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​Life on Campus episode 8

Life on Campus 
Episode 8
It was one early morning around 5am that Esinam sent me a text message which reads  that she was expecting her menses that week but it didn’t come. 😳 I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I opened it more wider to read the message again. “How?, and what does that mean? ” I asked myself. ” Could it be that Esinam is pregnant or what? ” I then rationalized and said to myself that Maybe it was due to the more intake of those contraceptives that led that. Yah it happens at times. More intake of these oral contraceptives can lead to a change in a ladies menstrual periods. It either makes the menses  comes earlier or later than than the usual cycle which can also lead to unexpected pregnancy because you may miscalculate your free period and if  you  should  commit yourself, pregnancy won’t be far from you. So this thought came into my mind so I quickly called Esinam around 6:30 that morning and told her not to be afraid of anything because it does happen. She accepted what I said by faith and became quite calm. In fact I was just praying that the following week should come quick with a good news of menstruation. Two days later, I went to town and on my return I bought her some pads in anticipation of her menses . I think it was “Always” I bought because she once told me that, that  is what she uses. The following week came and almost two days past and no sign of blood. Ei!!  We were both seated on a time bomb which was about to explode. Friday of that week came and nothing. In the third week, I realized that Esinam was not herself. She always feels very tired after doing something small. I asked her what was the problem and she told me that she thinks she was  pregnant. I asked her whether  has she been experiencing that early morning fever but she said no. Her front defenses were also gathering more momentum and her complexion too was somewhat changing. She doesn’t feel for food too.  I then recommended that she go see the doctor at the university hospital for further assessment. Hold and behold, the report revealed that Esinam was a month old  pregnant. I wish I had that spirit where one could vanish and never appear again after she showed the report to me at her hall. We were both muted for almost 30 minutes, then I asked her that what were we going to do about it. She quickly raised up her head and asked me to repeat myself. “I am not going to anything to myself or the pregnancy so don’t even think of anything or plan anything. Maybe start planning of how to become a father ” Esinam reported. I just sensed it that the rapture the Bible promised was about to happen. ” what am I going to do? How do I tell my parents? How do I take care of a pregnant lady in my first year? ” those were some rhetorical questions flashing through my mind. I boldly told her that she can’t keep that pregnancy but must abort it. I said that with some courage. She said I was joking and no one not even  her parents would ask her to abort the pregnancy  and she would listen. so I should forget it . She also said she was of age and can take care of herself so that  won’t be a problem. In fact I planned to secretly terminate the pregnancy in my own way. I then designed some plans to execute my plans. 
Will I be successful? What would be the consequences of my plans? Get answers to these questions in the next Episode. 
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​Life on Campus episode 7

Life on Campus 
Episode 7
In about three hours after I sent the text message, I saw her call coming in. I wished you saw how my heart quickly ran to its normal position. I was so happy just to see her call coming in. I decided to call her back so I  cut the call and returned it. As soon as she answered the call, I addressed her as my queen. She quickly shut me down with a very hash voice. She said ” don’t even start it. Who is your queen? That is your very last time of hearing my voice. Go and be with that your so-called friend and insult anyone the way you like ” the most hurting part of her comments was that I shouldn’t even try calling her again and I should also pretend not knowing her from anywhere. As a matter of fact, my mouth was locked up. Because I lost all my words instantly. Have you heard of Tabula rasa before? That was what happened to me.  After bombarding me with those battalions of words, I remained silent for almost five minutes. Then I came in as the most innocent person on earth. I responded to her in a very cool and caring voice.  ” Esinan, I won’t straggle  with you but I know within me that  what am telling you is the truth and nothing but the truth. My heart is pure about what am telling you but you seem not to believe me. But I want you to understand that I love you and will still remain faithful within my heart until you finally get married to whoever will marry you ” after telling her these things, I realized she was crying over the phone. There I said in my mind that I got her. I told you ladies will always be ladies. God has given them a very soft heart. If they should get on fire like what, All that you need to do is to talk to them with a very cool and innocent voice. Esinam became convinced and told me that she also loved me. She then asked me to promise her that nothing would come in-between us because she loved me so much that  she became shocked when   she saw that message. I thanked her for understanding me. One important thing about relationship is understanding each other. Now my relationship with Mercy came to a halt because since that day, she never steped her foot in  my place. The days passed by till the vacation came to an end and we returned to campus. We both planned reporting early so that we could  have some quality time together before academic work starts. We actually enjoyed ourselves. We went on a tour to Kakum national park and Elimina castle. Some of our games were without protection.  After the second month of the semester, Esinam sent me a text message that her menstruation did not come as expected. I quickly  remembered that day when  the balloon got bust in the middle of Moses’ red sea. “how can that happen and what does that mean?” I asked myself 
Is Esinam pregnant? And what happened to me?  Follow me to the next Episode. 
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​Life on Campus episode 6

Life on Campus 
Episode 6
I regretted  leaving the room that day. Before I returned to the room, Mercy left the room without even locking the door. I went straight to my Facebook page to check what went on. “Oh! My o my, come and see trouble give me. Mercy impersonated me and wrote to Esinam that I was  with my lady so she should Stop disturbing my relationship and also she should cut her coat to her size. She added that I don’t love her and all I needed was to take advantage of her which I succeed doing.  I realized Esinam didn’t reply the message but went offline in the next two minutes after she read that message. “Oh my God  what has this lady done to me?” I said to myself. In fact I wished I could in the next second of seeing that mess  get to wherever  Esinam was  just to make her understand that those words were not mine. If Mercy were to be anywhere near me, I didn’t know what would have happened. It’s either I would have been in police custody or something else. I was more than a schizophrenic who seems to be in a different world. I called Esinam for about five times but no response. I called Mercy to release my anger on her but her phone was off. I logged back to the Facebook page but she was still offline.  Now my problem too was that I didn’t know how to confront Mercy for her malicious behavior. I was actually disturbed more than being in the State of cacophony. I then decided to send Esinam a text message  instead, because I couldn’t  just afford to end that relationship like that. I then sent her this message. ” Hello my queen, I know you won’t find any meaning in these words but they are the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I was not the one who sent you those insulting words. It was a friend who came to my room at the time I went to take my bath. She is not my girlfriend and she was not in Anyway my girlfriend. She impersonated me and sent that message to you . She actually wanted my attention which I denied her and out of jealousy, she interrupted with my chat. So my plea to you is that you should not act based on that message. Just disregard it. I love you and I won’t make anything to hurt you. Please disregard that message and respond to my call. I love you. ” that was the message I sent to her. In about three hours later she called. Hmmm she actually gave me the greatest shock of my life.  
I never thought I could be among the living as at today after that shocking call. But the fact remains that ladies will continue to be ladies. See what happened in the next Episode. 
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​Life on Campus episode 5

Life on Campus 
Episode 5
Mercy started behaving in some unusual  way towards me. She does not visit me as usual, and respond to my questions sharply. One day, I arranged for a meeting between us because I also do not want to  let go the  relationship like  that. If anything kraa,  she should leave the relationship but not me. We met at some chop bar in a town next to ours. I asked her why the sudden change in behavior. Surprisingly, she asked me why I couldn’t make time for her at the time she came to the campus. I told her I don’t understand what she was insinuating. She said I have changed since I went to school because I no more have time for her. We hardly chat on phone for long again and anytime she would call, I will tell her I was busy. These were some of the allegations she raised against me. I smiled at her and told her that nothing was  happening at her back. I made her to understand that I still loved her and nothing would separate us. She became convinced with my magic words and smiled back at me. We took fufu with fresh palm wine at the chop bar. When we return to my house, we entertained ourselves very well. One day, in something she called a  surprise visit, I was chatting on Facebook with Esinam In my room using my laptop. I least expected her that early morning so when I heard the knock on my door I thought It was one of my siblings. I opened the door leaving the laptop on the bed. As soon as I opened the door, she opened requested for a hug. I had no other option than give inn and also kissed her. Anyway, ” greet your neighbor with a Holly kiss “. I tried preventing her from seeing the laptop screen because I was just telling Esinam how loving she was and also  how gregarious she was when at work in my under factory. Unfortunately for me, Mercy came with some  kumawood movie CD titled “Odor Carpenter party 1&2″ and besides it was my laptop we do use in watching movies anytime she was with me. So what I did Was to quickly minimize the Facebook page but she saw me doing that. She then asked if I have finished chatting so that we could watch the movie. I said Yes. Then she took the laptop and insected the disc. I didn’t want her to feel anything fishy so I never mind. Unfortunately, she connected the laptop to the big speaker in the room. As the movie was playing, Esinam was sending messages so the notification sound was interruption the movie. Because she was controlling the laptop, she paused the movie and maximized the Facebook page.” Oh my God what was  this lady upto?” I said to myself. Esinam was referring to me as “honey” in her message. As soon as she saw that, she asked, ” who was that ” I told her just a friend back at SHS. Mercy at the time was in a vocational school reading food and nutrition. She then scrolled up to see our previous chats. I was actually seated on a time bomb at the  time. I quickly excused her to go take my bath. She never spoke a word. I went out of the room because I knew what she was capable of doing. I guess that was a wrong move I took because she replied Esinam back in my absence. I was actually mad at myself. 
Read what she sent to Esinam in my absence and how I maneged the situation in the next Episode. 
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​Life on Campus episode 4

Life on Campus 
Episode 4
Yah what went on  that evening was just a blast💥  mouth cannot explain all. The akans would tell you “es3 woeni na 3ns3 Wukatsr3”. After the food Esinam said she wanted to take her bath so that we could go out because we planned going out that evening.  Now the issue too was that it was a single and a  small room which contains two people with their belongings so you could imagine  how small the room space would be. I told Esinam that I wanted to go out so that she could undress herself and change so that she could go take her  bath. She said there was no need for me going out. And besides i will one day see whatever she would be hiding that day and besides that too she would use her cloth to cover herself. I agreed in silence  and sat on her bed. In the process of undressing herself with the help of her cloth, her phone rang. The phone was besides me on the bed. So with her body halfway covered with the cloth she came closer to pick her call. I couldn’t just withstand looking at her in the cloth. I never thought of that but at that time hmmm I guess you would also feel the same way.  Esinam was a fair and hairy lady with a round body. She is not too short but not tall too. As she turn towards me to pick the phone I could just read every manuscript and geographical drawing under the cloth. The front defense mechanical agents were just a wao.  My key of being a man could not sit quietly without nodding its head and enlongating its necks to appreciate the good workes of the lord . Esinam noticed the storm and tsunami going on inside me. I guess she should be an experienced lady. Because I t tried hiding my feelings but she could detect it.  She stood right in front of me turning herself as she was  receiving the call. After the call which was from her mother, she sat down besides me and asked  what was wrong with me because she could realize I was not comfortable within myself. I told her I was ok. Then she placed her hands on my head and moving it all over my head making it possible for me to clearly read what was about happening. I asked her to go and lock the door which she did. When she came back she moved to pick her handbag and took some pill. I guess it was a contraceptive. She then dropped the cloth to the ground. Oooooh my gooodness!! All my imaginations were right. All in all it happened. We went on a three round boxing game. That day hmm I can’t forget it. She then went to take her bath and return. I was there when she did all her face painting and dressed up. I helped her close the zip at the back of her top dress. She gave me her expensive perfume to use on my body. After we went out to Goil where we enjoyed some live band music and took some soft drinks. At Goil, I switched off my phone because I knew Mercy would call to disturb my day. We return to campus around 11pm that night. I sent her to her hall and return to mine. We went back to Facebook to continue our chat. She thanked me for the good work I helped her do and I also thanked her for the opportunity. We lived happily for the rest of that semester. On vacation, we continued with our chat both voice calls and Facebook. Mercy was now suspecting some secret game going on around her so she designed some ways to get me. Eii ladies of these days. They are capable of doing anything to get what they want. 
The next Episode would tell some of the plans Mercy planned against me. Don’t forget to leave your comments. 
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​Life on Campus episode 3

Life on Campus 
Episode 3
I called Mercy back and told her that Thursday  would be one of my busy days so I may not be able to make it. She agreed to what I said but said she would passby to see where I was  and then would continue to the castle. Because I had no other excuse I agreed to that. The next day which happened to be a Wednesday, I informed Esinam that that my kid sister would be visiting me the next day. I told her that my parents sent her to bring me some food stuffs. Esinam said she wanted to see my sister when she comes. I said in my head,” ah! wenney wahala be this one too ” I simply responded ok. We had a busy day attending one lecture to the other. I always eat at her place every evening. So same thing went on that day. Thursday came and I was thinking of how to manage the situation. At the time I was still thinking, Esinam called to check on me and then also reminded me of the African studies lecture that would come off in the evening. We both planned the day together. About two hours to the time for my African studies, Mercy called and said she was around Saltpond coming. Which would mean that she would get to campus in almost an hour time. I dressed up waiting for her. Esinam also called and said she was coming so that we move to the lecture together. “Trouble don come finish ” I said to myself. Quickly I called her back and told her that my sister was in town so I was going to meet her and pick the items and return quickly. She asked why I wanted to meet her in town and I told her she was finding it difficult getting car to campus. Ok. She replied but added that I should bring her to campus just for her to see her face and I agreed. I did all these so that Esinam would not think of coming to my place. Thankfully it worked. Mercy came and I met her at the main gate. I walked with her to my hall and showed her where I was. I then told her that I had a class in the next ten minutes so she should start going so that I could go for the class. She said   was that class more important than her presence? I turned a deaf ear to that and insisted she leaves. She had no other option than to go. When I was about sending her to get a car to the castle, Esinam called. I only put the phone on silence and pretend to be receiving the call. Unfortunately for me She called again and the phone rang even as I was pretending to be receiving the call. But Mercy could not detect that. She got a car and off she left. Awww as if a heavy load had been taken off  my head. I called Esinam and told her I left my phone in the hall and went to meet my sister. Ei I don’t even know how to lie. She then asked me how come? so how was I able to meet with my sister? She asked.  I told her lies upon lies. Finally I went to the lecture and only to see someone seated  beside my queen charming. I needed to get a different place for myself. After the lecture I told Esinam my sister was not ready to come to the campus. So it ended there. In fact I thanked God within my inner self. I went to her place for our usual supper. At the time we got there, her roommate was also not around. Hmmm something happened. 
Watchout for what went on that evening in the next episode. 

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​Life on Campus episode 2

Life on Campus 
Episode 2
All these while, Esinam was  just studying me to see how I behave without my knowledge. We continued to live happily as good friends. We do share some important resources and show reciprocity as well as encouraged each other in times of difficulties. One day at her hall she asked                                                by me if I was dating. Hmmm how do I respond to this question. I asked myself. Then I asked her back that why did she ask? She said she just want to know since we were friends we could know each other better. My problem was that even though I had Mercy back home by then I had no hope in that relationship so I answered her no. She quickly turned to look into my face. At the time, she was preparing some beans stew which we would be using to take some boiled yam. She then asked if I had ever dated? Things were becoming tough for me there because I was not comfortable with her questions. I answerd her Yes. But why are you two no longer she asked. I told her she called it off and not me. Why? were you not caring enough? She added. I told her she cheated on me with my own friend that was why. There she was sorry for me but asked again whether I still loved her. I said no because it have been long now since we broke up. With a minutes or two of silence, she asked if am interested in her. In fact I nearly lost consciousness because I was in a State of cacophony. Already I told you am one of the shy guys. I laughed as she asked the question then I as asked if the food was ready. She said almost and asked why the laughter? With a bit of seriousness I asked her why she asked. She asked me if that was what I was taught from my high school to answer question with another question. Hmmm I just didn’t know where to start. I said to her ” but like i do not like and love you do you think I will always be besides you? ” she didn’t respond and pretend not to hear that. I went on and by saying “you seems different from other ladies I know. You respect, you are not proud even you have, you are God fearing and above all you seems to be very caring in addition to your beauty. ” I added, “these are just few of the reasons behind me loving you ” I realized that her face suddenly changed and somewhat becoming emotional. She turned back and said with a very cold voice and said the food was ready. She couldn’t look direct into my face as saying it. I stood up from where I was seated and went close to her. I stood right in front of her and held her two hands. She bowed down her head simply because she was shy of me. There I said to her “Esinam, I love you do you also love me?” Eii this ladies face changed into a different person because I see her heart full of love and that inner feeling that boys find difficult controlling. She replied and said “Yes I do but promise you won’t hurt me because I was hurt twice already. ” I also agreed not to hurt her. We stood with our hands together for almost ten minutes then she said the food was getting cold so we should go and eat. I just couldn’t help by asking for a peg. That peg led to a kiss but not what you are thinking. We went to eat and conversed whilst we ate. After the food she saw me off to pick a shuttle buss back to my hall valco. I became one of the happiest people on campus that day . When I got to the hall I called her to inform her that I reached safely. At the time I was at her place her roomates were not around. In the nigh we chatted on Facebook because watsup was not as popular as it is now in Ghana. She sent me some beautiful pictures and also told me a bit about herself. During the process of the chat my girl at home called. She said their church had arranged for a trip to cape coast castle so on their arrival she would stop by and go with me and that would be Thursday. Oh but it is this Thursdays that we do have our African studies lecture where Esinam would also be around. I told her ok but I would check my schedules to see if I could make some time for her. I was  beginning to become confused. 
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