​Life on campus episode 1

Life on campus 
Episode 1
People call me kruskal walis just because I was one of the sharks in my class during my undergraduate level. My real name is Edem and am here today just because of the kind of life I led on campus in those days. I have graduated from UCC two years ago. I read B.A Social Science. I was among the very first students to report to campus when school was reopened for the level 100s. That was when I had admission to come to the school some six years ago. On my arrival, I reported to the hall written in  my admission letter. That was Valco hall. Valco is known for producing industrialist but my case was different. Two weeks into my stay on campus, lectures started and I had an African studies lecture. Religion in Africa.  After the lecture I met Esinam. Esinam was seated besides me during the lecture. To be honest, she was very beautiful. I befriended her just after that first lecture. Esinam seems to be the shy type just like       myself so it helped. We exchanged contacts as I saw her off to pick a shuttle back to her hall. She was in the Marin city. ATL hall. In the evening, I called her to check on her and she replied in a nice way. The following day, she called me and asked if I could accompany her complete her endorsement  of her registration form. I happily agreed to that and met her in front of the main library. We went round to make her endorse her form at the various departments. After that,  we went to eat at the students market which I paid for everything. In fact I made her feel very comfortable being with me.  Myself and Esinam became very good friends. My initial thought of proposing to her was gradually down sizing because the friendship was becoming a Platonic one. I do visit her in her hall and she also do come to my place .I could remember that day that she slept in my hall but nothing happened. My roomies thought i was not a real man. They were like how could i let such an opportunity go . All these while, Esinam was just studying my steps without me knowing. 
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​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 10 FINAL 

Broken Trust 
        Season *ii* Episode 10 FINAL 
Date for the marriage was even set and they still kept me in the dark. Fortunately for me, the branch I was going to work at was relatively new and based on the position I was holding, I was to be the manager when I get there. This meant that life would become more worth living. I used to call Jude but this time around he seemed not to be ready for my calls at all so I decided to tell him the good news. “Jude guess what? I’ve taken a transfer to the branch at your place and  in three weeks from now, I will be there . At the mean time, I will come and stay with you at your Bangalore before I go to my own house later when I have found one.” I said to him. “Oh really! Eeerrmn that’s fine but I will call you back.” he said and ended the call on me. “What is the meaning of all these? No, this lady can not spoil my shine for me. This is a great opportunity that can save me from this mockery and harassment from my parents and friends. I must stop her.” Jude said to himself looking very worried. On Sunday of that same week, I went back to the church to put my  transfer leave into God’s hands. At  church, the pastor was walking through the lanes  while he was preaching.  When he got to where I was seated, he stopped and asked me to stand up. I kept standing while he continued to preach. Actually, I just didn’t understand why he asked me to stand up so I felt he thought I was sleeping. He moved to the other two lanes and asked brother Maxwell, the man who claimed he had a revelation about me to also stand. He stood and the pastor said he saw in a vision that the two of us were exchanging vows at a wedding.  Brother Maxwell is said to be a business man who was equally rich. With immediate effect, I raised my hands and told the pastor that I was engaged to another man who equally loves me and in no time, we would be getting married so I was not sure if I was the very person he saw in his vision. The whole congregation had their eyes on me. Some were like how could I get such  opportunity and let it go. Others also had their own views about the scene that was created at the church that day. The pastor said fair enough and just led the church in a prayer for God’s own will to be done. I felt as if the man planned with the pastor so right after church, I called Jude to tell him that with immediate effect he should arrange for our marriage because people want to take advantage of me being single to make false prophecies. He said he will get back to me on that issue and hanged up with the explanation that he was driving on a busy road. This was another blow to him again. I was becoming a strong force against him. Because of the high level of love Ophelia’s father had for Jude, the other workers started seeing Jude as a threat to them because their main boss no longer gave them the necessary attention. They feared that Jude could rise up to a higher position and start giving them orders. Due to this, some few workers came together to sabotage the activities of Jude. They started inflating figures of amounts that they needed for the firm’s  project. They connived with some fraud guys to act like one of their leading suppliers and dupe the firm huge sums of money. Because Jude had no bad intention for anybody, he normally llef his office opened for his secretary to work in his absence. My advise to you is that, if you own an office alone, despite the level of trust don’t allow other people to work in your office when you are not around. Lock the place. This is why if you visit most organizations and the person you are looking for is not around, you would be made to wait until the person returns. In the absence of Jude, one of those sabotagers broke into his office and issued the payment of a very huge sums of money into the account of their partners in crime. Jude had no idea about this. For three days I was  waiting for his call to tell me about the marriage plans but he never called. Anytime I called, his phone was off. I called his mother and all his mother could say was that she equally didn’t hear from his son for some days. I was worried because I feared something happened to him. Jude’s building project also started taking form. He used his salary and other allowances to start his building. Never wait to have all the money in this world  before you start thinking of  making properties. Jude called one early morning and said he was not in support of my coming to that place and besides he won’t have the time for me if I should come soon. He said he would be traveling abroad so on his return, we shall  plan for the wedding. I told him not to worry because I could stay in the house and be working as he travels for his business summit. He just didn’t know what excuse to give again. Ophelia’s father came down to see Jude’s parents and equally told them that he won’t spare them should Jude hurt his beloved daughter. Jude’s parents could readily see the Lindsey behind  Ophelia’s disrespectfulness. Like father like daughter. Jude’s mother was very disappointed in Jude for going for such a lady without manners all in the name of money. In two days time before I left for  Asamakesi, Jude informed Ophelia about my coming and asked her not to come to his house at the time that am around  but still  continue with the marriage planning secretly. She had no option than to agree but warned Jude not to have any sexual intimacy with me. I moved down to Jude’s place and there was no two ways that he was blindfolded with money. The house was very nice. Jude received me nicely into the house but just as he said, he had no time to spend with me. When he returns from work in the evening, he wouldn’t even recognize my presence. Behind me, they finally arranged for the engagement and wedding together. I also started work as the new branch manager there and Ophelia never came to the house either. We made love only twice but that was not anything special. There was no vim in it. Because Ophelia’s father wanted to surprise his daughter on her wedding day, he decided to buy her a car. Jude also knowing that having the wedding in Ghana would bring problems because of me,  told Ophelia to convince her father to make them have the wedding outside Ghana so that I may not come and interrupt. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, Ophelia’s father did not sanction that deal. He said they could do everything here in Ghana and travel outside for their honeymoon. Jude had finally changed behaviour towards me. He was finding ways and means to tell me that it was over between us but he wasn’t getting the chance. I was always on my knees praying for God to bring my guy back to me because I realized he had changed completely. He came back home very late in the night, hardly eat my food and didn’t touch me again. Anytime I tried asking why he was doing that, all he would say was that I should ask myself. He said I should go deep into myself and see where I went wrong. I pleaded with him to forgive me for whatever wrong I did but he never mind me. He was not even ready to hear my voice. I called his mother and she said “my daughter, I know how you are feeling. Jude has been showing the same behaviour towards us too. He hardly comes home. Just take heart, but I want to assure you that God will fight for you.”  She  gave me her comfort as she always does and I thanked her for her words. She later called Jude and told him that he should be very careful with the decisions he was making. She added that I was having a good heart for him,  unlike the person he was about to marry. His mother advised that if it will be possible, he should quite that job and have peace for the rest of his life or marry Ophelia and put himself into hot waters. Jude accused his mother for cursing him. He got angry with his mother and ended the call. Thankfully to God, I was equally given a Bangalore and a car to use as the manager of the bank and because I didn’t know how to drive, I employed a driver. Jude’s behaviour towards me was becoming unbearable so I moved to my new place in the same town. Jude never stopped me from leaving his house. He never even for once spoke about plans for our marriage. My leaving the house was a great joy to him because he would have the opportunity to do all that he wanted. Jude’s parents were finally lured by money so they moved down to Ophelia’s father’s house where the engagement was to take place. Something mysterious happened a week to their engagement and wedding ceremony when Ophelia’s father went to check  the balance in the account of his construction firm and to his surprise, saw that the money in there could not even sustain the firm for the next one year. By then, Jude’s parents were enjoying themselves at Ophelia’s house. This man could not understand what was going on so he decided to investigate the issue. He called Jude to meet him at the firms conference room and also called the other senior staff members to come and respond to why the firm was almost bankrupt. Among the people were those who connived to dupe the firm. Everybody said they had no idea. They checked the details on the income and expenditure account and it showed that they payed three times more than what they were supposed to pay to their leading suppliers of the building materials. Ophelia’s father called the suppliers to inform them about the abnormality but the people said they received no order to supply them with any material so they had no idea. This man was more than confused. He asked of the one who issued the payment and of course that was the responsibility of Jude so he need not to ask any other person. They scrutinized the transaction and everything indicated that Jude was behind that but it was sent into a wrong account. Quickly, one of those who planned the plot said he suspect Jude used the money for his personal gain so they called for an immediate investigation of Jude. It was just as if the world was coming to an end for him. “Please, I have no idea about what is going on. ” Jude said to them looking very shocked. Ophelia’s father came to hold Jude’s neck and with his eyes widely opened and so charged like a hungry lion, said to him; ” you and your family will rot in jail should the investigation prove you guilty. ” He got home and called the engagement off. He said he had postponed it to another date and added that he would inform them about the new date when he is  ready. Everybody including Jude’s parents could sense some danger ahead. The whole program came to a halt and people from far and near started leaving to wherever they came from. Ophelia’s father called the police to start investigating the matter. Ophelia herself was confused. In the process of the investigation, the police alleged that Jude was using the money for his building and also planning to leave the country after the marriage. That was the report that got to Ophelia’s father. He quickly called for Jude’s arrest and also the arrest of Jude’s parents because he felt they were very much aware of it. Jude’s mother then called me on phone to come to their rescue. “What! So all these things were going on behind me and am not aware of it?  Jesus Christ. In-law so you gave Jude to another lady to marry and you never told me? No wonder you were not able to say anything specific when I reported your son’s behaviour to you.” I said to her feeling very bad and surprised . “My daughter it is not what you think. ” Jude’s mother replied. “In-law tell me, what should I think? ” I asked. Very unfortunately, I was at work at the time she called. I was getting emotional so I told her I would call her back when I close. To be honest, Jude had no idea about the whereabouts of that money but I will blame him to some extent. Why should he leave his office unlocked when he Is not around? After work, I went to Jude’s place and no one was in the house so I called his line and he said he was at the Asamankesi police station. I asked my driver to take me there and I wish you could see his innocent face as he stood behind the bars of the cell. I went closer to him and asked him why he was there. “Xorlali, please forgive me. I’ve done a lot of bad things against you behind your blind side. All this was the work of Ophelia, the lady with whom we did the service. Jude went ahead to tell me about how everything happened before  the cause for his arrest “We were to have our  wedding just next week but here I am. My parents are also under house arrest until the court has proven otherwise. ” he said with drops of tears in his face. “Jude so you are happy telling me all  this. Jude why? You were going to get married to Ophelia. Why didn’t you tell me for us to quite so that you could have your freedom to do what you want? Jude, so you were keeping me in the dark. Oh my God!  Jude!  is this what you are telling me today after all I have done for you? Have you forgotten the good old days? The nice moments we shared and cherished? Where do I go now that you’ve broken my heart? Jude, where do I go now when you want me no more? Oh!, even the promises you made to me are still loud and clear in my mind. Have you forgotten so soon? I should’ve  known that they were all fantasies :'(:'(.  I’ve  fooled myself again. Anyway my parents know why they named me *Xorlali.* My saviour is still alive. ” I spoke with tears flooding my face. In no time, Ophelia and her father came around. As soon as she saw me, she started hiding her face from me. His father came to sign that they take Jude to court. I pleaded on his behalf but they  won’t listen. I told Jude not to worry and that I would get him a lawyer. Jude’s parents were still under house arrest so I went to their place. “In-law am very disappointed in you. Now I believe you are satisfied with your actions. You traded your son for money. The best I can do is to get you people a lawyer because the money in question is too huge. ” I said to Jude’s mother when I got there. “My daughter thank you. But We are sorry for all this. Find a place to forgive us. “She said. Jude’s father also asked for forgiveness. I got them the lawyer but unfortunately, Jude lost the case so he was sentenced ten(10) years in prison with hard labour for defrauding the firm. There was nothing too in his accounts because that Was what He used for the building project. I felt hurt and at the same time sorry for him. The fact remains that I can’t wait  for him to return from prison before I get married so I went back to the pastor and told him that  his vision Was true. I got married to bro Maxwell finally. We never dated but straight into marriage. Ophelia also got married to another man. Six (6) years later, one of the people who planned against Jude opened up and revealed the secret. But by  then, I already gave birth to Paulina  already. All those involved were arrested and jailed for conspiracy and defrauding the firm. They were all given thirty years each with hard labour. Jude was released from prison but  he needed to start life  all over from the scratch again.
It is being said that the evil men do live to follow them. You cannot eat your cake and have it back and money they say is the root Of all evil. Let’s learn to appreciate the little that we  have. Let’s also try to be faithful to our partners. 

Thank You for making time to read and comment. God bless you. Shall he continue to lead you In every aspect Of your life. Till we meet again, I say Shalom. 
          The End
Story written by;

Jones Kwesi Tagbor
Technical Producer 

Richard Damien Cypher Ayitey 
Special thanks to;

Joana Adjoa Adjei Horlali.
Richard Avedzi (Cypher)
Thelma Togo
Emmanuel Kwesi  Mensah (Moshosho)
And to you who made time out Of your busy schedules to read.
God bless you 

​Broken Trust   Season ii Episode 9

Broken Trust 
        Season ii Episode 9
Before I went to bed that night, I wanted to hear Jude’s voice before I sleep so I called his line. Jude was with Ophelia in the same room that night because he had  moved to his new place and  had invited Ophelia over.  He fell asleep so Ophelia answered the call. “Why won’t you people stop disturbing my husband for me? By the way who are you and where are you calling from?” that was Ophelia speaking on Jude’s phone. She was very much aware that I was the one because Jude saved my contact using my name. “And who the hell are you to answer Jude’s call at this time? I replied. “Hey you husband Snatcher, stay away from my husband” Ophelia said. “What! You can’t be serious.” I replied. I hanged up and felt disturbed. “Ah! But where is Jude? Who was that lady using his phone at this time? Her voice too sounds familiar.” My thinking cup got activated again. Jude didn’t know that I called and Ophelia also didn’t tell him anything. The following morning, I called Jude’s mother on phone to report what happened the previous night to her. As a mother, she first calmed me down and said there should be something wrong somewhere because his son will never do such a thing. She said Jude was someone who feels very shy of ladies so she doesn’t believe he can leave and within that few days, get a new lady. She equally told me that she would investigate the issue and get back to me. She added assuredly that, I shouldn’t fear anything because so far as she is alive, Jude will never take any other lady behind me. I got  a bit relieved. That is the hallmark of a good mother. Be ready to defend your ward at all times and ensure his or her security. As a mother, you need not to rush in making conclusions when someone brings you a report about your ward. This brings to mind that the mother is the holy spirit of the family. She comforts, teaches, instructs, leads and gives attention to each and everyone in the family. After the call, his mother called him with immediate effect. “Jude who was the lady that slept with you yesterday? ” his mother asked without even waiting to hear any exchange of pleasantries. “Mum I don’t get you, what is the meaning of this question? ” Jude asked sounding surprised. “I won’t ask you for the second time. I am your mother, if you want to be hiding things from me then know that you are heading towards destruction. Now answer my question.” his mother instructed. “Mum, I slept in my room alone but if there is anything, let me come home and let’s talk about it.” he lied to his mother. “Who received the call last night when Xorlali called your line? ” his mother asked. “Mum you said what!?” He ended the call immediately and went to his received calls. “Oh my God! Xorlali called and who picked it? ” he asked himself. Quickly he called Ophelia who left not long ago. “Yes! I answered it. It’s a high time you let the cat out of the basket and be stable minded. I told her to stay away from you.” Ophelia said. “You did what!? Ophelia you’ve finished me.” He said and ended the call. He called the mother back and lied to her again. “Mum, sorry I left my phone on charge at a friends place yesterday so it was the person that answered Xorlali when she called.” His mother asked, that how come he left his phone there. He said there was an electrical fault at his place and that was why. Her mother was still not convinced so she asked him to come home. After the call, Jude called me back and told me the same lies she said to his mother. Because I never thought that Jude could do that to me, I got convinced. But I asked him why he failed to answer me when I asked him at first and explain why the lady spoke to me like that. I told him not to do things to betray the trust I have for him. He assured me that everything was in place and gave me a peg over the phone.  At work, I went to Mr Adjei and pleaded with him for mercy so that I am not demoted. I told him I have forgiven him and was sorry for my actions. Actually, my intention was to secure my work. He said he would see what he could do. By then his lady had gone back to abroad to continue her study. I wrote a letter for transfer so that I leave there and get closer to Jude. In the letter, I stated that I want to get close to my mother because of her health. Jude resumed work fully as the Financial Controller and life began to take a good shape for him and his family. Due to his hardworking nature, Ophelia’s father developed more love for him as his son in-law. Despite the fact that there was some level of communication between Jude and myself, we don’t talk for long as people in relationship normally does. He always had an excuse to give me. It’s either he is busy balancing accounts or at a meeting. He was just too busy for my liking. After two months of work, he went to visit his mother driving in the firm’s Jeep. More than a dream come true. His mother got very happy to see his son making it big. Jude bought a lot of provisions for his mother and gave her more money so that she uses for her petty trade. He made his father to come back home and life was just good for them. Ophelia realized that Jude was getting late to come and perform the marriage ceremony. One day she went to tell his father to talk to Jude so that she gets married. Prior to that Ophelia’s father met with Jude and told him how dear Ophelia was to him and how he was not expecting him to hurt her in anyway. He warned Jude that, he wouldn’t spare him when he finds out that he is cheating on his daughter. Jude nodded in response. Because Jude didn’t want to loose everything, he made up his mind to start making his own properties. Mr Adjei also not wanting to hurt me the more, signed my transfer letter which was to take effect after two months. I was to go to a branch at Asamakesi where Jude and Ophelia were but I didn’t inform him about it. My intention was to tell him a week to the day I would be living so that I could stay with him at his Bangalore. Now it looked as if Jude must now decide between me and Ophelia. The fact remains that he loves me but because of the job offer, he had his attention on Ophelia. Ophelia now point it clear to him that she can’t wait any longer for the marriage rite. Her father also reminded him about it. Jude for the fear of loosing his job finally made up his mind to marry Ophelia. One Sunday, he carried Ophelia  in the Jeep and went with her to his parents house to introduce her to his parents. When they got there, Ophelia was making everything which showed clear that she and Jude are into some form of intimate relationship. She will never let Jude be alone. She couldn’t even show any bit of respect to Jude’s parents. Because she lived in a mansion, she saw Jude’s house as a dirty place. She said she could not sleep in that house so Jude should arrange for a hotel for them to stay. Jude’s mother was getting surprise so she called them and asked Jude what exactly was happening. Jude now made it clear to his mother that all his wealth was as a result of Ophelia. He said the firm he was  working with belongs to Ophelia’s father and the condition attached was that he  marries Ophelia. He added that, that was what he wanted to tell her the very first day the appointment came. His mother could just not believe his ears. She called Jude’s father to also come and listen to what their son was saying. His father said he was not going to accept that marriage because Ophelia to him, does not respect. Jude made it clear that he was ready to marry her and nobody should stop him. Upon lengthy talks, they came into consensus that Jude can go ahead to marry her. They came to conclusion because of the fear of their son loosing his work. Date for the marriage was even set and they still kept me in the dark. Fortunately for me, the branch I was going to work at was relatively new and based on the position I was holding, I was to be the manager when I get there. This meant that life would become more worth living. I do call Jude but this time around he seemed not to be ready for my calls at all so I decided to tell him the good news. “Jude guess what? I’ve taking transfer to the branch at your place in three weeks from now. At the mean time, I will come and stay with you at your Bangalore before they give me my own room.” I said to him. “Oh really! Eeerrmn that’s fine but I will call you back.” he said and ended the call on me. “What is the meaning of all these? No, this lady can not spoil my shine for me. I must stop her.” Jude said to himself looking very worried. 
Money, they say Is the root of all evil.  What happened next? 
Let’s go  the next episode for the answers.
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​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 8

Broken Trust 
        Season ii Episode 8
“Oh really! So Mr Adjei was just using me as a  toy.” I said with tears flooding my face. Before we could say something, Mr Adjei came to the house and blew the horn of his car alerting  his wife of his presence. “I won’t spare this man today.” I said and rushed out to meet him while the lady also followed. “Xorlali, you should be at work by now, what are you doing here? ” Mr Adjei asked. “Mr Adjei what was the meaning of this? you were married but told me you were not. How dare you take me for a fool?” I asked him looking very angry and even ready to fight. ” hey! Xorlali am still your manager if you mind to know. You cannot come to my house and do whatever you want. If there is anything you want to discuss with me, go to my work place and wait for me I will be there soon.” He said with authority. “Look, Mr man,  am not here for any of those wagadry  things. Were you not the one who told me the lady here is your sister?” the lady was just standing with her arms folded, looking at us in surprise.  Mr Adjei was very hot yet, tried to play his cards as a man. “Honey, please don’t listen to this lady okay? I’ve already told you this lady have been doing all it takes for me to propose to her and because I didn’t, she is feeling jealous knowing that I already have a lady and not just any lady but a lady of substance.  “Mr Adjei said to her lady in my presence. “What!  What did you just say? Me, forcing you to propose to me? After you’ve taking me to the hospital for them to inject me those pregnancy prevention drugs and turning me into your sex toy, you now have the guts to  tell your lady that am forcing you to propose to me. God forbid, may thunder fire your mouth ” I replied him very angrily. “Adjei, so this was what you were doing in my absence right? I highly disappointed in you. So it is true that all men are the same. It will take devin intervention for me to trust you.  ” the lady said to  him looking very disappointed. Mr just said “honey it’s not what you think. I can explain. ” “Explain what? Young lady, my name is Etornam and Mr Adjei is my husband to-be. I can feel the pain you are going through but don’t worry, all is not lost. Since we are not legally married, I can leave for you to continue with him.” she said to me with a very stable but angry voice. “No Madam Etornam, am not here for that. Divorce is something I hate.  Am sure you are equally feeling hurt just as I am but don’t leave. I will rather leave but God himself will deal with this man.” I said with tears all over my face. Mr Adjei quickly walked passed us and entered into the room shamefully. I felt hurt, deceived and cheated. I couldn’t control my tears. Madam Etornam tried to console me by telling me that God would never let me down. I carried my bag and left the house to my place . Mr Adjei’s lady went to meet him in the room. “Ayekoooo! you think you can always hide. Today is the very last day you are seeing me in this house. We are not even fully married and you are doing this, what will happen if we are? ” the lady said sounding equally cheated. “Sweetheart, please am sorry. It is the work of the devil.  This shouldn’t lead to you leaving me at this moment. Am on my knees, please forgive me and don’t leave. Am ready for any punishment from you.” Mr Adjei went down on his knees, begging his lady. “Oh! So the devil asked you to cheat on me. Then you need deliverance.  But what exactly went through your brain before you went cheating on me? I will need some time alone to think about it.” The lady said and walked out on him. Back in my house, despite the fact that I wanted to end the relationship, I least expected that it would turn this way. I felt very bad. That evening, I called my mother just to chat with her to gain some relief. That was when my mother told me that she had a very bad dream about me but she was looking for a way to tell me. She said in her dream, she saw me struggling with someone over a treasure. But the problem was that, my hands were not very clean to take the treasure so the struggle was very tough for me. She asked me if in anyway I was having an issue with someone. I told her about Mr Adjei and what happened. She then asked me if I had been attending church since I left her house. I told her no. She advised that I should start going to church and whatever I want would be provided by God. Even though it was very late after the call, something was telling me to call Jude but I was thinking he might be asleep. I called and interestingly, he was on the phone with another person. Guess who? Ophelia. They were making love on phone so he didn’t pick my call. I was wondering who the caller was but I took it normal. “After all, he is a gentleman and every other lady will be eying him.” I said to myself. After 30 minutes, he was still on the call and this time around, I was getting uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep that night. He called back after two hours and said he was sorry, he said he  was on a call with an old friend. I made it clear to him that I didn’t like what he was doing. We had a little chat and I couldn’t even tell the time I slept. At work the following day, Mr Adjei could not even look into my face. I equally didn’t mind him when I saw him passing. One morning, I was at my office when he sent a memo to me stating that the bank had come up with a new policy that all staffs should provide their certificates of education attached to their positions at the bank. They want to do some reshuffling. This will mean that if they get to know that my certificate and the position I was holding does not tally, I will be demoted to a Tailor position. All this was masterminded by Mr Adjei. He had gotten what he want from me already so he now want to throw me into the bin. His lady was ready to go back to complete her studies and she invited me to come. “But how can this lady invite me to that house again? And what do she want from me? ” I asked myself. I went after work to meet her and what this lady did was to give me a serious warning for me to stay away from his man. Before that, they were able to settle issues among themselves. But the lady made it clear to the man that she cannot Trust him again. Mr Adjei’s complaint was that his lady didn’t call him for a whole year and some months after she left, so he was thinking she got someone there and that was why he did that. This meant that Mr Adjei did not equally Trust his lady. My plea to people in relationship is this; communication and trust  is  important key in every relationship. Regardless of how busy you are, try to still make time to say Hello to your partner especially those in long distance relationship. Trust that he or she still belongs to you.  After her warning, I told her that I was not the bad lady she was taking  me for . I asked her to talk to Mr Adjei on my behalf so that I am not demoted from my position. She said she will. Jude had finally agreed to Ophelia’s offer. He went to sign the agreement where his conditions of service were be very lucrative. He was be entitled to a Bangalore , a pull car and traveling allowances. On phone, he mentioned all these things to me and I congratulated him. I equally told him about the challenge I was facing at my end. He sympathized with me and also promised to pray for me.  On Sunday, I told myself that I must revisit the house of God so I went to a nearby church and rededicated my life  to God. As if it was intentional, the person who led the prayer that day mentioned something close to the dream my mother told me about so I prayed like never before. I also prayed and asked God to secure my work for me and also help Jude to realize his dreams. When I got home, I called my mother and told her that I had started attending church. She was happy to hear that.  I was in my room that evening thinking about myself when I heard someone knock on my door. I went out to see who it was and to my surprise, it was the  man who gave me a lift after church that day. I asked him in and all he came to ask was whether I was married or not. I told him I was not married but in a relationship. He said he had a revelation from God  about me when he carried me in his car. He said he saw that the man I think is my future husband belongs to another person so if I don’t mind, I should give him the chance so that we become friends. He said he was the right man for me.  I wish you saw me that day. I got very furious at him and asked him to leave my house with his fake revelation. “If you saw that, why should it be you that I must marry? Because of you kraaa, I won’t come to that church again.” He felt sorry, apologized and left. Before I went to bed that night, I wanted to hear Jude’s voice before I sleep so I called his line. Jude was with Ophelia in the same room that night. Jude moved to his new place and invited Ophelia over.  He fell asleep so Ophelia answered the call. “Why won’t you people stop disturbing my husband for me? By the way who are you and where are you calling from?” that was Ophelia speaking on Jude’s phone. She was very much aware that I was the one because Jude saved my contact using my name. “And who the hell are you to answer Jude’s call at this time? I replied. “Hey you husband Snatcher stay away from my husband ” Ophelia said. “What! You can’t be serious. ” I replied. 
Hmm from frying pan to fire. What happened next? What will happen to me? 
Let’s go  the next episode for the answers.
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​Broken Trust  Season ii Episode 7

Broken Trust  
        Season ii Episode 7
When he got back into the room, his lady asked; “what is the meaning of what just happened? Why should she enter into the kitchen as if  she was in her own house? Tell me is something going on that am not aware of? “Oh sweetheart, why should you be talking like this? Stop thinking far. She normally do help me prepare food in your absence. She is very much aware of you as my wife living abroad so you need not to worry about anything. ” he responded to his lady. “Is she  married? ” the lady asked. “Not really but she is dating of which am aware of. It got to a time that she tried to play tricks on me but because I always want to be a faithful husband, I never fell for  her tricks.” “what trick are you referring to? And why should she live her boyfriend behind  and bring you fruits instead of him? ” the lady asked suspecting something fishy going on. “what are you insinuating? So you think I was cheating on you in your absence or what? if that is what you were doing there, then I beg to differ. I have no idea of what you are thinking. Excuse me. ” Mr Adjei angrily said to his lady and walked out on him. The lady just stood there and watched him rattle like the tale of a cattle. The woman equally felt bad for making his soon  to-be husband angry so after some time, she followed up on him to apologize. Ladies will continue to be ladies. We have such a soft heart that can easily be influenced.

I got home very angry and confused that day. “Ah!  why would this man ask me to stay away from him till that lady he claims to be his sister leaves before I visit him. Even though this would be an opportunity for me to get rid of him and cling to my Jude as long as I don’t love him, it doesn’t mean he should take me for a  fool. I must get to the root of this issue and know who exactly that lady is to him.” But to be honest, I felt very jealoused because the lady was equally beautiful and highly educated. I was holding an HND certificate and had that position through protocol.  I kept thinking aloud when I remembered what my mom told me. Quickly, I took my phone and called her to inform her that I had arrived safely. She thanked me for all that I did for her and cautioned me to take very good care of myself. I spoke with her for a while and after her call I got ready to go and take my bath. Right before that, my phone rang again and it was Jude calling me. “Hello my sweet angel, I believe you have arrived safely?” he said to me as soon as I answered his call. “oh yes, yes, not too long ago”. I responded. ” Alright, so  when are you resuming work?”  asked again. “well, hopefully, come this Monday.” I said to him. He told me that he missed me and I also said I missed him too. He reminded me of the last encounter. As if the game was still in session.  We continued to have a nice chat when Jude suddenly said to me; “sorry dear, my friend is calling me, the one who is working on the job offer for me. Let me answer him and get back to you okay? In no time, I will be gainfully employed and we will get married.  I love you, bye.” he hanged up immediately. “haaa! That was a relief from my anger.  I became so happy as the words of Jude played back in my mind. Actually, it was Ophelia who was calling him. She called for them to continue with their discussions with regards to their marriage plans. She assured Jude that her father was ever ready to take responsibility of their marriage ceremony even if Jude doesn’t have the means. She also said that her father had prepared a place for his stay throughout his working days and a car for all his rounds. They kept on enjoying their chat ranging from the plans of their invitations to their marriage and even spoke about the number of children  they would want to make when Jude’s mother overheard him. She went close to him and said;  “my son, is that Xorlali, my daughter in law you’re speaking with? “Yea… yes  please. She sent her regards. ” he lied. “My regards to her too. ” she said to him. “Okay mom.” he replied. So funny, Ophelia hanged up immediately she heard Jude’s mother’s voice over the phone. His mother continued with her talk when she realized that he was done with his call. “My dear, I am very happy for you and I thank God for your life. More especially, for the woman He has given you. Listen, you are very lucky to have such a woman like her. A woman who is beautiful, respectful and so submissive, hardworking and always ready to stand by her man in all situations. My friend, do as much as you can to love her and remain faithful to her at all times. When you do that, mark my words, she will also care for you, respect you and love you even more than you do love her. Be very mindful, and don’t be deceived. Some women are very pompous when they have money more than their men, but I can see that this lady is very exceptional. Your father will be very happy to know about this.  Anyway, am sorry for the interruption. Actually, I overheard you discussing on your marriage plans. Please don’t delay it at all. I can’t wait to be a grandmother. Am off to my room, have a wonderful night.” his mother adviced and with happiness written all over her face, left to her room.  Jude was  left more  confused than ever. He was actually in the highest stage of cacophony.  He didn’t know which way to go and which choice was right. Ophelia on the other hand sat down on her bed and for once, thought of herself. “Eeeee, why have I not thought of this long ago?  Oh!, hmmm, Jude has never never introduced me to his family.  What if he has already sent Xorlali home to go and meet them? What will be my faith then if what am thinking is so? That girl as it is, loves Jude so much and the worst of all is that, she is loved by everybody around her. If only this lady has already met Jude’s family, then there’s no way they will accept me because she’s more respectful and beautiful than me. His family will accept her with all gladness and reject me like expired goods. But no way, this won’t happen to me, never. Maybe I will rot in jail.  I am the daughter of a rich man, my success in everything is the pride of my dad, I would have to tell him about this  because I must have Jude at all costs. My father has many properties, marrying Jude means taking possession of my father’s properties after his death. And the death of my father any moment soon  will mean that Jude is the murderer and he will be left in jail or will be kicked out of the house and I will have everything to myself. I will become one of the multi millionaires of our era and I will be feared and respected by all just like my father. For the mean time, let me go and meet dad.” Hmmmm, indeed “etir3 nntsi s3 brofr3.” Men, beware, some ladies  are indeed very wicked. They will not only drain you but make you a laughing stock before leaving you. Be careful about the person you select as your wife.  After the thought of such evil deeds, she went to meet to her father in the hall. Her father asked her of what her problem was and she said there’s this lady trying to snatch her boyfriend away from her. She continued in tears to tell her father a whole lot of lies. When she was done speaking, her father assured her that he would do all that he can to get her whatever she wants if only that would make her happy. After their chat, she left back to her room like a successful student, full of joy. I had finished taking my bath and was in my sofa, enjoying my chilled soft drink and my favourite tele novela when my dad called me. I received his call with all gladness as I quickly remembered the happy moments I had with him at his place. He called to check up on me and advice me on men and how to make the right choice. He seemed to speak of almost all that my mother told me and asked me to take very good care of myself and remain a good Christian and of course a good daughter of his. I thanked him for his advice and bid him goodbye. After a while of a deep thought with regards to the advice from my dad, I came to the realization that I must quit my relationship with Mr Adjei. I thought of ways to get my decision becoming a reality and the moment of his so called sister, appeared to me as the right opportunity to get my plans executed. I thought of going back to his house the next day. Mr Adjei’s fiancee still sat down thinking of the explanations he gave her concerning my coming to the kitchen. She thought on the kind of trick he was talking about  and still had no reasonable explanation to that, so she decided to make out her own investigation and get to the root of issue. For the next two days I didn’t go to Mr Adjei’s house because he told me over the phone that the lady had gone to their village. I wanted to go when the lady is around. I resumed work and at work, I realize Mr Adjei was not himself. One afternoon, Mr Adjei was to attend some board meeting so I decided to go to the house in his absence. Luckily for me, the lady was around when I got to the house. Intelligently as she was, she gave me a warm welcome. “Thank you for the warm welcome. Your brother said you were not around so I wanted to come and prepare some food for him.” I intentionally said to the lady. “My brother. Please which brother of mine are you talking of? ” the lady asked looking confused. “Ah is Mr Adjei not your brother? ” I asked. ” haha really. So that was what my husband told you. Please am his wife and not his sister okay?” She said pointing to the promise ring on his finger. “Oh really! So Mr Adjei was just using me as a toy.” I said with tears flooding my face. Before we could hear, Mr Adjei came to the house and blew the horn of his car alerting  his wife of his presence. “I won’t spare this man today.” I rushed out to meet him while the lady also followed. 
You can’t eat your cake and have it back. What happened that day? How will Mr Adjei’s lady take the issue? What of myself and Jude?
Let’s go  the next episode for the answers.
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​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 6

Broken Trust 
        Season ii Episode 6
Soon, Jude’s mother came to inform me that my bed was ready. She wished me sweat dreams and said I should enjoy my stay in the house.  Jude came to join me at the hall soon after he was done taking his bath. We had a chat about a whole lot of  issues  and zoomed into  some kisses. After some nice romantic kisses,  I told him I was feeling sleepy and left for the guest room to sleep. I  immediately fell asleep because I never thought Jude would come into my room. Jude couldn’t sleep that night, so he waited for his mother to go to bed and soon after she was asleep, he tip toed into my room and came to sleep by me.  Hahaha, that night  was something extremely different. The door was not locked up with a key so he found no trouble entering at all.  In my sleep, I started having a sweet feeling  within me as Jude slowly passed his hands over my hairy body. Unconsciously, I was mentioning Mr Adjei’s name. Jude then woke me up and asked what the meaning of me mentioning Mr Adjei’s name was. “Jude it’s you, what are you doing here? but you are suppose to be in your room.” I asked him when I woke up from my sleep. “I want to share the night with you here. Seriously speaking, am unable to sleep in my room alone for as long as you are here with me in this house. But why were you mentioning Mr Adjei’s name? ” he asked. “Really? hmm I was dreaming oo. I saw Mr Adjei in my dream having a chat with me about how to get you back to the bank and it was like, I was pleading with him to do all he can to get you employed.” I lied to him. “Oh dear, thank you very much for always having me in mind.  You’ve thought of me for all these even went into your dream with it. Please don’t be worried about me okay? ” he got convinced with my lies and asked me not to worry about him. He  called for a hug and everything started afresh. The kiss was gradually becoming deep. His hands started going into my holy places and oh! it was a blast.💥 My body started to vibrate. I was completely lost in the mood. Jude rode and stroked me so hard as if I was a stubborn horse. To be honest, I can never forget that night. We went almost 5 times before day break. Instead of him waking up early to go into his room before his mother wakes up, we both became tired and slept so deep this time around. Later in the morning, I could hear the sound of a knock on a door. For the third time, I realized it was on my door. I woke up, checked the time and it was past 8:00am. I turned and saw Jude still sleeping. I quickly rushed to the door and it was nobody else but Jude’s mother. “Oh ma, it was you. Sorry I was fast asleep. Good morning.” I greeted feeling a bit weak. “Good morning. I hope your night was good.?” She asked. “Yes please. Thank you for accepting me with such a great love since yesterday. God bless you.” I thanked her. She then asked, “do you know the whereabouts of Jude? I went to his room this morning but he was not there.”  Interestingly, before I could say a word, Jude woke up and realize I was not on the bed so he mentioned my name.  “Ah! is that not his voice am hearing? Did he sleep with you?” Jude’s mom asked in surprise. “Yeeer…. yeer…yes mom. He came to sleep here.” I said shamefully. “Call him for me.” she instructed. I went into the room and called him. “Mom, you sent  for me. ” Jude said to his mom when he came out in his shorts and singlet. ” Why didn’t you sleep in your room? I warned you and you refused my orders , is that not it?” His mother asked. “Mom but you said she shouldn’t come to my room, hence I rather came to her room. It won’t happen again.” he said jokingly. His mother looked into his face and said; “you are not serious.” She left to her shop as we went back into the room. As if that was not enough, Jude started acting in a way that showed he wanted more but I told him I had to start preparing to leave. We had a short period of  romans and I later went to take my bath. By the time I finished dressing up, Jude’s mother had prepared some local meal which we all eat. Before I left, I gave Ghc200.00 to his mother for her upkeep and gave Ghc300 to Jude himself. I thanked his mother ones again for her warm reception and around 12pm that day, I left to my mother’s place. She was actually in a good health when I got there. I stayed over and helped her by washing all her dirty clothes and curtains. I also did some general cleaning and made sure the house was in order. Mr Adjei called again and asked me of where I was and I told him I was with my mother. He asked of my mom’s  health and I told him  she was very fine. He said he had wanted to tell me to spend additional one month with her so that he would feel very well before I return. I told him there was no need for that. His fiancee was to come the following week which was the time my leave days too ends. Personally, looking at the warm welcome Jude’s mother gave to me, I was just thinking of how to quit my relationship with him  because I didn’t love him. Jude was the person in my heart and with Jude shall I die. I told him not to worry for my mom was fine and I was going to return soon. He said he was missing me and I rudely said I know and hanged up. Mr Adjei was very hot. He wished he could  make his fiancee remain without coming but that would be very difficult. After that call, I called Jude’s number and it was call waiting. He was on the phone with Ophelia planning on how they could become husband and wife. On his return call, he said he was speaking with his friend that got him the job. I told him I was just missing the adventure that went on the last time at his house. Soon, my time was due for me to leave and my mother said she wanted to talk to me before I leave. I went to her in her room and this was her message. ” my daughter, my first joy is that you are back home to me. My second joy too is that you are gainfully employed but my concern is that you need to start making properties for yourself. Don’t say because you are a woman, you would wait for a man to marry you and make his properties before you will  be in expectation of him to put your name in his will. No, start making your own properties and with that, no man can raise his shoulders on you. Also, as a woman, you need to respect yourself and don’t be too desperate for men. Some men are only there to feel what is under you and go. With the respect you give to yourself, a well to do and responsible man will also come after you. My last thing to tell you is that, don’t say because you are rich or educated, you need a man that is equally rich and educated. Note that there is a high demand for those rich and educated  men, so don’t think about them. Give the chance to the average man who is  ready to love and care for you. In fact, because he knows you are a high class lady, he will respect you at all times and won’t do things to hurt you. If by chance the very rich one comes, fair enough, but that shouldn’t be your main target. Look out for love, care and respect instead of money or fame. I wished I got someone to talk to me when I was like you. Please,  also try to trust your partner. If I were to trust your father and your stepfather, I wouldn’t have been here as a widow. My blessing is always with you. ” Tears rolled down my chicks as she was talking to me. I went to bow in front of her and thanked her for those words and her blessings. I promised her that I would  always be there for her. I hugged her still in tears. Afterwards, I went to pack my things, went to the ATM machine and  withdraw some money for her and for myself. I bought enough provisions for her in addition to the money and left. Now, I became confused. “Mr Adjei is rich and he promised to marry me. Jude is at the moment not gainfully employed and also promised to marry me. Now which of these men will be a good husband?” I started thinking aloud while I went straight to my house. Actually, I had wanted to surprise Mr Adjei that I was back so when he called to find out if I was back, I told him I was not back. His fiancee was also around so he was actually calling to prevent me from coming into his house. It was a Friday so I knew he would come home early. Around 5:00pm, I bought some fruits on my way to give to him. When I got there, his fiancee was cleaning the kitchen so when I knocked it was Mr Adjei himself that came to open the door. “Ah Xorlali, but you told me you were still with your mother so how come you are here? ” he asked using an undertone voice. “Why? aren’t you happy am back? ” I asked in response. “Oh not really.” he said. I asked him to let me into the room and he said he has a visitor in there. “A visitor? from where and when did the person come?” I asked. “Do you remember my sister that I told you about? ” he asked. “Sister…..which sister are you referring to because I can’t remember we spoke about any sister of yours.” I replied. “Oh you forgot so soon. The picture hanging on my wall and beside my television set. She has return from abroad and wanted to check on me. ” he said to me. “Really that’s fine. I brought your some fruits let me put them into the fridge for you. I walked passed him and went into the kitchen. He tried stopping me but I ignored him. The lady was just in a very short and tightened short and a very seductive top. “Oh sorry I didn’t know there is someone here. I should’ve knocked. ” I said sounding respectful. “Oh don’t worry. Please do you need something?” The lady asked. Jude was hiding behind the door waiting to see how proceedings will unfold. “Not really. Am xorlali, a friend to Mr Adjei. I traveled and on my return I bought some fruits for him so I wanted to put them into the fridge.” I said to her. Before the lady could say something, Mr Adjei quickly entered the room and interrupted. “Dear this is xorlali, she has been a good friend and also works as the Insurance Policy Manager at the same  bank am working with . ” he said. “Oh that’s fine. It’s nice meeting you. “The lady said and came to take the fruits from me. Mr Adjei called me to come and see something for him outside. I excused the lady and followed him. “Xorlali you see she will be going to our village tomorrow so I  would like you to come back tomorrow when she lives. I don’t want her to suspect anything between us. ” he said. “but what is wrong if your sister knows you are going out with a lady? Why? did you tell them that you are going to become a Catholic priest or something? ” I asked angrily. He said he will explain things to me later because I won’t understand. I walked out very angry forgetting to even inform the lady of my going. When he got back into the room his lady asked, “what is the meaning of what just happened? Why should she enter into the kitchen as if  she was in her own house? tell me is something going on that am not aware of? “Oh sweetheart, why should you be talking like this? Stop thinking far. She normally do help me prepare food in your absence. She is very much aware of you as my wife living abroad so you need not worry about anything. ” he responded to his lady. “Is she  married? ” the lady asked. “Not really but she is dating of which am aware of . It got to a time that she tried to play tricks on me but because I always want to be a faithful husband, I never fell to her tricks.” “what trick are you referring to? And why should she live her boyfriend behind  and bring you fruits instead of her boyfriend? ” the lady asked suspecting something fishy going on. 
Lol. Danger ahead!🚷 What happened between myself and Mr Adjei’s lady? What will be my faith? hmm 
Let’s go  the next episode for the answers.
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​Broken Trust Season ii Episode 5

Broken Trust 
        Season ii Episode 5
Because I wanted to give Jude a surprise visit, I skillfully asked him during one of our chats for the direction to his house but never mentioned to him that I was planning to come. I spent three days at my father’s place and continued my journey to his place. My father didn’t want me to leave but I told him I needed to go because of my mom’s health condition. Jude was staying at Koforidua while my father was at  Accra, therefore the distance was not that far. I left very early in the morning with the motive of returning  to my mom that very day to spend the rest of my leave days  with her before I go back to work. I followed the direction Jude gave to  me and was able to locate his house safely.  Actually, he was  living with his parents in their own house. His mother’s shop was just in front of their house so I met her first. Luckily for me, his mother was already at work in the shop.  Even though Jude told her about me, we were still strangers to each other because she had never seen me before.  I greeted her respectfully  and she cheerfully responded, giving me a seat to sit down with her at the shop. She told me there was nobody in the house at the moment so that suggested to me that Jude was equally not around. She welcomed me and asked me of my mission. “Oh sorry dear, I didn’t even serve you water. Please forgive me, this menopause is really affecting me oo, hmmm.” She jokingly said and stood up to get me a sachet of water. Even though I was not tasty and wished I could reject the water, I had no option but to take it and gradually I took a  sip with smiles as a sign of our rich Ghanaian culture. Our culture demands that you take water when you visit someone. If not, it may mean that you have bad intentions for the person or even have an issue with him /her.  She came back to her seat and asked me of my mission again. “Thank you very much mommy. My name is Xorlali, a friend to Jude. We both did our National Service at the same bank and I just decided to pay him a surprise visit today. That’s why am here.” I humbly gave my mission. “Oh my daughter, you have done very well. God bless you for being such a good friend. You welcome, you welcome, you welcome.” she shook hands with me as she again welcomed me so cheerfully. “If I may ask, are you the Xorlali Jude told me about? Did you send him money to start up a business and later, another for the payment of his father’s hospital bills?” she asked me in surprise. “:) Yes mom, am that Xorlali you know.” I responded with a smile. “Hmmm, am even short of words. My daughter, God will continue to bless you. Had it not be the money you sent, his father would have been a dead person by now.” she said to me. “Please, is he around?” I intentionally asked again even though her previous comment gave me a gist of his whereabouts. “Oh no, he said one of his friends had worked out some job for him at Asamankesi so he left yesterday to check on it. He promised coming back today so I think by now, he should be on his way.” she explained and expressed her happiness of  seeing me. I asked her about it and she said it was about him becoming a Finance Controller but was now going to check the details. I said ok but still felt bad because Jude never told me about it. “You see, Jude is my only son but the second son to his father. Yet, my son likes hiding a lot of things from me but I think you can tell me something. Are you my daughter in-law?” She inquisitively asked using an undertone voice. “Hahahaaaa mom, you’ve kept me laughing from the very minute I got here. Actually, your son loves me and I also love him but just that things didn’t go the way we expected. After our service, I was retained but he wasn’t. If not, he would’ve come to marry me by now.” I replied. “Oh that’s fine. I can’t allow my son to leave such a beautiful lady like you for another person. Ah! my grandchildren will take the beauty of their mother.” she said with a smile when a customer called to buy something. She went to sell to her customer and returned for more chat. You know, one symptom of menopause is excessive talking but note that it doesn’t affect only the women. The men equally have their share. We call theirs andropause. On her return, she came to ask me of the  tribe I belong and I told her that just as my name sounds, am an ewe coming from Akatsi. This woman was very happy for me. She said she knew ewe ladies are always perfect marriage materials because of the experience she gathered in her past years. Looking at things, this woman had really accepted me. She had wanted to call Jude to tell him about me but I asked her not to because it was a surprise visit. She agreed with me and asked me to follow her  into the house. We went inside and she served me some food to eat. I asked her of Jude’s father and she said due to his health issues, he was advised to change his environment for a while. She switched on the television for me and told me she was going back to the shop but I said no and followed her back to the shop because, I couldn’t stay in the room alone. She engaged me in a conversation, all to the awaiting of Jude. It was past 2pm and Jude was still not back so I decided to call him in the presence of his mother. When he answered the call, I heard loud music playing in the background so I asked him of where he was. He told me a friend of his had invited him over for a birthday party. “Really?” I asked in surprise. Ignoring my question, he told me he would call me back and hanged up on me. His mother saw the change on my face and asked what the problem was. I told her Jude said he was at a birthday party and hanged up on me. She never said a word and called him back immediately. “Jude, you have a visitor, try and come home with immediate effect.” she said to him as soon as he picked her call. Because Jude  didn’t want his mother to become suspicious of him, what he did was to leave where the noise was before receiving his mother’s call. He told her that he was almost done with the business deal and was even on his way home. He asked his mother whom the visitor was but she refused to tell him. “My daughter, please don’t be worried ok, he will soon be here.” she said to me after she was done speaking to her son. All this while when I was patiently waiting for Jude, he was busily having a good time with Ophelia. They were actually at the drinking spot having fun. This lady wouldn’t let Jude go but because he is an obedient son to his mother, he insisted to leave and told Ophelia that his mother needed him urgently. Mr Adjei also called me while I was still seated, waiting for Jude. I pretended the line wasn’t clear and hanged up on him. I later put my phone on a silent mode and placed it in my hand bag. He was actually calling to convince me to stay long with my mom because he had added more days to my leave, but as a way of trying to prevent me from coming to know about his fiancee. Thank God I didn’t pick up his call. Gradually, it was getting late and Jude was still not coming so I decided to leave. His mother said she won’t allow her daughter in-law come to her house and return that very day so I should sleep over. She insisted so I agreed to stay. Jude never came  until it was 7:30 pm. At the time he came I was in the hall with his mother doing our own chatting. ” ah! Mom who is this lady? I should know her. This is…….. ah!  Xorlali but when did you come to this house? and you couldn’t call to tell me that you were even  around. ” he said that as soon as he entered the room and saw me. I never responded. The mother asked him how many times she called to inform him that he had a visitor? He accused the his mother that she should have gone straight to the point and mention my name to him.  He came closer to me and asked for a hug. I did but he was smelling alcohol. I asked him when he started drinking and he said he needed to pass through a friend who invited him for a party so he took some drinks over there. His mother asked about the job offer and all he said was that everything was on course. He didn’t push further to talk about it so I probed and ask him to tell me about his new found job. He said it was late so he will tell me in the morning. I told him first thing the next day I will be leaving. He said he will tell me after he has washed down and also ask of my mission. His mother interrupted him “why can’t you tell your wife about your work? look very soon you will be together as husband and wife  so you need to start sharing information among you now so that no one will be suspecting each other. You need to be open to your partner. If A is not there don’t try to say it is there. That is what grows the marriage and also increases Trust. So my dear let me leave you and go and prepare the guest room for her to sleep. ” she said and started moving out. ” but mom she can sleep in my room or? ” Jude said with a smile. “My friend, go and marry her first  so that she can sleep beside you. Until then, no way. Not in my house.  Or you people have started already? ” she asked. “Oh… no… no mom.. Jude  said laughing.  He was now ready to tell me about the job. “It was a friend who worked some financial  controller job at his father’s firm me oo. He told  his father about me and his father seem to trust his son they invited me over. I went to see his father to show him my CV. Sorry I should have told you about it but am just waiting for everything to be ready first so that I surprise you. Sorry I  came late in fact I didn’t know you were the one like I could’ve forgone that party. So how Is the banking work  and everything about the bank? ” He asked. I told him all was well. I wished him well for the job offer and he left to take His bath. In his absence I called Mr Adjei but he didn’t also answer. I guessed He was asleep. Soon Jude’s mom came to inform me that my bed was ready. She said I should enjoy my stay in the house.  Jude came to the room after his mother left to her room. We chat about issues  and after some kisses In the hall, I told him I want to sleep. I went to the guest room to sleep. Jude couldn’t sleep that night. He waited for his mother to asleep and then  woke up and came to My room. Hahaha that day was something different. 
What went on that night? was my pregnancy prevention drug still active in my system? what went on when I got back to kpong where the bank was?     
Let’s go  the next episode. 
Season ii episode 6 loading….. 

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