saw a gentleman enter into the entering. He looked exactly like Sir Luis. I followed up on him and coincidentally, he was the one. He said he came for check a medical check up.
We were both happy to see each other. We started a convo and as usual old flames were ignited. Contacts were exchanged and your guess is as good as mine.
As the days turn into weeks and weeks into months, the unlike poles started attracting and eventually he requested for a hangout together. 
At the hangout at Labadi beach resort, he proposed love to me. I just couldn’t withhold accepting him. 
He was also teaching at a private school so after eight months of dating and God being so good, we happily got married. 
Afya finally made her HIV status known to Gilbert and there he regretted being a human being. They married themselves and were both on meditation. 
Thank you for making time to follow me all these while. I hope you’ve learnt something. 
Love goes where love is and God does His things at the appointed time. God is not a man for him to lie. What He says he does. If we are faithless, he remains faithful for he cannot deny himself. Christ in you, the hope of glory. 
Let’s meet next year with more informative, educative and romantic stories. Love you all. Shalom. 
All names and locations in the story were randomly selected. The work was fully the imaginations of the writer. 

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FORGIVE season 2 episode 9

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Jones Kwesi Tagbor 

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              SEASON 2

             EPISODE 9
Hmmm unknown to my aunty, the pastor she was staying with and left her husband for was just a child producing machine. It punched her like a blow when she got to know that the pastor has impregnated four women in the church under the cover of counseling sessions in his mission house. God have mercy 🙏🏾🙏🏾. The revelation came when there was a misunderstanding between the pastor and one of the ladies who got pregnant for him. The pastor refused to accept the pregnancy and disgracefully, this lady came to hold the mic on a very busy Sunday in front of the whole congregation and said she has something to say. The pastor knowing what the lady was capable of, tried stopping her but the lady had already released the bomb. The other three ladies also owned up that they were all pregnant for him and he refused to accept responsibility. 
Members started moving out of the church after the revelation. My aunty could not withstand the shame. She stood up and followed the crowd. At home, the pastor apologized and said those ladies were just accusing him falsely. My aunty having no other choice because she was pregnant, accepted the apology. 
One afternoon after enjoying her last trimester and anticipating the arrival of her baby boy whom she has already named Wonder even though  the baby was still in the tommy, was enjoying her nap when she heard a noise outside.
 Curious to know what the commotion was all about, she came out only to see Sara their choir leader and her fiancée in a heated argument. In the course of her settling the issue got to know that she (Sara) was also pregnant for no one else but pastor. 
My aunty was so shocked that she went into a forced labour and she was rushed to the hospital and truly she gave birth to her wonder as she was expecting.
Well, the little I would like to tell you is that, the devil you know is far better than the angel you don’t know. We should also stop this “pray for me” issues.  The God we serve does His things in mysterious ways. All we need is to believe and wait on him. Looking at someone behind the  pulpit with microphone in his hands does not mean he or she is a saint. Stay with your love and rather try to work out things for your better. 
As if that was not enough with Sara’s issue, the three other ladies from the church also came to the house to take pastor on. 
Hmm my aunty couldn’t take it any longer. She confronted him (the pastor) and funny enough his only reply was “at least I’ve helped them to get the pregnancy they were looking for. I never promised them to take any responsibility of the pregnancy. They should go away with their trouble. Ask them if they didn’t enjoy it when we were having fun. They should go to hell. Am even tired.” 
Had I known is indeed always at last. My aunty regretted leaving her 15 years of marriage because she couldn’t forgive Mr Dennis. As she sat down crying her heart out, the pastor came out with a bag claiming he was going for a 3days revival somewhere and by the time he comes back my aunty should be out of his house. He said my aunty should go back to her husband. The back side of the coin has finally faced my aunty. She became speechless. 
On  his way to his revival with Joycelin the church secretary, they were having a good time and lose focus resulting in them colliding with another car. Sadly, they both died on the spot. News of their death spread like a bushfire. 
My aunty has no other choice than to  go and try her luck on Mr Dennis, her husband. 
Mr. Dennis gladly accepted his wife and God being so good, my aunty gave the child to Mr Dennis which he gladly adopted as his own. They lived together and enjoyed sex with the help of a condom. 
Since I finished my exams, my father in law to be helped me to secure a hospital where I can do my national service.
 Soon, my nine month gestation period was over. Very unfortunately for me, I needed to undergo a caesarian session because the baby was too big for self delivery.
Gilbert’s father was so kind to me but the problem was his wife and Gilbert. They never liked me but I had no option than to keep mute.
All these while, Gilbert and Afya’s intimacy was increasing behind me. Honestly, Gilbert never made any advances towards me till I gave birth. 
I went to see one of my uncles at the village and he represented my father and gave me the marriage list.
 Gilbert’s father was very instrumental and bought everything for his son to perform my rites. The marriage was added to the  naming ceremony. We never did white marriage.  It took the Grace of God for Gilbert to put the ring on my finger. I never enjoyed my engagement ceremony because Gilbert was just forcing the smiles on his face. 
I returned to the hospital to complete my service and God being so good, I was retained as a permanent staff. 
I also started attending church and gave my life completely to God. 
We also moved to a different house so we were no longer staying with my in-laws. I was for afternoon shift at work one day so I left quite earlier because I needed to pass through the salon before getting to work. I forgot to take Junior, my baby boy’s pampers so after the hair dressing, I came back home to pick the pampers only to see Afya coming out of our matrimonial bathroom with only a towel. She was surprised and stood speechless looking at me. The next to come out was Gilbert who also came out of the bath. Hmm 
Let’s go to the  next episode. 
What do you expect next? 
What do you suggest Forgive to do? 
Let’s get interactive.
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FORGIVE season 2 episode 8

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               SEASON 2

              EPISODE 8

This rekindled their affair without me suspecting a thing. Nana Akua; Gilbert’s sister, noticing what was going on decided to inform me so that I come down to fight for what belonged to me.
“What’s the meaning of this? Nana Akua are you very sure of what you are saying? Or you just want to see how I will react?” I asked over the phone. 
Nana Akua told me she saw Afya twice in their house. She also added that she was sure Afya slept over one of the days.
Upon hearing that, I  smashed the phone  on the bed and felt like taking my life instantly. 

“How can this lady be against my life like this? And why should Gilbert be treating me like this?” I asked myself 
I just knew that my blood pressure rose to the highest level at that very moment. Sleep eluded me because I knew Afya and how cunning she could be. 
“How can such a person be my sister? It is just like forgetting my fried fish uncovered in the presence of a cat. Oh God!” I said to myself looking very worried. 
I called Gilbert severally but his phone wasn’t going through. I just didn’t want to call Afya. 
 Soon, my sister called me to inform me that we needed to go and release Sir. Luis from prisons after serving almost all years of jail terms. He was left with just six months to be a free man. Some colleagues from school also called to inform me about commencement of end of semester exams. 
I told my sister to let us postpone the bailing of Luis to the following week so that I could be able work on my missed quizzes and exams. She was okay with that. Thankfully, she agreed 
I then advised myself to return to the city and claim my man from Afya and also sort my grades out. That was actually supposed to be my last semester in school.
As usual, my aunty has finally moved to the pastor who impregnated her. I got home and Mr Dennis was not doing that bad. He was able to feed well. I asked him if he has been taking his drugs as expected. His said he do take them just  that he do feel shy to go for the drugs at the hospital when it’s time for review. 
I encouraged and gave him some medical advice on how to remain healthy despite being a carrier of the virus. I was practicing my nursing on him. 😊
Actually this has been found to be one of the major challenges that is making people living with HIV not to go for treatment. They feel stigmatized and also worthless when they try seeking for help. 
My plea to you out there is that we should help these people by loving and caring for them rather than stigmatising against them. They badly need our love and care more than ever. Note that HIV is not acquired only through sex. It could be you and it could be me. I advise those with the condition to seek treatment and forget about what society will say. To the youth, stop AIDS and love life. Good life they say, is an everyday thing. Live it well. 
Mr. Dennis really appreciated my education presence in the house. He had only himself to spend on so had some money in his account.
 I told him about how badly I needed money to buy my grades and he said he was ever ready to do anything for me provided I will continue to care for him. He gave me enough money. I also prepared enough food for him and left. I promised him I will be checking on him very often. 
Thankfully, I was able to get my way through and as a formality, those lecturers involved gave me the papers that was written already with the marking schemes to write and submit so that it doesn’t look like they gave me free grades. 
Over the weekend, I decided to go to Nsawam to see my beloved Gilbert. 
His father was very excited seeing me come back to the house. He opened his arms for me to hug him. 
When Gilbert came out of his room to see me, he only stood afar and welcomed me. He didn’t say anything again and went back into his room. His father asked me if I was able to get the marriage list. I then narrated everything that went on to him. He felt sorry for me and said I shouldn’t worry. He said I could move into their house and stay with Gilbert until I gave birth so that they will do all the rites at once. I thanked him for his love. 
When I got into the room to join Gilbert, he showed no sign of infidelity as my sister in- law claimed. I just went ahead to ask him what Afya was doing around him in my absence. 
He asked me who told me that Afya came to the house. He actually denied the claims. 
In the evening when he went to take his bath,  his phone started ringing and the caller was Afya. I called him loud and told him that Afya was calling. He warned me not to pick up his calls. That evening, we never spoke to each other until the following day when I told him I was leaving to campus and later come back to Nsawam to release Sir. Luis from jail. 
My sister and I,  together with the kinsmen of my village and my aunties husband, went to explain things to the authorities of the prison services and got Sir. Luis bailed. He had totally changed. 
According to the officers, he has become a born again Christian and used to preach to other inmates. The news about his release was all over social media and the dailies. Hope you also heard of it. 😊
The first thing I told him when I saw his face was that I was sorry for making him go through all these. He asked of my name which I mentioned. I saw tears engulf his eyes and all he could say was “God has forgiven you and I have also forgiven you.” 
I felt very guilty for all that which went on. I fell in love with him at the very moment. I wish I could give myself to him as a compensation for everything that happened. 
I told my sister about our fathers land and we decided to give him a large portion to use for himself. The chief and kinsmen also donated a fully furnished two bedroom house to him and asked him to feel comfortable in the community. 
Hmm unknown to my aunty that pastor she was staying with and she left her husband was just a child producing machine. It punched my aunty like a blow when she got to know that  the pastor has impregnated four other women in the church under the cover of counselling sessions in his mission house. God have mercy. 

To be continued…..
What happened at the wedding? 
Looking at Gilbert’s behaviour towards Forgive do you still advice they continue to marry each other? 
Is Gilbert’s father doing the right thing by asking Forgive to move into their house? 
Let’s get interactive. 
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FORGIVE season 2 episode 7

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               SEASON 2

              EPISODE 7
“Forgive, why are you looking so disappointed? ” my brother in- law asked.
“Please don’t waste your money on that man. He is evil.” I said to him.
“Forgive what has come over you? Don’t forget it is your father you are talking about. Were you not the one eager to get your father treated? I can’t understand this, please tell me something. What is it? My brother in-law asked. 
“My dear, it will be better you invest your money into a productive venture than to spend it on this psychopath I call my father.” I said very furiously. 
My sister moved two steps faster towards me and was about to slap me, thanks to her husband who was faster than her and held her hand. 
“Go ahead and slap me. Go into the room and ask your father the evil he committed. I now understand why people do say that the evil men do, live to follow them. He can’t eat his cake and have it back.” I said. 
“But why don’t you tell us what the issue is rather than keeping us in suspense? Tell me, what has he done?” my brother in-law said. 
“He killed his own wife; my mother. This man killed our mother in cold blood with his two hands.” I retorted. 
“What! Forgive never repeat this anywhere. How dare you accuse father like that?” my sister cautioned. 
“He is not dead yet, go into the room and ask him if am accusing him falsely.” I directed. 
My sister walked with heart almost exploding into father’s room. 
“Papa what is it that am hearing about the killer of mother?” my sister asked. 
Daddy didn’t respond. He remained silent. 
“You heard me loud and clear, who killed our only mother?” my sister, this time around, asked with an aggressive voice. 
“Hmm my daughter, all I need from you is a space in your heart to forgive me.” 
My sister cut in. 
“What is it that we should forgive you about? I asked a question and I only expect a response. Who killed my mother?” she exclaimed bitterly. 
This drew the attention of people living in our neighborhood to think that something was happening so they all came into the room. My father continued with a weak voice. 
“My daughters, please find a place to forgive me. Am sorry for what happened. I did that because I felt my wife; your mother, was looking mean  upon me. She was disrespecting me and moreover, I thought she was preventing me from taking another lady. She made me not to marry Afya’s mother. One night, we had some misunderstanding in the bedroom which lead to a fight between us. Unfortunately for me, my anger went too high and I went for a knife to stub her. I came into my senses only to know  that I’ve killed my wife. I didn’t know how to handle it so I sneaked and carried her into the bathroom and left the house.” My father confessed. 
Everyone around shouted aaahhhheeee!!! 
My sister and I bust into tears. 
“So why did you make them jail Mr. Luis for murdering her?” I asked in tears.
Still with a weak voice. 
“Mr. Luis threatened your mother the previous day so I felt that was a good opportunity for me to use so that no one will point fingers at me for killing my own wife. Am very sorry.” My dad said 

Hmm, ladies and gentlemen, One thing we need to know is that anger can make you do the unthinkable things and regret later. My daddy killed my mum because of anger and with same anger, I told everybody who cares to know about the atrocities of my dad without taking cognizant of the fact that the shame of the crocodile is also the shame of the alligator. 
My sister was equally pissed off and left with her husband. 
Soon, the case got to the kinsmen when they confronted my dad, he confirmed he did what he was accused of.
As tradition demands, the case got to the chief’s palace and as custom demands, my dad must be banished from the village.
I then came into my senses that I have a marriage ceremony ahead which I needed my father to be present.  I wished no one knew about this because I could not just stand the torture that my father would go through before the banish. The worse of it is that he must never step foot in the village again. 
I felt so much pain considering his health condition too. I had nothing to do because the law must take full course. Our hands were tied but all we could do was to cry for him. 
Our next move was to get Mr. Luis freed from prison. Honestly, I felt guilty for all that was going on. 
Already, Gilbert was not ready to make me his wife. All these marriage preparations were masterminded by his father. Anytime I call him to check up on him and tell him why I was keeping long in the village, he would just be giving me some attitudes which only makes me feel as if I was pushing myself on him. 
The semester was almost over and I still didn’t return to school. My friends do call to tell me about quizzes I’ve missed. That didn’t disturb me too much because I knew how to get my grades. My only challenge was the pregnancy. 
Afya knowing very well that I was at the village, took advantage of my absence and went to seduce my man or is it her man🤷🏾‍♀?

She went there to pollute Gilbert’s mind that I was rather flirting with my village folks rather than the excuses I was giving. 
This rekindled their affair without me suspecting a thing. Nana Akua, Gilbert’s sister, noticing what was going on, decided to tell me so that I come down to fight for what belonged to me. 
To be continued…. 
Was it necessary for forgive to feel guilty over what was happening? 

Were they right for letting the whole community know about what their father did? 
Let’s get interactive. Like and share your thoughts with us. 
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FORGIVE season 2 episode 6

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Jones Kwesi Tagbor 

                SEASON 2

                EPISODE 6
My sister’s husband drove down to help me rescue this misleading Afya.
This world is really a mysterious one. After driving miles to the city, my sister’s husband came to see how miserable I was. He (my sister’s husband) said he has a police friend who can help us in rescuing this my half sister.
We wasted no time in contacting this police friend of his. Fortunately for us, he was the divisional commander of police at that time so he quickly deployed his boys to assist us rescue Afya and bring the culprits to order. 
Together with the police, we were able to get to the location Afya claimed to be but nothing showed that such act could happen there. All thanks to technology, one of the police suggested we track Afya’s number for location. They quickly invited some BNI officials to join the hunt. They traced the location and gradually, we got the exact location.
After getting the location, some of the officers were made to return to the station as we went with only three officers. Afya was outside doing some washing when we got there. 
“Forgive is that not Afya washing there?  ” My brother in-law asked. “Honestly am surprised. She told me she was in danger. Hmm this is strange. ” I replied. 
Surprising to her, she saw the car entering her compound. She left the washing and made an attempt to run into hiding. 
“My friend stop there. Make sure you don’t move an inch.” One of the police commanded. 
I got down from the car and she saw me. “Afya but why should you lie to us to this extent? Where are the people who kidnapped you?” I asked. 
The officers and my brother in-law stood by the car looking at proceedings. 
“But why should you come to my house with police? Am I owing you or have I stollen anything of yours? Please you and your miserable father should let me have peace.” Afya bust out. 
“Officers please sorry for wasting your time. This lady rather misled me.” I said to the police. 
Afya gave us the insult of our life and told us pointblank that she will never and ever pay a dime for our miserable father’s treatment.
Her mother who was sleeping inside the room came out after hearing the commotion happening outside. 

“Afya what’s going on? What are policemen doing in my house? And who is this lady?” Her mother asked. 
“Mum, these things are here because I said I have no money to pay for their miserable father’s hospital bill.” Afya said. 
“No my daughter, I didn’t raise you up to be disrespectful to people. No matter the situation, respect them. Please am sorry for my daughters arrogance towards you. Can I know what the issue is?” Afya’s mum said. 
“Mummy please you don’t need to worry your head over this. We will be leaving now.” I said to her mum. 
No plea from Afya’s mother was able to change her mind. we had no option than to go and think about other alternatives.
On our way back from Afya’s place, my brother in law said he will go to his bank and see if he can get some loan. He also explained everything to his police commander friend who promised to give us Ghc5000 as a token after listening to our pathetic story. We thanked  him profusely and left to the village to continue to solicit funds to clear off the hospital debt as my brother in-law worked on the loan facilitation.
We went to pay half the hospital bill and my father was discharged. One evening, I went to him in his room. 
“Father, there is this thing I want to ask you. Why didn’t you tell us about Afya’s mother?”
“My daughter, hmm am sorry I didn’t tell you everything. It’s because I don’t have anything to do with her again that is why I hid it from you.” he said. 
“So how much money do you have  so that we can add some to what we have to settle your hospital bills.” 
“My dear, there is no money anywhere for me.But there is this land which is at the outskirt of the town. No one knew about it. Go and sell it and use the money to settle the bill. It is about 50 hectors. 
“So dad why should you hide this land from us till  this trying moment? What happens if you were to die without letting us know about it? Now am pregnant and about to get married. I don’t think selling this land will the best idea because that will be the only family property we have. If we sell it, it will mean we have nothing to boast of.”
“You have taken your mothers character when it comes to thinking ahead of time. Hmm I have  regretted killing her.” My dad unconsciously spit out the secret.
“Dad what did you just say? You killed mother with your own hands? Tell me you are joking.” 
“Forgive please keep this as a secret.” he said.
I got angry and slapped him for what he said. “You are a devil. You killed my only mother and you are telling me to keep it as a secret? Dad do know Mr. Luis, my former teacher is serving jail term because of this? You will rot in this room and die.” I said to him and walked out. 
My sister and her husband also arrived with the remaining money. 
“Forgive why are you looking so disappointed?” my brother in-law asked. 
“Please don’t waste your money on that man. He is evil.” I said to him. 
To be continued…
Was Forgive right to slap her father for letting the truth out? 
Do you agree Forgive leaves her father unattended to in order for him to pay for the evil he did? 
Let’s get interactive. 
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Timeline: Jones Kwesi Tagbor 
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FORGIVE season 2 episode 5

Jones Kwesi Tagbor 



         Season 2

         Episode 5
My dad said Afya’s mother never told him she was pregnant so it’s not true that Afya was his daughter. Afya requested for a DNA test to be done on the two of them to confirm if she was not my father’s daughter. The test was done and the result was an interesting one.
Per the test result, Afya’s DNA was same as that of my father. They both share same blood group as well. This confirmed Afya’s claims. We were all shocked and in a state of confusion. 
“Afya, meaning you are my sister all these while? This is very ridiculous. No. I can’t believe this is true. Never shall it be.” I said to Afya. I saw tears gushing out from her eyes as if her tears glads were punched.  I couldn’t control my emotions and also joined the tears rally. Afya moved to me and we both hugged each other. In tears, we were saying sorry to each other for causing ourselves all these while. My sister also came to hug us. The atmosphere that day was very solemn.
All medications and other treatments that were given to my father was not covered by the health insurance so the bill kept increasing by minutes. Oxygen and the likes hmm. Our hope was that since Afya assured us of taking care of the bills, we were not complaining and besides she has been proven to be part of the family. 
After consoling each other enough, Afya called her mother and informed her that she had finally found her father. Her mother said that was no concern of hers because of how my father messed up with her life. Afya asked her to calm down so they will talk about it when she returns. 
I later went into the ward in which my father was and informed him that I was pregnant so I wanted to come for the list so that the ceremony could be performed early enough to avoid any disgrace. 
He said he was happy to be alive to see me getting married. However, due to his current condition, he would want to delegate one of my uncles to stand in his place to do everything. I agreed to that. 
Afya told us that she would be returning to Accra to get money to settle the hospital bills so we shouldn’t worry. She said since we were one family, there was the need to help each other. “when brothers fight to death, strangers inherit their land. We can’t continue to be on the nerve of each other. I will fulfill my promise.” Afya said. I felt indebted to her by getting pregnant for her boyfriend. I told myself that it had happened already so there was nothing I could do to avert it. We only thanked her for showing care. She later left the facility. 
My sister’s husband came with a car so I joined them as we went to their place. We came to the hospital the following day to see my father and we were glad to see him recovering just that the hospital bill was growing more fat every minute. 
Interestingly, Afya only set us up like scarecrows. She never went to Accra nor to get any money. She went to her mother’s place the day she left the hospital. She only gave us fake promises to pay the bills. She told her mother that there was nothing to worry about because even she, Afya, will not allow her mother go back to my father.
 “……Mum do you even know that his children are expecting me to come and pay the hospital bills for them? Hmm” Afya asked her mother. 
“So what are you doing about that my daughter?” her mother asked back.
 “Mum why? do you see me as a mother Christmas or a charity event organizer? Over my dead bones will I spend my money on a man who got my mother pregnant and left her at the mercy of karma. He should wake up from his sick bed, work and pay his hospital bills. If his daughter can snatch the man I desired to marry, what good can come from them to us? Mum, don’t worry about them. I don’t even have enough to spend on my mother before spending on a psychopath like that man. Mother, my money is for you and no body else. Where were they when you were struggling to take care of me? Let me even put my phone off before they start disturbing me.” Afya said to her mom and switched her phone off. “My daughter, don’t pay evil for evil. Yes they’ve cost us a lot but we need not pay them back in their own coins.” her mother said. “Am in my room if you finish preaching the gospel according to St Thomas then you let me know.” Afya said and went into her room. 
Afya was only interested in knowing who her father was and upon seeing that he was no rich person, she even felt bad seeing my father as her father. She only pretended to us by crying at the hospital. I’ve been trying Afya’s phone and all I was told was that it was switched off. We were becoming worried because we didn’t know what happened to her. I called her sugar daddy lecturer to ask of her but the response was in the negative. I tried all other alternatives but couldn’t hear from her. We were all very worried about her. 
Three days and still no sign of Afya coming back. The hospital was also battling with space for their patients so they suggested we continue treatment for my father at home since the condition has stabilized. He was to be coming for review after every two weeks.
 We were referred to the revenue department to know our bill and pay before the discharge could be made. My sister’s husband went and came back with a form indicating that we were to pay as huge as Ghc10,000.00. According to them, they did a lever transplant for him. I saw the bill and got frightened.
 “Where on earth are we going to get this money now that Afya who agreed to pay the bill is still not showing up?” My sister asked.

 I told them I will follow up to her place at Accra and see what exactly was happening.
I set off to Afya’s place only for her neighbors to tell me that she never returned home after leaving the last time. My problem was I didn’t know the direction to her mother’s place neither do I have her mums contact number either. It just occurred to me to try her number again and things being so good, it went through. 
Afya regretted switching the phone on. She thought we might have given up on her that was why she switched it on. The first four callings went unanswered but on the fifth count she picked up. She sounded like someone who was dying. Even that alone scared me.
 In a teary and frightening voice she said “Forgive, Forgive, please help me. On my return from the bank with about Ghc20,000.00, armed rubbers followed me and took everything from me. They even ended up rapping me in their numbers. They have locked me up in their yard now. Please send me some money to use to beg them so that they release me.” 
“Oh my God! Are you serious with what you are telling me. What a wicked world. Let me rather go and report to the police than you trying to give them another money. Where exactly are you now? Please tell me so that we come and rescue you” I asked with utmost shock and fright. I was feeling very worried about her. 
“No, bringing in the police will only lead you to spending more money so don’t worry about the police. Am in their camp now.” Afya said. 
“My daughter what are we eating this evening?” Afya’s mother asked from behind her. She hanged up the call immediately her mother called. I heard the voice. 
“Ah! What exactly is happening? Whose voice was that in the background? But why did she hang up?” I asked myself several questions. I was a bit confused so I decided to go and report the issue to the police so that they save her from the robbers. I called my sister and her husband to inform them about what was going on. My sisters husband drove down to help me rescue this misleading Afya. Hmm 
To be continued……  
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FORGIVE season 2 episode 4

Jones kwesi Tagbor 


            FORGIVE 🙋

         Season 2

         Episode 4
“I think I can recognise that voice… Is that not Nana Akua girl, Gilbert’s sister? Forgive are you pregnant for my Gilbert?” Afya asked. “What is the problem with you at all? Can’t I have some privacy in my own hostel? And if in case I am pregnant, how does that concern you?” I asked. “hmm this girl is joking with me oo, I smiled in parables. If I should find out that you are pregnant for Gilbert, I swear, you will see the worst side of me. Read my lips. Why? You are trying to put enmity between Dr and I and now you want to finally take my Gilbert. You lie bad.” Afya threatened. “These are empty threats if you care to know. I don’t fear toothless dogs like you. Do you really care for Gilbert? Have you ever stepped foot into his house to find out how he is doing after he was discharged from the hospital? Probably this should be the biggest shocking news you will hear. I am pregnant for Gilbert and very soon we will get married.” I rebated. Afya remained silent and shook her head, took her phone and called Gilbert. “Tell me what am hearing is not true. Stop asking me what I heard. Tell me Forgive is not pregnant for you.” Afya said over the phone to Gilbert. “Sorry dear, it happened unconsciously and my father insisted that I marry her. So yes, it’s true. Thanks for everything.” Gilbert explained to her over the phone. “oh really! OK we shall see. The two of you just stepped on the tails of a scorpion.” she said and hanged up. 
“Forgive I think this time around you have won hands down. Congratulations but I assure you that we will revisit this topic. The battle line has just been drawn. I will go with you to your village to see your father so remember not to leave without alerting me.” Afya said. 
“How do you expect me to travel on the same buss with you after all these threats. Am I selling myself to be killed or what? Don’t take me for a fool” I advised. “No. I said we will talk about that issue later so I am coming  with clean hands and heart, I promise. There is nothing to fear.” she said. “Alright I’ve  heard you. I will be leaving in the morning but before then, I will go and pass through my aunt’s place before proceeding to the village. I need to take with me some few things that I left in the house. So maybe you can meet me at Tudu where I will be taking car.” I said to her. She agreed and left. “How can this small girl get married to my man and wants me to just sit back and watch that. I will teach her a lesson of her life. If the hunter can shoot without missing, then the bird must also learn how to fly without perching.” Afya said to herself. 
I called Nana Akua and told her everything and told her to be expecting me as her sister in-law. She was happy for me. Nana Akua was such a nice lady, she likes me as well. I do advice her to take her studies serious but she was also into men affairs on her campus. Anyways, it is said that birds of like furthers, flock together. 
The following day as planned, I left early to my aunt’s place only to find out that she left Mr. Dennis’ house last night leaving her husband alone at home and went to stay with the man of God that got her pregnant. She was expecting another pregnancy. I’d wished Mr. Dennis was not HIV positive, like I would have given the pregnancy to him and occupy my aunties position. 

Mr. Dennis was very happy to see me around. 
“Forgive am happy you are here. Your aunty left me to a different man. Right now I feel very worried about myself. I don’t have anyone to talk to nor to share my thoughts with. Afya has really disturbed me. She knew she was positive but went ahead to seduce me. Please forgive me and make peace with me. I don’t mind if you get married to the person who impregnated you. All I need is someone to be by my side. I even feel like taking my own life to end it all. 

Yes, because even my subordinates at work stigmatise against me. My own family has rejected me. I think death is the best option here. The world is tired of me. Let me die and wait for the rest of you to join me on the last day of the universe.” Mr. Dennis said in tears. 
“Uncle, please stop crying. Sorry for all that you are going through now. But you should know that you brought all these upon yourself. why should you sleep with Afya? I gave you all that you needed. I feel bad seeing you in this situation anyway. However,  you have done enough for me so I can’t just turn my back on you like that. I will always be by your side. Please don’t ever think of committing suicide. It is all part of life. Some of these things need to happen to teach others lessons. I think this is the time you should get closer to God. He may have mercy on you and cause some miracle to happen in your life. Taking your life is no option to consider. No, that shouldn’t be an option. You were the person who got me to where I am now. I can vividly remember that. 

I want to visit my father in the village, I will return in a day or two. Since I came to the city I’ve never been there and now that I’m pregnant, I need to go and inform him about it.”  I said to him in a very calm manner. He thanked me for my words of assurance. I prepared some food for him, arranged things in the house and encouraged him to be taking his anti retroviral drugs very seriously.
 I went for my things and left to meet Afya at the station where we both boarded the same car which took us to my village. On our way, we never spoke to each other until we got to Agorkpo. 
Everything in the community had change so locating my house 🏠 became a bit difficult but at the end, I was able to find my route. There was no one in our house when we got there so I needed to ask some neighbors around. They were surprised seeing me anyway. They told us that my father was at the Adidome hospital receiving treatment. They said he was taken ill when my sister got married not long ago. I couldn’t believe that but I thanked them for the info and went with Afya to the hospital. 
Honestly, my father had changed. He had grown lean and looked very old. I even felt shy of calling him my father. He couldn’t even recognize me because I’ve also become a big girl. 
“Papa it’s me your daughter who went to stay with aunty Rose 🌹 in the city. It’s me Forgive.” I introduced myself. 
“Oh oh oh! Forgive my daughter, thank you for coming back. Come and give me a hug. I owe you and your sister a lot of explanation and apology. I will soon die and you people need to forgive me.” he said. I went to hug him in the bed. “Why haven’t you been coming to the village to see your father after you left? I really missed you. I have some things to tell you and your sister before I die.” he said with tears engulfed his face. “Papa you are not dying now. You will be fine. Don’t you want to bless my marriage too?” I said to him. “Your sister left to get me some food. She will soon be back.”  he sad. “OK but what brought you here and for how long have you been here?” I asked. 
“My daughter, I can’t readily tell. I’ve sinned against God and you my children.” he said. “Papa, it’s okay, you are not feeling well, let all that long talks remain for now  and let’s see to it that you are fine.” I said to him. In no time, my sister arrived with her husband and she was equally pregnant. “Forgive is this you? Hmm, this world is a small place. So where have you been?” she asked. “I was with aunty Rose but left for school. What is the problem with Papa? ” I asked. “The doctor said his too much intake of alcohol has lead him to develop liver sclerosis. He has been here for more than a month.” my sister explained.
I want to take this opportunity to advise those of you who use alcohol as your drinking water. Note that it can damage your liver and kidneys. The next thing for you after that is death. Some of you call the big belly as “rich men” belly. No, it’s an enlargement of the liver that causes that. Alcohol can take you to your early grave so beware. 
My sister introduced her husband to me and asked why I didn’t come for her marriage ceremony because she expected me. I explained to her that I had no idea that she was getting married. She said she asked aunty Rose to inform me about it but she was told I was no more with them. “my sister, it’s a long story. Let’s talk about that later.” I said to her. “and who is this lady?” my sister said pointing at Afya. “She is a friend who  wants to see father. I am also here to inform papa that I am pregnant and need marriage list for the man to come and perform the rites.” I explained. Afya only swallowed her saliva hard upon hearing I was coming for marriage list. My sister welcomed her as well. She went close to my father and said she wished to have some chats with him. She asked, “papa can you remember Maa Jennifer, the petty trader who stays at kumasi.” “Jennifer, Jennifer, the slim tall and dark lady? Yes, yes, I remember her. It has been very long. Did she send you to me? Please tell her to forgive me.” my father recollected. Afya continued, ” was she your lover before?” “Yes, I had wanted to marry her in addition to my wife but my late wife stood against it.” my dad said and started coughing profusely. We rushed to call the nurses and they asked us to go out of the ward.
 “But why all those questions? If something should happen to my father, I will hold you responsible.” I said to Afya.
 “Forgive, it will interest you to know that your father impregnated my mother before leaving her alone. I am the product of that pregnancy. That man there is also my father.” Afya disclosed. 
“What! You must be joking.” My sister said. 
“Sister, I’m not joking. My mother is the Jennifer we were talking about.” Afya added. 
“My friend, you cannot just come  here and say things you have no idea of. Let my father himself confirm this.” I said to Afya. 
One of the nurses that went inside to attend to my father came out. We all rushed on him. We said in unison “how is my father?” the nurse said we should calm down and rather be praying for him. He said there are some complications so the doctor was coming to attend to him. He added that they will need some blood for him. Hmm. My sister and I were all pregnant so there was no way we could donate. My sister’s husband’s blood was also not compatible to that of my dad. The only option was Afya because they said they are short of that particular blood at the hospital’s blood bank. Afya is equally HIV positive. 
Soon, the doctor came and after seeing him, said it has become necessary they refer my father if not he would die earlier than expected. He also asked of the blood and Afya said she will donate. I quickly said No. Doc please this lady must not donate blood to my dad. The doctor then decided that we agree and refer my dad.  Afya said she will take care of the bills so they should process the referrals. We thanked her for the kind gesture.
The fact was that, she had her own agenda for doing that. My father was referred to 37 military hospital. Over there, they fixed some machines on him which brought him back into consciousness. We also bought some of the blood over there. We went to him to confirm if Afya was actually his daughter. My dad said Afya’s mother never told him she was pregnant so it’s not true that Afya was his daughter. Afya requested for a DNA test to be done on the two of them to confirm if she was not my father’s daughter. The test was done and the result was an interesting one. Hmm this world is really interesting. 
To be continued……  
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