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​Life Is How You Make It Episode 7

Life Is How You Make It 
Episode 7
“How can a strong and energetic father of mine become physically challenged? ” I asked myself. All he said was he wanted to tell his daughter something before he dies. The whole congregation went into a state of tranquility. The moderator gave him the go-ahead. In a very weak and sober voice, he said he knew he had wronged me, my late sister and my mother. He continued and said he never knew what pushed him to leave the house that morning and besides he never knew where he was going. He said the voice just called him and asked him to follow him. He said the voice was very commanding to the extent that he couldn’t disobey. He went on by saying the voice asked him to leave the town so he ended up at Kumasi. So at Kumasi, because the money he carried on himself got finished, he needed to search for something to do. He said he do sleep under parked vehicles at Suame in Kumasi. He eventually became a mate to the driver of one of the car he do sleep under. After gathering some money he got himself a house to rent. After three months into the mate business, he came across a very beautiful lady who came to board their vehicle on one market day. The lady according to him was more than beautiful so he couldn’t help it than to take the ladies contact when she was about alighting at her junction. He called The number and eventually they became friends. ” I never knew I had just befriended a spirit ” he added. The whole place was quiet as he was telling his story. He added that, he fell in love with the lady and even they do sleep together. Anytime he asked the lady where she was coming from, she would just chip in another issue. He went on, ” after meeting with her, I always sleep whenever am at work. My master became angry with me and fired me. Because I was no longer bringing money to the house, the lady promised of helping me. She said she would introduce me to her family so that they help me. I agreed. So one day, she left the house very early in the morning and returned late in the evening. When I asked her Where she was coming from, she said that was none of my business. She asked me to get myself ready so that we go meet her family. It was around 10pm so I asked her why we couldn’t wait for the following morning besides it was late. She said her parents won’t be available in the morning so that was the only time we could meet them . All of a sudden, she ran towards me gave me a pat on my shoulders. Suddenly I saw myself in a different world. Very cold but beautiful place. All the people in the town were ladies. Before I could ask the lady where she had brought me, I was quickly surrounded by a lot of ladies. They came to tie me up and said they were going to teach me how to get money. They gave me something to drink. After some time, I became sexually aroused so they all came and forced me to sleep with them. My lady happens to be their leader. They raped me till I went into coma. Even with that they didn’t let me go. Eventually they revived me and asked me to go home. Before I realized, I was at the point where I was standing before the my lady ran to me covered with money . I couldn’t stand up because my spinal cord had been broken due to the rape. I shouted for help by the time people came around the money was no where to be found.The people came to help me and took me to the hospital. “””” I was just hearing what he was saying as if I was watching a kumawood movie. He said, he slept at the hospital for one full year so they decided to let him come home to continue treatment’. So after the Friday prayer, one of his friends went to tell him that he could receive healing when he comes to the church on that Sunday. The most painful aspect of it was that his last words he said was “my daughter, I never planned to abandon you so please forgive me and tell your mother and sister to also forgive me. ” I was just in tears so I couldn’t respond to his request when I heard the person standing beside him shout. “He is dead!!! ” oohh! I couldn’t forgive him before he died. I felt very bad about that but I still said God knows best. He was then taken to the nearby hospital where he was confirmed dead. In the evening of that Sunday, I phoned my mother about what happened at the church. She also felt bad that my father had died. She then reported to me that she saw Mr Mensah running halfway naked in the town(the wicked will never go unscathed). She said people ran after him and now he has been taken to the hospital where we took her to when she had the problem with her eyes. She also added that strange things were just happening in the town with respect to Mr Mensah and his family(oyiwa).

We shall all receive our reward on this earth before dying. So let’s be extra cautious about what we do today…hmmm, so what happens in the next episode? Follow me as we find out.
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​Life Is How You Make It Episode 6

Life Is How You Make It 
Episode 6.
My husband received instant healing that night. It was after the church service that the real battle began. Unless you have the eyes to see what is happening in the spiritual realm, you would never stop praying. After the church service, we came to sleep around 4:00am. Around 5:30am, when my husband and myself were asleep, I heard a sound in the kitchen as if a bottle having fallen from the shelf . The sound was very loud but my husband couldn’t hear it. He was fast asleep so he didn’t hear the sound. Maybe it was selective attention. What happens is that, we pay attention to things that are very important to us. And because my husband was not much into kitchen work, he couldn’t hear the sound. I woke up and went into the kitchen. I searched almost everywhere but didn’t see anything. I decided to open the fridge to take some water before going back to join my husband in bed. As soon as I closed the fridge and turned, here appears this thick tall man from nowhere, covered with dander and was holding a baby full of blood in his hand. I couldn’t open my mouth to say anything due to the fear. He was also standing by the door so there was no way I could ran. I felt like urinating on myself. ” who are you? And what do you want from me? ” I gathered courage and asked(in a trembling voice). ” why should you send people to break the cage in which we were keeping our prey? My master sent me to tell you that since you have decided to disturb our kingdom, we are going to kill the prey which happens to be your baby.” He replied. He added ” if you want your baby back, then make yourself naked right now. ” he said in a deep echoed voice. with a loud voice I said ” you can’t kill my child and you and your people cannot do anything in the name of Jesus!!” Just by the mention of Jesus, the baby he was carrying vanished. He started walking towards me. I mentioned JESUS again! He stood for some time I then shouted “Jesus!!!! ” my husband heard my voice so he quickly rushed to the kitchen. As soon as he entered, the man also vanished making my husband not to see anything . “Mawufemor what is it? ” my husband asked. I told him all that which went on. He was surprised as to what I was saying but comforted me and we went back to the room. That was around 6:10am. As we were on the bed, my phone rang and it was a friend close to my husband’s house at Nipahiamoa, she called and said she has good news for ME. I was more than eager to hear what it was. Mercy my friend said,over the night, they heard my mother shouting in pain so they went to see what the problem was. According To mercy, when they got to the house, My mother was lying On the floor saying her eyes were paining her. So it got to a point where she requested for some water. When she was given the water, she used it to wash her face and lo and behold, my mother regained her sight. “Jesus!!! Mercy are you sure of what you are saying? ” I asked(i had already busted into tears). She repeated herself. Waow! What a miracle working God. I told my husband the good news and we jubilated over it. I called my mother and she confirmed it. This is the type of God we serve! Hallelujah🙏🏽. He does His things in his own time. All we need is patience and an unwavering faith. I informed Mama Grace about the miracle and also what happened at the kitchen. She then called the Pastor and informed him about it. The pastor said he would be with us in no time and truly, he arrived in almost 30mins. He said we needed to pray. So together with the pastor we thanked God for the miracle and about what I saw. Just after the prayer which lasted for almost an hour, I started bleeding as if it was a miscarriage. The pastor said my womb have been restored(praise God!). I went to the washroom to wash down. In fact there is joy to be in the house of the Lord. I was too eager to go back to see my mother but the pastor said none of us should travel that day. I was not happy about that but since he has become my spiritual father, I had no option than to obey. On Sunday we went to church to give our testimony. My husband was more than happy and promised of changing all the spoilt fans in the church. It is God who gives so we always need to remember to also give back. It is true that you can’t give exact to God but do the little you can to show your appreciation to God, but note that it must be done cheerfully. My husband became born again. After we finished with our testimony, a man was pushed forward. He was actually in a wheel chair. No one will tell you that the man was sick and would soon die. He asked the person who pushed him to the church to bring him forward so that he could also give his testimony. As soon as he mentioned his name, my heart started beating very fast! “That is my father! ” I said in a loud voice. Everybody was surprised to hear that. Hmmm. I cried after knowing he was the one. “How can a strong and energetic father of mine become physically challenged? ” I asked myself. All he said was he wanted to tell his daughter something before he dies. The whole congregation went into a state of tranquillity.

Christ in you The hope Of glory. Follow me to the next episode. It’s payback time.
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​Life Is How You Make It Episode 5

Life Is How You Make It. 
Episode 5
She gave me a three months grace period to to get pregnant if not she would find a replacement for my husband. This became another head aching issue for me. Due to the pressure from my mother in-law, my husband also started behaving strange towards me. His concern was that, the doctor asserted that premature ejaculation was not the same as low sperm count hence there should be pregnancy. He began to blame me for not being productive(meanwhile tests showed I was). He was a contractor who works with with a building construction firm. Their work was such that, they work when they got a contract. So when there is no contract, they remain in the house. His father happened to be a major shareholder in the firm and hence their worth. My husband’s behaviour towards me changed drastically. He leaves the house and comes back at the time he wished. Hardly does he eat my food. His mother told him that my family curse was the root cause of my supposed infertility. His love for me began to melt down like an iceberg in water. My mother was also disturbed. She always do remember me in her prayers. Wonders they say shall never end. All this while I never knew my womb was removed spiritually by Mr Mensah. The day he left the engagement in shame, he went straight to his shrine to remove my womb in spirit. I will tell you how I got to know about that but prior to that revelation, my husband’s building firm had some contract at Kumasi which was to take two years to complete which will also mean that, he was going to be away for that long. He left and people thought he had also left me just as my father left my mother. After two months into he leaving, he called me on phone and said he was missing me so wanted me to come and spend some weeks at where he was. He spoke in a manner that made me feel he was indeed missing me. Sometimes, change of environment could also help solve some minute but important problems in our lives. I agreed to his request and left that town to Kumasi leaving my blind mother behind. The good thing was that my mother could help herself with the help of the stick. Just that she must always buy to eat. I left her with enough money. My husband was actually leaving in a Bungalow at Kumasi. Two families share the same compound. When I got there, my husband was happy to have received me. The arrangement was that I will stay for two weeks and then go back to Nipahiamoa. The people we shared the compound with were also good Christian who do attend the Church Of Pentecost, Kumasi district. This family just made me remember those good old days where we cared for each other. They were actually friendly so they do keep me company whenever my husband was not around. One evening they invited me to attend their evening service which was on a Thursday. I informed my husband and went for the service. I really enjoyed the service especially their specialized dancing . Before they closed that evening, it was announced that the following evening would be an all-night service so we should come with all our problems and present them to God(my time has come, I said to myself). I was also welcomed since that was my first day at their church. Mama Grace who invited me to the church happend to be the women’s fellowship leader. Mama Grace was actually a nice person and also beautiful. So after the church, we walked together to the house. On our way, she asked me to also invite my husband to the all-night service the following evening besides he won’t go to work on Saturday so that wouldn’t be a problem. At dawn, I woke my husband up and informed him about the program. Because he didn’t believe in church, he gave excuses that he can’t make it. I used my communication skills as a woman to make him agree. I told him what the announcement was about. Dawn is always the best time where husbands and wives can easily come to consensus on an issue. Because at that time, all tempers would be calm and besides a nice time for gaming(for married couples only). You can try it and see if it wouldn’t work. When you have a special request for your husband, just wait till dawn. In the morning, Mama Grace also invited him personally. My husband return from site early that day so we got ourselves ready for the church. That happens to be my husband’s second time of going to church after the engagement. About 30mins to our departure time, he said he doesn’t feel like going again. When I asked why? He said he heard a voice telling him not to go if not something would happen to him. I went to report that to Mama Grace and she advised that, that voice was the voice of the devil so he shouldn’t listen to it. The devil is always smart. So eventually, we went to the church. In the course of delivering the sermon, the head pastor said we should put all our trust in God and put all our worries before Him but with faith for with faith, mountains can be moved! He concluded that, nothing is impossible for God to do. He assured us that, if we put our trust in God He will never put us to shame. I was actually touched by the sermon. Prayer session began somewhere around 11:15pm that Friday. Various prayer topics were raised as we prayed. It got to a point where the pastor said all those looking for children should come forward. I stood up with faith and also went. As the prayer was ongoing, the pastor asked the congregation to keep mute for he could hear some baby crying but couldn’t tell the angle the sound was coming from. So as we were quiet, the pastor moved down the stage and was walking amongst those standing in front. As soon as he got to where I was standing, he stopped. He said, he has found the place the baby was crying from but it was not going to be easy saving that baby. According to him, the cry was the cry of my baby but the baby has been locked in a cage somewhere. He continued and revealed almost everything about my life. He also asked me some questions which I did answer but I was in tears. He asked me if I believe I could get my baby back. I shouted YES!! All the pastor said was that my faith will deliver me and my baby. The prayer started with all seriousness. All the elders of the church were made to gather around me to pray for me. My husband was very anxious to see what was about to happen. So instead of him to pray, he was only observing(hmmm, this man). After almost an hour of intense prayer , the pastor revealed that my mother has been made blind by the same person who has removed my womb and locked my baby. He also revealed that that same person has made my father to forget about our family. He added that, my mother can gain back her sight only through prayer. But he said he doesn’t know the name of the person behind the scene but in due time, I would know. They continued to pray for me and after some time, the pastor said, I should be expecting a miracle in some few weeks. Everybody was expecting some miracle over there but nothing happened. He asked if my husband was around and I said yes. He called him to come forward. We actually have a God who can changes destinies if only we trust in him. My husband was also prayed for and was made to accept Christ as his Lord and Saviour. My husband received instant

healing the night. It

was after that church service that the real battle began. Unless you have the eyes to see what is happening in the spiritual realms, you would never and ever stop praying.

What happened after the church that day, words can’t explain. Follow me to the next episode and see what God can do. 
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​Life Is How You Make It Episode 4

Life Is How You Make It. 
Episode 4
The drug got finished from his system. I asked ” Mawutor my husband, what is it ?” He said was not feeling well. I became angry because why should he start my engine and leave it on like that? I decided to tell him what I saw. I said “Mawutor, are you impotent or what? ” He nearly slapped me for asking such a question. I was disappointed. Yes I was highly disappointed because why should he react to my question like that. He raised his hands to slap me but I guess his consciousness was restored so the hand remained up and never landed. I looked at him with surprise. I asked him,” What were you about to do? ” he remained silent. I told him what I saw in the washroom. He said he was sorry for raising his hands at me. He added that it was the work of the devil(always the devil is at fault). He then admitted that he took the drug so that he could satisfy me. He explained that he was suffering premature ejaculation and due to that, all three ladies he dated before left him. He added that, he was not ready to let

me go that was why he never touch me when were dating.

My husband was

actually in tears when he was talking. I wished those words never came out of his mouth. “But how could you? ” I asked him.” But you were the same person who said you wanted five children, you should have treated yourself first before we finally got married. Now what do you expect me to tell my mother? To tell her that my husband is not a “man” or what? I asked him all sort of questions that morning. He said he was sorry but with the help of that drug we could still enjoy sex. I raised my head and said God, I put my trust in you. Let my husband regain his pride and never let my enemies laugh at me. I prayed. I hugged him with my eyes filled with tears. I told him I will always stand by him in all difficulties for I knew it will be OK someday. I asked him to join me have faith in God. He said he was very happy to have me as his wife and because of the kind of love I had for him, he will build a two bedroom house for me and my mother. This is what marriage must be about. Understanding each other and ready to stand by each other in times of difficulties. When the two agree to become husband and wife, automatically, their hearts becomes one hence the feeling for each other. Men should also learn to have patience with their wives whenever they are putting a concern before them. There are no two ways that you are the head of the house. A good leader is that who listens before acting. So my husband assured me and I also gave him my trust. He said we should keep his problem as a secret as we find ways of curing it. He called his mother that morning and informed her that he was happy to inform them that I was a virgin and he was the man to break it. As usual, they were also happy to hear that. They came to reward me later in the day. My mother was also happy for me. That also meant that she was a good mother. After two weeks into our marriage, because I was not ready for my husband to use drugs on me, all we did was the foreplay and that “under one minute ” thing. I advised my husband to go see the doctor at the hospital my mother was taken when she had the problem. He took my advice and in the third week, he called me one morning and said we should both go to the hospital so that we all get first hand information as to how to manage the problem. We went together. After the doctor took the past history and current complaints of my husband, he finally diagnosed and confirmed that my husband was suffering from premature ejaculation. According to the doctor, premature ejaculation can be caused by several factors ranging from inheritance to acquired. With the acquired, he said it could be due to excessive masturbation, excessive use Of aphrodisiac, excessive use of psychotic drugs, working in excessive heat, stress, and intake of spicy foods. My husband explained to the doctor that he was a fan of masturbation and the use of aphrodisiac when He was young and also mentioned ‘viagra’ as one drug that he used to take most frequently. This was when the doctor educated us on the use of those drugs. But according to him, viagra is made to rather treat impotence and premature ejaculation. But when not taken with advice from your doctor, will lead to serious problems. He said some people do take overdose because they wanted to go extra miles. The doctor explained a lot to us indicating that my husband’s problem is one of the problems affecting most men of late and leading to breakups. He added that the problem can be cured but because most men find it difficult saying their problem to experts to help them, they rather depend on those drugs which cause them further problems. The doctor promised to help my husband come out of the problem. He prescribed this same drug with others but with instructions on how to take them. He also gave some behaviour therapy to him and asked me to help him.He later referred us to a counsellor. The good news he said was that, premature ejaculation was not the same as low sperm count so I could become pregnant. That gave me some hope of bearing children. A whole year passed with no sign of pregnancy. But the problem was becoming better for my husband. My mother was disturbed I was not getting pregnant. This was a great joy for Mr mensah. Personally I almost lost hope. What could the problem be? I asked myself. My mother in-law was also not happy about my inability to become pregnant. I was always praying to God to never let my enemies use me as a laughing stock. Two years had gone and still no sign of pregnancy despite my husband’s problem fixed. We roamed from hospital this to hospital that and all they always say was that my system was OK and my husband despite the fact that his sperms were not that strong, that shouldn’t prevent pregnancy. My mother in-law started given me pressure. She calls me all sort of names anytime she visits. On one of her visits, she threatened of getting another woman for my husband. She gave me a three months grace period. Wonders they say shall never end. I never knew my womb was removed in spirit by Mr mensah.

The wicked one will never stop lurking in wait for you. Follow me to the next episode. Wonders shall never end. God indeed knows his own!
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​Life Is How You Make It  Episode 3

Life Is How You Make It 
Episode 3
Mr Mensah was actually wicked. He planned destroying my engagement. Because his son Datsomor also refused listening to him, he became more furious than ever. As smart as he is, he asked his son the venue for the program which his son ignorantly told him. The wicked one is always smart that is why it’s said that “when a bird learns to fly without perching, the hunter also learns to shoot without missing”. But because we serve a living God, we shall surely overcome. What Mr Mensah did was that he also decided to attend the engagement. He prepared his African gun powder (Tukpe). Tukpe is an African traditional medicine which is made purposely to kill. It is spiritual so can’t see it but can only feel it. He prepared this charm and came with it to my engagement. His son never knew he will follow him after he had left. I became very surprised seeing him. “Who invited this man? ” I asked my yet to-be husband. He said maybe he came with his son. My uncle who nearly raped me was the one I made to receive the bride price on behalf of my father. He was also a medicine man. Actually most of my father’s family members were into African traditional religion. My mother was also present but could not see what was going on. She could only hear us speak. Our pastor was also around. But because it was a traditional engagement, he didn’t appear much on the program lineup. It got to the point were my husband was to put the engagement ring on my fingers. As soon as I stood up, I felt a very sharp pain around my waist. I fell to the ground immediately because my waist got locked. My face began to swollen up. Eeei! What is the problem? Everybody started asking. Quickly I was carried into the room. My uncle came to perform his usual incantations and said someone has shot me (Tukpe) the gun powder. Then he said he needed to go to his shrine to consult his gods for direction for treatment. He could not help me. My pastor came in and asked all believers to come around so that they pray for me. They prayed and miraculously I regained consciousness. We serve a miracle working God. After l had gained consciousness, my uncle returned and said his gods have travelled so he can only treat me on their return(would have been dead by then, I said to myself. But he was told my pastor prayed and I’m okay. The wicked one wouldn’t go unscathed. Mr Mensah was surprised and left the place as soon as he saw that I was saved. The program continued. My mother was only hearing all that was going on but couldn’t see. It got to a point where I saw tears flow down her eyes. I went closer to her and when I moved, I also started shedding tears because i wish she saw my beauty that day. We did only engagement because my husband didn’t believe in wedding. His defense was that it was waste of money and other economic resources. He claimed he believes in marriage and not wedding. When asked what that meant, he said marriage is when the two including their families accept to be together through the paying of the bride price which was at the engagement. He added that the money to be spent in hiring cars, buying of gown, wedding rings, providing for best men and maid of honour, feeding people and other expenses could be channelled into investing in some productive business after the marriage. Wedding will also mean signing for better for worse. I didn’t force him despite the fact that I wished I was wedded. I understood his concerns and took it like that. Once the love was there I was okay. The best thing in a successful relationship is love, trust and understanding which I knew my husband had. What we did the following day after the engagement was to go to church together and asked for the blessings of God and prayer from the church and to also thank them for helping us come out of that shame which nearly mud the engagement. That was done at Musama Disco Christo Church, Nipahiamoa. The engagement was successful that day just that I wasn’t very happy because mummy could not see all that which went on. I moved to my husband’s house after the church which also happened to be our honeymoon. My husband agreed my for my mother to stay with us so we all moved to my husband’s house after the church service. She was allocated her personal room. My husband had his own three bedroom apartment which was in the same village but a bit far from where my father’s house was. As usual the church and the entire community was expecting the news about my virginity the following day after I moved to my husband’s house. Hmmm the shocking news was that my husband could not perform. The Akans of Ghana will say ‘odor branda ” but at a minimum rate. My husband was still avoiding me on my honeymoon night. I was eagerly ready to break my virginity that night and to also taste the “fruit of the holy spirit” . When everything started, he was very good at the foreplay. He actually massaged my body to the extent that I got to the peak of my marginal utility curve. It was a blast 💥. I became ready for the seed of life to be planted in me. He eventually planted it in and seriously I got shocked as if it was an electric shock(ekiki me). I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. To be honest it was just too BIG. But unfortunately, my husband became very weak within one and a half minutes and was breathing profusely like someone who had just crossed the finishing line of a Marathon race. He said he wanted to use the washroom. I asked him if all was well. He said he will be fine. I was disturbed but realized there was some blood on the white bedsheet(ade3 no ate). That was very much an evidence to tell people that I was a virgin. Not knowing he went to the washroom to take an aphrodisiac(men of today…..smh). I guess it was viagra. He return and said he went to urinate. I told him how high I was when he left. The foreplay started again and this time around he actually striked the hell out of me. For almost an hour he never “came “. I became tired and bled too. That was my first time and imagine the pains that came with it. I became scared. I asked myself if that was what ladies lineup in traffic at night waiting for. I pushed him to stand up because I was tired. My marginal utility curve was in the negatives. He was happy he broke my virginity. I changed the bedsheet and he slept back. I realized he slept off so I went to take my bath that night. Before the bath, I decided to also use the wc. Lo and behold, he tried flashing the aphrodisiac peal but it didn’t go. I think he didn’t wait to see it go before leaving. I used the brush to pick it up and I realized my husband used medicine on me. “Ah! what is the meaning of this? ” I asked myself. I opened the dustbin to put it into it and I saw the box in which it was taken from. I became very angry but pretended I didn’t see anything. I just didn’t want to believe my husband can perform. He was still asleep when I


I came to lie down and began to think. At dawn he tried touching me again. Something was pushing me to ask him but I didn’t know how to start because I knew it would bring problems and besides, I don’t want to break that joy of me being a virgin. After all he used it on me and not on another person.

I said to myself to keep me calm. He started kissing me and I also gave in. I always liked his foreplay(on point). The fact was that the drug was no more active in his body so when he entered into the holy of holiest, less than one minute he was struggling for breathe. Now the drug he used to take got finished. “Mawutor my husband what is it? ” I asked. He said he was not feeling well. I became angry because why should he start my engine and leave it just like that? You’ve got to move the car!x I then decided to tell him what I saw. I said Mawutor “are you impotent or what? ” He nearly slapped me for asking that question.I was disappointed!

Follow me to the next episode and see wonders. Your comments are welcomed.
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​Life Is How You Make It  Episode 2

Life Is How You Make It 
Episode 2
I said Mr mensah was behind these problems because the charm he buried at the back of our house was intended to wipe away the entire family. Upon that he had cursed my mother that she would suffer in life which my mother believed and the community was aware of that curse so due to that, only few people came around to help bury my later sister. Majority of the people we expected didn’t turn up. They claimed our family was cursed and maybe they might be affected with our misfortunes. I wonder if curse was contagious(you may wonder too,huh?). Their absence didn’t discourage us in anyway but rather gave us the opportunity to put our trust in God. Our believe was that God did not give us rock when we ask for bread neither will he give us snake when we ask for meat. Life continued after the burial. As I said I dropped out of school in order to help my mother at home. We worked on my father’s farm to get some food for the house. That year by the grace of God we had a bumper harvest which also happened to be our very first harvest after my father left. We had almost six bags of maize. Mr Mensah noticed that his cruel plans had almost failed. This was partly because he never expected any good thing for us and partly too because it seems the charm he buried at the back of our house was no longer working. His self concept was actually challenged because we were seriously making it. Thought that wasn’t enough. He became jealous of our success and this time around he went to bury a different charm in our farm just to deepenn our woes. One thing about the wicked one is that they would never give up on you unless they get what they wanted so you must also be prayerful always. Due to my beauty and hardwork, I was bombarded with proposals from men from all walks of life. I was no more a school girl so that also gave them the courage to try me the more. A day wouldn’t pass without at least two proposals(Princess Fiona ). I ignored them all because I knew the situation in which we were. But finally I realized I needed to get someone who could accept my situation and care for me. I gave the opportunity to Mawutor. I accepted him because I felt he was God fearing, hardworking and handsome. Ah well, only God knows the heart of man. Our names also rhymed. Mawufemor and Mawutor:mrgreen:. He had actually demonstrated what I needed from a guy. He showed me love and care. He wouldn’t act before listening. He had time for me and that was exactly what I was expecting. One interesting thing too was that he never requested for sex from me despite the fact that we do hangout together. He does come to our house to help me fetch water and do other things. He was actually a darling. What we did with respect to our farm was mixed cropping, so after harvesting the maize, we still had hot pepper and cassava to take care of on the farm. My mother used to send some of the produce to the market to sell on market days. Life I would say almost revived a year after my sister’s death until that day! A day I termed as Black Wednesday….. my mother had gone to the farm to harvest some pepper. She unfortunately walked on the charm Mr Mensah had buried in the the farm. Mawutor was with me when mummy said goodbye to leave for the farm. We waited for quite some time but there were no signs of her return so we decided to follow up. You may be surprised, my Id was in full swing which made me to seduce Mawutor in the house that day but he was able to withstand it all . As a tradition in the community, a lady who got her virginity broken by her legal husband would be rewarded by the man’s family which would intend bring some sort of fame to the man as well. So Mawutor said he wanted me to receive that reward so he was not ready to touch me until we were legally married. In view of that I kept myself pure. We followed up on my mother only to see her lying in cold blood by the side of the road leading to the farm. My heart almost ceased working when I saw her. Thankfully, she was alive. But had blood coming out of her nose. She could not see anything. She said in a very faint voice that her eyes were paining her. Mawutor helped in carrying her to the house where I managed to clean the blood and changed her clothes and then we rushed her to the hospital. The doctor ran all the necessary tests on her but said he couldn’t find the actual cause of her problem. He managed to prevent the blood but said my mother has lost her sight. “How doctor? ” I asked in tears. He and Mawutor tried consoling me but I couldn’t hold back my tears. I felt my world has come to an end. Because, how could I as a young lady take care of a blind mother?hmmm, My father too was no where to be found. My mother had to spend a week at the hospital but the fact remained clear that she was blind. What a wicked world! I never thought that it was Mr Mensah who was behind this one. Because he doesn’t share farm boundary with us so how could he go there in the first place. No family member to support us. Why is this world full of sociopaths and wicked people? I asked God in my prayer. My mother was in total blackout with refractive error. How come? I pondered over this for some time. My boyfriend was also always around me to give me comfort. Two years passed and mummy remained blind. She learned how to use the stick to find her way. She do spend almost all her days in the chapel praying for God to come to her aid. We were made not to go to that farm again by the Chief of our community. Finally Mawutor proposed marriage to me(much awaited). Without wasting time I accepted and I informed my mother about it. Preparations began. I went to one of my uncle’s who lived in the next town to take the family marriage list. To my surprise, this man wanted to rape me that day. Thanks to God that her wife came in early. He shamefully gave me a list which was just illogical and irrational. How on earth could Mawutor get all those things? Off course they were rich but it was just too much. I asked him and pleaded with him to help reduce it. He said he would only do that if I should give him the opportunity to touch me. I again threatened to report him to his wife if he tries that on me. Eventually he gave me the standard list. My mother was happy I was getting married but on the other side was worried that I would be leaving her. I promised her that I would take her along with me to wherever I would go. Mawutor and his family got ready for the engagement. We did only engagement because my husband said he believed in marriage and not wedding. How I wish most of our ladies would learn to accept the fact that marriage is just not about wedding. Prior to the engagement, we sent invitations to almost everybody but not to Mr Mensah. The mistake my husband made was that he invited Datsomor(Mr Mensah’s son) who happened to be his friend. Datsomor also informed his father that he would be attending my engagement. His father persuaded him not to attend but he never gave audience to his father. Mr Mensah again became jealous that I was getting married. His concern was that why should I get married to someone that was from a rich family. That to him would mean that I would

become rich and take

good care of my mother who to him deserved to die a shameful death. I became his next target. My friend I want to assure you that with Christ in you, there would always be greater hope of glory. Mr Mensah was actually wicked. He planed of destroying the engagement.

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