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             Episode 7
         Johnny under a spell
On Tuesday, my mother gained a bit of consciousness. I went to see her and she spoke to me in a very weak voice. “John, you need to be prayerful. I won’t always be there to carry your cross.” “Mum what is the meaning of what you just said? You are not dying now so stop talking like that.” I said to her. I began to feel itches   around my manhood, it was irritating  but I didn’t pay much attention to it. In some few minutes, my mother started coughing seriously. I ran out of the ward to call the nurses around to come to her aid. One of the nurses also  ran to call the doctor to  see what was going on. The cough persisted and this time around  came with blood. We were all sitting on time bomb. The pastor to help us in prayer himself was  also on admission due to the accident. All these while, my mother was fighting a spiritual battle on my behalf. Let’s take note that not  all that blisters is gold. My siblings abroad went into a serious moment of prayer and my father also called some elders of our church to assist him in prayers. The spiritual battle became very tough this time round. I was trying to pray with them but to be honest, I didn’t even know where to start from. Instead, the irritation on my manhood increased so I needed to get a place to hide and check what was happening. I went into one of the washrooms, unhooked my belt, unzipped my trouser and went down into my boxer only to see that the tip of  my manhood has  become so red. “What is happening to me? why all this?” I asked myself in displeasure. I came out from the washroom, found myself a place to sit just to think about myself when my phone rang. I answered, and it was my father. “Johnny where are you? ” He asked and I told him I was inside the washroom. “Please come around immediately.” He ordered and without wasting much time, I went to meet him.  He told me the doctor said   my mother has to be flown to  South Africa for continuity of her  treatment so he thinks he would now need the money I had wanted to give him earlier to add to his money to pay for the processing fee. I hurriedly gave out all the money as I couldn’t bear the sight of my sick mother and yearned to have her treated but I was so wrong. That money rather went in to  strengthen Enyonam and her camp because we were now indebted to them. The processing was done and she was flown out to South Africa. My father went with her leaving his work behind. I called Enyonam to tell her the current developments. I also told her about the irritability of my manhood. She encouraged me  and said the irritability might be as a result of the pool we bathed because sometimes, people with all sort of infections do bath the same polluted water and share their infections. However, she said she had some medicine that could cure it so I should come back with immediate effect since my mother was no longer in the country. I returned to Tema and invited her over to my place. She came with some herbal medicine for me to take. This was where I got blindfolded to her tricks. After taking the concoction, the irritation stopped and rather made me horny. I became so much aroused that it was so uncontrollable. She was already around me so there was no time to waist. We started kissing each other and soon, we were both unclad in my bed. This time around, I left no stone unturned  as she moaned and groan in pleasure. I knew not where I even got the  strength from but I still  gave her three rounds  without any protection. All this while, my mother was still battling with her life. She became weak as a result of the fun I was having with Enyonam because that was draining her spiritually. She finally died on their arrival to the South African general hospital. The news came in the evening of that day. I sat down on my floor as tears rolled down my cheeks with no efforts like a waterfall.  I cried so bitterly because I never expected her to die so soon. How I wish I could raise the dead. 
Hmm, I told you from the beginning that the devil looks for  the weaker vessels to get to the main target. Now, the pillar and foundation of my home has been destroyed. But should that be a guarantee for the devil to take over everything? 
My mother’s remains was brought back to Ghana where preparations towards her final burial was made. Enyonam was very supportive in everything. In fact, she made me feel loved despite  losing my mother. She tried to stand in place of my mother. She demonstrated maturity to my family so everybody began to like her.  I introduced her to my father and other siblings that she was  the woman I would be getting married to. “John you better behave yourself,  we are mourning mummy and you are here talking about marriage.” My senior brother cautioned. “Oh Bro, so should life not continue after mum’s death? Or is it because you are not married, you don’t want anyone of us to get married? Look whether you like it or not I will soon be getting married. ” I replied as we did some small quarrel at the funeral grounds.  As a form of last respect, my father wrote in his tribute how his wife was able to establish him because of her prayer life. He acknowledged having her as a wife who was a home builder, advisor, financial controller and love legend. My daddy shed tears that day. That was the first and last time if seeing tears role down my daddy’s eyes.  In my tribute, I also acknowledged how she was able to save me from that night club incident. The whole atmosphere that day was solemn . We finally put her to rest in peace.  Her soul rest in peace. 
Back to Tema after everything, I resumed work and life with Enyonam continued. Anytime I asked her to take me to her place, she finds excuses to give me but once she was coming to my place, I was not worried. I told Xorsenyo, a colleague of mine at work about my new found girl. I made him aware of how supportive she was to me during my mother’s funeral. I told him to follow  my foot steps  so that he can  find a good lady like my Enyonam. “Eei Charley! now you turn into relationship counsellor? Masa go counsel Mr Koomson  our boss because he is the person who doesn’t have any good human relation.”  Xorsenyo said as we both laughed over it. “You, this man will get you.” I told him. 
Our boss never gives us breathing space when he is around. He will always find fault with whatever you do. He also feels we may end up taking his position from him if in case we should be retained. He was at his position as a result of long service and there was a memo calling for qualified and competent workers to apply for that position which Xorsenyo and I did apply.  Due to this, the human relation he was to give us was not there. In his presence, we do behave as  if we fear him but that was not the case. It was just a mere respect as our boss. 
Xorsenyo use to walk with me home after work almost all the time so one day, Enyonam was passing by and  visited. I introduced her to my friend . 
You see, for God so love the world, He won’t just allow the devil  to take total control of His own. Rather, He will always place people in our way to redirect our steps but it also comes down for us to  hear and obey the Lord’s voice especially in this  our generation. 
Me: Enyonam meet my colleague. We both  work in the same office. His name is Xorsenyo. 

Xorse, meet my beautiful damsel. She is Enyonam, my all in all.  I landed a peg on her cheek.
Xorsenyo: waow! very beautiful. Nice meeting you sweetheart. He stood and shook hands with her but he reacted in a way after the handshake which I didn’t understand. 
Me: Is everything okay? 
Xorsenyo: yeah, yeah all is well. Charley but you get eagle eye oo. In fact you do all. This lady ‘dey bee’. 

I laughed and said he should behave. 
Enyonam: thank you dear. Guys I need to be going because some customers will be coming to look for me. 
Me: oh ok. We’ll talk in the evening. 
Xorsenyo: oh are you leaving because I’m here? Oh don’t do that. Charley, Johnny ‘I dey step house. The lady dey shy me.”
Enyonam said she was just passing and wanted to check on us so my friend shouldn’t take any offense. Together with Xorsenyo, we accompanied her to her car. 
After she left, Xorsenyo held my hand and pulled me with him to the room. 
Xorsenyo: heer! my guy, run for your life. What did I say? I said start running gidigidi like a horse for your life.  “That girl no get any good spirit.” Didn’t you see the vibration I had  when I shook hands with her? This thing normally happens to me if my body senses danger ahead.  Look, it’s not about beauty oo,  for how long do you even know this girl? Look, I will advise you to better be upstanding and run for your life. Is it her money you are following or what? Me I talk my own. 
Me: Ah!  You kraa what is your problem? Is it because I brought you to my place to see my woman so you think you can talk any trash to me or what? Are you getting jealous or something? “make you no come bore me for here”.  Try and look for some and stop discouraging me. All you know to do is to follow old ladies and say girls. Look don’t bring your wahala on me oo. 
Xorsenyo: oh sorry. My guy,  we will meet at work tomorrow. I was Just talking to you as a friend and a brother but see what you are saying? Make sure you don’t call me if anything should start happening.  He said and left the house. 
I got bored at him that day. You shouldn’t blame me, I was under the spell. The following day as boys boys, we reconciled and shared other jokes. We even went on break together. 
My daddy also started complaining of illness very often. Due to this, he felt it was stress so he resigned from his work to have some rest. He was nearing his retirement thou but he resigned. Fortunately for me, I was retained after my service and was made the internal auditor for a section of the Harbor. Mr Koomson was promoted to a higher position which he still needed to supervise my work.  My salary was not bad so I rented a new apartment which was a two bedroom self-contained. As soon as I moved into my new apartment, Enyonam called and said some fraudsters came to defraud her so she needed some money from me to purchase goods for her shop. Because I knew she helped me before, I also gave her all I had on me. This time around, our expenses when we go out was on me. My  father was no longer working and was thinking because I’ve secured a good job, so  I would be taking care of him. I rather focused on impressing Enyonam. I could be having money but when my father asked me for money, I will only give him excuses. My account never increased.  I just had the name as an internal auditor but I was not able to save any money. I was leaving hand to mouth life. The devil comes to still and to  destroy. It will give you with the left hand and take it back with the right in multiple folds. Enyonam said since I now have my own work, I should come and see her parents so that we get married. That sounded good to me so I started planning towards marriage. We decided that the following weekend, I would go and know where she stays. Hmm, wonders they say shall never end. 
Follow me to the next episode let me tell you what happened next. 

1. Should one hastened to get married because he or she has a found work? 

2. Are you neglecting your parents because your attention is now on your partner? 
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          BEHIND THE MASK🎭
             Episode 6
         Johnny falls in the wrong hands
When it was getting late, I suggested we go to my house so that she get to know there. Behind my mind, I wanted to break my virginity that day. But come to think of it, the following day will be a  Sunday and Enyonam would have to lead the church in praise and worship. Anyway she agreed to go with me. She instructed her driver to take us to where I stay. I was fortunate things were well arranged in my room that day Just that there was not enough things. When we were in the car going to my place, I was not comfortable that we had a third person who was the driver. He also knows me as a member of the church so I wasn’t that happy in the car. When we got to my place, Enyonam asked the driver to wait for her in the car so she won’t keep long. “Oh why should he be left alone in the car? Allow him to come with us” I said even though not from my heart but to show some sense of humor. The driver himself said I shouldn’t be worried about him so he will wait for her outside. That was heart warning to me but I agreed as if that wasn’t my will. I held Enyonam’s hands as we moved inside. I had only one chair in my room and besides it was a single room self-contained. “You are welcome to my small room. Make yourself comfortable let me get you some fruit juice.” I said to her as she sat down on the chair. “You have a very nice place. But why should a whole accountant be living in a single room? ” she asked. “Oh this is Just a temporal accommodation. I will be moving to a different place after my service.” “Are you on national service?” “Yes, I am, but I thought you were  already aware about that.” I replied and went to open the fridge for the drink. She kept staring at the things in the room as she was sipping her drink. 
“Bro John I really enjoyed the outing with you today. You are such a darling.” “Wao really! then that’s nice. You also made it more fun. I couldn’t Just believe my eyes seeing you in your bikini. You are very beautiful. I Just can’t describe your shape. ” I replied with a face full of joy and a bit of surprise. “Hahaha so which part of my body attracted you most? ” she asked. “Honestly, I’m not sure I can be selective here because everything was Just on point. But since you asked, your hips and lips were so charming. How I wished you are mine. ” I replied with a low tone this time around because I was getting aroused with her questions. “John close your eyes Let me show you something.” She commanded. Okay. I closed my eyes but she asked me to turn and face the wall which I obeyed. Within two to three minutes, she said I should turn and open my eyes. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I wouldn’t  love to describe what I saw in my room that evening . My very first time of seeing a woman’s complete nakedness. Oh Sorry, I said I won’t mention it. Soft and protruding front and back mechanical defenders. Oh my word, the African beads on her waist, oh let me Just stop it because  I couldn’t resist the temptation. She moved slowly to me and lifted up my polo-shirt exposing my hairy chest. It was as if I was placed in a deep freezer, I froze and couldn’t do anything to help myself. She passed her hands through my hairy chest and down to get my belt out of the hook. The kiss started from that place. As novice as I was, I was the one doing the shouting as she was Just grooming and moaning  within herself. The forbidden forever riped fruit was finally exposed to the hungary bird. I released all my stored energies into her that Saturday. There was nothing like a condom, we went flesh for flesh.  After a successful three good  long rounds, I became very weak to the extent that waking up from the bed became difficult for me. She asked for my towel. I pointed at it and saw her going to take her bath. Before she returned from the bath,  I was fast asleep.

Hmm, This was not the Enyonam I knew from school. This Enyonam  was a marine spirit sent into the church to destroy the youth of the church. She was able to overcome the big wings of the church so the church was Just operating as a corn husk fire. Hardly will you see them preach about salvation or about the sovereign power of God.  She was able to seduce the leader’s of the church and slept with them. I think I should say they were all dead spiritually. My advice to men of God who thinks they are Just taking advantage of their female members Is that, you might have been feasting with the devil in the name of enjoyment. You are dead in spirit.  Enyonam  is also able read the minds of people to know what they actually wanted. You may ask how I got to know about this. I will tell you later. 
After taking her bath, she did something like a charm and had some plenty money.  She looked at me sleeping helplessly and  smiled. She left the  money on the bed  and left without me knowing the exact time she left. I woke up around 10pm only to see the money beside me. Initially I got scared because I thought she was the one who turned into the money.  I went to check the bathroom and kitchen but she was not there. I went out to see if the car was there but they were gone. I came back to the room and called her on phone. 
As soon as she picked the call, she said,  “My sweet boy, I guess you Just woke up. You won’t believe I’m missing you already.”
Me: yeah but I woke up some  few minutes ago. I saw some money on my bed my bed after I woke up. Were you the person who left them?  
Enyonam: Sweetheart, I left the money for you. It is a gift from me to you. Use it to replenish your energy lost because I will be coming for more of such wonderful times. 
Me: Really? Aww thank you so much. This money can even take me till the end of my national service. 
Enyonam:  I should be  thanking you rather  because you gave me the best I had ever wished for. That is Just a token. I love you. 
Me:I love you more Enyonam. 
Enyonam: Hope to see you at church tomorrow. 
Me: what!  Will you be able to go to church tomorrow? I believe we won’t be clean in the presence of God tomorrow. Also remember that tomorrow is the lord’s supper Sunday. Me am not sure I can go. I will be feeling guilty in the house of God. 
Enyonam: Dear, I hope you are aware that we are no longer under those Moses law again. Have you forgotten that, God has paid for all our sins already and has now placed us under grace? now the grace abounds so don’t worry. Your sins had been payed for long ago.  Meet me at church tomorrow. 
Ladies and gentlemen, this is how sometimes the devil tries to play tricks on us. He quotes the Bible to influence us simply because we ourselves do not know much of what the Bible says. Shall we continue to since because the grace abounds? Certainly not. 
I became convinced about what she told me so I agreed to go to the church. The following day at church, Enyonam was present and lead the period of worship before the word of God came. Nothing had changed from her standard of worship. Her songs were spirit filled but my question was that was that power in the songs she sang coming from God? During the lords supper time, we both took it. I  was actually feeling guilty for what happened but she was very Okay with it. After church, I received a call from my father that my mother had fallen sick severely. He said they’ve rushed her to the hospital and at the time, she was on admission. The following day will be Monday and I was supposed to be at work but I had no other option to absent myself and go and see my mother. I called one of the permanent staffs at my department, Xorsenyo and told him my problem. He assured me of telling my boss when he gets to work. I also informed Enyonam about it so in the evening of that Sunday, I travelled back home to see my mother. 
It was a sad scene. My mother became paralyzed and couldn’t even talk. My daddy said the thing Just happened to her. My father was asked to pay some money so that they refer her  mother to 37 military hospital. I payed the money on his behalf because I took Enyonam’s money on me. At the hospital, our pastor back at home came to the hospital to pray for her. Even though they prayed as a church during church service. The pastor said he saw from the spiritual realm that, some stronger force has taken over our house and we needed to fasten our belt in prayer. By then, my other siblings were abroad but heard about our mother’s condition. The pastor said we needed to fast for one week in order to overcome that force if not we will lose our mother. Enyonam called my phone at the time the pastor was talking. She said she wanted to find out how my mother was doing. I told her what was doing on. I made her to understand that the pastor has seen the source of my mother’s problem. She sympathized with Me. Not knowing, she realized the pastor was beginning to spoil her plans of breaking the spine of my family. My mother was duly refereed to 37 military hospital. The news that came the following morning was that, my pastor was involved in a lorry  accident when he was on his way coming to visit my mother. We became sad the more. Thankfully to God, He was not that injured. I gave almost the money Enyonam gave to me to my father to take care of my mother. He refused to take it and I Just couldn’t tell why he rejected it. He said I should rather use that money to establish myself so he will use his own money to take care of my mother. I forgot we were supposed to fast so I took some food. 
On Tuesday, my mother gained a bit of consciousness. I went to see her and she spoke to me in a very weak voice. “John, you need to be prayerful. I won’t always be there to carry your cross. ” ” Mum what is the meaning of what you Just said? You are not dying now so stop talking like that. ” I said to her. I began feeling some itch around my manhood, It was irritating  but I didn’t pay much attention to it. In some few minutes, my mother started coughing several. I ran out of the Ward to call the nurses around to come to her aid. One of the nurses too ran to call the doctor to  see what was going on. The cough also came with blood. We were all sitting on time bomb. The pastor to help us in prayer himself is also on admission due to the accident. All these while, my mother was fighting a spiritual battle on my behalf. Let’s take note that not  all that blisters is gold.  
Follow me to the next episode let me tell you what happened next. 

1. Do we follow people based on their physical appearance and behaviour?
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Episode 5

*Johnny falls in love*

After school, I was posted to Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority at Tema to have my national service. I was at the accounting department. All this while, I forgot about Enyonam. One Sunday, I decided to visit a church in my area at Tema community 4. When it was time for worship, there was this lady who came to lead the session. To be honest, the whole atmosphere got filled with the holy spirit. The face of the lady looked very familiar. I was just on the second row so I saw her very well. After the worship, my eyes never stopped looking at  where she was seated. Occasionally, our eyes crashed in space.

After the closing prayer, the conductor said we should shake hands with each other and also hug if the need be. My target was to get to this lady. I couldn’t even notice it when other people were asking for a handshake from me. I was already jealous when I saw a guy hugging her. She was very jovial and outspoken just like the Enyonam I knew. I managed to go closer to her and waved at her. She also waved and smiled back. I made a sign indicating that I would want to see her. She came and stood in front of me.

Me: Sister, I was really touched with your worship today. In fact you carry a great anointing.
She smiled and thanked me.

Me: I’m John what about you?

Lady: I’m Enyonam

Me: Enyonam? the Enyonam I know or which of the Enyonams?

Enyonam: Haha but how do I know your Enyonam? Actually, my driver is waiting for me outside so please let’s talk more next week or probably one of the evening services.
She quickly held the hands of one lady and together, they left the chapel.

I went very deep into myself and just wondering If that was the Enyonam I knew. “But she should be having a burnt face if she Is really the one. Or she went through a plastic surgery? Yea, her family should be rich so it’s possible.” I was just thinking aloud. The whole of that evening in my room, I  was occupied in mind as to weather the lady was actually Enyonam or not. “I must not miss any of this evening church  services because I don’t know which of them she will be in attendance.”

At work the following day, my disorder started popping up. I could visually see the scene of Enyonam being carried into the ambulance. I never knew I was shouting for help until I came into consciousness to see people standing around me. I asked them what was happening and one of them said I was shouting for help. “Really? Sorry. I just had a playback of some dangerous moments in my life.” I said to them. One of them suggested that I get  some rest if possible and added that I take a day off from work to relax. I told him we were just from weekend and how was l suppose to ask for permission again?

After work, I got myself ready for the  evening service and all my motive for going to church that evening was to meet the supposed Enyonam. I got there very early to get a good place to sit so that when she comes I could easily notice it. Honestly, my attention was not on what was going on at the church because she was not showing up. It got to a point where we were asked to sit down after a  prayer but I never noticed it. Not knowing, the pastor announced that anyone who saw anything during the prayer session should stand and tell the church so that they pray over it. One gentleman brought the microphone to me. “what for?” I asked. That was where I was told what was going on. I sat down quickly. That evening, Enyonam never showed up.
I came back home a little bit disturbed.
Tuesday came and she didn’t show up. Wednesday and Thursday, still she didn’t come. “Ah this lady is making me spend money on transportation to church every evening. I decided not to attend the Friday service because I felt that she was just not into evening services. I was in my room playing some cools when  something asked me to dress up and get going to church . I never disobeyed my instincts so I dressed up and went to church. To my surprise, Enyonam was still not present and  I became more  frustrated.

Over the weekend, I did some general cleaning in my room with the reason that if the lady happens to be Enyonam and tried following me to the house to  know where I stay, my room won’t be in any mess. Sunday came and as usual, I got to church very early. I think in one way or the other, this lady made me to have more interest in church. “Woo there she comes.” I said to myself with a smile seeing her come through the second door. I sat very well this time around to follow the service. She was the praise and worship leader so during the praises time, she mounted the podium and powerful, the selections of spirit filled songs she ministered could even raise the dead. I danced to the fullest. Nobody knew the source of my happiness and why I was the last person to resume my seat when we were asked to sit. Soon they moved into a period of worship and the lady was just on top of issues. Prophetic declarations were the order of the day. Coincidentally, the preacher preached about how we need to put away fear and approach whatever we are determined to have. The preacher made it clear to the church that fear is a thief in the life of a true Christian. He added that, once you see something to be bigger or higher than you, fear sets in and you won’t be able to achieve your aim so we need to remove elements of fear from our way because Christ came to rather encourage us not to leave us with fear.

I received the content of the message as if it was purposely meant for me. I was wondering how to approach this Enyonam lady. After the service, I didn’t wait any longer before approaching her.

Me: Hello Sis Enyonam, you did splendid today. You are indeed a blessing to this church.

Enyonam: Oh bra John, why should you always be praising me after church service? Am doing it to the glory of God because He gave me the strength. By the way thank you.
She smiled.

I looked at her very closely and lustily. Even though she has the dimple that attracted me during school days, it wasn’t as inviting as those days. ‘Well, probably the environment in which she served her suspension days and probably the fire has interrupted her looks.”

Me: You couldn’t come for the evening service last week. I came through out but I never saw you.

Enyonam: Oh Yea. I travelled that’s why I couldn’t come. But I hope it went well?

Me: Yeah, everything went well. Didn’t you attend  Asamankesi Senior High School?

Enyonam: Actually I was involved in an accident and through that, I lost memory of all my previous experiences before the accident. So it might be possible. My counsellor is now helping me remember some of the things but that just looks like a story to me.

Me: Oh my dear, am very sorry about that. Which means you don’t remember John the School prefect during your high school days?

Enyonam: Not really. So you were the prefect by then ohk nice meeting you.

I started doubting if she was the real Enyonam. The Enyonam I know too blinks faster and she is doing same. Looking at how she was moving and throwing her hands, there was nothing to tell me that she was not the real Enyonam.  ” So where have you been after school?” I asked.

Enyonam: Just here in Tema. But after  my accident, my parents sent me abroad for treatment. Mr John sorry I need to get going,  my driver is waiting for us to go home. Nice meeting you.

Me: ohk. Nice meeting you too. In fact you look very beautiful.  Can I have your number so that we could keep in touch? She smiled and rolled her eyes in some stylish way. I knew that was a positive sign of victory.  “Thank you for the complement but I give all thanks to God for keeping me alive. Open your dial pad for the digits.” She collected my phone and dialled her number onto it. I thanked her as she left smiling. I stood and looked her back as she walks away. “Oh God, your creations are very beautiful.” She is found of smiling. Come and see how happy I was that day.  I was very happy that I’ve finally found my Enyonam; the  love of my life.

As soon as I got home, I called her to check on her if she arrived home safely. Her answer was positive  but she said she was a little bit  busy so we should talk later. In the evening, I scrolled down the contact section of my whatsApp and saw that she was online. I sent a “hi”. She replied with an emogy sign with a raised hand 💁🏽 indicating “hello “. Below is the details of our chat that night.

Me: I hope am not disturbing your evening with my chat.

Enyonam: Not at all brother John. It’s just half past nine.

Me: Ok. So what do you do for a living?.

Enyonam: At the moment, am operating my mother’s cosmetic shop at community seven. What about you?

“Ei this lady should be a ‘Dada bee’ how can I tell her my feelings? ” I was thinking aloud.

Enyonam: Hello are you there?

Me: Yes dear. That’s fine then you should be rich. Am an Accountant by profession but doing my national service with the Ports and Harbour.

Enyonam: That’s fine too. Then you need to be giving more offertory at church.

Me: Lol. In fact your boyfriend should be very lucky for having you because you are very charming..

Enyonam: Ei brother John I believe you are not trying to say you like me already?

Me: Haha so you know I like you already.  No doubt you carry that anointing.   Sweetheart, if there is no one around you can you  give me the chance to tap from your anointing?

Enyonam: 😳😳 What do you mean brother John?

Me: aww even your eyes are killing me here.  You know God created everything in pairs so am very sure am your other pair. Let’s lock horns together.

Enyonam: Try to be a gentleman. Are you a special case or something? your style of proposal is too straight. Is that your hobby?

Me: Remember we were told at church not to be afraid of anything and go for whatever we’ve aimed at. The spirit told me that you are my Eve so I should be strong  and move forward.

Enyonam: I like your spirit but I don’t know much about you so how do you expect me to accept your proposal like that?

Me: Don’t worry. You can just try me. If am not good for you, you are free to go. In fact am dying for you.

Enyonam: 😍😍😍😍 lover boy.

Me:🌹🌹 can you send me any vivacious pictures of yours?

Enyonam: oh no please. That will be very hellish on my part. I don’t do that.

Me: Oh dear are you seeing me to be a hellion?

I tried convincing her but she never sent the pictures. I told her I knew her back from school days but because of her *amnesia* she couldn’t remember.  I told her on the chat things I went through during my suspension time. I explained to her that my mother was cool with me but the problem was my father who seem to be disappointed in me.

For some time, she was no longer chatting so I knew she was asleep. I slept off too.

At work the following day, I called her more than five times. I actually did not have any specific thing to say but just to hear her voice. We arranged an outing for the weekend and I told her that I would like her to visit me at my place so that we could talk more. She said I shouldn’t worry so she would plan towards that. Within two weeks of going to church, I’ve found my love.

I don’t think you will say that was not appropriate to meet a lady within two weeks at the church. Catch them young and when they grow, they shall be yours forever. Enyonam and I claimed we loved each other. But my question is that do we actually use the word love in it’s rightful way? Because most often, love is confused with infatuation. That is  elated, “high” feeling we get when we “fall in love.” Some call it lust.  This kind of “love” is something that last typically a short time and, unless replaced by true love, results in broken relationships. The believer’s will agree with me that Love is *patient*, love is *kind*. It does not *envy*, it does not *boast*, it is not *proud*. It is not *rude*, it is not *self-seeking*, it is not *easily angered*, it keeps *no record of wrongs*. Love does not *delight in evil* but rejoices with the *truth*. It always *protects*, always *trusts*, always *hopes*, always *perseveres*. Love never *fails*.

Over the weekend, our outing came off. We met at “Abinwaha” Restaurant. They have a pull at the place so let’s say we had a pull party. I couldn’t imagine seeing this spirit filled lady wear some bikini exposing her very sexually attractive parts. “Waow!  You look so succulents and vivacious. Enyonam, I love you.” I said to her. “Haa, I love you too Johnny. But promise me it is not going to be a nine day wonder. ” She replied with a smile. “Oh come on, why should you say such a thing? I’m for real.”

When it was getting late, I suggested we go to my house so that she get to know there. Behind my mind, I wanted to break my virginity that day. But come to think of it, the following day will be a  Sunday and Enyonam would have to lead the church in praise and worship. Anyway she agreed to go with me.

Follow me to the next episode let me tell you what happened next.

1. Should our Christianity only be demonstrated to people at church or it should be a way of life of the believer?

2. Do  we know that sexually transmitted diseases still exit?
3. Do you think Enyonam was cheap?

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          *BEHIND THE MASK*🎭
             Episode 4
         *John and his friends  faces hard labour.* 
Everybody who heard this news got surprised because they didn’t know about that behaviour of me.  My father said he had nothing to say so he gave the school the go ahead to apply their disciplinary actions for me to learn from my behaviour. My mother could not withheld her tears for once. Eric’s parents also heard the news and came to the school. I regretted ever being on earth that day. I wished I rather died for Eric to live. 
We were summoned at the staff common room with my parents by the headmaster.  The headmaster looked into my face and said, “you have destroyed the reputation of this school and I won’t let you go scot-free. I knew you to be one of the disciplined students little did I know that you are even the worst behaved student. I will personally write your testimonial. How many of you went to the club?”. With my bowed head and an innocent voice, I replied, “we were five sir.” “Just look at that. As the senior prefect, you should be preventing your colleagues from going to such places, you were rather encouraging them. The parents of the senior girl’s prefect reported the case to the police and according to the girl, you asked her to follow you to the place. You have also made us lose one student and his parents are blaming us for death of their son. I hope you now appreciate the mess you’ve caused the school.  You will soon meet the disciplinary committee. Go and your  parents for me “, said the Headmaster. Tears started rolling from my eyes. “God, why should you allow this to happen to me?” I asked myself in tears. To varnish was the best option to console myself, but it was impossible.
I went out to call my parents into the headmaster’s  office. 
My Dad: Good morning, sir. 
Headmaster: Good morning but I remember we greeted each other before I came into my office. Well, I’m not to tell you what has happened since you know it yourself. The issue is now handled by police. I was called when I was home to come to the hospital where the girl who your son took with him to the club is admitted. Her parents handed me over to the police and I needed to sign a police report on behalf of the school. The boy who died is also another issue this school is taking responsibility of. In this case, since it is your son who initiated all this, we are also involving you in the case and you will equally pay for the damages caused. For your son, the disciplinary committee will invite him and we will talk about that.”
My mother, as calm as ever before, said, “sir please…hmmmm. I don’t even know what to say. My son is not like that. I can’t believe so easily it was my son involved in this.  I’m not sure he is the one who initiated this. Please my son is innocent about this. Oh God, the devil has finally gotten me. hmm God I still believe in you. 
Headmaster (in a relatively harsh tone): Woman, Please this is not where you should be covering for your son. Besides, my office is not a prayer camp.  Your son  might not be the person he is to you at home  when he comes to school. Am sorry we need to use the laws at this point. Please wait for me outside. 
My dad just asked the headmaster to apply all disciplinary rules against me. Even the Bible says train the child the way he should go so that when he grows, he will not depart from it. None of my children ever behaved like this.  First lady are you sure this boy is my son? 
Mum: Don’t let my God get  provoked at you this morning. What question is that? 
Headmaster: Please wait for me at the staff common room. I will join you soon.
We went back to the staff common room. In fact the whole school was very quiet and mourning Eric. In no time, Eric’s parents arrived at the campus with the police to arrest me. But the headmaster got in their way and told them that they had to deal with the school and not directly me. He made them aware that I was not the only one involved in the case. The very unfortunate side of it Is that Eric’s body could not be identified due to the level of fire burns so he was added to the mass and buried together.
The case now involved the Ghana Education Service, the club authorities, the police and the parents of the students involved. 

After one week of admission, Enyonam was discharged from the hospital. To be honest, she lost her beauty due to the fire burns. Now we were to face the disciplinary committee which myself and Enyonam were members before our handing over. The headmaster was present, the school counsellor, our parents and other staffs. 
They first started by asking me to brief the house how we got there and what actually happened. 
Me: I want to first say I’m sorry for all what went on. It was all the work of the devil. 
Assistant Housemaster: My friend, go straight to the reason and tell us why you were given the opportunity to talk. 
School counsellor: Mr. Asante, I think we should allow him the opportunity to say whatever he has to say. He is traumatized because seeing people burning in flames and seeing their colleague die from that incident is not easy to go through and talk about. They actually needed time to relax and even if possible, go through counseling. 
Headmaster: John go ahead we are listening to you. 
Me: After our handing over, we decided to go and have fun outside the school that night. We chose no where than that club. I invited Enyonam to go with us. When We got there, I told them we should return to the school but Eric didn’t agree with me. My other friends too didn’t agree so I didn’t hesitate to follow them inside. My mother called me, around midnight on phone so I left the premises to receive the call. In the process, the next thing I heard was, people shouting for help. I ran there only see the place on fire. Amos and Joshua were able to escape but according to a nurse working with the ambulance, Eric gave up the ghost trying to save Enyonam. He managed to bring Enyonam to a safer place but he couldn’t help himself.
My mother stood up and left the room because she couldn’t stand listening to what I was saying. Her reason was that, had it not been for the fact that God revealed what was happening to Her, probably I would have been dead. Her tears could even boil a tuber of yam in an aluminium sauce.
Headmaster: (Looking into the faces of my colleagues in crime) Do you people believe what he just reported? 
They were all silent. 
Headmaster: (With a deep  angry voice ) Am I talking to humans or ghosts? Mr Suley Please I have some canes in the corner of my office, go and bring me one. 
Mr Suley, our Chemistry teacher, who Eric accused of having something to do with Enyonam, left the staff common room to get the Cane. 

Enyonam was already in tears. Mr Suley went and returned with the biggest cane he could find to the room. 
Headmaster: Are you going to answer my question? 
In chorus, they all agreed to my report. 
Headmaster: Alright. This has never happened in this school before and I won’t allow you to bring the name of this school down. Mr Suley, give their gang leader ten   (10) lashes, six(6) to Amos and Joshua and give five(5) to Enyonam. 
In my mind, after the canes, everything would come to an end so I decided to gather courage to receive my portion. 
Mr Suley came to me first. Actually every student do fear him because no one can withstand even one lash of his canes. I was on my kneels. 
Mr Suley: You’ve been dodging my class for some time now. I thought it was due to your position as SP not knowing, you were grooming yourself to become stubborn. Make sure you don’t move or shout because if you do, I will start all over again. 
Headmaster: Wait. Call for an assembly of all the students and cane them before the whole school to serve as deterrent to the other students. 

Mr Suley went to call for an assembly and we were moved to the assembly grounds like stubborn slaves. He explained to the school what we did and later called me to come forward. He repeated his instructions. After the first two, I swelled myself because the cane went very deep into me. If you ever watched the passion of Christ movie before, you would understand me better. After receiving five of it, I felt a cut at my back but I managed to receive all of the ten. Most of the students cried seeing how I was suffering. 

Joshua and Amos also received their share. When it got to Enyonam, the whole school became very noisy. You could see students using sign language to each other. The secret was that, Enyonam was indeed the girlfriend of Mr Suley. You could clearly see it when he was doing the caning. He was just doing something to represent something. Well, it is said that all animals are equal, but some are more  equal than the others. He was even taking the pleasure in holding the lady’s boobs. 
After the canes, the headmaster stepped forward and said; “this is to serve as a deterrent to the whole school. Any border that leaves this campus without permission and caught will receive severe ones than this. 

Now these are your punishments. The cane was just by the way”. My heart jump like a cat over a wall following that pronouncement.
Amos, you are not going step a foot into any class during learning hours. Everyday, I want to see you on the school park weeding the whole field. No one will help you. You will do this for the next one week and you must finish after a week. When you finish, you will suspended for the next one year. Meaning you are repeating one class. 
Joshua, you will carry the pantry balls with food from the kitchen to the dinning hall and back to the kitchen after dining  for the next two weeks. You are also to work on the school farm. Weed the three hectare maize farm. After that you will be suspended for one year. 
Enyonam, you survived the fire and not well. You will be responsible for washing all pantry balls after dining for the next two weeks. You will also sweep your dormitory for the same number of weeks. After which you will go home and come to school next year and repeat your class. 
John, for your punishment and as the SP for the school, you know we are building a new library. You are going to the stone grove and break stones which will be used for the building. You are to crack half a tipper. After which you are going to be suspended for the next one year and repeat your class. 
Parents, these are the punishments your children are to face. Now, you are all going to pay Ghc5,000.00 each as parents for the damages caused.
Enyonams parents argued that the school is also to pay the hospital bill of their ward because they couldn’t protect Her. They said they won’t allow their daughter to face her punishment at the date she was to start but after she has fully recovered. 
They sorted everything out among themselves and it was settled. Enyonams parents decided to take her away to the house for further care. Enyonam came to meet me outside while my father was blasting me very well for what I’ve caused and the disgrace I brought them. I left my parents and came to her.
Me: Enyonam, I’m sorry for everything. Please find a place in heart and forgive me. 
Enyonam: Don’t worry I will be fine. We will meet again. 

She left me, joined her parents and they left. 
My mother consoled me after Enyonam left. She said “my son, first thank God he saved you. You now know the consequences of bad company and bad behaviour. What I want to tell you is that, we have not left you, we will continue to pray for you. Don’t dwell too much of the problem or challenge on you, but be focused on how to finish or solve it. We will pay the money but you also need to be a good boy. We will leave now.” She said looking very sad. I also joined her in tears. My father asked, “what are you crying for? Make sure you finish the punishment. We will continue when you come home. If it were not your mother I would have forsaken you. Woman get into the car and let’s go.” They also left without giving me any money. 
The following day, we started with our respective works. Some friends of mine sneak at midnight and come to help us. Within a week, I was almost done with the half tipper. One of the security men went to report to the headmaster that, our friends were helping us at night. Actually the security nearly lost his job due to our case so he was very mean to us and was waiting for an opportunity to get us into his trap. The headmaster woke up one night and saw two other guys helping me. He recognized them and asked the security to arrest them. They were also punished. They added some more work to mine but gradually, I finished with it. Amos and Joshua also finished theirs and we packed our bags and trunks and off we left. 
At home, people were mocking at my mother that she claimed she was a disciplinarian but couldn’t nurture Her son well. Due to anger, she even replied some people and it became another problem for her. She was gradually getting weaker in prayers because day in and day out, she was embarrassed about this same issue. 
I realized my mistakes and vowed not to go into such events again. I took church more serious and reading my bible became my hobby. 
Soon our days were due to return to school. We went back when the new academic year started. Enyonam didn’t come back again because her parents took her to a different school. Amos and Joshua came. We managed to complete with our juniors but unfortunately, our results were not very good. My parents wanted me to go to medical school but my results couldn’t help so I had no choice to than to go back to school. This time around, I changed my program and studied Business. My parents didn’t want me to mingle with the boys in my area again so he sent me to a school in the Volta region, Keta Business School. KETABUSCO. I completed the full three years but my resorts were still not the best.
The reason for my poor performance was because, I do see a playback of the incident at the club and it was interfering with my studies. Sometimes I do feel like Eric was around and talking to me. Sometimes, I do hear his voice accusing me for his death. I reported it to my parents and they took me to the hospital. They said I was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. I was put on medication and the situation subsided a bit. I was sent to Ho Polytechnic where I read Accounting eventually. 
After school, I was posted to do my national service at Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority, Tema. I was at the accounting department. All there while, I forgot about Enyonam. One Sunday, I decided to visit a church in my area at Tema community 4. During worship, there was this lady who came to lead the worship session. To be honest, the whole atmosphere got filled with the holy spirit. The face of the lady looked very familiar. I was just on the second row so I saw her very well. After the worship, my eyes never stopped looking where she was seated. Occasionally, our eyes do crash in space. After the closing prayer, the conductor said we should shake hands with each other and also hug if the need be. All my target was to get to this lady. I couldn’t notice it even when other people were asking for a handshake from me. I was already jealous when I saw a guy hugging her. She was very jovial and outspoken just like the Enyonam I knew. I managed to go closer to her and waved at her. She also waved and smiled back. I made a sign indicating I want to see her. She came and stood in front of me. 
Me: Sister I was really touched with your worship today. In fact you carry a great anointing. 

She smiled and thanked me. 

Me: I’m John what about you? 
Lady: I’m Enyonam 
Me: Enyonam? the Enyonam that I know or which of the Enyonams? 
Enyonam: Haha but how do I know your Enyonam?
Everything that goes around, comes around. Was that Enyonam the GP or a different Enyonam? 
Follow me to the next episode let me tell you what happened next. 

Was the headmaster’s verdict appropriate? 
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             Episode 3
*The night club mystery* 
” _Hello SP, Thanks for your affection towards me. I equally do feel the same for you but I didn’t want that to interfere with our administrative work that’s why I rejected all your offers. But one thing is for sure, if we are really meant to be together, we will. Take care. Yours in love, GP_”. 
After reading the letter, I felt some joy within myself. I met her on campus that evening and together with my three friends, we visited a night club located at Asamankese to have our first date. We left campus around 8:30pm and because of our statuses as SRC executives, the security man couldn’t stop us from going out. The club was full of immoral activities at it’s fullest peak; ladies dressed almost naked, the air in the room was a mixture of weed smoke and alcohol. It will surprise you to see how crowded the place was with youths of our dear motherland.
Me: Charley guys, I’m not comfortable around this place? Let’s leave with immediate effect.
Eric replied with a disappointed look

Eric: Hey, hey! What is your problem? Is this your first time coming to an environment like this? Stop that hypocrisy life here and chill up. Remember you have a date with our first lady. 
Me: Who is the first lady?  

I quickly remembered my mother because that was how we’ve been calling her home.  
Enyonam: Guys what’s happening here? 
Me: Dear, I’m not comfortable with this place. Just look at how the whole place is covered with smoke? I can’t stand the smell of the weed. 
Enyonam: You mean we should go back to campus?  Okay I understand. I suggest we hang around for some time and then go back since we’re already here. 
Amos: GP I beg leave this *John* guy alone. No wonder that’s his name. Do you know the risks involved to be a man? 

All these while, Joshua went into the club to get a place where we could sit since the place was full. 
Joshua: Hey guys! I got a very nice place inside. Let’s go and make ourselves comfortable. Hi GP, you are looking very gorgeous.
Enyonam smiled and thanked him for the compliment. 
Me: Joshua I don’t feel like going inside again. Let’s go back to campus. 
Joshua: Ah! ah!! You again. Why do you always try to quench our happy moments. Look, I’m not sure we can have such nice times after school oo. This is your time to chill the hell out of ourselves.

Before I could say the next word, Amos and Eric took the lead. Enyonam looked into my face, held me by the waist and said, “sweetheart let’s go inside. We won’t keep long”. I nodded and made her put her hands under my arm and together with Joshua, we went to sit at the place he found. 
There was more to drink and eat. Enyonam requested for Guinness. She took two full bottles of it within a short while. I looked into her face and smiled. I was actually surprised for a young girl like her drinking that quantity.  
I requested for smirnoff and Eric  said…

Eric : Look at how your date is even enjoying herself and you are here saying all you want is Smirnoff. Masa add this 8PM and see how nice this world is. He poured some of his 8PM into my disposal cup and I took it. He himself was almost drunk.  Soon, I moved Enyonam to the dancing floor. So funny I was doing that “pentecost elder” dance where they move their legs in an orderly manner. That’s all the dance I know because back at home, all I know was church.  The alcoholic drink started working in me so my dance this time around had no formula. People around me started laughing at me. They took me for a comedian. They were not wrong. My dance was very funny.  The lights were put off so people were doing whatever pleases them in the dark. My friends found some ladies at the club and were also having  fun with them. I started touching Enyonams sexually sensitive parts but she made no sign of displeasure. I think my hands even went under her dress. Hmm God have mercy.  Gradually, we were both getting aroused and honestly speaking, that was my first time to experience those feelings. I felt excited of this arousal. It was something sweet was moving inside my body and making me funny inside.  All our expenses was also on me. Enyonam suggested we go get a lodge to satisfy the horny feelings that has taken over us. I told her my money left  was not enough to fund that but she said she would take care of that part. I decided to check the time on my phone. My vision was actually distorted by the alcohol but I was able to see that it was almost midnight. As soon as I put the phone back in my pocket, a call came through. Surpringly, it was my mother calling. “How on earth should mum be calling me this late?” I asked myself and left the call unanswered. At least that would show that I was asleep. She called for the second time so I excused Enyonam and went out of the room since the music was very loud to receive the call. 
Me: hello 

Mum: my son I hope you are doing well? 

Me: Yes Please I’m fine mum. 

Mum: But where are you at this time that the background is very noisy like that?

I actually didn’t know how to respond to that so I pretended that the network was not good so I couldn’t hear her. 
Me: mum Hello, please are you there? hello, Hello!  I cut the call and  felt very bad. It was like I knew I was becoming a stubborn child which was not usual of me.  She called back.

Mum: I said where are you? (With a bit raised voice.) 

Me: …but mum you know I’m in School so why that question? (with an innocent voice)

Mum: I meant the noise in the background. Where is it coming from?

Me: oh Sorry mum I forgot to tell you that we are having some handing over party today on campus so that’s where I am. 

Mum: Ohk. John I just had terrible dream about you right now and I want us to pray. Your father and I are awake just to help you in prayers so get somewhere less noisy and let’s pray. 

Me: …and mum what is the dream about?

Mum: My son it’s difficult for me to narrate but the long and short of it is that, in the dream, We were called and you were reported dead in school. So my son let’s pray and cancel the spirit of death. 
In fact I got scared when I heard that. My intoxication vanished immediately. I ran abit away from the club and told mum that I was ready so we could pray. She started with a song and I could hear my dad also singing in the background. They started praying. 
As my eyes were closed and in the mood of prayer, I started hearing people screaming and shouting for help. I opened my eyes to see what was going on only for me to see the club house in flames of fire. “Jesus Christ!!!!!”, I exclaimed louder for the shock and with speed, I ran towards the place to see if my friends were fine. The fire service and the ambulance were around to do their work. Due to the number of people inside with only one entrance, some  people were stucked in the fire and burnt into ashes. Eric was very drunk too by then.  From a distance, I saw Joshua and Amos panting and restless. I ran to them and asked of Enyonam and Eric. They said they don’t know their whereabouts. “What! You should be joking. ” I said with noise. All this while, my parents were on the phone praying and listening to what was happening in the background. 
Amos: Look… look, that’s Enyonam being carried into the ambulance. 

We ran to the ambulance and truly, she was the one. She was unconscious. I asked the military nurse how he was able to find her and he said one guy was trying to save her and we went to also help, but it’s unfortunate we couldn’t save the guy himself. Am afraid he is dead. 
Eric was the one the nurse was referring to. He tried saving Enyonam and died himself. We cried and felt very guilty for his death. 
This time around, my mother realized I’ve forgotten I was on a call. She hanged up and and called our house master and asked what was happening in our school whiles we also followed the ambulance to the hospital where Enyonam was taken to. The house master reported that there was nothing like a party going on in the school so her son was telling lies. The house master came to knock on my door but there was no response. He called an assembly for every student in the dorm that night and checked the role. The SP and his friends were no where to be found. He called the girls house mistress to do same at her end and the GP was also no where to be found. They asked the security and he revealed that we went for a meeting in town so we were not back. My mother kept calling my phone but I never answered. I, together with Amos and Joshua, were at the hospital to make sure Enyonam survived. At dawn, one of the nurses came to tell us that she had gained consciousness. We went to see her and she was fine but got her face burnt but not very severely. I cried when I saw her in that state. Early in the morning, the news was everywhere that the was a gas explosion in the kitchen of the club that led to the fire outbreak. It was reported that all staffs in the kitchen could not make it and about 30 people died in the flames and more than 100 people were on admission and in critical conditions. Eric was part of the people who died. May his soul rest in peace. 
My parents drove to campus early that morning to see what was actually going on. We went to report ourselves to the Housemaster and he also took it to the administration. I explained everything to them and I was blamed for everything. My dad gave me a very resounding slap on my ear after I narrated what happened. It went into the newspapers that the School Prefect of Asamankese Senior High School led his colleagues to a night club leading to the death of one student and the Senior Girls perfect on admission at the Accident and Emergency unit. 
Everybody who heard this news got surprised because they didn’t know about that behaviour of me.  My father said he had nothing to say so gave the school the go ahead to apply their disciplinary actions for me to learn from my behaviour. My mother could not withheld her tears for once. Eric’s parents also heard the news and came to the school. I regretted ever being on earth that day. I wished I rather died for Eric to live. 
For the wages of sin is death but with grace and mercy from our lord, he makes us a new creature. 
Follow me to the next episode let me tell you what happened next. 

1. Do parents intercede in prayers for their children when they leave for school? 
2. Are our high school security personnel actually doing what they are employed to do? 
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             Episode 2
I do ponder over this question, “Is man by nature, good or evil?”. Yeah! this is because I’ve come to the realization that, as human as we are, we are very unpredictable. Well, the good book in Isaiah 45:7 says, “I form the light and create the darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the lord do all these things.”
How it all started


I was very fortunate to grow up with my parents. The parental bonding was there between I and my parents and everything around me looked smooth. We lived in an Estate belonging to an oil production company where my dad was a high ranking member. I have two other siblings who are all abroad now. My mother is a devoted Christian and to be honest, she is the one, I can say, is behind the success of our home. We affectionately do refer to her as first lady. When things went tough, she locks herself in the store room and pray for the whole day, sometimes without regular meals. At times, I do get angry at her because some of the things she does pray over could easily be handled by humans, but my mother will still pray to God about it. Truly, not long after her prayers, things do turn into their normalcy. At dawn, she wakes us up and say we should pray. Ah! Those were the most annoying parts of my day. That moment I want to enjoy the better part of my sleep, she will be like “Johnny!!! It’s time for devotion. Hurry up and join us”. Another annoying moment is when she comes to the room and pulls me by the legs forcefully, in times I don’t show up. Her popular saying,: “My son,if you want to succeed in life, then let prayer be your key”. After listening to that, I will have no other option than to follow her. 

On Sundays, every member of the church could say that I will become a pastor one day. How wrong they were. Anyway, God does His things mysteriously. 
My daddy also learnt to seek the presence of God through my  mother. My mother was able to boost my father’s Christian life. He flourished at work as well.  As a matter of fact, things were moving on progressively for my family. 
Due to this type of home I came from, I looked almost different from my peers. Despite we being rich, I didn’t show off. I dressed as simple as every average person did. I also lived a chaste life.

Academically, I was good so I equally had most of my teachers as my friends during my Junior High School days. My worst position in class was third. I wouldn’t say the class was not very competitive but I was naturally good. My mother always said, my success was due to the divine grace God placed on our home so I shouldn’t be complacent otherwise I will fall. I agreed with her because some people do see their successes as a result of their own  hard work forgetting that it was God who gave them the strength. 
One interesting thing in life is that, the devil does not like where there are good things, so he will find ways and means to destroy anything good. What happens too is that, he always looks for weaker vessels closer to the main target and the main target here  was my mother. This is because she was the one holding the anchor and foundation to the house through her fervent prayers. So once the foundation is broken, there will be easy access to whatever he wants. 
I sat for my Basic Education Certificate Examination, BECE, and had aggregate 6 with eight 1s and two 2s. My  family, school  and church celebrated with me. They were all proud of me. But do you know that not all people who laugh with you actually wish you well?  Oh yea!  Am telling you if you are not aware. They may laugh with you but beneath them is very horrible. But with God on our side, we shall smile at the storm. The wicked one equally has beautiful ways of getting to it’s targets. 
  Even though I was offered to study at Adisadel College since it was my first choice, I told my parents that I’ve changed my mind because most of my friends were placed at Asamankese Senior High School so they should make arrangements for me to join them there. I was the only student from my school who had Adisadel so I decided not to go. My mother do listen to me a lot so she was able to convince my daddy. My parents did the necessary arrangements and got my school changed and that was the beginning of my woes. 

The first year at the secondary school favoured me well. I maintained my good performance from Junior High school. The seniors and house masters were always around to make sure everything was in order. My partners were equally proud of me. I attained the title, doctor from my parents,  after my first term results was released because I was equally a science student. 
Things started turning around when I got to my second year. I was no longer a fresher so the supervision from seniors and masters were not as effective as it used to be. To the teachers who were boring, I was mostly, all the time absent from their class. My friends and I will be in the dormitory and play card games. When the house prefect or house master is coming around to inspect the rooms, we quickly go into hiding. We had some coconut tree behind the dorm, at times we will steal the coconut and blame our juniors for the missing coconut.  This life was growing gradually. During our worship periods, I attend whenever I feel. Sunday church service was seen as a disturbance to my life. My performance at the end of the first term in the second year, even though was not abysmal, was not the best. My parents queried me about my performance and I took an excuse that the higher we go, the tougher the subjects became. They bought all the necessary text books for me just to help me improve upon my performance. During the second term, my friends persuaded me to vie for the Students Representative Council position as president. I had three close friends; Amos, Eric and Joshua. They helped organize people to join my campaign for the presidency. I went through the vetting process and came out successfully. I was smart looking and the favourite candidate to most of the students and teachers so I easily won the elections. 
The lady who won the position of the Girl’s Prefect was this beautiful damsel. I guess God took His time when creating her. She was just too beautiful, fair in complexion and of average height. Anytime she smiles, you could see her beautiful dimple and that touched my soft spot. The name she used as her teaser during campaign  was ” *Enyonam*”. I was not into ladies before that time so stop thinking too far.
My friends who helped in the campaign were appointed to occupy the other higher positions. Amos was the compound overseer, Eric was the house prefect and Joshua because of his love for food, I made him occupy the Dinning Hall prefect position. I won’t say we didn’t work when we took office. We really worked but we took advantage of the position and messed up our own lives. My  friends started influencing me to take a girlfriend because they were all in relationships so why won’t the whole school prefect have one? I was a virgin and knew nothing about girlfriend issues.  They do influence me to follow them to town in the evenings to have fun. At times,  we do go to the clubs and other jamming places. Other times I follow them blindly whiles they gamble at odd places. I thank God for given me speed. There was fight during one of the gambling point and only the fastest survived.  It became necessary I get a girlfriend because,from the look of things, I was not being a real man. My friends said I was having the spirit of a woman so I should look sharp and get a girl.  Skimming through all the ladies on campus, I saw no lady more beautiful than the Girls Prefect, GP. I told my friends that the GP was my taste. 
Amos: Haha, Johnny, I can see you love big things. Anyway, your eyes are good but charley, I don’t think the GP will be best for you. 
Eric: Ah! Amos which one is your problem? Why can’t John date the GP? Have you forgotten he is the Senior Prefect, SP, and can get whatever he wants at anytime? 
Amos: Hey my friend, that girl who sees herself as a superior over other students like that? I don’t like girls of that character oo. Anyway you kraa your parents are rich so you can easily spend on her. For me, I will always go for the ones most guys will be rejecting. Such girls, they already know that their market is low, they will give you correct Romeo and Juliet moves.  Haven’t you heard the Chemistry teacher has something to do with the GP? 
Joshua: Ehn! Information minister! So Amos, you know about everybody in this school. Now the Chemistry teacher is having an affair with Enyonam. Man, stop discouraging our guy. SP, I will personally do this move for you.  Just give me the go ahead and within a week, she will be yours. 
Amos: Look at you. You think this is about asking people to carry pantry bowls. Go try your luck and see how this girl will make you look like a small boy. Charley SP, don’t put your trust in this Dinning hall number nine oo. 
Me: Why are you guys behaving as if I can’t approach the girl myself? I will show you people levels.  We are getting late for the executive meeting. Let’s get going. 
At the meeting, I couldn’t look into Enyonam’s face and she noticed it herself. After the meeting, she came to me whiles sitting alone going through the minutes of the just ended meeting.

“Hello SP! It looks as if you are not feeling very well”, she said with a smile showing her beautiful dimple. “Enyonam I’m fine. Just worried about something which I don’t know how to go about it”, I said to her. “Oh really. What is the problem? I’m your GP and I believe you can share your worries with me. Talk to me because a problem shared is half solved”, she said with a very soft and soothing voice. Seriously speaking, I just couldn’t help it so I just needed to say something to save the situation. “I’ve been thinking of what we can do for the school which will leave a mark from our administration.” I lied. “But you had very good ideas in your manifesto So what else do you want again?” She asked looking straight into my face. I jokingly replied, “Your boyfriend  must be very lucky to have you because you are very caring”, she laughed and replied “that’s just me, and I’m not having a boyfriend.” “Oh really? I thought you have one. Why should a beautiful girl like you be single till now?”, I asked. “And Why are you also not having a girlfriend till now?” She asked back. “Because I’m waiting for today to tell you that I want you as my girlfriend.” I said unconsciously. “You must be joking. I’m not interested”.  she said and walked out. My three friends were in a distance observing all what was going on. They ran to where I was, in laughter after she left.
Joshua: Hahaha! I thought you said you could do it alone. Have you seen your end? 

Me: Oh. I told her what was on my mind but she said she was not interested. 
Joshua: My guys, that’s how they behave from the beginning. I wish you know how frustrated she is after not accepting. Give her pressure and soon, she will be yours forever. 
Eric: yeah! For the first time  this food master has spoken sense. 

We all laughed over it.  
Since then, all my energies were channeled on winning the GP but she also seemed to be difficult. 
One day, the school 

counsellor sent for me. I knew it was going to be about my office duties but my expectations were wrong. He said all my teachers are continuously complaining of my dwindling performance. He tried counselling me and to a point, suggested I resign my post or give myself some break and sit up. I assured him not to worry hoping I will bounce back. Personally, I could see that my parents would be worried if I should disappoint them. I made a resolution to have more time with my books. Anytime my mother calls, her last comments was a reminder of prayers. My results this time around was alarming when I brought It home. What happens is that, my friends do wake up at dawn to read but because waking up at home was a worry to me so I decided to have enough sleep at school to compensate the morning devotion times at home. My friends were maintaining their performance while mine was falling. 
At home, my parents suggested they would change my school if I don’t improve in my next performance. On the other hand, peer influence was actually eating me up. I started drinking during my last term as the school prefect. A week for us to hand over since we will be preparing for our final exams, Enyonam was celebrating her birthday so I decided to buy her a phone as a gift because she was using a very old phone. I bought her an Infinix Note 3. She was very much pleased with it but rejected it. She said her parents will not be happy seeing her use a phone that they did not buy for her. I did all I could but it didn’t work. On the day of our handing over, she wrote a letter to me, and the contents;
” _Hello SP, Thanks for your affection towards me. I equally do feel the same for you but I didn’t want that to interfere with our administrative work that’s why I rejected all your offers. But one thing is for sure, if we are really meant to be together, we will. Take care. Yours in love, GP_”. 
After reading the letter, I felt some joy within myself. I met her on campus that evening and together with my three friends, we visited the night club to have our first date. 

1. Do parents care to know about the type of friends their children make when they go to school? 

2. Should parents always do what their children suggest just to make the child happy? 
Follow me to the next episode. The story is about to begin.  

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The writer of Jones Series presents to you another intriguing and captivating story.
       Title: BEHIND THE MASK
             Episode 1
“…. Oh my God! how could I have allowed myself to rub buttoms with the porcupine? Nevertheless, it is said that it’s only a fool whose testicles are stepped on twice. How could some humans be so heartless and cruel to their fellow humans? You present and project yourself as an angel of God sent from above whiles you just cover yourself with a sheep’s cloth and wear the heart of a wolf. Hmm, some people just have wickedness ingrained in their veins. “I sat with a bleeding heart under the tree in front of the  house thinking aloud. I just saw myself to be fooled and falsely accused  of messing myself up. In no time, the clouds began to gather. They did so quickly that one would have thought they were under the spell of an esoteric being. It was accompanied by heavy winds so I decided to go into the room. I dashed into my bedroom and lied on my bed feeling very frustrated and devastated. Little did I know that I would fall asleep in a few minutes. I saw myself in a forest doing ‘only God knows’, when this hungry young antelope spotted me from afar and rushed my way. I never knew I could win an Olympic Marathon race until this moment when my speed increased faster than the antelope. Looking at things, there was no one around to help so I made up my mind to stop and fight it.  “Hey, hey,  Johnny! What is the problem with you?, wake-up. Why? Is the world crashing on you? ”

Xorsenyo, my colleague from work came into the room to check on me. 

With some terrible fear and panic, I woke up. “Xorse, it’s you. When did you enter into the room?  Charley, it wasn’t easy oo,  I was having some bad dream.  But answer me, how did you enter?”

“You left the door open and besides that, I overhead you shouting for help when I entered the hall so I decided to come into the bedroom to see what was going on probably, Sis Enyonam is canning you so that I can plead on your behalf. Haha. Look at you, ‘ _you dey here dey dream_’ “. he explained. “Charley, I was dreaming about some  antelope chasing me in a thick forest. Let’s leave that for now.  How was work today?”, I asked. “Where is your wife, Enyonam?, and why has everything changed in your room like this?”, Xorsenyo asked.
Me: Xorsenyo, hmm, I went to marry a wolf which was  nicely dressed and packaged in a sheep’s clothing. If you care to know, I’ve sent her away to wherever she came from. 
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Xorsenyo: You did what! Has the antelope in your dream finally gotten hold of you and  affected your reasoning level? What did I just hear you rattle like that? 
Me: Man, you heard me loud and clear. I’ve sacked her, if that would make comprehension easy for you. She is just a gold digger. I don’t know why her parents didn’t name her Golder.
Xorsenyo: Hey!, my friend watch your tongue . Have you forgotten my lady’s  name is Golder? But What has come over you? After that expensive and ceremonious wedding which is not yet a year old?, or have you forgotten so soon that you proclaimed in public that for better for worse, and till death do you apart? 
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Me: For better for worse my foot. So I should allow my head to be chopped off before I know the chains are tightening my neck, is that what you are insinuating?  My friend I need to be a man. Look, that lady who claimed her name is Enyonam is not real. All these while she was just hiding her true identity *behind a mask.*
Xorsenyo: Seriously I’m lost and surprised to be hearing this from a whole you, our love doctor. So was that why you didn’t come to work today? You, let’s put work aside and tell me what exactly went on. 
Me: Hmm. My man, I’m not in any good mood to narrate anything to you now. I’m just not myself. I wish you could  give me some time to be alone and relax my muscles. I will tell you everything after work tomorrow. But I believe manager was not very furious at me for  not coming to work today?
Xorsenyo: Forget about that man. I just don’t know what type of human being he is. He always suspects people for doing nothing. Can you imagine that he misplaced the internal memo given to him personally and blaming me for that?  Charley put yourself together. I will come back later in the evening to check on you. But you better go back for your wife oo. I don’t agree to what you are telling me. 



Many of us are allured by the notion that effortless relationships exist. Whether it been happily ever after marriage, or friendship that last forever, or parent/child bond which supersede the need to believe and understand each other, we’d all like to believe that our most intimate relationships are unconditional and strong enough to withstand whatever may come. 
There is this popular saying that, love is blind. Well, that can be true if we enter into such relationships with all our heart leaving our brains behind. We can only see what the future holds for us if we should exercise a little bit of patience to study each other, taking into consideration, the other person’s personality trait and comparing its compatibility to our own personality trait and strike the level of harmony between the two. With that, we will be able to determine the future of the relationship from it’s budding stages as we rule out unnecessary disagreements and unhealthy suspicions.
Out of experience and with issues of relationship, I will want to share my history with you so you can be well informed before what happened to me, happens to any of you. 
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Many of us hide behind the mask of lust and give impressions that do not match who we really are. I wish I can turn back the clock to have a new beginning. Anyway, at some point in our lives, most of us need to face the fact that relationship requires effort to keep it strong and positive and even wonderful. We need to understand our own personality trait and that of our partner to achieve this goal. 
You can call me John but my friends prefer calling me Johnny. Am only 32 years of age and works as an Internal Auditor.  I do ponder over this question, “Is man by nature, good or evil?”. Yeah! this is because I’ve come to the realization that, as human as we are, we are very unpredictable. Well, the good book in Isaiah 45:7 says, “I form the light and create the darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the lord do all these things.”
Follow me to the next episode let me walk you through how it all started and why I’m very bitter  within myself. 

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