FORGIVE episode 5

Jones kwesi Tagbor 

               Episode 5
Afya was studying a distance program from the university so she equally advised me to continue my education. She bought me gifts and dresses. My aunt didn’t believe it was my friend who was providing those things for me. To her, I was stealing her money so her behaviour changed towards me. There was nothing that I would do that wouldn’t attract insults. I began feeling pity for myself. The unfortunate part of it was that my aunt had no child so her husband also liked me a lot. Her husband affectionately refers to as ‘Forgee’. This also added to the reasons why my aunt changed towards me. She seeing how beautiful I was growing up into and how *attractive* I was to her husband, she saw me as a threat to her marriage. Madam’s thoughts were not too wrong anyway. Upon all the advises this man do give me on how to keep myself away from men, he was equally having *lusting after* me. My aunt’s husband was a banker, a well known banker of course. 
I started noticing his interest in me from how his chats with me had *changed*. Now the line of conversation was directed towards me being beautiful, me not having a boyfriend and what type of man I wanted to be with. As innocent as I was, I told him about my past life and how I hate men. He tried exemplifying himself to me and trying to get my attention towards him. He brought up the issue of his wife not giving birth but still loves her. 
One day after church, I told Afya what I was suspecting where my aunt’s husband’s comments is leading to. “Wow! My girl don’t get selection. That sounds so interesting to hear. ” Afya said laughing. “ah! but why the laughter? I’m telling you something serious and you are laughing.” I said. “Very sorry dear, my bad. Hmm has he made the move already?” she asked. “Not really but his actions are showing it.” I answered. “alright dear. Look Forgive, I won’t like you to do anything to spoil your aunt’s marriage but for crying out loud, this man is too good to be married to a woman who can’t give birth. Probably he wants you to give birth for him since his wife is not forthcoming.” she said. “but what do you mean by that? You mean I should give him the chance in case he comes clear?” “something like that but I am foreseeing your aunty standing against you when it starts.” “Afya I don’t think this is a good idea. I can’t do that.” I said sounding very straight forward. “Yoo, madam virgin Mary. Look, this man has money and will change your life within a second if you should give him the go ahead. If you don’t like I beg, link me up.” she teased. I was surprised as to why she should be saying all this anyway,  so I took her for a joke. 
It got to a time when my aunt travelled to our village, Agorkpo and was to return the following day. After closing the shop, I went home to cook her my aunt’s husband. He came back from work very early that day. I was in the kitchen cooking when he came. He came into the kitchen to greet me and asked how the day went at the shop. I told him everything went well. I was preparing jollof rice so I was *stirring* it when I felt him walking into the kitchen. *He stood behind me and held me*. I had that electric shock from his hands and turned around immediately and looked at his face. He was in his singlet with hairy chest glaring into my face. “oh dad you scared me! ” I said. “I didn’t mean to scare you. In fact I can’t just withstand your beauty.” I could feel he was rubbing his hands on the beads on my waist. “Dad can you please stop it? I’m not comfortable with what you are doing.” I pleaded. “dear, I will take you to where ever you want to, I will upgrade you to become a classic lady if only you can read what is moving inside of me right now.” he said as his hands started holding my boobs. I remained silent this time around. He brought me very close to himself and holding me tight to his body. “Forgive you are so beautiful. I love you.”  I was still silent when he started kissing me. I  got lost in the mood and joined in. His hands went to every aspect of my body that you could just imagine. My moaning was becoming loud this time around when he *tore* my buttons and went to my erogenous zones. The man was just doing the right thing so I never wished we stopped before the burning jollof smoke took over the whole kitchen. We both forgot the rice was still on the fire. “the rice is burning.” I said with a moaning voice. Everything was happening in the kitchen. He rushed and turned off the gas stove. The rice was completely burnt. “Don’t worry I will take to you to a restaurant in town this evening so that we get something to eat but quickly fix something for the gardener to eat.” he said and went to take his bath. This man has ignited  my sex addiction again. I was feeling *horny* as he left me to take his bath. I prepared plain rice with some small stew for the gardener and also went to get myself ready for the outing. 
Soon, we were out to the restaurant. He bought me hard drinks and pizza. As we were sitting, I saw that Afya was also moving into the restaurant with another man who could be her father. Very unfortunately, they came to sit by a table near to ours. With surprise, Afya saw me and covered her mouth. The man she came with was a lecturer at the university. The two men *also* knew each other, so they had some few chats as well. I felt shy because Afya had seen me there but I was equally surprised seeing her moving with that lecturer. 

I took the place of my aunty that night. I slept on her bed,with her husband giving me warmth throughout the night. I really enjoyed that night. 
The following day, I felt very refreshed and arranged everything in its place before my aunty returned. She came to me at the shop and asked how things were in her absence. “I believe you didn’t *starve* my husband yesterday?” she asked. “No mum.” I replied. She went to inspect everything in the house and very unfortunate, she saw the burnt saucepan. When I closed from shop, she asked me to explain to her why the saucepan got burnt. I lied that her husband sent me to get him some fruits from the night market and by the time I returned, the food got burnt. She asked me to kneel down and fortunately for me her husband returned and told my aunt that it was his fault so she should allow me stand. As time went on, I *began* having *a* secret affair with this man in the house without my *aunt’s knowledge* Her husband always defends me anytime she wanted to punish me. This was gradually eating into their marriage. 
I told Afya about how everything *happening* and she said that was not bad, she adviced I shouldn’t just be enjoying myself but I should make the man build properties for me. She said very soon she would be moving into her own house sponsored by the lecturer. I saw a very good point in her suggestion so I tried to give it a try. 
First, I told my aunt’s husband that I needed to go to school. She asked me which school  I wanted and I mentioned University of Ghana and to read Nursing. He said that was not a problem so I should let him know when the university forms are out. He also discussed with his wife that he wanted me to go to school since I was eventually becoming their daughter. That didn’t  sound well for her so she debated it *for a long time* with her husband. “what exactly are you seeing in this girl that you want to sponsor her university education? After that she would get married and go into her husband’s house. If she was a male, fine but I don’t agree to this. Maybe let her learn trade just as her sister did and now taking care of herself.” “No, you are getting it all wrong. Have you forgotten that when you educate man, you educate just one person but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation? Don’t forget she is your family member and the credit will go to you for sponsoring your sister’s daughter’s education. Think of that.” he said and went to bed. 
Soon, forms were out and I bought one. Afya said she would link me up to someone at the admission office so that I get straight admission without depending on my faith to be called. She led me to see one lecturer and the deal was just one night with him and my admission is assured. I picked my admission form and went out of the office when he came up with that condition. 
I came out to tell Afya about it and she said that was not anything to come and tell her. “why are you behaving like you are still in that your village? We are in the city and you must use what you have to get what you want. Do you think it was my wish to be going out with that professor you saw me with at the restaurant? That is the exams officer of my department, and through that outing, all my C grades changed into B and B+ and the B’s became automatic A’s. Look sharp baby girl. Remember your aunt is not in support of this so if you fail to make it, she will accuse you of wasting her husband’s money. Just a night won’t spoil anything. Just let him use a condom.” she said. “Ah! Afya, you are always surprising me. How could you be giving me such an *advice?* You were the same person that made me to enter into this with my aunt’s husband and now this. 

Tell me,  what have you been hearing from church? ” I asked. 
“Hey! My friend end it there. Do you know what goes into church? The church is a place we go to ask God for more grace periods to achieve what we need in this world? Also it is a place the pastor prays for you to get rich through whatever means and in case you have some program or something like that, they will come to support you for everyone to know that you belong to some union. That is why we go to church. We are in a modern world and the meaning of everything has changed. Even the pastor is enjoying himself how much more you? ” she said. “oh really? So that is why you go to church. I now know. I got polluted with that definition of church and this also changed my behaviour. I now saw all what I was doing as normal because even at church, the pastor only preaches prosperity to us. 
I accepted the lecturer’s offer later and my admission was processed. After gaining the admission, my next request from my aunt’s husband was a house. I asked him to divorce my aunt and marry me because I was now seeing my aunt who was the rightful owner of the house to be a thorn in my flesh. I no longer *respected* her when I *started* the school. Her husband got me a hostel on campus where I was in the room alone. He actually furnished the room for me. Now my next problem was how to make my grades. Yes I was good when I was in basic school but not when I got to the university. I needed to get my link to the big men and the students records room so that my results could be manipulated. 
Come to think of it, upon all my unprotected sex with my aunt’s husband and the lecturer, pregnancy never came. I was not bothered about that anyway because that would even block me from many things. 
I made up my mind to personally make my aunty pack out of the house for me. But do you know I was never thinking of sexually transmitted diseases? hmm let’s go to the next episode. 
To be continued…. 

1.  Was Afya’s explanation of why we attend church correct? What’s your view? 

2. Will you say Afya was a good friend to  Forgive? 
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FORGIVE episode 4

Jones kwesi Tagbor 

                 Episode 4
“Madam, you are the cause of your child’s problem. Why should you allow your child to be with this man for him to take care of?” the headmaster told my mother. My mom pitied herself and regretted her actions.  “I will never forgive this man should something happen to my daughter.” She decided to teach Sir Louis a lesson that he will never forget.
God being so good, I regained my consciousness but the doctor said the herb had cause severe problems to my womb and kidney. He added that I needed to be coming for review every two months so that they help curb the problems with system if not I may not be able to give birth in the future. He said this to my mother in my presence and this scared me. 
“Forgive have you seen what you’ve brought to yourself? At this tender age you know who a “man” is and even aborting a pregnancy. You will come and join me in the farm since that is what you want.” she said to me. I felt very bad because I didn’t plan to become a bad girl. 
My mother informed my father about what was going on. My father became furious.  “You decided to become the head of this house and do things in accordance with your will, why are you involving me now when a problem arose? You are always pampering this girl. Even if she goes wrong and I try correcting her, you would always want to devour me like your prey. You are even lucky she didn’t die else you would’ve paid for the consequences.” my father said angrily to my mother. “Ah! but why are you blaming me for what happened?”, my mum asked. “Haven’t I been warning you to stop sending this girl to that man’s place? The teacher is not married and your daughter being in her adolescent stage will definitely get attracted to this man. Anytime I say it, you start barking like a dog at me”, daddy responded.  “hmm. Tell me what you have been doing as a father in this house? When was the last time you asked of how they manage to go to school? Do you even know how much they pay as school fees each term? Do you care about what they wear or eat? All you do is to chase after small girls and be spending on them instead of spending on your children. Stop blaming me and accept responsibilities of your children. Shameless man!” My mother yelled at him. 

The last statement did not go down well with my father, He couldn’t take it as to why a woman should refer to him as shameless. In the process of their struggle, my daddy pushed my mother hard to the wall which made her fall down to the ground. She hit her head on the ground as she fell and  blood began oozing out from her nose and mouth. She was also rushed and admitted to the same hospital I was admitted.
This was where my father got more furious with Sir. Louis. He regretted what he did to my mother and also dared not to forgive Louis. 
The doctor equally called for the arrest of my father since he pushed my mother causing the worse to happen to my mother. 
How can some men be so wicked? If your wife reminds you of your responsibilities as a man, should that lead you to beat her? I see men who beat their wife’s as irresponsible and must not even exist in society. Some of us, the women, also know how feeble we are but would always find trouble for ourselves. My fellow women, please even the Bible asks us to humble ourselves to our husbands and respect them. Regardless of how you are in control of the house, your husband remains your husband. 
Since Sir. Louis happened to be a staff of the school and a member of the teacher’s union, they came to his defence. Even though they were not in support of what he did and he causing my abortion, they had in their policy to support any member who happens to be in a problem. The headmaster paid my mum and I a visit at the hospital and gave out some money for our treatment. He met my father and apologised on behalf of Sir. Louis. He begged him to withdraw the case from the court and bring it home for them to discuss. They equally gave him some money which was a contribution from the teachers to help their colleague. My father seeing the money decided to make the case a foolish case. He decided to withdraw the case against Sir. Louis from the police station but very unfortunate on his part, he was made to understand that he wasn’t the one who reported the case and moreover, the public has taken over the case. So it was no longer her wife against Louis but the public versus Louis. My father himself was battling with his charges before fighting this too. Sir. Louis was given a bail pending the court hearing.
To God be the glory, my mother regained her consciousness and in few days was discharged. My father was made to foot all her medical bills before one of my uncles also took him to court for causing damage to my mother. 
My mother’s family members dared not to forgive my father which also caused my father to careless about my mother’s health any longer. Looking at how things were going, I decided to tell my mother what exactly went on between myself and Sir. Louis. I narrated everything from the first issue of breaking my virginity to the abortion. This charged my mother like a car battery. She equally furnished the police with this information and at the first court hearing, Sir. Louis pleaded not guilty to the charges so the case was adjourned to a later date which was two weeks after the first hearing. 
When they came home, my mother ignorant of what contempt to court was due to no education, did not feel satisfied with the decision of the court adjourning the case. To her, there should be instant justice but the opposite was true. On evening, she went to Sir. Louis’ house to confront him causing an exchange of insults. My mother was not fully fit but would never spare anyone that stood her way. In the process of the exchange of words between them, my mother threatened Louis that she will teach him lesson of his life. Upon hearing that, Sir. Louis also threatened that my mother would die without anyone knowing the cause of her death. People around tried to stop them from exchanging words clearly heard the threat from both parties. 
Back at home, that anger from the quarrel was still in my mother which my father also ignited again. She did not spare him too. 
Hmm, early the next morning, my sister went to the bathroom to pick some soap to wash the dishes only for her to meet the greatest shock that has ever happened on earth. My mother was lying on the floor of the bathroom lifeless. My sister within  picoseconds wailed at the loudest level of her voice for help. 
My father was not in his room when she rushed to call him. People came around and at that time, it was too late for anything to happen. My mother was murdered in cold blood. Hmm the saddest moment of my life. 
My father returned later in the afternoon only to hear that his wife was gone. He claimed he woke up and went to farm that morning and before he left, my mother was still in bed. 
Now the big question. Who killed my mother. Actually I couldn’t control myself upon hearing the news, I wailed and wailed till I became unconscious. My world had come to an end, my world is a hell without my Mother.
Sir. Louis became the prime suspect for this crime simply because of what happened. No time was wasted before my father handed him to the police on a new charge. Sir. Louis cried his all out and said he knew nothing about the murder of my mother. Witnesses who saw and heard him threaten my mother made this information available to the police. This time around, no stone was left unturned. They arranged him for court and his charges were read to him. 
“We therefore find you guilty for defilement, attempted murder of the thirteen years old girl, and murder of her mother. You are hereby sentenced to 35 years imprisonment with hard labour.” the judge pronounced. 
My mother’s relatives were also suspecting my father for the murder of my mother. 
My mother’s brother who happened to be the uncle  took up the case against my father and he was also taken to court. My father was charged for molesting and attempted murder but was fined an amount of Ghc50,000.00 or face 10 years of imprisonment with hard labour. 
My father needed to sell part of his land to pay for his charges.
I had been going for my bi-monthly review during this trying times in my life to get my system restored. 
My mother’s funeral was organised four months after she passed on. She was buried to rest in peace. “hmm, mum sorry for whatever you went through.” But the fact remains that we were yet to know how my mother died. I will tell you later. 
I always blame myself for all the mess that happened to my family. Life without mum became very challenging.  The school accepted to offer me a full scholarship to attend the school for free till I complete my senior high school.
I managed to complete the Junior high school and senior High school successfully. After my school, one of my aunties who stays at Accra asked me to come and stay with her so that I can manage her shop as well. She sells provisions in a store located close to the University of Ghana city campus. 
I happily went since, at least, that would make me take my mind away from my late mother. My senior sister went to learn a trade because there was no one to help us further our education. 
We had a father but he didn’t care about us. For the first two months with my auntie, I enjoyed my stay since I was exposed to other interesting things and I was equally a novice to city life. 
Back in the village, I didn’t attend church because no one introduced me to church or tried to influence me to attend. Moreover, we had only one church in the village during those days. So when I came to my auntie’s place, she made me to join her church. On my first day at the church, I started wondering if it was really a church or a fashion show centre. Everybody was displaying wealth through their dressing. The pastor himself had about four rings on his fingers and if you should see the dressing of some of the ladies, even a club girl’s dressing was better. I looked extremely odd among them. 
That was where I met my friend Afya who happened to be a member of the choir. I love music, so I joined the choir. Anytime we closed from rehearsal, she would escort me to the house. She does tell me about city life and how I was to take care of myself. She said guys in the city are not to be trusted so I should be careful not to fall into their hands. I was only 19 years old.
Afya was studying a distance program from the university so she equally advised me to continue my education. She bought me gifts and dresses. My aunty didn’t believe it was my friend who was providing the things for me. To her, I was stealing her money so her behaviour changed towards me. Ei! I won’t lie to you. That house was hell to me and guess what?????  

Let me keep that for the next episode. 
To be continued…. 

1.  Who do you think killed my mother? 

2. Was the judgement fair to Sir. Louis? 

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FORGIVE episode 3

Jones kwesi Tagbor 

                 Episode 3
Sir: Mother I don’t understand what you are saying. Can you please come clear. 
My mother pulled him away from the door and entered the room. “Where is my daughter? ” she asked again. I could hear my mother’s voice but I was too weak to alert her. My eyes landed on his bloody bed sheet  in a bucket beside his bed. “Jesus Christ! What is this? ” I asked myself shockingly. My mother checked every corner of the room but couldn’t find me. Louis stood her way in front of the door leading to his bedroom and crossed his arms. “Mother, it would have been best if you calm down and tell me what is going on rather than coming to search my room anyhow. Before you came I was watching a movie so probably you heard the sound from my TV”, he said. “Are you sure she is not here? Let me check the other room.” She requested but this time with a calm voice. “oh mother, why should I be keeping your daughter in my bedroom? Oh come on! What will I benefit from doing that? Mother, I respect myself so I will request you to do same for me. Your daughter is not in my room”. I replied with somehow an expedient voice. My comfortable voice erased any clue that could tell her of her daughter’s presence. “Teacher Louis, sorry to disturb you. The issue is that I sent my daughter to you around 4:30pm to deliver a message. Since then she has not returned home”, my mother reported. 
“Oh that’s very bad of her. She actually came here to deliver the message but left after washing some dishes for me. It’s late now. You get going, I’ll pick an attire from my room and check from some mates of her to see if she is there. I will bring you whatever information I gather”, Sir. Louis convinced my mother. “Hmm. This girl will kill me in this town. I think I should go with you for the search since she is my daughter. But please can I know the response you gave to her concerning what I asked her to come and tell you?” “Oh yeah. I will take care of everything. I will personally pay for her and even pay for her fees for the next term.” He said. 
I could hear all what was going on inside the hall, so I decided to strengthen myself and crawl to meet my mother. Immediately I stood up from the bed, I fell on the floor giving a loud noise because the pain was just too much for me to bear. “What is that sound coming from your room?”, my mummy asked. “I’m even surprised myself. I will get back to you”, he said acting surprised in a confused state. He came into the room, saw me on the floor and begged me using sign language to remain silent. He fell on his knees and was requesting me to hide under the bed. “Teacher Louis what is going on?” my mom asked. Louis’ heart pumped higher upon hearing his name. I quickly went under the bed. “Oh nothing really. It’s just a bag that fell so I was packing and placing it back.” he lied. “OK. Thank you for the support you promised. God will bless you. 

I will personally bring her for you to punish her in front of her peers at school if she returns to the house”, my mother said and left. Sir. Louis saw her off and was sure that she left. He came back and asked me to come out so he takes me to the hospital. He came up with a plan and an agreement between us. The agreement would be that, I will lie that I was kidnapped by masked men when I was on my way home and they raped me and later left me in a nearby bush. Adding to that, he will always give me half of his monthly salary as the reward. That sounded lucrative so I accepted the deal. 
He took me to the Adidome Hospital which was not too far from Agorkpo. He told the nurses that he found me by the village road bleeding so decided to help me. They asked me what happened and I told them what we agreed on. Everybody felt pity for me. I was then admitted to the hospital that night. The following day Sir. Louis came with my mother to see me. My mother shed tears upon seeing my face. “Aww! my daughter, I’m very sorry for what happened. Put the blame on me because I sent you. Please forgive me”, she said with tears. I also joined her with my eyes full of tears. 
Upon lab investigations, it was revealed that I was given a drug that made me weak. They asked me how it happened and I told the nurse that I didn’t know of that. The nurse asked me if I could recognise the faces of the rapists. I told them they were in masks and also blindfolded me so I didn’t see anything. “But I’m sure they were more than two”. They sympathised with me. I stayed at the hospital for four days before being discharged. Sir. Louis settled the hospital bill as well. My mother felt very indebted to him because she saw him to be a good Samaritan. My mother thanked him so much for his kind gestures. 
I returned to school after two weeks of continuous treatment at home. Our end of term exams was due. I was in J. H. S 1 going to J.H.S 2. 

The students who didn’t pay their printing fee were not allowed to write their papers but I had the chance to write because Sir. Louis paid mine as promised.
Sir. Louis became more nicer and caring towards me and my family. Almost everyday he was in our house to check up on me. He was gradually becoming part of the family. 
Because of how he became close to my family, my mother don’t find any fault from me whenever I told her I was coming from Sir. Louis’ house. 
One evening at his place, he requested for sex again. He said since I was no longer a virgin, there would be no problem if I engaged in sex. He equally assured me of taking care of me. The foreplay started and in no time, I was lost in the mood. Everything happened in the sitting room. I washed down at his place before going home. I didn’t feel that pain I experienced on the first instance instead, I enjoyed every part of it. I was gradually becoming an addict. As a means of keeping to his words, anytime he received his salary, he would buy me a new set of clothes. It was becoming a glare that there was something more than a mere teacher-student relationship from the other teachers. Some tried to interrogate me but I was smart enough to dodge their questions. 
It just occurred to me that for the past two months I didn’t experience my menses and the third month was almost close. In that same week, I started feeling feverish. Very early in the morning, I had to run from my room and throw up. I noticed a green substance from my stomach but I didn’t care much. My breast was becoming bigger as well as I was feeling weak. My mother noticed the change and asked me what was wrong with me. I told her it was fever. I went to report my symptoms to Sir. Louis. The first question he asked me was when I last experienced my menses. I told him, close to three months, I’ve not seen it. “Forgive are you sure of what you are saying?” he asked. “Yes, you know I won’t lie to you.” I said. 
He stood up from where he was sitting and became restless. I could see sweats engulfed his singlet. “Did your mother ask you anything about this?”, he asked again. “Not really. She only asked what was wrong with me and I told her I was suffering from fever”. “OK. Good girl. Yes, it’s true. It is just a simple fever and I know one herbal medicine that can cure it within few minutes. First thing tomorrow morning I will go and get the herb for you. So ask permission and come here in the morning since you are on vacation. 
The next day, he went to get the herb and boiled it. Per the normal way of using the herb, it was supposed to be dried for about two days before boiling but because Sir. Louis had no time to waste, he boiled the herb as soon as he got home. As planned, I came to his place soon after my parents left to the farm with my other senior sister. 
“Forgive I’ve boiled your herb for you. You are to take one full cup every two hours. It would be advisable you stay close to the toilet so beware of that. I think this one is already cold so you can take it now. 

He told me he will be going to a meeting in the village so by the time he returns, I would be fine. ” He offered me the herb in the cup as he stood up to get dressed. Unknowingly to me, the herb was meant for aborting pregnancies. He quickly dressed up and left me behind. After about thirty minutes, my stomach was on fire. It was as if my intestines were being cut off from my system. I was in serious pain. There was no one to call. Unlike these days where there are mobile phones to quickly call for help. After an hour to two, my heart started pumping very fast. My stomach inflamed and I found it difficult to breath. Before I realised, I started bleeding from my private part profusely. “What exactly is happening to me?”, I asked myself. I felt like passing urine and because of the pain, I decided to do it in the room. Ooops! the fetus came out. It was very small but a complete human being. Just that it has not fully formed. Not long after this, Sir. Louis came to see me in the mess. 
He knew what he had done, so the scene was nothing to make him  afraid when he saw me. He came to me bending before me and said, “Sorry for this pain you are going through. You were pregnant and since you are a student, I didn’t want you to drop out of school. The medicine was to terminate your pregnancy. You will be fine with time.” He said. I became motionless. Before he could realise, I fell into coma because of the over bleeding”. It looked like I passed out. 

He hurriedly went out for a taxi to rush me to the hospital. The blood from my private part had messed up my clothes. I was taken to the emergency ward upon arrival at the hospital. They fixed oxygen on me and did other procedures while I was unconscious. The doctor detected what happened but didn’t say anything. He called for my mother to come. The woman came and the doctor told her to call for Louis’ arrest because he nearly killed her daughter. My mother didn’t think twice before landing a heavy slap on Sir. Louis face. She went to call the police and likewise reported to our headmaster. The police came to take Louis away to their station. “Madam, you are the cause of your child’s problem. Why should you allow your child to be with this man to take care of her?” the headmaster told my mother. My mom pitied herself and regretted her actions. She decided to teach Sir Louis a lesson that he will never forget.
To be continued…. 
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Forgive Episode 2

Jones kwesi Tagbor 

                 Episode 2
Will you be surprised if I should tell you that I did my first abortion at the age of thirteen? 

Yes I did. Because of my beauty, guys found it difficult to control their libido when they set their eyes on me. Louis was my class teacher and  a village champion by then. He looked handsome and almost every student liked him because he was friendly. At school, he do give us sex education so we knew he was a saint. He seemed to like me more than my other female friends in the class. Some of them went ahead to think that Sir. Louis was my boyfriend. Well, they might have not been too far from the truth. As the days went by, he became more nice to me. I was the only student he sends to buy food for him during break periods. Whenever he has some assignments to mark at home, I was the one to send the books home for him. 

My mother felt he was just a nice person. Sometimes my mother will make me send some farm produce to him. Amongst his colleague teachers, he was the only one having coloured television in his room so anytime I took books to his house, I do seize the opportunity to entertain myself with some TV programs, because we didn’t have a TV in my house. Sometimes I get home late and when asked why I was late, I do tell them I was helping Sir. Louis. 

I do go to his place to watch TV anytime my parent’s were not home,  and during such periods, he would ask me to cook for him before leaving. 

I was a virgin by then and knew nothing about the opposite sex relationship issues even though a lot of boys did approach me for a relationship because of my beauty but I never gave them the chance. 

I saw Sir. Louis as someone who could protect me against those guys, but little did I know he was their champion. 
There came one Saturday, when my parents were not around. I went to his place as usual, to watch my coloured TV.   In the process of watching the TV, I fell asleep in his chair. Unfortunately, the button of my dress accidentally got unbuttoned, exposing my breast which was not covered with a bra. At the age of thirteen, I had a well developed breast of course. 

Sir. Louis came into the room and spotted this amazing protruding front mechanical defenders of mine. He stood and stared for some minutes and satisfied his sight and then made a loud noise to alert me of his presence in the room. I woke up and saw that my breast was exposed. I quickly adjusted and closed the button. 
Sir. Louis: Forgive you’ve got a very beautiful breast. Wao! 
Me: oh sir. You are making me feel shy.
Sir. Louis: Forgive, come,  Come and sit beside me, I want to tell you something. Just come closer. 
I went to sit close to him and he started telling me how beautiful I am. He said I’m the most beautiful girl in the whole village, In fact,  he confessed I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Doubled to that, I was very intelligent and smart, he added. I became very happy hearing all those compliments from my teacher. 

“I will make sure you pass all your exams at the final sitting if only you will do me one favour. And that favour must remain between the two of us.” He said. 

“Sir please what is it that you want me to do for you?” I asked. “Very simple, I want you to give me a deep kiss and that’s all.” He said. 

“Sir! But you taught us in class that we should refrain from this when we are not married and also we are too young to involve ourselves in this. Why do you then want me to do that.” I asked. “Forgive, I already told you how beautiful you are and I don’t want any other guy in this village to disturb you so I want to make you mine and protect you. Just a kiss won’t do you any harm? Come on, give me a hug” ” Sir no, Please I can’t do this. I’m leaving. My mother might be back by now so I have to go.” I said to him. “Forgive, so are you leaving me without even a hug?” he asked. 
I became confused because it was like I was disobeying my teacher. “Come on my sweet baby girl. Come and give Sir. Louis a warm hug” he said with a very romantic voice. I didn’t utter a word. I walked out of the room and left to my house. I was afraid to tell my mother what happened so I kept it to myself. 
The following day at school, I never felt like going closer to him. I saw a different Sir. Louis this time around. I was down the whole day till we closed. After school, he called me to his desk. “Forgive, why are you doing this to yourself? I will make you rich, buy you a car and nice things if you will only accept to be my girl. Stop behaving that way and come over to my place when you get home”. I didn’t respond to his speech and left for the house. I didn’t show up at school for the next three days under the pretence of not feeling well when my mum asked of my reason for not going to school. 

I went to school the following week, we were given an assignment which was based on topics taught in my absence. I didn’t do well in that test, so sir Louis asked me to stand in front of the class and tell the class the reason for my absence from school the previous days. 

I told them I had trouble with my health. 

I realised he was not giving me the usual attention that day. He sent another girl in my class to buy him his food and asked the same girl to send the books to his house after school. I felt jealous. 

That continued for the next week which increased my level of jealousy. I hardly paid attention in class because my mind was always preoccupied with thoughts of Sir. Louis. 

It got to the time when we were asked to come with our printing fee for the examination, if not we would not be allowed to take part in that term’s exams. My parents couldn’t get me the money so my mother asked me to tell Sir. Louis to plead on my behalf so that the school allows me to write the exams, thus giving her a grace period so she can pay in due time.  

I gathered courage and went to his house only to meet the same girl washing bowls for him. I asked of sir from her and she said he was in the bathroom. I waited until he came out. He was not very comfortable seeing me around at that time. “Forgive what brought you here this evening? ” he asked. “Sir please there is something my mother wants me to discuss with you” 

“OK let me dress up and come back to listen to you. But I hope your mother is doing well?” 

“Yes please, she is. ” I responded. 

I sat in his chair watching a program on the television as he went into his bedroom. In few minutes, he came out and instead of coming to me, he went to the kitchen and told the girl in there to leave what she was doing because I was around to do it. 

The girl didn’t feel okay,  but had no option than to leave. 
He came to give me some fruit juice to freshen up. Unknowingly to me, He added volume 10 to it. I sipped it in a relaxed manner. 
“Okay!  Now, tell me what brought you here this evening. ” he asked. 
“Sir, please, it’s about the printing fee we are to pay. My mother said I should tell you to plead on my behalf so that I write the paper. She will pay later because at the moment, there is nothing in the house.” I reported. 
“Oh that’s no problem. You know I am always ready to support you in everything. I will pay for you so tell your mother not to worry. I want to marry you so I can start taking responsibility of you from now.” he said. 
I remained silent looking into his eyes. He came to sit beside me and started touching me from the confidential. I remained quiet as he enjoyed himself. I became aroused and very weak. The drug in the drink started working on me. Louis started kissing me and the next thing I remembered was that he was undressing me. I lost my consciousness. He carried me into his bedroom and raped me. Yes, he raped me because there was no agreement between us. I went into a deep sleep, so upon breaking my virginity, I was not conscious to clean myself after bleeding. 
It was very late and I had not return home making my mother very worried. “Why is Forgive becoming a bad girl like this?, she monologued. Just go and tell your teacher something and come and till now you are still not back home. You will come and meet me in this house”. My mother was monologuing whiles losing her patience. 

Sir. Louis himself was now disturbed. He didn’t expect the drug to break me that much because he poured only half of the drug into the drink. It was 9pm and I was still unconscious. He carried me and cleaned the blood on me. His bed sheets were soaked with my blood so he had to change it. I had not ate that day after school rendering me very weak. He managed to dress me up and carried me back to his hall were he carried me from and made me to lie down there. 

Around 10:30pm, I regained my consciousness. I could feel a very painful sharp pain in my abdomen. It was as if, pepper had been smeared on my private part.

My mother became worried and impatient, she could not bear it any longer, so she followed up to Mr. Louis place to ask of me. 
My mother was at the front door of Sir. Louis’ house knocking. 

Sir saw her from the window and knew there was surely going to be fire on the mountain if my mother finds me in this condition. 

“Sir what have you done to me?” I asked.

I can’t stand. My abdomen is paining me terribly.
Talking under tone. “Forgive please keep quiet. Your mother is around. Go into my bedroom. I will tell her you left not long ago. Please do that for me if not we will both be in trouble” 

“Sir I can’t stand or walk. But why will you lie to my mother as I’m in pain? Allow my mother to carry me home.” I said. Still under tone. 

“Forgive I’m begging you in the name of God. Please help me to help you.”
“Is there no one in this house! Teacher Louis where is my daughter?”, My mother asked loudly. 
Sir carried me to the bedroom and laid me on his bed. He went out to meet my  mother. 
“Are you trying to tell me you were not hearing me when I was knocking or calling? By the way where is my daughter? ” My mother angrily asked. 
“Mother can you please calm down and tell me what brought you to my house this night?” he said. 
Mother: My friend don’t infuriate me. I heard my daughter’s voice in your room. Go inside and call her for me.” 
Sir. : Mother I don’t understand what you are saying. Come clear. 
My mother pulled him out of the door and entered into the room. “where is my daughter? ” she asked again. I could hear my mother’s voice but I was too weak to alert her. My eyes landed on his bloody bed sheet  in a bucket beside his bed. “Jesus Christ! What is this? ” I asked myself shockingly.
To be continued…. 
Question :

Will you blame Forgive’s mother for what happened? 
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Timeline: Jones Kwesi 
©July 2017

Forgive Episode 1

Jones Kwesi Tagbor

The writer of 

Jones Series publications 
Presents to you another informative, educative and entertaining story titled; 
                Episode 1

“…… Please just stop it. I’m not ready to listen to any good news according to you or who or whatever. Look pastor, I respect you a lot and I don’t want to lose that respect for you. Don’t make me think you are also involved in this devilish behaviour of that so-called husband of mine. I regret ever knowing both of you. Just leave me to deal with him squarely. He thinks he can fool with anyone at all….. hmm not me. This guy has just stepped on the toes of a hungry scorpion.” 
Pastor: Forgive I just wish you calm down and listen to me this moment. Anger only destroys and makes you the bad person at the end of the day. I perfectly understand what you are going through now, but beware that the devil is always around to infuriate you to do things that will make you regret at the end. Just stop crying and be strong. I strongly believe God will fight for you. No one can take what rightfully belongs to you, if you put your trust in God. Can you drop all those weapons and look up to God? 
Me: Pastor, if I don’t do anything to this guy my heart won’t be free. 
Pastor: Do you really understand your own name? Your parents thought it wise to give you this special name; Forgive. You must learn how to forgive. 
Me: That is the word I least expected to hear. Forgive. That is my name but I’m not ready to forgive Gilbert this time around. His grace periods are over. Pastor just tell me why I should forgive such an ingrate and a psychopath like him? 
Pastor: Yes my dear, you’ve heard and done it a thousand times but its notion behind that is most important. Forgiving seems almost unnatural, right?  Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was OK, and it doesn’t mean that person should still be welcomed in your life. Forgiveness just means that you’ve made peace with the pain, and you are ready to let it go. It is not something we do for others, but rather for ourselves. Not forgiving someone is the equivalence of staying trapped in ‘the jail of bitterness’, serving time for someone else’s crime. Look, the weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. It takes a strong person to face pain head-on, forgive, and release it. So if you are asking me to tell you the reasons why you should forgive your husband, I will just tell you that forgiveness isn’t always about others but about forgiving yourself. Guilt never makes anyone feel better. So always remember to forgive yourself and move on. Just as you’ve calmed down and listening to me now, I can appreciate forgiveness all over your face. To forgive someone is the highest and most beautiful form of love. You might just find that you get a sense of peace and happiness in return. 
I broke into more tears after the pastor touched the very soft parts of my heart. The tears this time around were moving at a speed just like the speed way of an industrial dam. 
Pastor: Forgive, my dear. Stop crying. Can you tell me what the issue is? 
Me: (In tears and with an almost choked voice) Pastor it’s a very long story. I don’t even know where to start from. I just feel like taking my own life now. Yes I think the best option now is to take my life because this world is full of pain. Why is it that my peers are enjoying their relationships and mine is always a bitter pill? Gilbert deceived me. Even the worst part is Afya, the person I thought I could confide in. Today, she could stand in front of me and tell me I should look for my size.(crying) Pastor allow me to die. __________________________
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to share my story with you. It’s sad but I know by the end of it, you may not repeat my mistakes. I have passed through and have seen how it is like. You might also be experiencing something like mine but I pray you find your grounds very fast. My very first advice is that you don’t put all your trust in a man. I’m tempted to agree that, all men are the same. Well, you might have your own view but the truth must be made straight. 
My name is Forgive, 28 years of age and a nurse by profession. I grew up in a family of four: two parents and a sister, meaning my parents have two children. I happened to be the second and of course the last. My mother treated me as if I was an egg. Anytime I remember her, tears flood my eyes. She was always there for me. My father was a farmer and my mother, a petty trader. To be honest, I came from a poor background. I choose to say poor, not because we couldn’t feed or clothe ourselves but my father’s farm was just for home consumption. Almost everyone in the community were into farming so who will we to sell our produce to? It was difficult to raise money for our school fees. The worst aspect was when my father went to take another lady as his girlfriend. He must now share the little he has between the lady and us. We were not aware of this though. My mom told me, some time ago, that she named me forgive because had it not been the fact that she had to forgive my father, she would have aborted me when she was pregnant. My father after impregnating my mother left home in the name of searching for a white collar job. My mother realised she was pregnant two months after he left home and never returned after two years. Until he returned, my mother didn’t name me. She only refers to me as Afi because I was a Friday born. All that while, he went to find this lady out there and forgot that he had a wife and a child. My mother felt she should abort the pregnancy after not hearing from him after three months. It took my late grandma a great deal of time to let her change her mindset. This brought up issues between them which my mother decided to end the marriage after he returned with this lady who was young enough to be his daughter. My mother got angry and was ready to leave. My father begged and begged before eventually she accepted him on a condition that my father would send the other lady away. He agreed and later on they organised a naming ceremony and named me Forgive. This also accounted to why she cared for me most. 
We stayed in a village known as Agorkpo in the South Tongu District of Volta region. Their main occupation was farming. Life in the village was actually fun. The fortunate and unfortunate aspect of it was that I was extremely beautiful. At the age of nine, I had a boyfriend who was far older than me. I used to take money from him to buy things for myself and no one cared to know where I got my money from. Almost every month, I came home with new clothes. I started school from class three because I was equally brilliant. Will you be surprised if I should tell you I did my first abortion at the age of thirteen? Yes I did. Let me tell you about that.
This is just the beginning of a two season story. Just relax and enjoy the irony of life. 
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Timeline : Jones kwesi Tagbor 
©July 2017

Nkrumah’s Ghana in limbo. The true state of the nation

By. Jones Kwesi Tagbor 
 Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the founding father of Ghana’s independence would  by now regret for giving the black man power. Nkrumah felt the black man was capable of managing his own affairs but the opposite is true. Why do I say so? Ghana, after sixty years and counting after gaining independence can still not boast of managing it’s own affairs. I don’t know if it is because the black man didn’t understand what the visionary leader said.  Permit me to quote some few lines of what he said on the day of declaring independence. 
“…. I am depending upon the millions of the country, and the chiefs and people, to help me to reshape the destiny of this country.
We are prepared to pick it up and make it a nation that will be respected by every nation in the world.
We know we are going to have difficult beginnings, but again, I’m relying upon your support, I’m relying upon your hard work.
Seeing you in this, it doesn’t matter how far my eye goes, I can see that you are here in your millions and my last warning to you is that you are to stand firm behind us so that we can prove to the world that when the African is given a chance he can show the world that he is somebody!
We have awakened. We will not sleep anymore. Today, from now on, there is a new African in the world!
That new African is ready to fight his own battles and show that after all, the black man is capable of managing his own affairs.
We are going to demonstrate to the world, to the other nations, that we are prepared to lay our own foundation.”
Should we say the Ghana we see today can be respected by the rest of the world as Nkrumah presumed? Is Ghana still at the beginning stages after independence? Are we sure we are awake and will not go to sleep again? These and many questions beg the black man for answers. 
After sixty years of independence, Ghana has now come to a stage of lawlessness where citizens take the laws into their own hands. Hooliganism,   corruption, self-fishness, disrespect for authorities, favouritism and nepotism among others is what we live with as an independent state. 
Where is the peace Ghana do boast of? Is peace the absence of war? You claim you are the role model to other African states when it comes to peace while an individual cannot walk freely on the street? The dailies are flooded with cases of murder and looting. Our judicial system gradually influenced by politicians. “We” as against “them” has become the language of the land. Winner takes all government system. A graduate from the out group must join the propaganda train to reach the point where his or her group comes into government before he or she gains employment. 
Was this what Nkrumah and his people sacrificed and fought for? Our politicians will promise us heaven and deliver hell to us. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in his speech called on the chiefs and people of this country to come together to reshape the destiny of this country. He didn’t say the politician or the president. 
Today, our chiefs sit behind and see the rich resources of the land destroyed and they seem to careless about it. 
We have the resources that can make us be a very worthy nation but until the white man who we were running away from some years ago comes to our aid with a double edged sword, we can never develop our own resources. We claim we have oil, what percentage of that oil revenue belongs to Ghana? Who are the human resource at the oil site? Do you think the white man is so kind to the extent of leaving his country and come to develop your country for you and go back freely? Certainly not. They give with the left and take with the right. Let’s be wise as a country. 
The black man is referred to as lazy. Well, I don’t disagree. If we live in a country where absenteeism from work, lateness to work, misappropriation of funds, carelessness to government property and enjoyment of holidays are what entices us then why should I disagree with that assertion? 
We can only develop as a nation if we take the words of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah serious and change our attitude towards work. We go to work late and close before time. Even at work, we pay more attention to our smart phones than the work we are to do. People even use government properties as their own properties. Unnecessary use of electricity etc. 
Our education system is now being kicked like football on the field of politics. We can’t have a persistent and comprehensive education policy that can transform the bookish education system we experiencing today. No wonder we regard the foreign certificates than the home acquired ones. For crying out loud, Ghana is sixty years old and counting. I challenge the president His Excellency Nana Addo to stand firm and move this country forward by being truthful to the Ghanaian people and bring every corrupt public office holder to book. Thank God he challenged us to be citizens and not spectators. I’m just being a citizen. 
To our chiefs and elders, Ghana is our mother land, no one can make it develop for us unless we ourselves. Please use your authorities you have devoid of politics and help reshape Ghana as Nkrumah charged you to do. The time is now. 
I took the pain to visit a community in the South Tongu District of the Volta region. Kudzekope, a sub of Sogakope. This is a very big community with a Chief and other opinion leaders. They have an assembly man and all you could think of. Just come and have a look at how they allowed their water body to be destroyed by selfish individuals due to sand winning and stone queering activities. Now the source of drinking water has become a death trap. People fetch and drink poison instead of water. The chiefs and opinion leaders careless and rather calling on  government for infrastructure development. If you can’t manage the little you have, how can you manage the bigger one if given? Can the black man manage his own affairs at all? 
Let me leave you with this part of Dr. Nkrumah’s speech. Please read through the lines and make meaning out of it. Indeed Nkrumah was a visionary leader. 
“As I said in the assembly just minutes ago, I made a point that we are going to create our own African personality and identity. It’s the only way that we can show the world that we are ready for own battles.
But today, may I call upon you all – that on this great day, let us all remember that nothing in the world can be done unless it’s had the purport and support of God.
 Our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa.
Let us now, fellow Ghanaians, let us now ask for God’s blessing, and for only two seconds in your thousands and millions, I want to ask you to pause only for one minute and give thanks to almighty God for having led us through our difficulties, imprisonments, hardships and suffering to have brought us to the end of our trouble today.”
Sixty years of independence has our troubles really come to and end?  Ghana must work again. Let us wake from our sleep and regain the Ghana we all desired for. Love, they say conquers all. Let us love one another and together, we shall rise to the occasion. 
#Say no to illegal mining 

#Say no to mob justice 

Say no to corruption 

#Say no to laziness 

#Say no to winner takes all governance 
Written by Jones Kwesi Tagbor. 

Founding member, FirstCare Ghana.

Author of Jones Series publications. 



             Episode 7
         Johnny under a spell
On Tuesday, my mother gained a bit of consciousness. I went to see her and she spoke to me in a very weak voice. “John, you need to be prayerful. I won’t always be there to carry your cross.” “Mum what is the meaning of what you just said? You are not dying now so stop talking like that.” I said to her. I began to feel itches   around my manhood, it was irritating  but I didn’t pay much attention to it. In some few minutes, my mother started coughing seriously. I ran out of the ward to call the nurses around to come to her aid. One of the nurses also  ran to call the doctor to  see what was going on. The cough persisted and this time around  came with blood. We were all sitting on time bomb. The pastor to help us in prayer himself was  also on admission due to the accident. All these while, my mother was fighting a spiritual battle on my behalf. Let’s take note that not  all that blisters is gold. My siblings abroad went into a serious moment of prayer and my father also called some elders of our church to assist him in prayers. The spiritual battle became very tough this time round. I was trying to pray with them but to be honest, I didn’t even know where to start from. Instead, the irritation on my manhood increased so I needed to get a place to hide and check what was happening. I went into one of the washrooms, unhooked my belt, unzipped my trouser and went down into my boxer only to see that the tip of  my manhood has  become so red. “What is happening to me? why all this?” I asked myself in displeasure. I came out from the washroom, found myself a place to sit just to think about myself when my phone rang. I answered, and it was my father. “Johnny where are you? ” He asked and I told him I was inside the washroom. “Please come around immediately.” He ordered and without wasting much time, I went to meet him.  He told me the doctor said   my mother has to be flown to  South Africa for continuity of her  treatment so he thinks he would now need the money I had wanted to give him earlier to add to his money to pay for the processing fee. I hurriedly gave out all the money as I couldn’t bear the sight of my sick mother and yearned to have her treated but I was so wrong. That money rather went in to  strengthen Enyonam and her camp because we were now indebted to them. The processing was done and she was flown out to South Africa. My father went with her leaving his work behind. I called Enyonam to tell her the current developments. I also told her about the irritability of my manhood. She encouraged me  and said the irritability might be as a result of the pool we bathed because sometimes, people with all sort of infections do bath the same polluted water and share their infections. However, she said she had some medicine that could cure it so I should come back with immediate effect since my mother was no longer in the country. I returned to Tema and invited her over to my place. She came with some herbal medicine for me to take. This was where I got blindfolded to her tricks. After taking the concoction, the irritation stopped and rather made me horny. I became so much aroused that it was so uncontrollable. She was already around me so there was no time to waist. We started kissing each other and soon, we were both unclad in my bed. This time around, I left no stone unturned  as she moaned and groan in pleasure. I knew not where I even got the  strength from but I still  gave her three rounds  without any protection. All this while, my mother was still battling with her life. She became weak as a result of the fun I was having with Enyonam because that was draining her spiritually. She finally died on their arrival to the South African general hospital. The news came in the evening of that day. I sat down on my floor as tears rolled down my cheeks with no efforts like a waterfall.  I cried so bitterly because I never expected her to die so soon. How I wish I could raise the dead. 
Hmm, I told you from the beginning that the devil looks for  the weaker vessels to get to the main target. Now, the pillar and foundation of my home has been destroyed. But should that be a guarantee for the devil to take over everything? 
My mother’s remains was brought back to Ghana where preparations towards her final burial was made. Enyonam was very supportive in everything. In fact, she made me feel loved despite  losing my mother. She tried to stand in place of my mother. She demonstrated maturity to my family so everybody began to like her.  I introduced her to my father and other siblings that she was  the woman I would be getting married to. “John you better behave yourself,  we are mourning mummy and you are here talking about marriage.” My senior brother cautioned. “Oh Bro, so should life not continue after mum’s death? Or is it because you are not married, you don’t want anyone of us to get married? Look whether you like it or not I will soon be getting married. ” I replied as we did some small quarrel at the funeral grounds.  As a form of last respect, my father wrote in his tribute how his wife was able to establish him because of her prayer life. He acknowledged having her as a wife who was a home builder, advisor, financial controller and love legend. My daddy shed tears that day. That was the first and last time if seeing tears role down my daddy’s eyes.  In my tribute, I also acknowledged how she was able to save me from that night club incident. The whole atmosphere that day was solemn . We finally put her to rest in peace.  Her soul rest in peace. 
Back to Tema after everything, I resumed work and life with Enyonam continued. Anytime I asked her to take me to her place, she finds excuses to give me but once she was coming to my place, I was not worried. I told Xorsenyo, a colleague of mine at work about my new found girl. I made him aware of how supportive she was to me during my mother’s funeral. I told him to follow  my foot steps  so that he can  find a good lady like my Enyonam. “Eei Charley! now you turn into relationship counsellor? Masa go counsel Mr Koomson  our boss because he is the person who doesn’t have any good human relation.”  Xorsenyo said as we both laughed over it. “You, this man will get you.” I told him. 
Our boss never gives us breathing space when he is around. He will always find fault with whatever you do. He also feels we may end up taking his position from him if in case we should be retained. He was at his position as a result of long service and there was a memo calling for qualified and competent workers to apply for that position which Xorsenyo and I did apply.  Due to this, the human relation he was to give us was not there. In his presence, we do behave as  if we fear him but that was not the case. It was just a mere respect as our boss. 
Xorsenyo use to walk with me home after work almost all the time so one day, Enyonam was passing by and  visited. I introduced her to my friend . 
You see, for God so love the world, He won’t just allow the devil  to take total control of His own. Rather, He will always place people in our way to redirect our steps but it also comes down for us to  hear and obey the Lord’s voice especially in this  our generation. 
Me: Enyonam meet my colleague. We both  work in the same office. His name is Xorsenyo. 

Xorse, meet my beautiful damsel. She is Enyonam, my all in all.  I landed a peg on her cheek.
Xorsenyo: waow! very beautiful. Nice meeting you sweetheart. He stood and shook hands with her but he reacted in a way after the handshake which I didn’t understand. 
Me: Is everything okay? 
Xorsenyo: yeah, yeah all is well. Charley but you get eagle eye oo. In fact you do all. This lady ‘dey bee’. 

I laughed and said he should behave. 
Enyonam: thank you dear. Guys I need to be going because some customers will be coming to look for me. 
Me: oh ok. We’ll talk in the evening. 
Xorsenyo: oh are you leaving because I’m here? Oh don’t do that. Charley, Johnny ‘I dey step house. The lady dey shy me.”
Enyonam said she was just passing and wanted to check on us so my friend shouldn’t take any offense. Together with Xorsenyo, we accompanied her to her car. 
After she left, Xorsenyo held my hand and pulled me with him to the room. 
Xorsenyo: heer! my guy, run for your life. What did I say? I said start running gidigidi like a horse for your life.  “That girl no get any good spirit.” Didn’t you see the vibration I had  when I shook hands with her? This thing normally happens to me if my body senses danger ahead.  Look, it’s not about beauty oo,  for how long do you even know this girl? Look, I will advise you to better be upstanding and run for your life. Is it her money you are following or what? Me I talk my own. 
Me: Ah!  You kraa what is your problem? Is it because I brought you to my place to see my woman so you think you can talk any trash to me or what? Are you getting jealous or something? “make you no come bore me for here”.  Try and look for some and stop discouraging me. All you know to do is to follow old ladies and say girls. Look don’t bring your wahala on me oo. 
Xorsenyo: oh sorry. My guy,  we will meet at work tomorrow. I was Just talking to you as a friend and a brother but see what you are saying? Make sure you don’t call me if anything should start happening.  He said and left the house. 
I got bored at him that day. You shouldn’t blame me, I was under the spell. The following day as boys boys, we reconciled and shared other jokes. We even went on break together. 
My daddy also started complaining of illness very often. Due to this, he felt it was stress so he resigned from his work to have some rest. He was nearing his retirement thou but he resigned. Fortunately for me, I was retained after my service and was made the internal auditor for a section of the Harbor. Mr Koomson was promoted to a higher position which he still needed to supervise my work.  My salary was not bad so I rented a new apartment which was a two bedroom self-contained. As soon as I moved into my new apartment, Enyonam called and said some fraudsters came to defraud her so she needed some money from me to purchase goods for her shop. Because I knew she helped me before, I also gave her all I had on me. This time around, our expenses when we go out was on me. My  father was no longer working and was thinking because I’ve secured a good job, so  I would be taking care of him. I rather focused on impressing Enyonam. I could be having money but when my father asked me for money, I will only give him excuses. My account never increased.  I just had the name as an internal auditor but I was not able to save any money. I was leaving hand to mouth life. The devil comes to still and to  destroy. It will give you with the left hand and take it back with the right in multiple folds. Enyonam said since I now have my own work, I should come and see her parents so that we get married. That sounded good to me so I started planning towards marriage. We decided that the following weekend, I would go and know where she stays. Hmm, wonders they say shall never end. 
Follow me to the next episode let me tell you what happened next. 

1. Should one hastened to get married because he or she has a found work? 

2. Are you neglecting your parents because your attention is now on your partner? 
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