​Why i cant love episode 9

Episode 9
“What? where has my husband gone to? ” I asked myself in panic. I tried calling some of his friends to check whether he was with them but my efforts proved futile. I just couldn’t imagine what was going on. I became very worried. About 55 minutes later, we heard the the horn of his car from outside the room. I jumped from where I was sitting and straight to the direction of the car. He was actually the one in the car. I even used my leg against the tip of the door stairs. ” honey where have you been? I have tried all I could to reach you but to no avail. I even went to the extent of calling your father. ” I said to him. ” Sorry dear, I only went out to see town. You know this is my third time in this community so I just went out to get used to the environment before we leave. ” he replied. ” But why do you put off all your phones? ” I asked again. ” never mind dear, the important thing now is that am back to you. ” he said . “But promise me you will not put me in such a worrying condition again. ” I said to him. ” OK. I promised. ” he concluded. When we entered into the room, my mother came out and told him how we were all feeling bad about his sudden disappearance. He apologized to my Mon and then we moved to our room where we are supposed to sleep. I helped him to open his buttons but he never allowed me to remove the dress completely. He said he will do that by himself. I tried my best to seduce him that night but it didn’t work. “What kind of person are you? You can’t even make me feel like a woman. After all, the world knows am your wife so why are you denying me of my rights as a wife? Why! are you a saint or what?😬 “Angrily, I asked him these questions as he still refused to touch me that night. He never uttered a word to respond to my questions. I became so embarrassed and angrily, I slept off. We got ourselves ready to leave the following day. Before we left, he gave some huge sums of money to my parents and siblings. That was more than a dream come true to my parents. My mother was so happy and asked him to be sending more of that when we get there. Little did I know that he was just buying me from my parents..aaww! Soon i saw myself at the Kotoka International Airport ready to leave. Should I say that was a dream come true? Because I was very happy to see myself there. My parents as well as my friends were all there to say goodbye to us. To him, he knew that was my last time seeing my family and friends. We took pictures and it was all fun. Soon we were ready to go. Come and see my gorgeous movement. Haha! I used my dark shades😎 to hide my eye defect. I couldn’t see the colours as best as it should be but once I could make meaning into what was going on, I was okay. We sat at the same place in the plane. I heard everybody should wear his/her seat belt because the plane was about to take off and they added that we should have a safe trip. Soon we were at the Atlanta airport. Atlanta is a city in Georgia of the United States. To be honest, the city is very beautiful. Come and see layouts. From a distance, we could see the Buckhea Theatre. The cars Francis used while in Ghana remained there. So we needed to use a public transport home. Just at the airport, there was this three Decker bus which we joined. In the bus, we bypassed the Georgia State centennial Olympic park. Francis showed me all these places when we got there. I felt very bad I was not having my eyes complete. Atlanta happens to be the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States which housed about 5,522,942 people. Francis found himself in this city. In fact I felt very big when he told me about the place. He lives in a very big mansion located just opposite the Phoenix State. He has workers that takes care of his house. Woow, I became very convinced that our wedding was going to a very big one. Because looking at things, he should be among the top men in Atlanta. As usual, no sex so I just have to enjoy the environment like that. In the night around 12:30am, he woke up and said he was supposed to go and clock at his workplace to indicate that he was back because he was supposed to be at work the previous day. I asked him why he won’t wait for the following day and explain himself to his boss when he get to work the following day. He said they operate on a computerized system so there is nothing like excuses over there. I had no option than to allow him go. He actually went to his occult group to report his presence and also tell them more about me. At their meeting, he described me to them that I was not totally blind. Even though that was not the exact type of a disabled person they needed him to marry, they decided to give him a chance. They read out the rules to him again. Before he sleeps with me, he was to submit a bottle full of my urine, my pubic hair and also my actual hair. They must use those things to start the process for his promotion before he could have sex with me. He was to sacrifice my first born after I give birth to complete his rituals. Francis returned at dawn and started being extremely nice to me. He doesn’t want me to do anything in the house. He just made me a house wife without sex. He will leave the house every night and come back at dawn. There was a washroom where I could easily pass urine but Francis wouldn’t allow me. He came back from town one day with a container. He said his doctors advised him to give that container to me. He said I was supposed to urinate into it and when it get full up, he will take it back for the doctor to conduct his tests to see if I was fit for their environment. Well, I knew those people are just good at technology so I never struggled with him. Francis became overly nice to me to the extent that I thought I had finally met my true Prince charming. We do bath together at times, he would help me dress my hair and even at times request to shave my private part for me. Upon all these, there was no sex. Francis ‘nicodemously’ gathered all that he needed to complete his rituals. One night, I asked him when our wedding ceremony would come off. He only said very soon. He added that he was putting things in place for that effect. One week into my stay in the US, I never went out to any place than to stay in the house. He presented the items to his people and the embargo on sex was removed. He came back to the house one day very happy. I never knew the source of that happiness so I asked him what the secret was. He opened his hands for a hug. For the first time Francis held me romantically. That hug led to a kiss. I became very surprise at his actions. He carried me to the bedroom and the kiss was becoming very intense. My libidinal energy nearly exploded. Soon the clothes were off and the heat was on. I just remembered my days with Richmond. Francis was more than a striker. “Sweetheart why have you decided to have sex this time around? ” I asked. “I could no longer wait anymore. Anytime I give a date to my pastor for the wedding, he will only postpone it. So I have decided to do it. It has not been easy for me but I just need to. ” he answered. ” OK. But to be frank I really enjoyed you this night. Am looking forward to more of such” I said. Three months into my stay, the wedding never came off. Eventually, I became pregnant. With the presence of the pregnancy, Francis became very happy because his dreams were gradually becoming a reality. In the house, there was this particular room that he never allows anyone to enter. I have been thinking what exactly was in that room that made him very strict on that room. I decided to open that room to see 
what was in there.

That room housed the skeletal remains of human beings that they used for rituals. My challenges began after I got to know about that secret.
Follow me to the next episode to find out the adventure I went through. Not all that glitters is gold.
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​Why I can’t love episode 8

Episode 8.
Francis was an occult which I never knew. We went out that evening where the official proposal was made. I accepted the proposal with all my heart . Not knowing, as a demand from his occult group, he was supposed to marry a disabled person in replace of his late wife. He actually used that woman for sacrifice. The whole thing was just like a dream come true for him. Because with he being able to marry me will mean a promotion in his ranks as an occult, increased wealth and fame. He was supposed to sacrifice his first born that he will have with the woman, and initiate the woman into the group afterwards since they lacked women. His father was much aware of this but lied to me. hmmm. So after his father spoke to him about me, he informed his occult masters about it and that was when they gave him the go- ahead to marry me. On the day he officially proposed to me, he actually made me feel that despite my disability, I was still worth loving. He said a lot of things to me just to encourage me and also increased my desire to have him on my side. I realized he had some qualities of William (my all in all). He narrated how his late wife died just before their honeymoon through accident and how painful the death was to him but all that he said were fallacies . I equally sympathized with him just as any other person would do . Within two weeks of we knowing each other, he proposed marriage to me. Before that marriage proposal, we never had anything to do with sex. He disguised himself to be a very righteous person. so I knew he was in for good. He do bring me to work and would come for me after work. I can’t even count the number of gifts he gave to me. He was just too nice to be with. I almost forgot about William. People will say travel and see:mrgreen:. There are better things out there but am not relegating the fact that William was among the best lovers this world have ever produced. My co-workers who do stigmatize, discriminate against me and referred to me as the devil’s incarnate started to get jealous of me. Now their defense was that, I charmed Francis because they saw no reason why a very rich, young and good looking guy like Francis could easily fall for a one eyed person who doubled up to be colour blinded. To be honest, Francis was a very nice looking guy who was 43 years by then. Wealth was nothing before him. At his age, he had three mansion for himself and one for his parents. He also has four cars. But the interesting thing was that, he couldn’t mention an exact business he does to me. Anytime I asked, he will only say he was a business man in the United states. Little did I also know that he was a drug dealer coupled with the occultism. But his father once told me his son works with an engineering firm in the states so That was what I knew he was. That was why I didn’t pressure him to stress on his professional career. Within a month and a half of his stay in Ghana, we went to see my parents for them to advice us regarding our marriage ceremony which was in the offing. My mother was surprised to hear me tell her that Francis never touched me since we started dating. My parents, especially my mom was happy to see me get married. They were happy not just because I was getting married, but also getting married to an ‘American borga’🤓 who was dorsted with wealth. I wished you were there to witness my engagement ceremony. More than that of the princess of Brazil😋. People from far and near, media men and women, my family members, staffs from both GES and GNAT, etc. I was overwhelmed to see that multitude. It was a very colorful and glamorous event. Francis promised that the wedding itself would be held in the states where some top ministers of the states and other dignitaries in America will be in full attendance. It got to a point and it was as if I was daydreaming. Because how could such an opportunity get to a common person like me🤔? I asked myself. All I said to answer myself was “what belongs to you will always be yours. ” little did I know that Francis was just building castles in the sky. People still find it difficult to decipher how this great chance could locate me. Still no sex after the engagement? How?🙁 When I asked him why we can’t have sex, he said his church permits sex only after wedding. I asked him the name of the church and he said ” The Strong Believer’s Church International ” I agreed to that. All he was doing was just to satisfy the requirements of his masters. I will tell you how I got to know later. We do sleep on the same bed but just like a brother and a sister in Christ, Lol . This made me to come into realization that, disability is indeed not inability. What most people fail to understand is that, the disabled in society also deserves better. I would like to congratulate the education sector for being disability friendly. But I will also request from them that they should try to provide us with the devises and infrastructures that will enable us to unearth our capabilities. Two weeks into our marriage, I wrote my resignation letter to my director who doubled up to be my in-law. It was approved and wished me well. I wished I got someone to tell me not to resign but just request for a leave. You wouldn’t know until it happens to you. Hmmm. Our plane tickets were ready so the only thing left to do was to officially inform my parents about our leaving. Already they were more than happy to see me. I packed almost all my belongings and sent them to my parent’s place. I even gave some out to friends. On the day that we went to their place, they had some church program in the evening so they said we should wait and attend the church with them, so that we could pray and commit our journey into the care of God. I thought that was a good idea but my husband said he doesn’t attend just any church but his church only. Anyway, freedom of worship so we left him behind and went for the service. During the prayer session, my mother requested for a special prayer for me. The church prayed very well for me. Personally, I am not very good when it comes to prayers. Two prophecies came that evening. One was from a member and the other was from the prayer leader. The member said she saw that, someone has removed the womb of a virgin for rituals . But I was not a virgin so how could that be my problem? I said to myself. So as the people were praying over that particular vision, I was just imagining how nice America was going to be . The second one which was from the leader said, he saw that people were clothed in black and red attending a wedding which was supposed to be white or any colour that signifies happiness but not black. He asked us to pray over it. In my mind, that prayer was for those who will do their wedding in Ghana because how can he see something that was going to happen in the Whiteman’s land. Even though I also prayed over that particular prayer, it was not with any enthusiasm. Little did I know that they were just revealing what was in store for me at my much awaited visit to America. This world is very dark. It takes just the grace of God for one to withstand this test of time. Eventually the service came to a close around 10:00pm. But after the service, the head pastor invited us to see him for a short discussion. He asked me if I really want to enjoy my relationship. I answered yes. He said then the person I have engaged myself to was not the best for me. He said he felt in his soul that the man was not genuine. Quickly my mother interrupted. “Pastor am sure you are NOT telling my daughter to divorce her husband? That man is just the best man for my daughter. Can you even imagine that he believes in the laws of the Bible? ” she reported. My father tried to stop her from interrupting with what the pastor was saying but she would not listen. The pastor in response to my mother said, that was not what he meant. My mother said if that was not the case then he should continue. “I won’t let anybody take my American borga from my daughter. She deserves better. ” my mother added. There, the pastor said He believes even if they should bring someone from America to replace my father she would have done that without any hesitation. My father laughed. I also smiled. The pastor couldn’t continue with what he planned saying because of my mom’s interruption. He only prayed for me and also committed my journey into God’s care. We got to the house around 1:00am. By the time we got home, Francis was no where to be found ” I asked my siblings where he had gone to but they said they also didn’t know where he went. I called all his lines but none went through. I also called his father at that night to ask of him but to no avail. What?? Where has my husband gone to?” I asked myself in panic. I tried calling some of his friends to check whether he was with them but my efforts were futile.
Where has Francis gone to? And what next? Follow Me to the next episode for the answers.
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​Why I can’t love episode 7

Episode 7
The disabled in society are really suffering. Discrimination, stigma, social rejection, I went through some from my co-workers. It was as if I was a monster to the people at the office. They talked to me the way they liked, some even said I was the devil’s incarnate so they don’t come closer to me. After work I used to be the last person to leave the office simply because I needed them to leave before I follow if not they would make me feel bad through their backbiting . I was actually sent to the district education office to work as a deputy to the procurement officer. Naturally I was a very hardworking person who will always make sure I completed my tasks in time and accepted other duties outside my job description. One day, as part of my responsibilities, I submitted my department’s second quarter report to the district director. After checking it, congratulated me for doing a very good work. He asked me to tell him more about myself. I managed to tell him as much as my memory could recollect. Ranging from how Richmond treated me to how Williams died and finally how I became one eyed person. He felt very sorry for me and promised of making life better for me with regards to my position at the office. He said he will make sure I was promoted and promised a whole lot of packages for me. After saying all that he has for me, I asked permission to leave to my office. As soon as i got to the gate of his office, He mentioned my name and asked me to stop. ” don’t you want to continue your life with another man? ” he asked. “Sorry sir I don’t understand what you mean. ” I responded. He said he will call me after work so I was free to go. I thanked him and left. I realized a smile on his face before I left. I tried to understand what this man was driving at but couldn’t find the meaning . Just as expected, his call came in immediately it was 4:30pm. By then, even though work has closed, I was waiting for the other people to leave before I go. As I already said, they always look down upon me and constantly finding faults on me. The director called and asked where I was at that very moment. I told him I was in my office. He asked why I was still there but I told him I had wanted to finish with some work before leaving. He said if that was the case then he will wait for me so that he could give me a lift home. In about 15mins later, I called and informed him that I was ready. While in the car going, I asked him to explain the question he asked me back at his office. This was what he said; ” Esther ” I responded. ” For the past few weeks, I have being observing and I realized that you are a very hardworking person. I felt bad hearing about your past experiences when it comes to relationship. I know you are still mourning your beloved William. His soul rest in peace though. I would have married you myself had it not to be the fact that am already married and besides, am not very sure you will like to marry a sugar daddy like me. ” I laughed upon hearing him say he was a sugar daddy :mrgreen:. He continued ” I spoke to my son who is currently at the states about you. He also had similar situation as you . He lost his wife on the day of their honeymoon through same accident three years ago. He has decided not to marry again because he loved his wife so much. But upon telling him about your condition, he felt interested in you. His name is Francis. Because of you, he will be coming to Ghana to see you and finally propose. Please don’t let me down when he comes. ” Sir but you are not being fair to me, you could have consulted me for my opinion before asking him to come down to Ghana. I will disappoint you sir. It will be difficult for me to forget my William. I have decided not to be engaged to anyone again. I also needed some time to mourn my William. I will be cheating on him if I should get engaged to another man. This is because William died because of me and am not ready to let someone take over his place in my heart ” I explained to him. He spoke to me at length just trying to convince me to accept his offer. I also told him that no young man will ever crave for a lady with my conditions. He said I should stop worrying about that because his son doesn’t crave for beauties bought in the store but for natural ladies. His wife who died was not even close to your beauty but he loved her just because of her character. She was humble, smart, God fearing and also lively to be with. This are some of the characteristics I saw in you which made me feel that you will be a very good fit for my son. I know you even have more to offer. You go and think and pray about this when you get home. William is gone for Christ sake but life must go on. The Holy Book even made it clear that we should let the dead bury their dead and that is because life is a journey. This journey got a lot of junctions. People will branch to their junctions when they get there. Must you wait for them to come back to the main road before you continue driving? Certainly not. So my dear Esther, gather courage and let go of the past. Your late William even knows that you loved him but what happened was an accident. As I already said, pray over what I just told you and make a decision for yourself. ” he added. I started shedding tears as he mentioned William as ‘late William ‘. I thanked him for the inspiration he gave me and I told him I will do just as he said. Soon, we got to my house and I alighted. I lived in a compound house with one of the workers from the secretariat so she saw me getting down from the director’s car. Quickly, she phoned a friend back at the office and gossiped to her that I was going out with the director. People won’t have evidence before reporting issues😬. The lady she gossiped to had wanted to go out with the director but because the director was very much committed to his wife, he wouldn’t compromise his stance. I couldn’t sleep early that night. I used almost the whole night to think of what the director told me. At dawn, I phoned my mother and told her everything. She also asked me to give the gentleman the chance since it was his own father that recommended me to him. But my mother asked me to come back home so that we could think through it very well. The following day at the office, as I was seated planning of how to do my stock taking, the lady I was reported to came and said “Madam husband snatcher, know that the director is married oo. Don’t think he will give you the chance. Just stop it because it won’t work. Or do you even think he is looking for people with one eye? ” ” Oh Madam please have I offended you in anyway? And what shows am interested in the director? ” I responded. She added “there is nothing called secret in this world anymore. Or you think we are not seeing your movements? Continue hopping into his car and the day his wife will get you that is where you will know where the power lies. ” She walked out on me after saying that. I never got the reason for her actions. I called the director and reported what she came to do. That was when the director told me about her behavior at the office. He asked me not to mind her actions. He also asked me whether I have decided on what he told me the previous day. I asked him to give me a week for me to organize myself. I said so because I wanted to go see my mother before making a final decision. He agreed to my request. Over the weekend, I went home to see my parents. They were actually happy to see how good I was looking. In fact money is always good…life without money is annoyance

:mrgreen:. Had it not been the case that I had everything on my side, I would have looked very wretched. In the evening, I put the issue before them. They seem to be happy to hear that so they also encouraged me to accept Francis. On the Sunday of that weekend, I went to church with them. At the church, I prayed for Gods direction. After the church service, I returned to my place because I would be going to work the following day. I called the director after I closed from work and informed him that I have accepted his request. He was happy to hear that. Not knowing Francis was already around. He informed me that his son Francis was already in Ghana just waiting for my response. I felt shy when he said that🙈. He gave the phone to Francis for him to speak with me. I hardly heard what Francis was saying because he was trying to slung. I asked him if he can’t speak like a typical Ghanaian. He laughed. We scheduled a date and time to meet. He had wanted to come to the school but I didn’t like that idea. We planned to meet on a Friday after school. After school that fateful Friday, he called and I directed him to my house.” Waow! come and see the type of car he brought(Range Rover). Very expensive of course. I told myself that this guy must be very rich. Francis was an occult which I never knew. We went out that evening where the official proposal was made. I accepted the proposal. Not knowing by the demand of his occult, he was to marry a disabled person and after telling his masters about me, they agreed for him to marry me. Oh my God!!! Why must it always be me?
Life with Francis ‘the occult’ was something else. Follow me to the next episode.
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​Why I can’t love episode 6

Episode 6
My time was due to leave to my new station and because I don’t have a car, William decided to take me with his car. As we were in the car going, we did chat about a lot of issues some of which include how I was going to miss my prince charming and how the last night’s experience was, in terms of how strong and skillful he was when it come to what you think am referring to . We also touched on how bad I was feeling for Mr Robert. Occasionally you will see him rubbing his right hand on my thigh even as he was driving. It was all fun in the car. Out of the blue, there was this Ford driver who tried to overtake five cars at a go. Our car was the second in the lane. Unfortunately for the driver, it was a long vehicle in front that was causing the slow movement of the cars. Also the car just behind the long vehicle also didn’t know that there was an oncoming vehicle that was on top speed coming from the valley and so he didn’t allow the Ford bus to join it’s lane. Unfortunately, there was a serious collision between the Ford and the oncoming sprinter bus causing the vehicle in front of us to lose control. The next thing I realized was that I was lying-in a hospital bed. My head including my face was covered with bandages. I was only allowed a space to breath through the bandage. With a faint and weak voice, I asked what happened to me. I heard one female voice, I think she was a nurse saying to me “,you were involved in a fatal accident. Oh my God , “but how could that happen?, Where is my husband; William? ” I asked her. The only thing she told me was not to worry. She added that William was fine just that he was also admitted at the male accident ward. I just wished I died instantly. ” Madam nurse, please I hope you are telling me the truth that my husband is fine? ” I asked her and she said yes. Not knowing William died on the spot but as professional as she was, she didn’t want to worsen my condition and so lied to me. The following day after the accident, people trooped into the hospital to check whether their relatives were there. My parents too came but because my face was covered a with bandage, I could only hear their voice. They got to identify me by mentioning my name. Upon hearing my name I responded through the bandage. My mother cried to the fullest. The nurses needed to send her out because she was disturbing the Ward. My father came to encourage me and said we should rather thank God that I didn’t die. According to him, I had some severe cut in my face that was why my face was covered. I asked him if he saw William but he only said William was fine. I asked him how serious his condition was but he said the doctor did not allow them to see him.”OK ” I responded. My ward was close to the OPD Where there was a television set there so I could hear whatever was being said on the TV set . On the third day around 7:30am, I was listening to the news paper review. It was there that the story about the accident was read out . According to the presenter, 45 people lost their lives out of the accident. It was reported that all passengers in the two vehicles that collided died. Some died on the spot and others upon arrival at the hospital. Also three other vehicles including ours was mentioned. In all, five vehicles were mentioned to be involved in the accident. I became more worried for William because I heard nothing like all those in the other three vehicles survived the accident . After a week, the bandage was removed from my face but they said I needed to go through a plastic surgery. One of my eyes was completely damaged because according to the some glasses broke into my face and damaged one of my eyes leaving the other one with refractive errors. I just knew my life has come to an end because how can young lady like me live without sight . My beauty was gone. I had my plastic surgery a month after the incident. It was then that I was told the gentleman with me in the car joined his ancestors on the spot, and his family members even came for the body and buried. ” Oh my God!!!🙆🏾 I killed my love! ” I said with a shout and tears run down my cheeks. ” But why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” I asked the nurse who reported the issue to me. She said they didn’t tell me becaus they feared my condition could worsen. I couldn’t see my William even for the last before he was buried. “why always me?” I asked myself. I felt like taking my own life to the extent that it started affecting my mental faculty. After some weeks, I was referred to the counsellor of the hospital who took me through thorough counselling sessions. Had it not been for the good work of that counsellor, I don’t know how my state of life will as of today. Oh yeah! Because all my hope was lost. “Who will advice me again, that care, love,patience, pampering, romance …… hmmm We need to appreciate our partners anytime they are around us because regardless of how he/she is, we will miss them should they die. My parents came for me after I was discharged. Ghana Education Service never left me behind. They sponsored everything of mine and even promised of giving me some managerial position when I become fit. The Ghana National Association of Teachers was also of tremendous support. This brings to the fact that there is a good human relation in the education sector. These people never let me lack anything. I was sponsored overseas for further treatment. There, they managed to resolve the refractive errors I became colour blinde. I want to state that by the grace of God, the situation is quiet better now despite the colour blindness which is not very severe . With all that social support, I still missed William. He was always concerned about how we could make a good future together. Little did I know that life was soo short. God knows best. That is the statement that kept me moving. Hmmmm , may his soul rest in peace. It is said that good people never last. I went to his family and they showed me where he was buried. I paid my last respect to his grave and left a rose flower on the grave before leaving. It was a very sad moment for me. At times I do think I was dreaming. Though my identify was distorted the surgery and not withstanding the fact that I now have only one eye, my looks was not that bad. After three years, GES gave me an appointment to become one of their administrators. Hmmm, the disabled in society are really suffering. The discrimination, stigma and social rejection I went through even from my co-workers was mind blowing. It was at this office that I met my next guy, Francis. Francis hmmm… I can’t stop mentioning his name.
How was life with Francis? Why can’t I love again?
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​Why I can’t love episode 5

Episode 5
Mr Robert, the head teacher never got any conscience. He insisted on his request. I said OK I will do it. He stood up and came to lock the door. He came came back to me and started fondling with my breast and squeezing it. From the breast he zoomed into unzipping my dress. There I held his hands and I said that was an office so we should continue when school is over. So he should sign the letter for me. He said OK but he would do that after school when we complete our task. I dressed up and left the office. I quickly called William when I got to out of the office. I wished you saw how my heart was racing when I was making the call. I nearly allowed myself to be used by Mr Robert, because I became aroused when he started fumbling with my breast. I never knew I could escape that trap. William said “my dear is everything ok? ” I said with the racing heart ” William this will be your very last time of sending me on such dangerous adventure. Do you know that man nearly had his way through me? ” ” Oh my God! but I hope he didn’t succeed? ” he asked. I remained quiet.

William: ” sweetheart, hello are you there? ”

Me: still silent.

William: “sweetheart but I thought we planned this together so why would you stoop so low?”

Me: still silent I just cleared my throat for him to know that I was still on the line.

William: “Hello ”

Me: “do you really love me? ”

William: “yes I love and am always there for you. Just talk to me babe ”

Me: “so what will you do if I should tell you that Mr Robert had his way? ”

William: “well! I will take full responsibility because I asked you to do it so I will still love you. ”

Me: “you are such a darling. I love you soo much. I just wanted to see how caring you are and with this response from you am convinced. I’m safe for you. He didn’t sign the letter but he tried romance with me. I promised of giving him the real food after school so please I want you to get back immediately and complete the deal before school closes. ” that was our conversation over the phone. Within 30mins William was on campus. He managed to remove the camera from the office without the head teacher’s knowledge. He called me to his car and played back the tape. I realized he got upset after seeing him fondling with my breast. He said he was not going to let this man go Scott free. I told him he should handle this case with the highest level of professionalism because without that it will mean that the tape will go viral for other people to see just for evidence. He said I shouldn’t worry. He asked of the letter and I told him it was with him. William transferred the video file to his phone by the help of his laptop and straight he moved to the head teacher’s office. When he got there according to the report he gave me, as soon as he entered, the head teacher asked him whether he left something behind and he said ‘yes’. He said he left his phone on his table the last time he came and wanted to see if it was still there. The head teacher said probably he left it at a different place because he would have seen it. William said he wanted to check maybe someone might have seen it and placed it on any of the shelves. William started searching and and then secretly removed the phone and said he has found it. The head teacher was happy and said that was good. William went to seat and when they were chatting he started playing the video. He increased the volume so the head teacher could also hear. The head teacher started showing some facial expressions of surprise. He became uncomfortable even as he was seated in a fully air-conditioned office. Then William gave him the phone to explain the video. The head teacher said he could explain. ” I’m listening, go ahead. Is that what you do with your female staffs over here? ” William asked. Mr Robert started sweating. He said ” boss please it is not what you think. Please let’s fix this matter here. I know your relationship with the lady in question but please I will do everything you want me to do just to let this case remain here I beg of you. ” Mr Robert pleaded with William. William asked him why he did that and he said it was just because he has a weak ego and that led to that. William asked him to sign the letter for me with immediate effect. Mr Robert quickly signed the letter. After that William asked him to call me to the office. When I got there I felt the tension in the room. Mr Robert gave the letter to me and asked me to sit down. Then William said for his punishment, he will make sure he is axed from GES completely for sexual harassment of his female staff. After passing the judgement he said I should stand up so that we leave the office. I felt bad for Mr Robert so I asked William to reduce the punishment because it was too harsh for him. Besides he has children to take care of but William said ” if he struggled before getting food on his table, next time he will know how to protect his reputation”. He walked out of the office, straight to his car and away he was gone. The secretary was even calling him but he wouldn’t mind anybody and away he went. I called him on phone and he said I should come to his house after school so that we talk. I also came out of the office without saying anything and straight to my class. I went to William after we’ve closed. I pleaded with him to reduce the punishment for the head teacher. He accepted my offer and said, instead of total dismissal, he would make them demote him to become a class teacher. Now my transfer letter was ready so I was to leave that school to my next new station in the following term. My joy was that I won’t be there to be seeing my head teacher become a class one teacher or something else just because of me. My conscience won’t allow me. I spent the night with William that day. It was all fun. The video he watched also increased his libido. I made him your actually feel like a real man that night. In fact I gathered the experience from Richmond to satisfy my prince charming. William was just the type of man I needed in my life. He has that patience for ladies. He do advise me on many issues, he makes sure that I was always happy. We stayed happily eventhough we were not legally married but my parents were aware about his presence around me. Before the term went to an end , the disciplinary committee consisting of the director of education at the district level, other head teacher’s, William and other stakeholders of the school sat on the issue and the final punishment was read out to Mr Robert. He was made to teach class two (2) and his rank in the education field was also reduced three levels down. Anyway I will say it serves him right because you don’t eat your cake and have it back. My time was due for leaving to my new station and because I don’t have my own car, William decided to take me with his car. On our way to my new station something mystery happened. We were involved in an accident. The tragedy of my life. Hmmmm life.
Did we survived the accident? What was the cause and what happened to me. Let’s go to the next episode.
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​Why I can’t love episode 4

Episode 4
I fired at him with some sort of pain in my heart. He became motionless and speechless. He was just looking at my face with shock, fear and panic. Initially I thought there was going to be some truth in what he said so even though i said all that for him to deny it because I was not very sure it was my Richmond the prefect was referring to. The question he asked me was how I managed to know. He asked whether I have hired spies to monitor him. It was there that I realized that it was real and not a scam or something else. He said he was sorry but he could explain. “Explain what? Explain how you were on top of Afia or how she was on top of you? Just give me way so I can go and sleep. The prefect will lock the door when it’s late. He went on his knees and was begging me. I asked him whether He has finished with Afia. He wanted me to tell him how I got to know about all this but I just moved away from him in pain. He was still kneeling when I left there. I never turned back to see whether he stood up or not. That was my back case. I couldn’t sleep that night. I switched my phone off and all I did was to shed tears. My heart was broken beyond repairs. Richmond tried all means to get me back to his bed but it all proved futile. Anytime I saw him on campus I do feel some sort of shock until he left to do his ‘out program’. I never had any other guy till I completed the college but I almost turned into a real lesbian. I do have fun with my hall prefect until one day some Christian organization came to teach us something about lesbianism. According to them it was a sin and an act of the devil. They made us understand that once you are initiated into it, it can take only the grace of God to deliver you out of it. They added that those people will never inherit the kingdom of heaven. After the teaching, they showed us some video about it and I was really touched so I gave my life to Christ and stopped that devilish act. Richmond only had fun with Afia, they were not into any form of relationship that could take them somewhere. They only meet to have fun and that’s all because after they went their separate ways after they completed. I was posted to teach in a basic school in the Eastern Region after graduation. There, I was teaching English language. I was able to impress the headteacher after there was a 100% pass in performance when the students wrote their Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE). the least grade they had in English was 3 and that was only 5 students out of 45 that sat for the paper. During their speech and price giving day, I was awarded the best teacher for the school. I was also nominated as the best district English teacher but I ended up as the second runner up. I became vary famous and popular. It was during these period that I met my second guy, William. Even with him I don’t even know how it all started because he was just a good friend and finally it turned to be a relationship. William happens to be the circuit supervisor. Because of my hardworking character, he liked me and took me as one of his friends. Even before he will come to my school to supervise, he will pre inform me before coming. On one of his usual duty to supervise teachers at post, he requested for launch with me. He planned it in a way that we will go after school. School normally closes at 2pm and besides I had no extra class that day so I honoured his offer. He came with his Toyota Compressor so we went to a very rich restaurant in town. But seriously, immediately he asked me what drink I cared for, I had that flashback of myself and Richmond at the club(spontaneous recovery). I nearly said I wouldn’t take any drink but to avoid any form of given reasons for not taking any drink I said Alvaro would do for me. He asked if I was sure I wanted to take that and I said yes. He took star but we all took fufu with meat and crab. During the process of eating, he asked me if I was dating. I asked him back why he wanted to know. He said he wanted to know because he has not seen any man too close to me ever since he knew me. I said then he should be blind because there were a lot of men around me. Almost all the male teachers including the head teacher wants me. I added that even the situation was worse in the house. He finally broke his silence and said he actually likes me. This was what he said ” Esther, I know there is no way such a beautiful lady like you will remain single with men being around you like bees and sugar. I am also single and I want to apply for your heart. I know the applicants are many but I wish you treat mine with the highest consideration. I love you ” I was just smiling as he was delivering what I call the sugarcoated speech. After he finished I jokingly asked how many ladies he has ever said that to. We all laughed over it. I had wanted to tell him about my past experience in terms of relationship but I decided not to. This is because some men will only capitalize on your weakness and use it against you some day. I asked him to give me some time to think about what he said. He agreed. When I got home I thought of it throughout the night. I said well it’s not bad to give it a try. I didn’t hear from him for almost three days so I needed to do the calling. When the mountain refuse to come to Moses, Moses must go to the mountain:mrgreen:. When I called him all I said was ” you have won ” he said “are you joking or what? ” I told him I don’t joke with the feelings of others. Come and see how happy Mr William was over the phone. He thanked me and said I was the best thing that ever happened to his life. He promised coming over to my house on that Saturday of the week. I actually arranged and ‘dressed’ my room very well . Around 5pm, he was around. He came with some gifts. In fact he demonstrated that he was actually happy to have had me as his lover. I didn’t just accept his proposal just because he was rich. Yes he was rich but he was also respectful and God fearing. Talking about his looks, he was charming. He always rate me high anytime he comes around for supervision. To be honest, I really enjoyed life with William. He cared for me and he was not a fan of sex as compared to my ex Richmond. He was always concerned about my well-being. I do visit him at his place especially over the weekends. My head teacher started noticing my relationship with William. His worry was why I didn’t accept his proposal but for crying out loud, he was too old to be my father. I was 27 and he was in his late fifties but a widower with three children. How can a young girl like me start life with a person who has such number of children? I saw jealousy in his actions. Anytime I present my lesson notes he will definitely get some fault with it and write with red pen inside. He will tell all sort of things about Me to William anytime he comes around to supervise. William do tell me about his complaints to me. I explained everything to him and he also understood why he was behaving in that way. This started making my work difficult for me so I asked William to workout things for me so that I get a transfer from that school to another school. He tried for me but the final signature from my head teacher for the transfer became a problem. I went to his office one afternoon for him to sign the letter for me and all he said was he will only do that if I should give myself to him. And that is because once I leave, he wouldn’t see me again. I nearly insulted him but I thought of it and I said to myself that my hands were in his mouth so the little thing I will do can make him worsen the situation for me. I told him there was no way I could do that and besides he was not my man so why should I give myself to him. I left the office without even taking the letter I sent for him to sign. When I got home I went to Williams place to report everything to him. He said he has a plan. He said he would like to disgrace him if he should misbehave. He said he will come and fix a secret camera in his office the next time he comes to the school. After that he will signal me to go back to him to sign the letter. If he should repeat the request I should pretend to accept. Even if possible I should go naked. I told William that would be difficult for me to do. So He said I should do the little I could. The following two days William came and everything was set. He prompted me and I went to the office to do exactly as planned. Mr Robert never got any conscience. He insisted on his request. I said OK I will do it. He stood up and came to lock the door. He came and started holding my breast and squeezing it. From the breast he started opening my zip there I held his hands and I said this was an office so let’s continue when school is over so he should sign the letter for me. He said OK he will do that after school when we complete our task. I dressed up and left the office. Asem aba!
What happened next? 

​Why I can’t love episode 3

Episode 3
Least did I know that Richmond was just in for fun and nothing but fun. I tried my best to make him happy at all cost but he was never content with that. I quite remember the day he was not feeling well. I needed to stay awake throughout the night just to make sure that he was ok. I spent my academic periods making him feel good . I cooked for him, washed for him and even chose what he should wear just to make him look nice on campus. He happened to be a very handsome guy as well (the one every girl would love to get). Having midnight pleasure with him was just as normal as anything you could think of . He rented a hostel in town just for our pleasure sessions. In order not to tell lies, he was very good at “it” and that even made me find it difficult quiting the relationship. I was deeply lost in the pool of love while he was also in for fun. He turned me into a sex maniac. Anytime he needs sex he will just call on me to meet him there. Aside our relationship, Richmond was also dating Afia, the hall prefect’s friend without my knowledge. So it got to a point where everything was all about excuses. Today this excuse, tomorrow another and the next a different one. He has had me to the fullest so he decides when to attend to me or what to do with me. But anytime I miss his call will mean I must come up with numerous explanations. I was thinking he was just jealous because other guys do propose to me. It got to a point where the relationship became very dark and cold. We hardly see each other not to even talk of having an extensive conversation on phone. We were given a midsem break but I decided to stay on campus to see if we could put things in order so that our relationship could bounce back to normal. My hall prefect was also around. I knew Richmond will also be around because he was not a fan of going home after such a short break. I called him and he told me he will be going for a funeral in their village so he wouldn’t be around but will return just after the burial service. Not knowing, he had arranged with Afia to travel with her during that period. My hall prefect became my friend because of that incidence of punishing me. I told Richmond that I will be waiting for him on campus. One night, while almost everybody had left the hall, I was asleep on my bed. It was that three in one bed but I was on the down one. Deep in the night while I was asleep, I felt someone massaging my body. I thought I was dreaming. So I was just mentioning Richmond’s name. I was actually enjoying the massage. Before I could realize, my hall prefect tapped me on the chin to open my eyes. She was the one halfway naked sitting on me while doing the massage. She said shhhhhh!!!! 🤐 . Meaning I should shut up. She said I should keep quiet, then she asked if i was not enjoying what I was feeling? She added ” forget about guys because they will only use you and dump you. Let us have fun in our own way. You have a guitar-shaped body why do you want guys to destroy it for you? I fell for you from the first day i saw you but you gave yourself to that ‘goat’ you call Richmond. Do you even know where your so-called Richmond is as we talk now? By now he is on top of Afia in a hotel far away from town. If you want evidence let me call Afia and hear something. ” she stood up from me and went for her phone and called Afia. The first two calls ended without any response but the third one went and she picked. This was their chat;

Prefect: “bad girl why were you not picking my calls? ”

Afia: “haayy baby girl you dey spoil my night give me oo I dey heaven with my husby ”

Prefect: ” really? So who be that? Or ebi Richmond? ”

Afia: ” yes now? The guy is just too good ” As soon as I heard her say ‘yes’, my body just vibrated like a quick phone flash. My thinking pattern was in a jumble. Total cacophony. They continued with the call. The phone was on speaker loud so I could hear everything. Prefect: ” OK then baby finish am hard oo that en babe dey campus dey werge am haha”

Afia: ” dawg am saf. She figure say she b smart pass me ”

Then Afia hanged the call. My eyes were filled with tears. As I was lying crying, the prefect was just fumbling my breast. I pushed her and asked her to get up from me. She then said I should stop thinking about that guy because that was how they do it on campus. She added that I shouldn’t call any guy as belonging to me unless the person has married me. I poured out more tears because I felt cheated and useless. Why me? I asked myself. The prefect talked to me in a way which made me regret ever meeting Richmond. I finally gave in to her game and we had fun together that night. She started calling me her baby from that night. I never liked what she did with me so I distanced myself from her. The following afternoon, I packed my things and went home. I cried the whole day when I got home. My mother asked what the problem was but I just lied to her that I lost a very good friend of mine (see how guys can turn ladies into Liars!

🤓). She tried to calm me. She pampered me like I was her only daughter. But the fact is that we are four in number and I happened to be the first born. Richmond never called for the whole period of the break. I also didn’t call. The break was over and we got to school. I never made my mind even to see him. He hardly comes to dinning too so I didn’t see him at dinning despite the fact that we were reshuffled. Personally I have no idea of how that Afia looked like but what I planned in my mind to do to her when I meet her hmmm. Maybe they would have sacked me from the school. One day on my way back to the hall after prep, I met him (Richmond) on the way walking very fast. When he saw me he shouted “oh my love! Where have you been? Why have you suddenly forgotten about me? I lost my phone when I got to the funeral and because I was very confused, I couldn’t even remember your number. You didn’t even asked of me from my friends. I just returned from the funeral and am on my way to your hall to ask of you. ” I was just looking at him as he continued to talk. When he landed I asked him whether he had finished. He said what did I mean by if he had finished. “Don’t you believe me anymore ?” He asked. ” Oh not that oo I was only asking you so that I could also tell you why you didn’t hear from me ” I said. ” OK then tell me I’m listening to you.

“he asked.

“I went home because you were not coming and by the grace of God, my old boyfriend who broke my virginity and travelled abroad had returned and wanted me back for marriage. So I was busy with him. He never gave me the opportunity to make calls so I also returned today” I said to him. He was like “whaaaat? What are you trying to insinuate? Just these few days of my absence and you couldn’t control yourself? You went to give yourself to another guy? Is that what you are telling me? ” I said ” yes you heard me right. I am not speaking in parables or idioms. Am speaking in plain language. Maybe next time ask Afia, your funeral sex mate to teach you so that you learn the difference between idioms and plain language or better still what it means by your phone getting missing and fucking Afia in the hotel over the week. Goat!! So I was just one of your pets you use for your dirty games huh? “I fired at him with some sort of pain in my heart. He became motionless and speechless. He was just looking into my face in shock, fear and panic just like a confused tilapia. 🙊
So how did Richmond finally responded to the shock? What happened next? 
The next episode surely has got the answers. Please don’t forget to leave your comments.
Episode 4 will come tomorrow

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